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It's unfortunate, but sometimes...

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: Dog pet peeve, no leashes on dogs sm - mlstoo

It seems that animals have more rights than people do. I'm with the other posters though, FILE A COMPLAINT! I'd think about filing one against the officer, too. Good luck!

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Nothing anyone can do about it, it's unfortunate.

If this industry is making you understandably nervous, take this time to plan accordingly. It's not going to change back to the old ways. The same technology that made it possible for all of us to leave the hospitals and doctors' offices to work at home is now making it easy for the business owners to take their work elsewhere or upgrade their technology to VR. Rather than be nervous, be working on finding and training for a new career path. It's not the end of the world. It's called progress.



Unfortunate ?
INatalees;s mother is not being fueled by the media, she is begging for help, the right kind of help.And the chaperones were not at the club. I Also point a finger at the aruban guy. FOLLOW THE STORY.
How unfortunate for us.
I usually go by Peg, my mom is Peggy Gene, I'm Peggy Karen.
what happens to your unfortunate sm
family members when you sell the homes they are living in?
This is why it is so unfortunate
that MT has gone the way of being paid by the line. It seems to cause people to be too concerned about their line counts and not concerned enough about quality. I wish they had never changed people to being paid by the line and never sent people home to work. And they should have started mandating standardized educations that would lead to the ability to obtain certification. And then after a while they should have required it. Then all this technology to have the work done overseas would never have been worked out.
It has always seemed unfortunate
to me that sample reports and normals aren't considered important enough to have the best and fussiest of a company's MTs go over with a fine-toothed comb. That would be the job for me. Instead of trying to bang out lines, I'd be the one to help the high producers have perfect normals and samples to work from, which would improve quality across the board. Too bad that job doesn't exist in the industry. Too expensive I guess.
It's unfortunate that sometimes people....sm

do things that provoke an animal and then get mad when the animal snaps at them or bites them.    I've had my 5-year-old nipped a couple of times when she ignored the dog's warning to stop it when she would keep laying on her and aggravating her, and I didn't blame the dog at all because both times she gave her warning growls a couple of minutes before she snapped at the child. 

It was a good thing you had it on video tape to show the truth - that in this case the animal was provoked, and that the dog didn't just decide on its own to snap at her.

and how is that unfortunate situation anyone's fault but your own?
I'm sick of people passing blame for stupid choices they made for themselves. Sorry, but that's just too bad. I've been poor too, VERY poor, but I refused to accept that for myself. If your life sucks, that's your responsibility to fix it any way you can, and it CAN be done.

Interesting email I got this week, speaking of people who refuse to better themselves while they blame other people for their laziness, lack of initiative, and acceptance of hand-outs and then still complain because it'll never be enough:

"The black mayor of New Orleans, a perpetually corrupt, crime ridden and impoverished city 20 feet below sea level, surrounded by an ocean, a lake and the Mississippi River, tepidly suggests his citizens evacuate as a giant hurricane approaches. For those with no means to leave, he does nothing. The white President of the United States begs him to evacuate for four days. A hundred thousand mostly black residents choose to stay. The massive storm promptly becomes the deadliest catastrophe in American history, flooding the city, killing thousands.

Meanwhile, over 10,000 rescue workers, mostly white, leave comfortable homes, jobs and families; stream in from all across America four days in advance. But when the storm turns at the last minute, rescuers become victims. Over 9,000 square miles and 200 miles of coastline over 4 states become devastated. Communication is cut off. All utilities are ruined. Thousands of roadways are laid to waste. Nearly every vehicle is swept away, including trucks, planes and boats. New Orleans becomes virtually impassable.

Undaunted, the white rescue workers use whatever means available to help save the poor black residents.

They are greeted by gunfire.

Thousands of remarkably well-armed black people took over the city, wantonly raping, pillaging and murdering. They carjack rescue convoys, shoot at rescuers, levee repairmen, and even helicopters performing rescue missions. The operation is halted dead in its tracks.

And for this, white people are being labeled racist.

It didn't take long for the parade of race-whore vermin to rampage across the television screen, accusing white Americans of racial lollygagging. Rev. Calvin Butts declared, "I think a lot of it has to do with race and class." Jesse Jackson bluntly accused President Bush of racism. NBC's live telethon for the victims of Hurricane Katrina features rapper Kanye West declaring, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Mayor Ray Nagin, who could have prevented much of the tragedy by merely ordering an evacuation two days earlier and deploying his 1,000 school bus fleet, began publicly swearing at everyone else but himself, particularly for not providing instant security. Really! Can you imagine if George Bush had clairvoyantly placed 20,000 soldiers in New Orleans the day the storm hit? Every white person in America knows Nagin, the Congressional Black Caucus, Rev. Jackson, the NAACP, and every black race hustler (but I repeat myself) in America would have shrieked "Racism!!!" Not sure? Kanye West already screamed ".they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!"

Its been a century-long modus operandi for every black liberal politician: Blame Whitey.

And for years, white America surrendered the race card trump, placating racial rabble-rousers with over 10 trillion dollars of social programs. Not enough. They created racial preference laws. Not enough. They laid every guilt trip possible on white people. Not enough.

Well, not this time.

See, Whitey wised up. We know black people cause modern Black America's great plagues. Newt Gingrich doesn't run around knocking up 14-year-old black girls. Black men do. Ronald Reagan didn't gang bang and murder in the hood. Black men do. Rush Limbaugh doesn't coax black people into government servitude. Black liberals do. And certainly, William F. Buckley never advised black people to speak English like Jar Jar Binks. Black people do.

And in New Orleans, George W. Bush didn't ignore evacuation warnings, abandon poor black people trying to leave, loot the city and shoot rescuers. Black people did. Black people caused and could have prevented this entire tragedy, and when white people tried to help, black people literally tried to kill them.

That is a fact.

So, Black America, turn down the volume knob and listen carefully. Hear that? It's the sound of White America heaving a sigh of indifference.

To be certain, this isn't an indictment of all black people, though it's certainly a wake-up slap to a large black majority who listen to these cretins. It is, however, a direct accusation against liberal race prostitutes who dominate popular black leadership, create misery and mayhem in the black community for self-aggrandizing personal power, and then detestably blame White America, insisting we don't understand the plight of black people.

The only thing White America doesn't understand is why black leaders sell their fellow black brethren down the river, sometimes literally, and why black people keep buying the ticket. This week provided a disgusting example. After creating their own tragedy, black people across America had a magnificent opportunity to convert adversity into compassionate national unity. Instead, they chose Lord of the Flies anarchy.

I suppose, as they say, it's a black thing."

Sorry, but your life is your problem, not mine.
My situation is not unfortunate. I don't know how you got that from my post.
You are so far off base that I'm not even going to acknowledge your trolling and ranting with a detailed response. You obviously wouldn't be able to COMPREHEND it anyways. I haven't made poor choices. I'm very happy, educated, and world traveled. I'm not lazy or stupid either. I walked away from the rat race because money and materialism isn't worth it. There are more important things in life. You wouldn't understand because all you can do is spew hate and judgment on others.
Well, it sounds like your unfortunate family members need to help YOU out for a change.
No offense, but family are supposed to help each other out it trying times.
I believe this is an unfortunate side-effect of cyber-space.
No one needs to look someone in the eye and be accountable face to face for their actions. Being "on-line" is anonymous for the most part and being rude and nasty to someone has no consequence for the hurt it causes someone else.