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Posted By: it should get interesting, that's for sure on 2006-06-27
In Reply to: Rosie's old daytime show was great. - I look forward to her taking over

Seems like it might be hard for her to go from being the only one running the show to sharing it with the other ladies.

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Seems to me it would be hard to have a talk show with several women after having your own talk show. She was mouthy enough then....can't imagine what it will be like for her with the other women taking turns talking. Is that show live? Might get to see them go at it one day when things get too heated. What was Barbara thinking? Or will the friction make ratings go up? I dunno, maybe that is the strategy.
Rosie is a mom ....sm

Rosie is a mom of 4 with female body parts.  She is a female.  To the poster who insists she is the male is just  ignorant and a homophobe on top of that! 

I don't think I can watch it with Rosie
on there. If Elizabeth leaves, too, you've got the two people with some sort of class gone...and replaced with Rosie? Yuck. Nothing at all like Meredith..too much of a loudmouth. If Gayle King, Oprah's friend, joined up, that might help a little...but a little bit of Rosies goes a loooooong way.
Rosie O'Donnell
What ever happened to her talk show?
Exactly! Thanks! It's not secret Rosie is the man
in that relationship! Did you hear too that the View ladies per contract are not allowed to cut their hair without prior approval! I wonder if they just added that recently since Rosie is coming on board - picturing that buzz cut she had and all. LOL!
Rosie vs Star (sm)
Why is Rosie so concerned that Star tell all of her business. Who cares how she lost the weight. Rosie is no different. She waited years to tell she was gay. Why didn't she tell that sooner????
not Roseanne but Rosie O'Donnell....

And I heard that Gayle (Oprah's friend) might be replacing Star Jones.  When the View started, I didn't like Meredith....and as 9+ years went on, I only like Meredith (and Joy Behar somewhat).  I cannot wait for Star Jones to get off the View!  She turned into such a bogus person with such a fake smile.

As for Meredith hitting the table....she only does that when they first come out...it became part of her *shtick* on the View but just when they come out for the first showing of the hour.

I wish Meredith the best of luck!!  Katie too.

When does Rosie start? I can't wait. Should really spice it up.
Rosie's old daytime show was great.