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Posted By: doubt barbara was surprised at all on 2006-06-27
In Reply to: just that (sm) - another one bites

According to People magazine, Star said she was told her contract was not going to be renewed for the 10th season.  She has apparently known this for awhile but just felt today was the time to let the audience know.  She told People she felt she had basically been fired.  Guess it really will be a new direction for the view this fall.

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I am surprised you are surprised it went downhill..
Why am I not surprised.
Wow! I am surprised
When I vacuum every week with my Fantom, I can dump the cannister up to three times (and no we are not filthy-lol) while vacuuming our one story ranch home, about 1600 square feet, and we get a LOT of dog hair (and our dogs are on very high quality dog food that is expensive and take supplements/vitamins for their skin/coats) as well as dust and debris, and always have had hair from the three Shih Tzu we have. I know they don't shed nearly as much as most dogs do though.

When I purchased my my first Fantom, I used a Hoover vacuum that I owned at the time and did a room with it and then used my Fantom and what the Fantom picked up was incredible.

I asked for the experience of someone who have used both to compare fairly the Fantom with the Dyson and your experience sounds very impressive! I really appreciate your input.

Thanks so much.
You'd be surprised
The 'Oprah' show for example. Many people who are big fans of hers order transcripts for 'keepsakes' or 'souveniers' so to speak. This is compounded, like if a guest like Tom Cruise or other celebrities appear, fans of these people will order a transcript for the same reason. I have a relative who worked there for a few years who gave me some insight on this. There are many many people who could care less about tapes and DVD's. They prefer the transcript.
Not surprised :). nm
I'm surprised you'd ask......

your job is to flag discrepancies.  Your job is to get the record straight.  Your job is NOT to guess or assume.  But you already knew that, didn't you? 

Well can't say I'm surprised, look
at the President.  How smart does he come across?  And what about the voters that voted him in?  What's their excuse.  Very sad when American is on the downslide from being the world leader.
I was surprised at
Taylor's performance - almost pitiful. Liked Chris - I LOVE that song. Thought Paris was very cute and I loved her little bucaneer outfit, I liked her hair that way also.
surprised no one said...

The Wizard of Oz...   Maybe Gone with the Wind and Imitation of Life... I love tearjerkers!

You might be surprised (sm)

Lots of crummy ESLs say the same phrases over and over again, and once you know what they are saying, you have a standard (free lines!)  The hospital I work for is about 80% ESLs and I have some form of standard for nearly all of them. There is one Indian cardiologist who comes to mind.  Any time someone asks me what department I work in, and I tell them transcription, they say, "Oh, how can you understand Dr. So and So?  I always hear him dictating and he talks sooooo fast."  And yes, it is true.  He does talk fast, but everything he says, whether it is on the past history, PE, ROS, consent, he very routinely says a lot of the same phrases.  He is terrific lines! 

I guess you are in a position where you can say who you will type for and who you won't.  Good for you.  I don't know anyone that fortunate.  Most of us just need a paycheck and we take what we can get, like it or not. 

You'd Be Surprised...
At just what kids are getting pierced these days. Ouch!
Not surprised!
I'm not surprised it knocks you out. I took amitriptyline for about 15 years. It is calming in itself, but the other drug is a benzo, like Valium:

What are Amitriptyline; Chlordiazepoxide tablets? (Back to top)
AMITRIPTYLINE; CHLORDIAZEPOXIDE (Limbitrol®, Limbitrol® DS) is a combination tricyclic antidepressant and benzodiazepine used to treat depression. This medicine can lift your spirits by treating your depression, especially if it is associated with anxiety. Federal law prohibits the transfer of this medicine to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed. Do not share this medicine with anyone else. Generic amitriptyline; chlordiazepoxide tablets are available.

not surprised
Well I suspected as much.. but hadn't heard anything about that so I couldnt say. LOL
You surprised me!
I was braced to hear a derogatory and/or nasty post but was instead pleasantly surprised to read a constructive, nonaccusatory post.

You have certainly given us some information to think about, and I do appreciate your post.
I am surprised
lots of people don't use Expanders extensively? No expanders, no $$. I (not fondly) remember the days of typing everything single thing out.
Wow!! Why are you surprised? sm
There are so many different personalities that nothing surprises me anymore.

I probably wouldn't hire her either.

Just go with your gut feeling and hire who you think would be the best candidate. Good luck!
I'm not surprised at all!

AAMT (by whatever name it chooses) has ALWAYS been about making money.  I remember when my Iowa Chapter was begun. Anyone with 5 or more years' experience could be grandfathered in. I only had 2 years under my belt, but a couple of transcriptionists with whom I worked had over 10 years each. One was an extremely talented Transcriptionist and most likely would have aced the CMT test. However, the other one was just awful (examples of misspellings: payed, recieve, intellagent....so you can imagine the errors in the medical terminologh). Not only was her work not up to par, but she only transcribed the easiest doctors and even at that only produced 12 to 13 reports in an 8-hour shift (average was 20 to 25).

Needless to say,  I was very skeptical of an organization that used the grandfather clause. After all, wasn't this supposed to be the stamp of excellence? Can you imagine the nursing profession allowing someone who took care of ill family members for a few years to be able to put the RN initials behind their name? This is why I felt it utterly unnecessary to become a member. I wasn't the only one who felt that way, either. It really looked like they were money hungry, and as long as you were a paying body (who typed a couple of letters per day for a few years), you could have your CMT. I felt no need to pay a couple of hundred dollars to belong to the organization that just allowed membership without testing to an extremely incompetent transcriptionist.

About 10 years later, I did become credentialed. The test was done in 2 parts at that time (written and practical). I passed and became a member. I kept up the CUs for several years, but then let it expire because even though I enjoyed the symposiums, I still didn't feel the initials had great meaning (I mean, how would people know I wasn't grandfathered in?) More importantly, I didn't receive increased pay at my job, and the cost of keeping the CMT active outweighed the information obtained at the workships and seminars.

AAMT (ADHI) and whatever they decide to call themselves in the future has in my opinion always been about the money. This isn't the first (and probably not the last) time they've thrown the (American) transcriptionist under the bus.

We were surprised as
well. I am still in shock.
JD, you'd be surprised....sm
...how many MTs do just that--knowingly put in wrong info, out of laziness or just for the sake of faster production. I used to see it all the time, and times have probably not changed that much. Unprofessional but true.
I am quite a bit surprised

that you say think priorities about work but not family.  When they lay be in my grave, I hope my family will not have to say *Geez, I wish I got to see her more, she was such a worker*

The reason there is no work on my shift anymore is not because there are no doctors dictating at that time, it is solely because it is in foreign hands.  So, I should adjust my family life and work life to work around people in another land?  Apparently they are not forced to work nights and weekends but I should be forced to? 

My opinion is that for the past 12 years with this company, my schedule was awesome and I volunteered every weekend, but now being forced to comit to a schedule of nights and weekends after they gave my accounts away.... FAT CHANCE.  I will find an American Company and continue working my schedule and giving my family the best of me! 

It does nothing for you to bow down to your supervisor every time they call... after 12 years of doing just that, they sold my job out.  Now I KNOW where my priorities are, and that is not at work.

Surprised you just figured this out.
Not trying to be nasty or anything, I just thought it has been broadcast so many times.  The people of means (AKA - the ones who worked) left the city when the evacuation order went out.  The others had to stay there and rely on the mayor who would not take them out in school buses, he wanted air conditioned Greyhounds.  Please, give me a break.  His head ought to roll with Michael Brown's, AND the governor's. 
You shouldn't be surprised
Anybody can get a husband.  You are a perfect example of that.  I'm not going to settle for just anybody like you did.  Just in case you couldn't tell, I have standards.
I am surprised the IC was let go after just one day of a TAT problem.
I was quite surprised by Prince....sm

Especially his 2nd song.  I couldn't believe he still sounds this good!!

Last night's AI was fabulous!!!  So happy that Taylor won!!!!!!! 

The guy with the long hair surrouding his face was CLAY AIKEN?????  I didn't know who it was....knew it was an Elton John song, knew it wasn't Elton John - that was CLAY???  OMG....I cannot believe it !!!!!

Yeah, Meatloaf didn't sound good at all until the very end of his song....and he was shaking the microphone and I thought perhaps he has Parkinson's disease or the beginnings of. 

WAY TO GO AI !!!  I thought this season was THE_BEST!!!!! 

Barbara and the others were surprised that (sm)
she made the announcement today. Barbara said there had been rumors but they had no idea that Star was going to spring that on them today.
I think people would be surprised
to learn the origins of MOST holidays and what they really stand for.
You would be surprised how easily someone....sm
gets "lost in the shuffle."  There are so many people applying for jobs and sending resumes.  I found that the applicants who continued to check with me where much more apt to get positions.  If I really didn't want someone because of their abilities, I would just tell them I had no openings, and they would stop contacting me.  You don't want to bug them to the point of irritation, but you certainly should check.
Why surprised? Have said all along HIPAA is a
The sad part is you'd be surprised how
many Indian MDs actually do medical transcription.  A lot of times they are a doctor in their country. 
I'm not surprised the address is the same,
And I'm sure they're already driving the Bentleys and living the high old life, while we're slogging through the mud carrying them on our shoulders. I think that it's time for that little game to come to an end.
I'm a little surprised by the answers so far, SM
and the question. I use the top numbers row as a fourth row of standard keys, every single one of them precious to me as a source of abbreviations (there are 12 of them up there!). I'd never give up my numbers row.

And I'd never ever use the keypad way over there in the boonies in its place, although I've wished my Expander would recognize its keys so I could use them for special seldom-used functions.

Susan, although I do have abbreviations for numbers using letters, none are good enough that I'd recommend them over just plain learning to type that top row as well as you do the three below it. My 8 is as easy a key tap as the letters for q8 to expand to q.8h., 18gg for 18-gauge, 98f for 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and so on. Best wishes.
I am always surprised to hear
so much of that goes on, and I can't believe people feel okay about doing it.

I don't notice it happening in my company, but I guess I can't say for sure.

The only time I have ever chosen other than the top of the pool list is when I only have a very few minutes left of my shift and know I would go over with the top choice.

It does suck when you end up getting tons of a crappy dictator. That happens, but I always assume it is just because that particular dictator sent a bunch of work at that time.
No not medical. I was surprised to find out...sm
just how many entry-level Federal jobs my MT skills did qualify me for though. I'm shocked how much military writing, editing, etc. resembles MT.
I wouldn't be surprised. He is definitely from Atlanta.
I'm always stunned when people are surprised about this (sm)
We're in the business of making money from production, and MTs aren't reading the help file on their Expander to see how to get the most out of it? I posted about Ctrl+K and a whole slew of entries that would make things easier (such as go back and change diagnosis to diagnoses, scroll down and back, delete words/lines in various directions, etc.), and MTs were gushing about how wonderful, how they never knew. Just very strange to me that MTs wouldn't know these things until somebody told them.

On that jolly note, here's another help (I'm not the original poster):

Use a semicolon for prefixes and suffixes:

For example make entries like this:

and make the expansion -type

and make the expansion micro

and make the expansion ization

etc. you get the idea

Next time you're flying along you and hear "microhematuria," all you have to do is type m;hematuria. Same goes for hospital;z , which now expands hospitalization. You can even use these to combine with your shortcuts. For example, if you have a shortcut "ho" for "hospital" and you want to type hospitalization, you could then just type ho;z .

Also worth checking out is the "remarks" feature of Shorthand. Have something you're always forgetting? Make a remark in Shorthand. My company wants "times 3" transcribed as "x3." Since I'm having a heckuva time remembering this one, I made a remark for "times" that pops up a warning window every time I type the word.

And know you can LINK dictionaries together. You can also create a shortcut that will automatically hide the suggestion window when it's in your way as well as bring it back up when you're ready. It's all in there!
Betrayed, but not terribly surprised (sm)
That Cyndy Lauper song "Money Changes Everything" is going through my head.
For 63 yrs old, I was surprised he's still jumping aound like that.

you'll be surprised at some of the stuff
you'll be entering.  I did 3 summer interns for the dept of correction and one summer I had to enter all the data for actually the state employees and run n.c.i.c. checks on them and all the alias names they gave.  I was very surprised to find out that if an employee for the dept of correction had been convicted of a felony it was no big deal as long as they stated it on their application.  I know that's discrimination but I would have thought that considering the department it was that it would have been a big no-no.  that was back in the day that I assumed that law enforcement should live by higher moral standards than the everyday people
wow! I am surprised, but happy that it worked..sm
good for you! have fun transcribing! ks
You'd be surprised how many hospitals tried it and got rid of it in the last year. sm
I work for a large national that does a lot of radiology work. Yes, there have been a few accounts lost to Powerscribe, but there are several accounts that had tried VR and went back to regular transcription. This is NOT what the doctors want to do. They do not have time to edit; there is a shortage of radiologists as it is and it is getting worse.

Do not give up on radiology!
Wouldn't be surprised in the least, judging by
Are you paid hourly? If so, I'm surprised they allow you to work with such little ones.
Surprised they aren't holding it in India.
Why not?
I was surprised that Fidel Castro even has volunteered....sm

to send help and we all know about the relationship between Cuba & the US over the years. 

On a side note - the India government should have plenty of money to send us considering that a lot of the American jobs have moved to that country!

I'm not surprised that the media is trying to "spin" him into a hero
but he's unqualified and unethical. The tourists that were there were able to pay him to let them out of there first, plain and simple. Once again, consider the source.

Hero my foot.
Surprised hospital at outsourcing price

I work as an IC for a rural hospital, when I asked for a raise after 10 years they started looking to outsource.  Well, they got a big surprise!  They would have had to pay three times what I was getting paid.  They did settle for a measely raise.  Stick to your guns.

Quite frankly I am surprised at Snow Bunny
You have been on these boards long enough to know better. I am very surprised you would say such things in the manner you did. I always held you in such respect. Goes to show, you never really know someone.
Frankly, if you are an educator, I'm am surprised at your response...
aren't you required to have ongoing training regarding learning disabilities and disorders such as ADHD? After all, federal law requires that teachers provide accomodations for this "fake disease" so maybe you better catch up with what evidence-based medicine is teaching these days.
Surprised this did not get yanked to the Religion board - sm
everything else does (get yanked that is)....this board is pretty boring these days. Oh well, I am getting more work done so that is a good thing.
do a search in your area ... I was surprised to find out - sm
that in NYC, transcriptionists were getting less PER LINE than in upstate NY ... way upstate NY. At one point NYC transcriptionists were getting upwards of $0.15/line, while in other parts of the state --- the cheap part of the state, the transcriptionists were charging $0.18/line. But keep in mind that doctors will always be looking for something cheaper. So find out what others are charging in your area.
I was surprised at options. I'm 58 and lots of jobs are paying more

For a long time MTing was a stable career (it transferred all acros the country) and a respected one.

Now it is a scam operation. 

There are jobs we never would have considered before because we thought we had valuable skills (typing speed, education, knowledge of medicine/drugs, dialects, computers).  But that value has been brought down to below burger-flipping pay.  In fact most days lately I would have been making more at Burger King.

That's why I say go LOOK.  You will be surprised that you can be paid more for "showing up" than for what you know.  SAD ISN'T IT.  But that's what's going on right now.

They scammed people into thinking "oh a stay-at-home highly paid job"  NOT.

They were taking your money to train you for 6 weeks or 6 months and telling you were qualified enough to do transcription from home without supervision BUT IN MOST CASES YOU CAN'T SO DON'T TRY - but in the meantime these fly by night MT training companies have your $2000 or whatever.  That's the scam.

If hospitals really wanted MTs they would do MT trainee programs.  That's how most of us learned.  The hospitals just got lazy and looked for the easy out which has cost them through the nose and along the way they lost control of the medical records to boot. 

Look around out there.  Don't keep letting these companies make millions off your road to bankruptcy.  And they can surely take you there while you are hanging on trying to make it work.  It's not going to.  The big suits are not going to let you make money - they are going to shuffle the way the money is divided and the most will go to them.  What used to be our benefits is now their profit.  It's really pretty simple.