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That is supposed to be *Looks*. nm

Posted By: KB on 2006-06-28
In Reply to: Look - KB


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Yes, they are supposed to, but
and it is our responsibility to do the VERY best we can with what we are given. I KNOW there are crappy dictators;I do way more than my share 'cause cherrypickers don't get called on the carpet(but that's another story). I don't earn much at this and it stinks, but I just can't believe that you think we do not contribute to patient care and are merely "typists". No wonder we can't get any respect in the form of better pay, etc. Just because the doctors make the big bucks we should do sloppy work? I don't think so. Don't you want your records or your family's to be accurate? I would hope so.
wow! are we supposed to be seeing this?
Well, how are they supposed to get the
they don't know where to send them? Considering that a lot of these people are refusing donations of clothing, food, toys, personal necessities, etc., because they just want the money, I'm sure they'll stay put somewhere for two weeks.
What's that supposed to mean? nm
What was it supposed to be?
Well, that's supposed to say 70s up there......
Actually, I would just like them to sit where they are supposed to. sm
Since my kids and breastfeeding, they hang down to my bellybutton so to speak. I would just like them firmed ang tightened back up and sit on my chest where God put them and not hang so much. I even tried standing on my head for 5 minutes at a time 3x day - and that didn't help any!! LOL.

You are actually supposed to be doing that as an IC. SM
You almost must have a commercial line counter. I use Sylcount.
not supposed to put looking for job ads--sm
on the job seekers board...you are supposed to post your resume on the resume site. If you post looking for a job on the job board, they will remove it. just letting you know. That is for company's looking for employees, not employees looking for jobs.
What is that supposed to mean?
This is supposed to be 0, not whatever that
We are supposed to either have our
e-mail open or be signed in to IM while we are working so we can be contacted quickly.  It's very helpful because we can see who is available if we have a question that perhaps another MT can answer or if we have an addendum somebody can pick up, that kind of thing. 
If you don't know that MTs are supposed
to be accurate 100% of the time, then why are you doing this to start with? None of us are 100% accurate, however, most companies expect a 98% accuracy rate, some even higher. Either you are not using a spellcheck/grammar check or just being careless.

Editors/QA only check reports that are sent in because of questions unless you are on 100% QA, or if they are assigned to do audits. They are not there to do your job for you.
You are not supposed to ask for help when
Its actually supposed to be generalized all over or anywhere
in your abdominal area, and then you know you're in trouble when it "localizes" to the right lower quadrant. 
was that supposed to be coherent? nm
Darn it, was supposed to go under the
WHEN is this supposed to go into effect?
I have not received letter.. Is this everyone or just employees or just IC ??? Specific info would be lovely
MQ supposed miscalculation
I worked for MQ yeeeears ago, when they were new, so let me assure you they have been caught before making "miscalculations" in their pay before. This was before the new platform, of course, and they had to send me a check for over $700.

All-around it is supposed to be more efficient...
I understand all that, and I am all for whatever is best for the patient, but I am just hoping I can "hang on" until retirement, which will be in another 15 years or so (unless the government ups that to like 80 or something now!).

Unfortunately, even AAMT seems 'off the mark' - a little too late, with their trying to get everyone certified, etc. All that expense to the MT, and then for what - you will still be without a job.

From now on, I am going to try to figure out some other type of career, which come on, at the age of nearly 50, I do not know how realistic this is.

I appreciate the information someone posted about getting help as a "displaced worker" when jobs are replaced by either foreign countries or technology. Somewhere there will have to be assistance for us. They claim over 400,000 MTs. If you are an 'above average' MT and are willing to change, perhaps 1/4 of that will be able to work for the next 15 years?

Philips is one of the leaders in technology and has outsourcing overseas for a long time...
sorry - this was supposed to go under "Freakin out"
You are supposed to place
your terms questions on proper board. This is per instructions of Moderator. They may remove your post if it is not categorized correctly.
Was this supposed to be someplace else?
I have been at JLG for a couple of months and I have found them to be honest to a tee. So why have you found them dishonest? Perhaps you might want to put this on the co board.
That was supposed to be NOT the poster.
supposed to be Thirty Something. nm
Supposed to be scared?
I went to a dermatologist's office about a week ago. The PA saw me, guess physician on vacation. Lesion on face, was told possibly to have morphens and PA wanted to do biopsy. Have been MT for over 30 years but had never heard this diagnosis. When asked what it was, was told "possible connective tissue disorder," could be one of several things and not to look it up "because it would scare me." Then is when I was really scared, thinking malignancy, worst thing that came to mind. I went back this week for results of biopsy (not diagnostic of morphens) and told PA I did not look up as she did scare me. She then said that was what she and the physician "were supposed to do, scare the patients." I shook my head no, saying she was the first person in the medical field to have ever scared me. I had lots of lab work done to make sure this is not the diagnosis and go back next week for those but was given a hand out - if I had read this from the start would have thought did not fit most of the criteria listed and would have slept a lot better for the week. By the way, hope they don't give this to lay persons. Asked my husband to read a paragraph to see if he could comprehend it and he said absolutely not. Apparently morphens of the face supposedly sometimes related to scleroderma (which I did know) but mild form and this is the one I really love, when people die, usually die from something other than that. Know would not do any good to say something to physician about the "scare part" - would never be believed, my word against hers but after the lab work think that will be the last visit there.  
How are we supposed to post then because it
Boy - I second that. Problem is, it's supposed
to get hotter and more humid this weekend.  Have tons of work to do in the yard and don't see that happening anytime soon !!   
I am supposed to have an ultrasound

at the same time as the mammo.  The lady at the office said she also have to have mammos every 6 months for quite awhile, but hers finally went away on its own. Thanks for the info.

There is supposed to be a shortage
of American MTs I am reading in a large national information management magazine, and also according to our own gov. and our national association.  So why are wages falling if we are so desperately needed?  After 20 years, I am also seeking to get out.  I am at the height of my career in MT and find this is a losing profession.  They took a survey and were surprised in the article that wages have gone down.  They said a reason might because so many MTs work at home and so are part-time.  What a bunch of "you-know-what.!"  Wages are dropping because we do not get paid what we used to be paid.  I am making less now than 10 years ago.  I was recently offered an IC job for 7 CPL!   That was starting wages 15 years ago for FT.  Now they want to pay that for experienced and IC to boot, so you have higher percentage of taxes.  I have even seen 6 CPL.  These companies are trying to outbid each other by charging less and less, so they pay their MTs less and less.  They also must cover those big salaries and bonuses for the CEOs.
She is supposed to pay them more than she makes? -s m
That is what you seem to be suggesting. She only makes .08, so even at .07 she'd only make .01 which is not worth her time or trouble. Either way money stinks.
it was supposed to be the older one, SM

but the seller sent me a plain, flat, dirty keyboard!  I was sooo mad.  Fortunately I complained enough and sent him copies of receipts from Amazon showing it was supposed to be the Belkin ergo (he insisted he clearly stated what he was sending) that he has finally agreed to send my money back.

So, as soon as he refunds my money (I got an e-mail from Amazon saying I should be getting it soon), I will look for the older one that you are talking about.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! :)


Well, was supposed to be attached..sm
That's why they are supposed to have virus
You are not supposed to be posting SM
work on this board-that's what the job seekers board is for.  Also, if anyone has done this work for her, please post back as to whether you got paid or not.  September 1st payment for something typed and delivered this fast is sketchy to me.
That is the way it is supposed to work,

but if the OP is like me, she can't afford for them to find someone else.

I would suggest asking for a raise.  The worst that can happen is that they will say no, in which case I would start looking for another job that will pay more.  Once found, I would offer a two-week notice.  Many of them will not want you to work after that, but if they do, I would work my butt off for two weeks and have extra money for Christmas.  Win-win!! 

Expanding if you are not supposed to
can be called on an audit and I have seen people fired for what they call "line padding" by doing such things.
You're supposed to be able to do
twice the lines because VR is editing as opposed to straight transcription; it would depend on the dictators and the VR program as to how much editing would be required by the MT. 
When is it supposed to happen?
How are WE supposed to understand you?...nm
How are WE supposed to understand you?...nm
What is this answer supposed to mean?
Do you imply that she asked a stupid question?
Or do you suggest that she just arrived in America from
living in a 3rd world country?

If you do not like her question and you do not have an answer to it, just....., you know what.

Barbie Doll, you get better results if you ask your question in the search box right above where the questions are asked.

I think what youir supposed to do

is throw a couple of LOLs into your posts, then everybody things you're sweet, even though youi're saying something tart.  You know:  Stop your whining and just do your #@%!*& job.  LOL!   See?  Isn't that much more cuddly?


The three boxes are supposed to
look like that. That is normal. You do not have to X and close them. What are you trying to change on your monitor?
Supposed to be slashes in the above...
C:ProgramFiles..., of course.

How strange. I wonder why they disappeared from that and not from the website URL? This is one strange board in terms of formatting issues. (No quotation marks in messages either, etc., etc.)
that was supposed to be eluding vs. eluting
nevermind!  TGIF!
Ever bought something that was supposed to do one thing, but did another?

Who would answer an ad for that?  I bet that was not a part of the sales schpiel. 

Some things in life do not look like they did "on the brochure." 

No you aren't supposed to go there. That's for payroll.
Any lawyers in the house?
Mayor NO followed NONE of the procedures he was supposed to
Heard this on the radio.  There are certain steps in the city emergency procedures that are to be followed on a local level, state level, national level.   The mayor of NO for all his complaining about the Federal Government, did not follow any of the procedures he was required to.  Interesting.
it's supposed to be EASIER with the program - ha!
i always get the line that since we went on DQS that it's so easy to just put MTs on other accounts where they're needed. that would be true if the client profiles were all consistent, but have you seen some of them with all of their nit-picking - bunch of crap!!
Hey, you're supposed to put jokes
on the comedy stop board.