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Yeah, really! What an annoying, obnoxious, bottom-feeder she is!

Posted By: Can't stand her on 2006-06-29
In Reply to: oh goodie - we no longer have to see her!! - *does a happy dance*.......nm

Star sucks, bubbye loser!

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The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
This has to be the most obnoxious and callous
they're obnoxious!
Ignore them! I'm one of the Heartland employees who recently lost my job to out-sourcing. I rarely visit this site, but I was curious as to what was being said, what else was out there, etc., and I cannot believe the obnoxious comments that some of these cranky old women make (mostly QAs who think they know everything - and, believe me, you'll come across PLENTY of them once you're out there). I actually had to reply to 2 who said that it was basically our own fault that we are losing our jobs due to our laziness and poor work ethic (real supportive thing to say to women who are no longer employed). Anyhow, stick it out. You will eventually find a company (or office) that you feel comfortable with and make decent money. Good luck!
If obnoxious asks something too personal,
ask her why she would ask you that? You just turn the tables. You might ask the question with a look of great interest, as if you really wonder why she is so interested, or you could do it in a tone that lets her know that sounds like a very boring subject, so why on earth would she want to discuss such a thing. If she talks about things not work related, politely point out that you need to concentrate on your work and can't do two things at once. If she seems to be talking about quality issues, consider whether there might be a reason. Anything she makes a claim about, research yourself and see if she is right. Sometimes people who are annoying still know a lot, and have a lot to offer, but nobody will listen. If she corrects something you have been doing wrong and she is right, thank her for pointing it out, make a note of it so you will remember or make an Autocorrect, or whatever so you remember.

If none of these ideas are helpful or work on her, I would come right out and say that we are working close together, and you think your personalities clash a bit, so it might make life easier if you both tried to be as quiet as possible to try to get along. If she doesn't agree, then prepare to keep quiet until it's time to have some fun with her. You know ... the witty jab that takes her breath away when she is least expecting it. :oP
or just go in and be so obnoxious about "hang 'em all" that
no one WANTS you on their jury!  But don't get smart on the jury form. A guy in Florida got contempt in court and spent the night in jail along with a fine for writing on his jury form that he had been a mail bomber, etc.
or just go in and be so obnoxious about "hang 'em all" that
no one WANTS you on their jury!  But don't get smart on the jury form. A guy in Florida got contempt in court and spent the night in jail along with a fine for writing on his jury form that he had been a mail bomber, etc.
Interesting. I find it kind of obnoxious when poster calls others fools.

Then the OP goes on to say others are "negative"????? Do you find it offensive someone calls you a fool or you are acting foolish when you complain or joke about your work/manager/company?   When posters respond, they are unpleasantly surprised that this would produce negativity against the OP? 

Thanks because that was really annoying ! nm

Oh yes. It is very annoying to say the least. sm
I take a lot of breaks during the day and go outside to get fresh air. I actually think the anxiety is what is causing the heart palpitations. I have a prescription for Xanax, which I cannot take and work, but I do use it at night before bed on a very infrequent basis.
yes really annoying
equipment, moaning patients, laughing and talking nurses, barking dogs, and children crying or trying to get mom or dad's attention (stop that, I'm dictating!) funniest one was an announcement over the loudspeaker about a pizza delivery to the nurse's station.
it's really annoying
happens quite a bit.   I do get the credit though I put in a note that says dictator did not complete report but I still get paid for what I typed.
that would be annoying....
guess there is job security after all.
very annoying
I have an RN who dictates I have a problem with this chart.  She also gives lab values and then says No, I don't like those lab values, just delete them. . It's very annoying and also, what does it mean? How can you not like the lab values. . . Just a little irritated this morning. . sorry to vent. .
It is just annoying to get your speed up on an account and get used to the dictator and then they go and quit giving you that work for a little while and then they want you to do it again. So wishy-washy. I don't get it. It seems like it would be easier on the company to put you somewhere and leave you.
Something that bugs me to no end is when dictators use the word "nor" constantly and incorrectly.  grrrrrr..... 
I have one female provider who sounds like she is sucking on a lozenge the whole time. Worse than that, one doc clicks his pen over and over while I wait for him to say something (which is usually impossible to understand anyway).
ugh. baldwins are annoying now.
fat and bloated.
annoying dictator
Here's a good one; 7-1/2 minute dictation, first minute put on hold, then dictator dictates for two minutes, then says, Never Mind, Lets start this ALL OVER.  And they wonder why we are tense
Annoying dictator
If you are being paid by the line, I sure would dispute this! They have no idea, do they?
Do you ever get that annoying *bubble*

in your ear?  I have one in my left ear today and I can't get it to go away.  You know, when you talk and you can hear yourself really LOUD!  I have tried popping my ears....I tried irrigation....I thought I may have had water in it from my shower this morning, but nope.  It's driving me nuts and has made it very difficult to hear on that side today.  Does anyone have any tips on getting it to go away?


Annoying crickets sm
You know, I love summer with the sounds of birds and all that, but this cricket outside my window is driving me absolutely batty.  GRRR. 
ok now I see it - extremely annoying. NM
Management again. SO annoying.....
Yes!! About 10 days for me. Very annoying.
annoying doctor
I have to say you gave me my first good laugh today. I have had doctors fall asleep and say, well, you know my routine, but just let me know if you cannot figure it out.
Oh golly, that must be frustrating and annoying.
maybe you can make a game for yourself of second-guessing the QA folks. It sounds like they are the kind of ill-informed people who would rather cling to their ignorance like grim death than open their minds and learn something useful. If you look at figuring out their foibles as a game, maybe it won't rankle so much.
So annoying to get a good debate going, and then it's gone.
How annoying. What is it with the flaky factor?

Not transcription related but I am trying to get volunteers to help with a big community theater project and I don't know how many times I get the "oh yeah I will definitely be there blah blah" and I end up with mostly no-shows!!! I mean I know it's volunteer but why lie? If they don't want to, just $%#^ SAY SO..  Can't imagine people doing that to a real job, what idiots. 

Put annoying redundants in your expander...sm
and at the end of your pay period, count them and either aggravate yourself or LYAO all the way to the bank!
extremely annoying LOL I just did one today where the doc kept using the first name or the middle
None of which was spelled.  Wish they would make up their minds sometimes.  It would be funny (I was getting a little giggle out of it at the time I typed it) if it weren't so frustrasting at the same time.  Have a good one! :)
RE: I think they should send Paula home - she is so annoying........
annoying nomatter how you slice it - so true
Really strange, sorry it's annoying, we're cking to see what's up.
What is your most annoying redundant speech pattern? sm
You how doctors always seem to have a pet word? They will use it until you are ready to smack them.

Subsequently. Said by an ESL at least once in every sentence and pronounced sub see QUEENT ly. He is also says Prolene mess potch and plook for mesh patch and plug.

Next...next this, next that, next, now I...

At this moment. Did you know you can start every sentence in a 2-page report with at this moment?


and THEN I screamed and was heard in the halls of every hospital in America.
New nominee for most annoying doctor today s/m
This guy is walking on the treadmill while he's dictating, so not only is he so scatter brained he doesn't know what he's talking about, I get to enjoy the heavy breathing.
these boards allow you to "backhand" annoying people so you don't take it out on your famil
and don't be arguing with me today. you know i'm right.
I have one who yawns a lot. Kind of annoying but I guess he's just tired! (nm)
In it to lesson annoying contact with the management species.
His/her posts are annoying to you, becasue he/she knows more than you and beats you, admit it....nm
I hate shopping. I do mine on-line and avoid the annoying crowds.
Yeah, yeah, that should be "your work..."

anywhere from $14 bottom to $25 sm
depending on the company. There are only a couple that pay as high as $25 and they never have openings. The norm is between $14-$18 to start depending on experience.
AI bottom 3
1. Ace
2. Bucky
3. Paris (she used to be a favorite of mine--what happened to her?)
Bottom 3
There's a website that supposedly calculates the phone calls, and they've actually be right quite a few times. (I wasn't sure if I could put the web site name here). According to them it's either Ace of Bucky that's leaving tonight. They have they by ranking.
Bottom line is the $.
towards the bottom of this page
Under the question about who is quitting before Oct 1st.
The bottom line is
You always type it the way the client or your boss, company tells you to. And you are right, ibuprofen should not be capatalized unless at the beginning of the sentence because it is the generic name of a drug. As far as the BOS is concerned...there are many people that believe that book is the Bible as far as transcription is concerned. Again, it all boils down to the way your client or company wants the information transcribed. The BOS is not always followed to the letter.
bottom line
nobody likes to see the officials produce the outcome of the game.... Of course they have to call things that are obvious, but in a championship game you cannot call the "iffy" calls and potentialy change the outcome of the game. Just let the players PLAY!!
If you look at the bar on the bottom of your screen SM

while having your mouse pointer over the image in the email, you will notice it is a "snapshot" of an ebay page and the buttons that you would normally click on are part of the picture. Basically clicking anywhere on that image will take you to the site listed in the information bar at the bottom of your screen  It is always an aol hometown site in the scam ones I get. I just got an ebay one recently where it had similar language- basically harassing me to pay for something. I think it is written that way to startle you into clicking right away to take care of "the problem". 

If the Chinese government can go after dissidents through Yahoo, why can we not get these scam artists that set up their scam sites through AOL?  I know, I know, that was just a rhetorical question. 

Down at the bottom of the post it says....
In his pocket.

Just one of those days.
There are usually screws in the bottom
that you can open up, but I will warn you it can be a bear trying to put the thing back together because of positioning the screws deep in those holes. A magnetic screwdriver will save you a lot of aggravation. When I've opened it up, I've seen springs broken, springs out of place, the plastic holding the springs broken off. There will be a little nubbin of plastic in the lid side of the pedal that is the contact for the little silver internal PLAY button. If that is broken, fixing it may be impossible.