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She handled it graciously (sm)

Posted By: I agree on 2006-06-28
In Reply to: Barbara is one classy lady... - nm...

It would have been just as awkward if not more so if she had not acknowledged it, especially after it being talked about on the show yesterday. I would imagine Star would probably think that nothing would have been said and she would just have been obviously absent. As Joy said, nothing stays the same and this is a perfect example. I guess it will almost be like a whole new show in the fall with Meredith and Star gone and Rosie and ???? replacing them. Wonder if they have people in mind yet? I've heard Gail (Oprah's best friend) as a possibility. Wouldn't it be cool if they late people at home vote on the person? That would be interesting. Then again, if they had done that with Rosie, I don't suspect she would have made the cut.

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Thank you very much. Faderwing graciously donated 5 of his prints for
Thank you very much. Faderwing graciously donated 5 of his prints for the Santa's House effort.  Faderwing sells his original works and prints nationally and internationally and is highly sought after.  All of the prints will come with a certificate of authenticity and numbered. 


This is how I handled it.
I also worked for a physician for over 10 years. It was an awful choice I had to make and I couldnt stand the thought of having to tell him right to his face. I knew I would get choked up, or stammer, mumble around or something. It was much eiasier for me to do an "official" resignation on paper at first. That way I knew I could say everything I needed to say and he could read it and have time to process it before we talked. I feel like when you just walk up to them and "drop the bomb" they just do not have the time to process it so they may react out of disappointment by even just a look on their face and you'll never finish what you wanted to say or what you wanted them to know as far as why your making this choice. I just expressed how I had loved my job with him but I felt it was time for me to give more time to my family etc.. I mean, really, what could someone say to the fact that you have made a choice to put your life and your family before a job. Good luck on however you approach it. We all do what is best for ourselves. Letters work for me and also because I am not a confrontal type of person.
Sorry - but I think you could have handled it differently
I am assuming you are an IC - which means who you work WITH is your biz and no one else's - and no one's business if you took on a second contract.  An IC works for who she wants when she wants and within reason sets her own deadlines.  A company understands this and does not give you a 2 hour TAT unless you request it or can handle it and you have an understanding with them
However your client wants it handled.
This should be addressed somewhere in their instructions. Check with your supervisor.
Sounds like your company handled it wrong there.
Was the company threatening the MTs? It sounds like the account was threatening the company to leave.

If your company did nothing to let the MTs know they were not in danger, the company failed.

There is nothing wrong with MTs knowing that an account is in danger of quitting but the company needs to let the MTs understand whether or not that will effect their employer relationship. Two tee-totally different topics.

Regarding the Advance article, here's how I would have handled the examples

I'm curious how other MTs would have handled them?

1. Hemoglobin 9, hematocrit 39. (I would have flagged this with a blank for the hemoglobin and sent to QA).

2. The nose and mouth were suctioned on the perineum (during a C-section dictation).  (I would have changed "perineum" to "abdomen" and sent it on).

3. SKIN: Without lesions, rashes or scars (Patient has HIV and kaposi sacroma).  (I'm not the doctor.  I did not examine the patient.  Therefore, I would have transcribed as dictated and sent it as usual).

4. Left atrium is normal, measuring 4.6 cm.  (I don't get paid enough to second guess the doctor on whether the LA is "normal" or not.  You get what you pay for.)

5. VITAL SIGNS: Heart rate 70, respirations 18, BP 120/70 (in an 18-year-old with a comminuted ankle fracture).  (Again, the patient may have gotten pain medication by the time the doctor saw him, so perhaps he/she didn't have pain at the time of examination and so the vitals were normalized.  I wasn't there, I don't know.  Type verbatim and send it on!)

I think you handled it well. You wouldn't feel so good about those clothes if you cut off your
"Very wise post" meant for "company handled