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i think she looks awful

Posted By: ER MT on 2006-06-28
In Reply to: The point is that - KB

Maybe it's because I never liked her, but she looks unhealthy since her surgery - like a balloon with air sucked out of it.

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I think we could all stand to learn from the Amish and how they are handling this awful, awful sm

tragedy. I read on a website 2 seperate stories of how the Amish are dealing with this. Yes, they are sad, but they believe that they will (and I do too) see their children again and that they are in a much better place. They have reached out to the gunman's family, visiting the killer's wife and children and offering them forgiveness. I also read that they want to "help" the gunman's family monetarily through a Mennonite fund if they need help! The article contrasted the Amish to other school tragedies where lawsuits were filed and death threats were made against the family members of the ones who committed the murders!

They are such graceful, loving people. Different, yet. Weird? In a way. But you have to admit that without electricity or vehicles to get them around, they obviously live a faith that most of us could only wish we had inside of us. I am a Christian. If a madman entered my children's school and killed them, could I offer forgiveness to their family? I doubt it. Could I weep in peace and silence knowing that I would someday see my children again? Maybe. But I would be a wretched mess and everyone around me would KNOW my suffering.


I am learning a great deal about the Amish through this. I used to live near PA where seeing the Amish was a regular occurrence. I thought they were so crazy and weird.....But, it was my own ignorance that made those judgments. They are wonderful, Godly people. I admire them more and more as I continue to read how they are dealing with this awful event!

Has anyone else had this awful
If so, any comfort care measures you'd be willing to share? I am really struggling today and don't want to take my OTC meds cause they knock me out. Any home remedies would be GREATLY appreciated. 
Isn't it Awful
Where do you live? Here in NY the heat index is 107. It was already sweltering at 8:00 this morning.
It is awful
I am not even sure how to work the speakerphone option because I did not receive a manual. I did press the transcribe button and at first the sound on the headset was very faint, now it is nonexistent. I had to transcribe with the handset up to my ear and neck crinked to the side. Could only work like that about 2 1/2 hours then had to stop, sound wasn't the greatest on the handset trying to use it to transcribe. DH is going to take it apart tomorrow to see if he can rewire it to external speakers...any other advice would be appreciated before he does that...that option scares me too.

I think it is awful that you were treated this way.  I know how it feels to be treated as if I am no more important than the next best piece of equipment.  The thing is, they did it because they could.  This is a learning experience for all of us; whenever we make any agreements for extra help, then we must have solid written contracts to indicate the limitations.  I wonder if it would also be a good idea to insert a clause into an original contract with the client (or for the next client) that indicates that you require a minimum of work before they go and hire additional help on the accoun?.  Give them the out of "negotiable", but they will have to discuss any changes with you before adding more MTs to the account for which you have a binding contract. 

I am not a lawyer, but this is my 2 cents.


thats awful
my sympathies...geez. if things usually come in 3's, then you're probably in for one more o)

but hang in there. when you're at the bottom, the only place to go is up! this'll help you even more appreciate all the good days!!

hope your son does okay...
They are both awful! nm
awful awful
I was with a company who chose that platform and after a year, I had to get another job.  It never did work right.  I was in management and it was kept from the MTs that it did not count lines right, if it counted them at all. It would not do the headers or footers that the MT did not get paid for when they had to do themselves.  It was down more than up and when you called, seemed like there were only 2 people ever there and we got a lot of "I don't know."  MTs would call in to get help and maybe 4 months later they would get a call back. I hated it and so did my people.  There are many many better out there.  Be sure to ask how long they have had it and if all the bugs are worked out.
Oh, how awful for you! sm
It is sad that they have to do that. Makes it 10 times harder on the patient. I hope you are okay - be strong, (((hugs)))
Until they cut it again, and MQ has an awful
ASR system that requires a lot of correcting. I don't think ASR should pay any less because it takes just as much time.
sounds awful
Sounds awful.  That is how Food 4 Less and Safeway are out here in CA..Disgusting..Everything in boxes and dirty extremely dirty ailes..Just filthy stores..and the produce is awful..flies all around it..I prefer Stater Brothers and Albertsons as they have clean stores..the Wal-Mart near me is a beautiful five year old store, clean, nice employees, however, if it denigrates to what you say, I most certainly will shop elsewhere..Maybe Costco..Or even Smart and Final, which is a great store, just like Costco but you dont have to buy a membership.
It's awful. I'd never recommend it.
Wow! That is awful. My first download did take a

but NOTHING like what you experienced (maybe 3-5 minutes instead of almost immediately for me). 

So it probably really depends on where you live, etc., and no good way to predict just how bad it would really be. 

Were your ADT searches really bad too?  Probably took me twice as long as usual, so pretty frustrating, but not totally unbearable.  And the fact that the other reports were downloading in the background while I was working on the current one did make things go smoother than I had expected for the short period of time I lost my DSL and had to use dial-up. 

Thanks I saw that - an awful lot of money
How awful for you! My heart goes out to you sm
I am now afraid of dogs not on a leash. I was walking my dogs not so long ago and we were attacked by a loose cannon and the owner was right there, laughing. I put up a much bigger fence and am afraid to walk my dogs anymore. So sorry to hear about your baby.
That's awful. I feel sorry for her.
I went to a reception like that once! It was awful! (s/m)
It was at a lovely place up on a hill. But we were having a heat wave, and it was about 104 degrees in the shade. There was a bar, but you had to PAY. But no water, juice or soft drinks were available. There never was ANY food! You could just hear all the rumbling tummies! When I finally felt I'd stayed long enough to have counted as having attended, I finally got up, announced to my table that I was making a McDonald's run, and did anyone want to go with me. I had a whole carload of hungry people, and we brought McDonald's takeout back to others at the reception. A tacky reception calls for a tacky hunger-abatement tactic! Hehe....
That's awful. They aren't like that
at all where I work. It doesn't sound like you are working for one of the highly recommended companies, are you?
That's just awful! I bet it was all unorganized
and full of long pauses, too.

Ridiculous to dictate that long on one report.
Really a nightmare. How awful.
Yes, it is just awful. Someone did the same to me last year.
I don't pray in that sense either, but she needs all the help/energy/thoughts/prayers to whatever high power she can get! The company she worked for is Cbay Systems. Thank you for your response!
That's just awful. I too was without phone SM
service for five days after Katrina, but that was the only time it was out and it's been years and I live in South Florida where there are severe thunder storms. I would be mad as heck too. So sorry.
An awful week!

1.  First I tried a new skin cream to "firm" up. My face turned cherry red, burned, and itched. Nothing helped. My skin now feels like sandpaper.

2. The water pump went in the car.

3. My son was taken to the hospital and has developed a heart problem. He's only 38.

4. My phone-in dictation machine died today. Can't afford the high prices they're asking for another one. I only have 1 doctor and don't know what to do. Any ideas?

5. My husband is still not back to work.

Wish I could retire today!

GASP~ How awful! LOL
My goodness!!!!! that's just awful!
We have a group of radiologists that are in our hospital that read our reports. Gosh I can't believe that is happening! How crazy is that! I may end up having to change careers if my job isn't secure. I hate to do that because I have to work to pay the bills so I would be doing school and working full-time, and I have an 11-month old baby that I will hardly get to spend any time with, but I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.
Awful ding
Hi Dave,

If you figure out how to get rid of the awful ding, will you post on here and let us know how you did it?? It's driving me nuts....I HATE it but can't figure out how to get rid of it. Thanks.
Scribe is awful.
It isn't you.
theory on why nationals are so awful

If you think about how much money they spend on computers and equipment, shipment, they need to make sure they are not just hiring any joe who does not know what they are doing and can walk away with a free computer.  That explains the testing that goes on to get hired on with these companies. 

Not only that, being so remote, having so many MTs, they have no time to check references, or to know whether or not you are seasoned or how much experience you might have.  You could lie your way all the way into becoming an MT, they lose clients because of the lousy work from inexperienced MTs, lose money because of the thieves who just want a free pc. 

We seasoned MTs get lost in the blizzard of this.  They are just looking out for themselves, for good reason if you look at it from their perspective. 

not everyone thinks nationals are awful.
i have worked for 4. two were terrible, one was okay, one great.

the one that was okay and the one that was great made you put up a deposit on the computer stuff and if you didn't get it back to them in good shape they kept it. i think that is fair. costs a lot of money to do that.

all 4 of the companies i worked for checked references. i had to test on terms, meds, and then do a transcription test for 3 of the companies.

the 2 that were terrible - i just did not like their software (1 sent me a computer that wouldn't work so they sent another one and it wasn't very fast at all). it wasn't really anything they did. i just didn't care for how their stuff ran.

i think all of them are decent companies. beats the hospitals i've worked for. beats getting in the car for a drive everyday in pantyhose and heels and listening to coworkers gripe about what they're not getting and having to work when they want you to.
Heartland's GEMSTAR is awful...
...it's obvious no real live living, breathing MT ever had anything to do with the design of this software.  It is very slow so if you were being paid production pay, you'd be losing money using this gem of a piece of software. 
how awful for you!! Pit bulls not allowed
That is awful. It is sad that pit bulls are bred....

to be this way.  I only wish your yard would have been dog proofed and this wouldn't have happened to your dog.  I know you tried to fix the fence, but apparently it wasn't fixed.  I would hire someone to fix it once and for all or dig down a couple feet and put chicken wire or plywood to stop them from digging and going under.  My sister did this around her chicken coop to keep the coyotes out and it worked.  I have two labs and I would never ever allow them to get out. 

I really am sorry for your loss and it is horrible.  I do feel, though, as responsible pet owners that we all should keep our animals in our own yards whether it is a lab or a pit bull.  I'm very sorry.

Wow. That's awful. Any addiction can be problematic
It is certainly not to be equated with physical abuse but it is a form of neglect if the game is devouring his every waking minute and taking his attention away from his child. How could you say that playing a video game from the time you arrive home from work until 2-3 in the morning is not a problem? That is the classic sign of an addiction, and even though it is "just a video game," these games can be extremely addicting and addiction almost always leads to bigger problems if it's not nipped in the bud. I think she's doing the right thing by trying to curb this now instead of waiting for it to get even worse.

I don't think it's fair for you to negate her feelings. Since you have been in an abusive relationship before, you should know that addiction can often lead someone to physical abuse as well, whether that addiction is to drugs, booze, porn, or whatever. If a person is addicted and they can't get their fix, they take it out on those around them and sometimes it does escalate to violence.

As someone who as previously abused, I would think you would be greatly interested in seeing that the same does not happen to others and instead would offer up words of encouragement or advice rather than just listing off your experiences and making it seem like no one else's could be anywhere near as important as your own.
Meatloaf was awful, he must have problems.
I didn't think Tony Braxton did that well either with Taylor. It almost looked like she was lip-syncing and (IMO) I though she acted like a drag queen. It just wasn't good.

All in all though, the Idols sounded great last night! WAY TO GO TAYLOR!!!
I thought that move was awful.
I mean I do like a good tearjerker once in a while, but when it involves kids, no can do.
Paulette, I'm sorry but this sounds like an awful
situation all around. That is definitely not enough money for a management type position, benefits or not. I have had management positions paying over 40000 both at home and in offices with benefits. I think you are being taken advantage of, big time! I would take the MT job if you are experienced and can do around 200 lines an hour. Even if you make 30000 a year and have to pay say 100 a month for benefits, it would be worth it, I think. JMO.
Had one like that at Bakerfield Hosp. just awful nm
You have to transcribe over the text because it is awful sm
but you get a lower line rate for doing the same work.
Someone I work with takes an AWFUL lot of
That sounds awful. Pay reductions? sm
I do QA for one company and I do MT for another, so I am seeing both sides on a daily basis.

I think that it is a crime to reduce an MTs wages for report errors. To the tune of 15%???? NO, it is just WRONG.

QA is part knowledge and part judgment. Then, you add in whose judgment and knowledge it is. Often, the QA people are the less productive former MTs. They sometimes have inflated egos because QA is thought to be a step up from MT, which is it not. Just exactly how are the same hours, less pay and doing something thankless a good career move?

It is one of those things, those who can...DO and those who can't bide their time and QA.

There are exceptions and they have been my favorite gals and have helped me dramatically. There are not enough exceptions. For myself, I QA a very difficult account as a favor to my MT manager. I am paid hourly, but it is half my MT rate. It was suggested to me that I am careful about my billing, as in not to over bill. Right, I make more MTing and I'd rather, so I am moving fast as I can!

Not something I would do full time for the above ego reasons.
Terrorists anywhere are horrible, awful!

We are very fortunate, indeed. These no-mind brainless idiots could be right around us. We can't let them get away with it, no matter where. I never thought my beautiful, innocent first grader would come home and tell me they have to practice getting under the desk for cover, lock their door and stay under the teacher's desk if possible, should any "bad guys" come into their school. Heartbreaking. They may be preparing for the nuts who come to school with a gun but I hate to see this happening in little first graders lives. How sad! As much as I hate to see work going to India, I don't wish them any harm. It shouldn't happen to a dog, never mind people. I will pray for them because the shoe someday may be on the other foot, God forbid!  Yes, they were targeting Brits and Americans, that's how much they hate us, but I'm sure some people from India suffered as well. Terrorists know no boundaries, all they want is "terror" and heartache.

I am thankful today for my freedom and for those who are putting their lives on the line to protect us. We live in a great country. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, even if times are tough, we have the privilege of living in a great country.

Awful comunication (Transportal)

Transportal has emailed me 4 different times to say they were going to call for an invterview and they never call. Why would I want to work for some place that has such awful communication? I just don't understand what these companies are thinking.

I heard it was awful, by numerous people who saw it.
Goodness! That is just awful. Seems to need a tough skin to
That is awful. Anyway the police can get involved? These kids need
Testing was just awful, but recruiter post is right.

When I tested, I thought the recruiters would laugh at me.  I had well over 15 years of MT experience and I was lost in cyberspace with the testing.

If I couldn't understand what "Dr. Marble Mouth" was saying, I didn't "fudge it".  As much as I hate to leave blanks, I left them.  And I left quite a few.  The speed could not be turned down and all four reports I got were not only out of my area of expertise, but horrid dictators that never stopped to take a breath.

I said to myself, "well, at least I tried."  With all those blanks, I figured I was doomed.  Much to my surprise, I passed the testing with 98%.  It became obvious to me at that point that the recruiters do look for your overall knowledge and not your ability to understand horrible dictators. 

And with this awful bitter cold weather
going ballistic on the drivers when they do return!
She looked awful. Saggy boobs like that need a net. nm
Isn't that awful. You think they forget there's a PERSON at the other side who
I thought it was just awful. But I'm glad you enjoyed it :).
I agree - Star is AWFUL and wanted to go out..
I really believe it's time for The View to be cancelled.  It has denegrated to its' nadir!  I cannot see it getting *better* after this week's fiasco.  I dislike Star intensely but also Elisabeth and Barbara now and all their phoniness.  The only one who has credibility in my opinion is Joy Behar.  The show should be cancelled before it gets any worse while they might still all be able to leave with dignity.