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miserable the last month or so?....nm

Posted By: Star's been miserable on show for YEARS! on 2006-06-28
In Reply to: Really? I didn't know that. sm - Bubbles

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I pay $35/month through Vonage for unlimited LD. Local phone co. charges $50/month. NM
I'm miserable

My doc says I'm "legally" menopausal now.  The hot flashes are horrendous.  I can't take HRT because my mother, grandmother, aunt and first cousin all died of breast cancer.  Guess I'll just keep sitting outside in the 20 degree weather (until my neighbors who think I've gone insane call the psych squad on me).  What a difference a couple of years make -- I remember wearing sweats and covering up in an afghan to transcribe in the middle of summer because the A/C froze me!

that would be miserable!
Good luck to you in keeping them from getting demolished!
Yes - another thin one here - & it's miserable ! .
I have the usual, mid-priced, office chair from Office Depot with the thickest padding I could find within my price range. Felt okay for about a month then, like you, I had to sit on a pillow! My tailbone just felt like I was sitting on bare metal otherwise. Pillows are cheaper than chairs - so that, too, is what I do! I also added a lumbar support attached with Velcro, but normally when transcribing sit more foreword in my chair in order to reach my footpedal & don't get it's benefit (only when not working). I'm not only thin-I'm short in comparison to today's standards - I'm 5'1". What about you?
HAHAHAHA - miserable MT too, eh?..nm
Between the miserable QA personnel and

physicians who misspell medications, I'm fed up.  Not only are we supposed to check the spelling of a medication, even if the physician spells it, but also, if he or she dicates a letter to a patient, we are supposed to confirmt the patient's address; street as well as zip code.  This is an absolute waste of my time, as the patient's addresses are not listed in any part of the demographics, but on the patient's CHART, from which the physician is looking at while dictating!   I get even more inflamed when I receive an email from QA that ALWAYS include an explanation mark (!) in the opening sentence.  I mean, who in the heck do these people think they are?   I find them rude, demeaning, not to mention totally unprofessional when they care corresponding.  Talk about forgetting one's roots, and how it was for them when they started.  The tone of their emails speaks volumes that they are miserable doing their job, but get their jollies off by writing to you like you were a little kid.  So if you love pulling rank and demeaning people all day, join the QA Department and be miserable like the rest ofl them.    

ps I am NOW totally miserable
Not "not"
Not happy without being miserable?
I've been coming here for the past 2 years. I am a working MT who has paid my dues and been just as disappointed as all of you here from time to time. But the one thing I can't understand is why SO MANY of you can't seem to be happy if there isn't misery in your life.

Yes, you are warning newbies of the perils of this career. Yes, you are frustrated and want it to improve, want company and comfort...But there is so much toxic waste on this board. If you tell yourselves and each other how miserable it is in this field, you will all remain miserable.

Flame away and call me whatever names you want, but when you lay down tonight, you may just agree that wallowing in so much misery is not the way to live when life is so short. If you hate it, get out. If you aren't sure, don't take what every one says at face value. If you love it, share the love.

I have never seen so much misery in one place among so many people. It's contagious. Please do yourself and all of us a favor and try to find some happy thoughts. You might just find you enjoy yourself, and your career, a lot more.
My ex was wealthy and I was sooo miserable
without going into detail, I will say my health suffered from being with a man whom I sensed did not love me in a deep fashion. That fact cancelled out the 9,000 sq foot home (attached 4 car garage), 2400 cash allowance monthly, the need for me not to work, vacations to exotic places and luxury cruises twice each year, a walk in close the size of my present bedroom. But, you know, I was so lonely. At least with your husband, you will have a man who loves you when you are old. I left that life to nothing, zip, lost my place in MT world after 20 yrs and had to start all over, his attorneys royally screwed me and yes, I was so poor I was hungry, sold all those clothes at second hang consignment shops and begged someone to hire me (MQ at 0.06 cpl). I had dogs so had to buy a home which took every cent I had. Walked out with nothing in the end. I am happy but at 40, that scene is not one a person can go through without subsequent scars.

I am alone now. A fireplace is my company along with two cats. Seven years later, I am at peace finally but I really did let myself down by putting myself through the hell I lived trying to get my life back on track.

The secret to happiness is being thankful for what we have - I say that every day.
I'd say a combination of B and C. House may be miserable, but after
watching all House episodes, he does have a heart, albeit surrounded by iron, lock with no key.
Life is too short to be miserable
I am in this profession because I honestly love the work, and I love being an IC (setting my own work hours, being at home, etc.) I started out working for local doctors at home, then when that situation changed and I had to go to a company, I was blessed that I hit a good one first thing and have never had to experience a bad one. I am telling you all of this to hopefully encourage you. It is possible to be happy in this field, and there are good companies to work for. Life is too short to be stuck in a job where you are yelled at, bullied, and ready to throw in the towel. I hope you either start looking for a different MT job, or start pursuing another career - something that makes you happy.
Unless it is ongoing and to the point you are completely miserable!!
Right! It's pretty obvious who the miserable person is here!

Agree with oncology. Miserable stuff! nm
I am not miserable, I love my job, all is well with me, but gross tacky humor is just that.
M-TEC has a Basic program (12 month) and a Premier program (18 month). To WAH, you should take the P
1 month and you?
A month - and you?
We have had it for a month. All 5 of us
at one time or another tested positive for Strep. Only got well after antibiotics. But it lingers and flares up for weeks. Our entire town has it, and all for weeks and weeks - actually since Halloween.
If it has been less than a month,
you're probably still on probation, which works both ways. I would review the policy and speak to a supervisor before they invest any more time in training, etc. If you're professional and polite, it will work out.
Since one never knows whom they'll encounter down the road, try to make a graceful exit. Good luck.
I'm 30. 31 next month....
See update below. 
a month...
I type 24 hours a week. I am new though and only get paid 7 cents a line right now. Would love to make more too!
$9,500 per month
Oh, I don't like to post my earnings here.  It is such personal information.  And I have you all beat cuz I make 19 cents per line.
My 18 month old was saying....
A month? I do!
how is $288/month better than $57/month?
I got one about a month ago.
It's been all right so far. It was not my first choice, but I needed a laptop in a hurry and didn't want to spend a lot, and Gateways were on sale at Best Buy, so that's what I got. If I had had more time, I would have chosen a Dell or HP, but the Gateway seems all right. A colleague mentioned that his son's school uses Gateway laptops and have been happy with them, so it's probably a safe choice, if you can find one at the right price.
One month
I took one month off, but wish I would have taken a little longer.
I have been looking for about a month
and finally I got 2 offers, but 1 company I've heard nothing about and the other I've heard good and bad things about. I really need to be working and don't know what to do. It's a bad time for everyone it seems.
as of June, I'm at 47,000 and that was with one month off!
Is it just me? Started DQS at MQ last month

and although I've read over and over that MTs that start on DQS start loosing lines, I swear my production has gone up.  For the first couple of weeks, it stayed a little less than normal, then I was moved onto a NEW acct on DQS and I'm always a little amazed how many lines it says I've managed to squeeze out.

Don't get me wrong--not happy about many things going on with this company, and I'm a little nervous.  I'm just a mere SE with not much say in anything.  But the line thing, it's been OK for me.

I agree, especially with a 6 month f/u. SM
Can you call the office and ask the doctor call you back to explain the findings? 
Thanks. You know, we have been OUT OF WORK for over a month.

the moment is hard.

And, ha ha, nothing with MQ is fast anymore anyways.  I bet I haven't made over 120 lines an hour in 3 months.  I get bad reports nonstop.  NONSTOP. 

It would have been decent of them to have said it was an option instead of pretending like it was mandatory.  Especially since they know we are broke out here from having no work.  And believe me they know we have had no work.  

Oh well, just another reason why I can't stay in MT after all these years.  Why do I want to keep "giving" it away. 

I adore it. Have had it about a month...
...and it's now the only keyboard for me. I've always used ergo keyboards, but this one has totally negated the pain that I'd get even from those. I use the "booster" part that goes in the front--which seems to be the key, along with the more canted angle of the board. Thank you Microsoft!
Well, I actually pay close to $700 a month..
for health insurance, so wouldn't affect me much. The company will still be based in Houston though. They just have another location in Florida. The gas sounds promising. I was wondering how much for food. How much for bread, milk, etc. Just to get an idea. So far, it just sounds like the homes are what is real expensive there. The gas is comparible to Houston. How much do you pay for home insurance per year? In Texas, the ratio is usually something in the range of you buy a house for $140,000, your monthly bill would be around 1,400 for everything, taxes included. The homes here going for around $130,000-$160,000 look comparable to the homes ranging $260,000-$300,000 there. That is a huge difference.
Only been there a month, but have not ran out of work yet.. more than enough.
Maybe it depends on your account. I have only worked on one account and this one has plenty of work. I have not ran out at all.. usually, the account is even a little behind..
I have a 9yo shih tzu and an 9-month-old
Lab/retriever mix. Beautiful babies!!
5000 a month
It is actually quite possible to do. I work for a small transcription business and one of our transcritionist averages $1900 to $2000 a week. She takes advantage of her ESP/shortcut program and makes templates for everything. So it can be done.

Well, I for one do not believe anyone pays 19 cents a line.  I would need to see proof of that in writing as I think it is a bunch of a bologne! 

Well, no wonder, you live out in the East Coast area which is way more expensive to live, so that I can believe. 
Try asking for a 1 month deferment.
32 next month one child age 6
I am 31, 32 next month and I am divorced with a precious son who is 6
My 18 month old is eaten up with it!
She literally has it everywhere! She has tried every topical cream by prescription there is and they don't even touch it. Recently, her doc gave me samples of Cetaphil lotion and body wash and those have been the best thing she has ever used. It is in the lotion section at most stores. I have learned that certain things make it flare up worse at times; like food touching her skin (of all things). I read somewhere that even being upset can cause it to flare up. It is so bad that she cries and says "itching" several times a day.

Her doc told me that they will not be prescribing Elidel or Protopic anymore because they might cause cancer. Just thought I would tell you that in case your son is on either one of those.

Let me know if you find a magic cure for it!
I use Qwest - $25 a month. nm
yes, but how old are you that you can get individual ins for $59/month?
I don't know..... I know many MTs making that in a month....
but in their jammies, don't have to fuss with the makeup and only have to leave the house to go shopping! Oh, and they still get the write offs.
In this month's issue of
Advance, there is an offering for quite a nice prep kit.
What to do for mid-month cravings?
Help, ladies!  I am 42 and am finding myself having major mid-month cravings now.  I am not overweight and keep in good shape through diet and exercise, but come mid-month of my cycle all you-know-what breaks loose!  It has become nothing to buy and eat a bag of chips, a large chocolate bar, and then go prowling around my house for something else "bad" to eat.  After a few days I feel back to normal, but I really feel out of control for a few days a month now.  Any suggestions? 
Oregon too...$160 last month....
everything electric, no A/C (live in the Coast Range, don't really need it) but have an electric fence that is always on to keep the horses in and the usual appliances, etc. It was only $63 for May, but we were gone on vacation for the month so no hot water use, etc. Got an energy efficient washer and dryer a couple of months ago, has really helped out the bill too.
I use SimpleFTP....$6 month for 50 MB.....nm
I only made it a month
And I was batty by the end of it, as soon as the new co cut me loose I quit the other. I'm a single mom with 2 teenage kids (boys) and a couple of dogs. So the house was a reck and now it will take me a month to get back in order. But on the up side I did lose 14 pounds cause I never had time to eat :-) I quit last week and a one ton weight has been lifted off my back. I feel great only working 1 job
She posted this because about a month--sm
ago, there was a posting about someone doing 3000 lines a day and there was quite a few others that really doubted it and said that it was impossible to do. (The poster that said they did 3000 lines a day was me) and I really got blasted by others and saying that I was either lying or stretching the truth. This went on for days, so I think the OP was involved in all of that and was just trying to correct some of the ones that were saying it was impossible. Where were all you guys when I needed your support then, that are getting 3000 lines a day or more???? lol. I felt so alone!!