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Posted By: LOL on 2006-06-28
In Reply to: They should give Cirise from Survivor a chance at it. - nm

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Since I pick up and deliver I need to find replacements locally and my accounts do not realy like to go with anyone else.  If it is less than 3 days they ask that they hold it until I come back, when that is 4 docs it gets a little rushed when I return.  Finally took 3 work days off this summer with a weekend and they said that they would rather wait a day or two for the dictation than get someone else they did not know.   But I do have some back up if it is a week or so but that hasn't been in the past five years.   If I get sick, again they are very considerate and wait for the work.  Have had these 4 accounts for 5 to 15 years so we have a history and they are happy with my work.   So usually if you have been doing their dictation for a while they will work with you for a few days or illness.  I mean, they take vacations and time off and we don't get paid.   Like I have said many times, my accounts are really pretty good to me and but I provide a very good service and some extras and so we treat each other pretty equal.


I need a sample hip replacement...thanks nm
I had a knee replacement....SM
five years ago. Worst experience of my life. I took narcotic pain meds for about two months, then switched to Advil and Aleve. It takes quite a while for all the pain to go away. Miserable surgery.
Star's replacement...
I like Gayle King (Oprah's BFF), so I hope this rumor's true.  Rosie, Gayle, and Joy should make a nice combo.  I may actually start watching The View again! 
Training your replacement isn't your job. Period. nm
how do you use DA 127D c phone replacement?
I thought I was buying a regular old clunky c phone. I can't get the foot pedal to respond or find out how to play out loud. Help please.
Menopause and hormone replacement. sm

I am 3 years from my last period and have refrained from taking hormones because of a family history of breast and uterine cancer in my mother.  I have not felt well for some time and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  My GYN thinks that bio-identical hormones would make me feel more myself but I have been reluctant to take them.  For those of you taking hormones..do they make you feel a lot better?  Thanks for any advice.

hormone replacement therapy
I have been on Premarin 1.25 mg since my 20's (surgical induced menopause) and on 0.9 mg for the past few years, am 53 and have absolutely no menopausal symptoms and no side effects of any kind. It is worth it.
Not sure how you feel about hormone replacement, sm

but it might be something to consider.  I went through menopause relatively early, and I had horrible hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc.  I remember once I received an email from my boss asking me to spend the day working on my secondary account, and I sat here crying, knowing that what she really meant was that I wasn't good enough to work on my primary account.  Looking back, it is funny, but it was not so funny then.  I felt like I was going crazy.   

I finally broke down and saw an OB/GYN.  She is an advocate of natural hormone replacement, but gave me a book to read about it and in the meantime gave me estrogen patches and progesterone pills, and it was a godsend.  I got through the tough times, and now I take nothing.

It sounds like you have a lot going on, and if you could get rid of the menopausal symptoms, maybe you could see things a bit more clearly and address those issues as well.  It is tough to uproot your life and move away from friends and family.  My heart goes out to you.

Good luck to you.  It will get better. 

replacement covers for earphones
Does anyone know where I can get replacement covers for my earphones?  I am using a Pearlcorder microcassette machine and they are small?
C-phone foot pedal replacement
Thanks...I had made a crude connection myself with electrical tape years ago for a higher volume without the headset, but it didn't work too well. The one from Radio Shack may work much better. I'm sure the sound recorder would have shortcut keys for fast-forward and rewind, but I'm not sure where to find sound recorder on Windows Professional. I'll try to find it now and make a shortcut on the desktop. Thanks again!
MT work after total knee replacement
I'm having a left total knee replacement next week and was just wondering if any one out there has had this done and if so, in what time frame did you return to transcription.  thanks.
I got a replacement spring at my hardware store .... sm
take your remaining spring as a sample for the gauge ... i had to buy one a foot long, irrc, and cut it with scissors but I think it cost under $2. you might call around to save time ... I used an "old time" amazing local hardware store but I suspect my local Ace hardware would have something too .. (but doubt home depot or Lowes would) ...

There are several reasons I have half a dozen "dead" keyboards in my shed ... and this is one ... I think later models weren't made with this "feature" (the spring under tension poppping out and impossible to find feature, that is) ;-)
Prince looked good for having a hip replacement...LOL...nm
sorry, that first line should read AFTER a knee replacement. nm
Not sure when Abby & Luca reunited, but I think Carrie had a hip replacement.

Luka is a poor replacement for my main man George Clooney.
Maybe it's the scripts he is given.  He just doesn't have the star quality and charm that George had but who could follow George Clooney?  Not Luka.  Of course I gave up watching ER awhile ago when it became Bizaarro World with B actors so maybe Luka has changed?
As dictated, we may start urine replacement at 0.5 cc/mL for output greater than.....
Does hormone replacement (specifically low dose Prempro) cause you to gain weight? nm
Our 2 previous Dells are now our random computer parts replacement pile. No more Dells. nm
Beware of ink replacement costs. The more inexpensive the printer, the more the ink costs.
how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?