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my vote would be for Elizabeth

Posted By: Cindy on 2006-06-29
In Reply to: Star's replacement... - rumored to be Gayle King (sm)

Vargas, the journalist. I know she has a job and is due to have a baby, but I think she would be a classy addition.

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Myrtle Beach has my vote. No passports, no airports, customs... Just kick back & relax!! My vote!!
please don't misunderstand what I am saying...yes I agree, it is very frustrating changing sup's (TC) all the time.  Believe me, I've been w/MQ for over 4 years and have had at least six TCs!!! But, not once have I been personally contacted, e-mail or otherwise, by one of them.  I always take it upon myself to just send a quick hello to the new TC, introduce myself, etc.  Think of it this way, they have a couple hundred or so MTs to worry about, we only have one TC...just a thought! Anyways, enough about this subject...don't wanna ruffle any feathers! Have a wonderful day! 
Way to go Elizabeth
You are so right.  I am wasting time and energy ruminating on this thing. I am just so frustrated.  I honestly think I need to find another position, even though I hate leaving a place I have been at for 14-plus years.  My husband and I sat down last night and had a good talk, and I have had a buttload of health problems since working for this place.  What is funny, it is a mental health facility!  Many of the employees and myself get a chuckle out of this, because the therapists/psychiatrists are always referring people for stress management, etc., and we are some of the most stressed people in the whole county.  I am going to start looking! 
Elizabeth New Jersey

Thank You Sandy and Elizabeth - you are great!
thank you so much for taking the time to help me. Happy Holidays!
elizabeth, i'm with you 100% on this one. i don't know poster is but sounds like MQ manager.
Very telling as to how we are viewed by MQ is it not?
That's how Elizabeth Smart got kidnapped and raped
Do-gooder parents offering a home repair job to a loser they found sleeping out on the road or something. Can people really be this stupid?
Betsy - used to be my name till I legally changed to Elizabeth.

CONGRATS to WINNER Elizabeth S. on winning the $10. TVPS Gift Cert.
CONGRATS to WINNER Elizabeth S. on winning the $10. TVPS Gift Cert.


I vote for nobody should :-)
That's one thing I really miss about living in AZ, no DST ...... If I could figure out how to move Camelback Mountain to Texas, that's where I'd retire LOL.
i vote for
Pam gets my vote nm
I vote for B
I vote always
I always vote. Mandisa, Chris, Taylor, and Katharine to me are the best. I wish Kevin would go. He is sweet but to me the worst. Kellie was really bad last night I thought. My BF loves her. She is funny but dingy.
I vote for JC
Jim Carrey.  He was just totally irresible in the Fire Marshall Bill skit on In Living Color. What a doll!
My vote (for what it is worth) is NO.  Let him figure it out for himself.
I did. Everyone else please vote.
Please go there and vote, and let me tell you what I did. sm

We have a show on Sunday nights here, a call-in show that deals with all sorts of issues.  A while back there was a huge ruckus when the Oreck plant relocated to Tennessee, they said they "couldn't find qualified workers" after Katrina.  Before I moved here I guess there was a jeans plant of some sort, Levis or whatever, and it went to Mexico.  So I e-mailed the host of the show and told him he should consider doing a show on outsourcing and detailed my experience at having been outsourced, and the whole health care info going to India thing, and I did not hear back from him!  I was shocked because I interpret no response as not giving a rat's behind about where his info goes.  Maybe he didn't want to "get involved" because the hospital that ditched us is a big advertiser on the station, I don't know, but I sure thought something positive would happen, the topic would come out in the open, but as of this point it doesn't look like it will.  We all need to keep knocking on doors and rattling windows, though, or we'll be sunk.  My opinion and I'm sticking with it.

My vote is in!
Anyone who is a friend to animals is a friend of mine!
Thank you - I vote yes
For me, it's just a nice touch that says a lot, I guess. :-)

I vote for

"Striving to preserve the security and integrity of medical records in the USA"

How about that for a motto?

I'm on board!

I vote
for Asian accents.  Most difficult for me!
My vote
If this is something that appeals to you, I say go for it; however, I don't think MAs are compensated as well as they should be for their knowledge (sound familiar?).

I became an LVN in 3 semesters and an RN with an AS degree in 4. I'm job hunting for a nursing position now with not much success, even in the midst of this critical nursing shortage, so I can only imagine that the immediate outlook for medical assistants is not that bright.

Saying all this, the MAs I've worked with have been awesome, brilliant people who loved what they were doing and were HAPPY.

I think you should follow your heart.

Another vote for fall
Kaysar with 82% of the VOTE!!! Yes!!! nm
Third vote for Amphion here!
Another vote for Amphion--
so far, quite good. I've had the same account since I started. Nice equipment, good tech support (which I've only needed once), and calm staff who leave you alone to work during the day. They're definitely worth considering.
Be sure you ask your senator to vote....sm
to pass the Safe ID act which was presented to congress by  Senator Markey.  This particular bill would require anyone sending things like medical or banking records out of the US to obtain consent from the consumer/patient ahead of time as well as yearly afterwards.  Educate all of your friends, neighbors and family that  HIPAA does not cover  your medical records leaving the US and therefore when they receive medical services they should request in writing that their medical records remain exclusively in the US.
2nd vote here for Goldtouch.
All I can say at this point is....VOTE
Did any of you call to vote for her? If not,
I certainly know that I didn't and never do vote for anyone on American Idol.
my vote goes to Cirie-sm
I think she's played the game well. Terry is obnoxious. Danielle does not deserve it. Shane was a bit irritating but he made it interesting to watch though.
My vote goes for Taylor
I must admit the first few weeks watching him was soooo annoying, but he has grown on me and I actually enjoy watching and listening to him sing and perform. He's good and I think he deserves to win! However, I must say I was confident that Chris would win, but unfortunately not. Therefore, my vote is for Taylor!!!!

Tonight's vote...


I've liked Taylor from the beginning, although as I stated earlier, this whole season has been a bit of a disappointment. 


Exactly, we need to vote them out of office. (nm)
You got my vote! Great job!
I forgot to vote
except for one time, and didn't the voting end yesterday?   I really really like them both--their personalities and their designs!
I vote for satting
You would double the "t" here just as you would in matting, batting, tatting, cutting, etc.
What we CAN do is vote for changes in our government
And then we have to keep a very, very close eye on them and scrutinize every move they make. We have to become more knowledgeable and involved in how our political & judicial systems work.
Go to this site and vote!

Just by accident I found this poll by MSNBC where you can vote on the topic that they will air on one of their special segments.  One of the stories is about a woman whose job is being outsourced overseas.  Kinda fitting huh?  I voted for that topic and so far it seems to be in the lead.  If we all vote, maybe they'll put that topic on the air.  Thanks!


Go to this site and vote!
OK - I voted. Thanks for the news.
Pet lovers - please vote

: My sister does animal rescue and transport, and also owns and operates a pet sitting business which has been nominated for Fox Philly's Hot List!

: If you have time, please vote for Sniffles and Friends on the Fox Philly Hot List on this link.

: If she wins, it's a great free advertisement for her pet sitting service that networks with rescue, fostering, and transport services for abandoned and neglected animals all over the East Coast.

: Thanks so much for your help!

: Jo

I vote for QLDB..nm
Does anyone know when the Safe ID bill comes up for vote?
(regarding our medical records being sent out of the country).  I have already emailed my senators and am encouraging everyone to do the same.
I'm beginning to think that the Kevin vote is
America making fun of American Idol. I can't see how he's gotten enough votes and I do really hope he doesn't last much longer as he's certainly not in a league with the rest of the performers on the show this year. I'm afraid Bucky will probably fall for the same reason. There are several really great performers this year, these 2 just aren't.
I vote for Ace to go home. My bottom 3 are:

Ace, Bucky, and Elliott. Elliott has a good voice but he is just so goofy I can't watch him when he sings. Bucky is okay but not great -- he looks better with his hair down.  But Ace, well, he sounds average and I'm tired of him trying to look all "dreamy" all the time. Besides, he butchered the song!

I vote against the word INTEGRITY in anything they have to do with. nm

I agree, my vote is definitely for TAYLOR!