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Did she say why she was leaving sm

Posted By: mtrad on 2006-06-27
In Reply to: The View - another one bites the dust

I know Star and Rosie don't get along. What did she say? I haven't had time to watch in a couple of weeks.

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Leaving MQ
A friend of mine left MQ and went back into a hospital setting.  She went from barely making 1200 lines a day to over 2000 a day (8 hours).  She also went from statuatory with no benefits to all the perks of being in-house including insurance, vacation, 401K, paid holidays, etc.  She was also offered after training the opportunity to work from her home which she took.  She is so happy. 
Leaving MQ?
Leaving this
Hi Romey, you're not alone. I've done this for 20 years and I find I can't even look at it anymore because of some of the things that have happened in the field. Don't know what to tell you to do because I'm searching too. I should have listened to my common sense a long time ago.
Please consider leaving
Your local police department can give you information on shelters or organization that can put you and your kids in a safe place until you get on your feet. If he is abusing you, you must also consider calling the police on him so the abuse is documented. I'm sure you know of the fatalities that happen everyday due to domestic abuse. Please take action. If he is abusing your children and someone else finds out about it and reports your husband, they can arrest you as well for having knowledge of the fact that your kids are being abused and doing nothing about it.

My heart goes out to you. I have a background in counseling and had sessions with women for years who were being abused. It frustrated me to see these women twice a month for counseling because all they wanted to do was talk about how their spouse continued to abuse them but they wouldn't do anything about it. Your kids will always remember what they are going through. This type of environment often scars children emotionally as well as physically. They can grow up to have major psychological issues as a result.

Life is too short to be miserable everyday. He is not accentuating your life in any way. He is taking from you in every way possible. I beg you to give serious thought to removing yourself from this situation. I know it may feel like you are jumping without a parachute but think of it this way...how much worse could it get? Things can only get better.

Take care.
Yep, I left. It was NOT easy.  Some days i did not think I was gonna make it -- but you know what?  I left a big farmhouse and live in a small 2-bedroom apartment.  But it is near everything - the library, the school, etc. At first my daughter threw a fit......and my son cried.  But a month later...everybody is much much happier.  Now, when I walk out of my peaceful car to my peaceful door and lay on my rent-a-center peaceful couch -- I think.....God...where is the screaming?  How did I stand it that long?  No one is mad around here?  And my children are adapting perfectly.  And I walk in my room, take off my clothes, lay on my bed and grab a book and read...and it is pure joy.  Worth every tear.  You'll see.  All of us..all of us -- we want you to have the peace that you need and that your babies will thrive with.  It's tough..but you are gonna make it.
Leaving MT

Fellow MTs, I am leaving our once-esteemed position.  I am taking a position as a trainer at a large national insurance company.   More money than I've ever made, lots of paid time off plus holidays, and weekends off.   It's been 10 years since I've had a "real job" and had not had to work weekends and holidays. 

They are playing for my airline tickets, my accommodations, food and car while stationed away from home.  I am one lucky duck.  

I used to love doing MT, but it has been a challenge for me the past 2-3 years to stay focused.   To all of you who still love the job, I say hurray!    This is a blessing for me to make this move at this point in my life and I'm very grateful.  I intend to enjoy every moment of it.  

Bye, all!



Leaving MT
Congratulations on your new job!  There is a time and a season to everything in life, and this is your season for change.  God bless you.
Leaving MT

You know what?  I just cannot do this anymore.  My last day was 12/31/06.  I am moving in a different direction--not sure what all yet, but I just cannot transcribe any more.  After 17 years of listening to doctors chew, and waiting--listening to silence--with my pay rate DROPPING over the years  , not increasing--I have to leave.

There's only a tiny, tiny part of me that feels sad--it's the part of me that was so overjoyed to be able to do this at home and be here when my children were little.  I really thought I would keep doing this forever. Recently, though, I just cannot do it anymore!  One day I woke up and had had enough!

I am working on some things here at home that I had going.  Some home businesses, things I make, etc.

I just wanted to say BYE.


leaving MT
I wish you the best.  I know how you feel.  After more than 20 years I too will be leaving transcription. Transcription is just not what it used to be.
Leaving MT
I've already left and felt kind of blue but after reading so many posts here, I feel a relief also. No money in it anymore and I have done this for 35 years! Now I'll turn my attention to sewing, selling on E-Bay, whatever, to keep myself active. Good luck!
Speaking to yourself? Because I'm not leaving here ... :)
My son is leaving for the Air Force
I am so proud of him, yet so worried with the situation the world is in right now.  Please pray for him if you would! 
thinking of leaving too
My hands are always killing me and i'm not as focused as I used to be. Plus i'm in school and having something going on the side.  But I need to keep a full time job, so i've been looking in the local papers in the health care sections.  CNAs make 8 bucks an hour!!!  Geez, we get paid more than actual caregivers, but my hand pain is so out of control I may have to take a caregiver job or get certified as a CNA or nutrition specialist and take a pay cut. 
Um, didn't I say I was leaving?
Sorry leaving address
 I have almost five years experience, still probably considered a newbie when I see some with almost 5 to 6 times that much.  But I just wanted to email someone who knows more about transcriptions companies than I do at present.
Finally leaving MQ
Finally leaving MQ.  Will miss the nice people but not the new changes.  Thanks everyong on this board for your help.  It's kind of scary to make a change, but what the heck.  It won't matter in 10 years.
Finally leaving MQ
If you do not mind my asking, what company was that test for?
Leaving hospital
This is very common actually. Unless the patient has a braclet on that will alert hospital security when she/he exits doors, it is very easy to do.

You know the adage about "hospital security" being an oxymoron? People come and go all the time, as one of the other posters said.

Is your BF's father okay?
as you are leaving the store...nm
Leaving MT field?
I feel for you and can understand all your concerns. I think there are areas out there with great demands like teaching, nursing (get your LPN or CNA to get started in the field), radiology technology or a shorter schooling experience would be for medical coding, though won't be surpised if technology takes that job away too! You can become a certified phlebotomist and get started in the lab work area. These areas are just the tip of the iceberg, but change can be done and is not impossible. Good luck!
Who do you think will be leaving tonight?
I think Kevin.
Am in the process of leaving a job right now, and it's a very

Plan on leaving due to the
pay cut, is just bad timing, was told 11/01 would take effect 12/02. Financially, I am not prepared to make a job change until I receive my income tax refund check. I found it to be very degrading and looks like others did also and did actually quit as of 12/02 because the stats are now backed up 4 days since 12/02.
C-Phone - Leaving mid-job

When using a C-Phone can one leave a job on hold to take a break or leave for a period of time?  Or do you have to finish the job before you leave?

I think leaving blanks when you are new...sm
to an account is normal. You have to get used to the account and the doctors.
Yep and I'll be leaving them for ATT
Yep and i download at least 60 voice files a day 6 days a week and my kids download music and videos and college assignments-if I stay with Time Warner I might end up paying $100s a month for internet.  This way with ATT I can type anywhere; at our cottage, if we go camping, and not have to worry about it.  Time Warner is just greedy.
Did you try leaving the .09 and adding .09.vox? nm
I hate the thought of him leaving!
I am listening to Kaysar explain the future plan to Howie (who I love, but seems dumb as a rock sometimes) and Janelle (who I think is smarter than she appears). It is making sense what he's saying but isn't something I'd think of. Kay is telling them to get rid of James next, that the best chance to get rid of him is next when the Friendship will help to evict him if he is up against one of their own. Otherwise if Maggie goes, James will take her place as leader of the 4 followers. Makes total sense what all Kay is saying. He is one smart cookie... if it weren't for his trusting nature, he would win this game easily. Jen will get hers when she comes out of the house and has most of America on her back for evicting their favorite houseguest.. but of course she will pretend she doesn't care what people say or think.. She is so insecure though that we all know she does. :-)
gas shortage/leaving for ohio in the am
Here in Brunswick stations closed at 6 pm and not open until Friday and can get only 5 gallons then. Trucker said Atlanta was getting $5 a gal and now Atlanta is completely out of gas. I am leaving for Ohio in the am and concerned if this shortage is just here or all the way up. Any info would be appreciated.
It's none of their business why you're leaving.
scared into trying harder or leaving?
Why do some QA folks think they can really make you feel this way?  It will eventually lead to leaving, I think.  I have never QAed or feel qualified, but geez, leave the poor transcriber a little positive feedback to go on.  Anyone else share this thought?
scared into trying harder or leaving
Well, it is simple things really, more style than anything. I am not a newbie, I have 5 years under my belt. Gosh, what co. do you work for?
scared into trying harder or leaving
I forgot to add: it is the way the make the feedback, like are you attempting to look anything up... or I can't believe you didn't hear what I heard....ugh!
So AI fans, who's leaving tonight?

My bottom 3:  Bucky, Ace, Katherine.  I think Katherine is going home.  Now what do you think?

Leaving this Saturday for a week...

in Bethany Beach, DE.  My parents rent the house and my family of 5 and my sister's family of 4 plus Mom and Dad all go together.  The beach is almost in our back yard and there is outlet shopping paradise in Rehobeth, not to mention seafood, seafood, seafood!  Can't wait!

No Luka is not leaving and Sam is back.
They were going to fire Luka but Weaver finally stepped up and said that she was responsible.  Now she is no longer Chief.  Luka is staying.  It ended showing Abby taking the baby home and Abby was finally bonding with her own mom.  Sam had her big-money friend come get her and bring her back to the ER.  She had a rape kit done b/c her ex raped her.  She also shot and killed him but they ruled it as justifiable homicide so she is fine.  It is really rather interesting this year I think.  I've been watching since the very first episode all those years ago.  I have to say they almost lost me last year with all the episodes with them being in other places like Darfur.  Like they were trying to hard to make statements and it was too confusing trying to keep up with all the goings on in other places. Much better this year.  Looks like it is going to be really good next week too.  Don't miss it!
For those who started a new job before leaving current job - sm
Any pointers on how you did this?  I'm sure the answer is plain as day, but I can't figure it out...do you call in sick on the first day of the new account training and see how it goes?  And if you're not sure after that, and keep working at the new account until you are sure, how do you handle both jobs?  I don't mean to be dense, but this has always been a puzzle to me how you do it.    Any tips?  TIA
leaving out the small words
make sure the dictation is set so a few words are repeated when you press the foot pedal and listen really closely because it is so easy to leave out a small word, like "that" and sometimes it really makes a difference. 
Leaving home & Family
I appreciate your comments and respect your opinion, but it would probably be wise to have all of the information before you make an assumption.

Obviously, the five MTs I was coming out to train had all applied, agreed to the IC status, pay rate, and agreed to attend the training at a hotel conference room that was a 20 minute drive for them. They were aware the training would take a minimum of two days to get familiar with us, all of the software we use, and to answer whatever questions they had. We anticipated being in the room perhaps 4 to 6 hours, depending on individual need.

The fact that one showed up, one called and canceled that morning, and three simply did not show, did not call. That was the basis of the "frustration" note.

Remote training is possible, and it's fairly simple to do, but if I spend several hours on the phone with five individuals answering the same questions for each, we have found it easier at times to go to a central location if we are hiring a group from the same general area. It gives them a chance to actually meet who they will be working with, as well as open up a new cell of networking MTs who would probably never meet each other.

Naturally, there are some people who are very computer literate who can virtually "train" themselves. Others are not, and with the opportunity to ask questions while you are actually learning can be benificial.

I do quite a bit of remote training and, in fact, was a trainer for our audio platform for several years at hospitals, clinics and other services all over Canada and the US. However, as a service owner, I also enjoy actually meeting face to face the transcriptionists who work with us. I have some that I've not had a chance to meet in person who have worked out beautifully and are just as much our family team as those I've met.

At any rate, thanks for your opinion.

Glad to hear you are leaving MQ

Honestly, I don't know how you put up with that for 10 years.

I was hired there 5 years ago at 8 cents/line and that was fresh out of school.  They even bumped me up to 8.5 shortly before I ended up quitting.  They have been screwing you over bad.

The previous dictation was not about leaving
obvious "wrong" dictation, it was concerning using one's opinion on whether something in the dictation was "politically" correct or incorrect. IMO, that is not our determination to make.
Leaving this field and need references -sm
I am leaving MT after nearly 9 years in the field, all of them working from home.  Where can I get references?  I really do not want to ask my employer because I do not want them to know I will be leaving just yet.  Really coming up empty on this one.  Can anyone offer some ideas?  Thanks bunches! 
Some acute care leaving also
I work for a hospital and they have stopped transcribing their ER notes (using electronic forms now) so a lot of the acute care is going away also.  The ER was about 70% of the work at our hospital.
Where did you hear they were leaving in droves..sm
I haven't heard of any leaving. Let me tell you they get some freebies too.
That's my plan. I could feel the tension leaving

my head, neck and shoulders last night as I talked with DH about what to do.  I slept like a rock last night, too.  I need to focus on the things that make me happy in life instead of letting a low paying MT job for someone else control me.  I keep talking about getting my own accounts, joining a gym, and pursuing a hobby of mine that has the potential to earn money, but I never had time to do those things because of working for other people.  I gave notice this morning, which they didn't need, so I'm taking the next week or two off.  I'm going to super clean the house, join a gym, volunteer at the school, and make up some business cards.

Thanks to everyone for your input.  Life's so much better when I have goals and dreams to pursue.

Did you hear that bang? That would have been me leaving after the first illegal act. nm
I think it was just rumored that Star and Elisabeth may be leaving (sm)
but, yeah, if you are right.....it will be the beginning of the end if they lose 3 rather than just 1. IMO.
Can we ask why you're leaving a company paying over 9.6 cpl? nm
There have been a lot of MTs leaving a large company the last few weeks. sm
It might be a little more difficult than usual, but there's always a shortage of qualified people. Check your resume, make sure it is selling your best points. Are you using your current place as a reference? Could that be a problem? Are you testing with companies, or do you not get that far? Have any of them offered you a reason for not being interested?
I had questioned values/dosages by leaving
a blank - QA filled it in with what was said -- totally wrong. All we could do was notify our supervisor if we caught it and who knows what happened there.

We could only send a certain percentage of reports to QA, if over that percentage, then our bonus/incentive/whatever they call it now was affected. Didn't matter the reason we sent it, it was the total number of reports sent.
Ha! This makes leaving off sodas in my diet easy!!!!

Company: Store clerk urinated into soda


A convenience-store worker has admitted urinating into a soda bottle, causing a customer who drank from it to become violently ill, his bosses say.

Publix Super Markets spokesman Dwaine Stevens said the accused employee, who works at a Pix Convenience Store in Deltona, was suspended after the company learned of the incident this week. An internal investigation is being completed.

Lab tests done by Publix on the contaminated Mountain Dew confirmed the soda contained urine, Stevens said. The supermarket giant owns the Pix chain.

"It is an isolated incident done by one of our associates," Stevens said. "Whatever measure is necessary, it will be executed and the employee will be dealt with."

Publix has not filed a criminal complaint but the option has not been ruled out, Stevens said.

The victim, a foreman with a Daytona Beach construction company, became suspicious of the drink after he chugged the beverage last week, his attorney, Daniel Newlin, said

"He vomited three or four times afterward," said Newlin, who did not release his client's name in order to protect the man's privacy.

Newlin said that upon the advice of an infectious-disease doctor, the victim was being tested for diseases such as gonorrhea and hepatitis C.

"We're hopeful that the person who did this wasn't carrying any sexual, or otherwise, virus that could cause him harm," Newlin said