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Posted By: anonas well on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: Transcend Pay Cut - sm - anon

And I will just bet the principals are out on their yachts (yep, they have them) toasting each other. Too bad we are under the bus. I wish I could say what I really feel but this is a family-friendly board.

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I thought their line counting was consistent. Why would someone settle for that and not ask to be moved to another account? Curious, is there something that you do get that offsets that?
posts are from early 2006. people always running out of work. managers not flexible. thats why i dedided not to test.
And it's really a shame because the dictation is so easy. On ER with 10 years' experience, I should be just flinging those charts out. Not so. I try really hard and average about 125 lph. For every doctor who is mentioned in an ER report, you have to look up his name to verify and then the number, go back to the entry screen and enter it. Sometimes that's 5 or 6 different doctors. I wonder if it's going to get any better or if it's better to get out now.
ANON, please see my msg above...
do you have trouble with ShortCut not expanding???  Did you fix it???? If so, how????  TIA
Well said, anon! - nm
Whomever corrected my post from juice to sauce had the right idea - this one needs addiction psych and a stay in detox for sure!
uh more than one anon??????nm
I just went shopping today and by shopping carefully was able to really stock my pantry for a hundred dollars. I was able to do this because I had been allowed some overtime on one of my smaller jobs. Was I grateful for it? You betcha.
I used to love Miami in its heyday--back before South Beach and all that. If I move to Florida, it will be nearer to Orlando. Not sure I am going to do it, just playing with the idea. I'm sorry things are so tough in Miami--it is such a gorgeous city.
reply to anon above
Anon, you have e-mail. nm
Anon...thanks for your opinion... I am
about to start with TT and hope my experience will be a good one.
Anon ... see inside
Just keep a log like I do, write down the times of dictation. Seems like big batches are missing. When I started with DRC there were jobs 24 hours a day being dictated. Now more or less some specialties, but nothing ordinary, looks like the easier work is gone, and almost all my reports are 2 minutes, 3 minutes - can't make any money. You are correct there should be more jobs, but maybe there are way more MTs doing the work than we know. I'm sure it looks good for DRC or any MTS if the jobs turn fast and always look caught up. It's hard to guess what's going on when we only catch one job at a time over the line, the daily report may say work is from yesterday but there may be only one job. You can e-mail me if you like, but I don't have any secret knowledge. I just want enough work to keep me busy for the hours I promised. I'm overall very happy with everybody I deal with. I know work volume is a very delicate balance, I'm glad that's not my job.
Thank you Anon for speaking up!!
Anon postings

I was threatened a few years ago for posting on the site by a company that wasn't paying its people.  The owner threatened to sue me for deformation of character and slander.  First of all, I told her as the owner of a transcription company, she needed to learn how to spell.  It's defamation of character.  Next, since the board is in print, it would be libel instead of slander. 

For any MTs who are afraid of being sued over posts, the most important thing to remember is that they can only sue you if what you say is not true.  If you stick to the facts, whether it's not getting paid, bounced checks, etc., you don't have anything to worry about. 

I have posted deragotory comments about 2 companies, and both have threatened to sue me.  I have a little file in which I keep all the evidence of late pays and bounced checks, so I'm not concerned.

Dear Anon
Are the company initials AA? I'm still suffering there.

question for anon
I'm just curious - you said your company is changing to offshore. Do you work for a hospital or an MT service? Are they just going to have US MTs do ASR and offshore MTs do regular typing? Just wondering.
anon -- a few questions

Were you making more than 9 cpl? 10 cpl?, etc?  Do you know if all MTs were affected or just certain accounts.  If it wasn't all MTs, do you know why you were targeted? 

I'm just trying to get a grasp on this as I work for MDI/Transcend and I'm worried about 01/01/10.

Just An Anon, please forgive me for
what I'm going to say first. I know you're hurting, but strictly for the sake of others: The writing was on the wall a long time ago. That's when we all needed to start developing our skills for this day so we wouldn't take a bad hit in the transition to new technology. Some did, and these rates to at least a good degree reflect that.

Is $0.03 reasonable? It depends. It depends on how many corrections you have to make and how long it takes YOU to make them.

eScription is a fantastic platform, likely the best currently available. A couple of years ago I worked on eScription on a good account (a prestigious hospital with high-caliber clinicians) and many reports needed little correction. I literally sat and sipped coffee with dictation cranked up as fast as it would go on the very best of them.

Regarding how long it takes to make the corrections and the lowering of your base transcription line rate, I just counted up letters I typed in an Expander example I gave on another thread, and letters in the sentence were @81 without expander, @24 with. It's been a long time since I did any counting, so even I was surprised that it was over 3 times fewer with my expander.

In your place I'd absolutely stay and commit to doing anywhere from almost as well as before to even better. You're a pro, so you should be somewhere in that range--once you've learned the new job. Best wishes.

Now, let the flames snap and crack...
I had been posting as anon. This is my new handle.
Visited but what if somebody wants to post anon. They have

all info to know who posts what so seems to me that the problems and negative things about the company will not get posted there.  To register to post you have to give name and e-mail address, etc. which would not make it easy for somebody to track a poster down.  Just my 2cents.

this is very good advice, anon. I did the same
sing-song of the voice you are listening to and forget your own inflections. You almost have to adopt that accept and understands that ra means la. Leave those blanks, go back to relisten and you will usually have saved time and some sanity.
ANON - you must be reading my mind...

as I was just looking to see what will happen to my file of shortcuts and expansions when I uninstall.  I am going to try to save them to CD before uninstalling.  It would be very discouraging to lose over 1000 entries!

Try opening SC before your word program and see if the double letters disappear.  Also, if you open Stedman's Medical Dictionary before SC, that should stop the double letters. 

Wish me luck!

Looks like poster anon was at the meeting too.
And you jumped down her neck as well. Are we in need of some Midol?
Anon, you mentioned a website...
where you took a test and not 10 minutes after the recruiter called? Could you give any info on that.


Very sad to be unhappy at MQ
Anon, you shouold care
if they offshore. They are killing the American economy and the American worker. Don't be a participant in your own demise. AMERICAN JOBS FOR AMERICAN WORKERS.
this "anon/Anon" seems to have a problem...
with me. Always making stupid comments without thinking--just like after my recent post (if you're the same person). Stop stalking me Anon. LOL.
you put this very nicely...not like "anon/Anon"
Just a quick definition for you anon for now...


1.the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

obviously my post wasn't trying to trick anyone into believing I was a TT CEO, I didn't even give his name, and if anybody is slow enough to think that I am the CEO for a minute, please email me, I have a bridge to sale you.

This whole thread is about the pay decreases and why they are happending...satire, my friend, satire. I need to buy you one of those word-a-day calendars.

If you post anon, you get flamed for being a BIG, BAD,
anonymous poster who would PEE THEIR PANTS if they met a CEO of a company and have to come here to vent about your spineless life instead of standing up for yourself.

At least GP calls it as she sees it, and I respect her for stating it even when the same people attack her over and over with their amazingly intelligent 'go paint gourd' responses.

By the way, who are you?
ANON, I AM NOT WRONG - I worked for them and had some down time
AND I DID NOT GET PAID FOR IT. It must be something new that is being set in place. Maybe the labor board got on their case again. And don't tell me I'm wrong about that because I GOT A LETTER a while back!

Anon. IF you do not know what an Andrews grad is then you don't know this business
Andrews school produces only the best baby!!!!!!!No exaggeration here. Ask anybody on this board about Andrew graduates. We produce like pros, which I am.
I'm not ready to leave yet, so will remain anon sm
but I did want to just say that not any one company is all that for everyone.  I personally know at least three people who have not had a good experience with this company, one of which is me.  I choose to remain anonymous because I am still working there for personal reasons but will be making a change here in a couple of months.  I thought they were wonderful at the beginning too but things have soured for many different reasons.  I don't say this to argue with anyone but just to say that this company is not for everyone and not everyone who works for this company is the greatest.   
anon who is so bothered by misplaced post
Maybe you need do to something about that anxiety disorder. So someone made a mistake. Don't let it ruin your day.
Might be SoftScript. Wording is similar to an ad elsewhere and they did post Anon. here before. nm
How many companies/MTs still doing straight typing??? (reply anon of course) nm
ANON, you're such a loser for posting your 2 cent goodbye!
ditto to anon. Love my software tools that make