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Let me get this straight...

Posted By: MDIer on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: answers - as I know them - sm - anon

If you were making 7.5-8, you will now be making 5.6 cpl or less for straight typing? Is this correct? If so, I am very sorry. I just can't imagine them making that drastic of a cut. Terrible.

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Let me get this straight
I would guess this relates to the post about changing jobs on people without notice.  Interesting to me that Heartland had a pitiful reputation here and they at least gave people some notice.    I don't think I will be calling Medware.  I can't afford for a company to take my job away in less than a week. 
Ha! S/B look them straight in the EYE when getting
lied to. I am a good judge of people face-to-face, but I really feel the lying recruiters or HR dept or whomever get away with it a lot easier cause we are not face-to-face. Might make it less painful for them to live with themselves as well. They don't have to see the hurt and horror they cause in our lives. Mind you - I can handle any and all ESLs, etc, and any work type, but its the misrepresentation that burns me. Tell me upfront the garbage I'll be transcribing, and then show me that garbage during my early days - don't lie and deceive me.
Let me see if I got this straight --

1.  The recruiter hired you and knew that you hadn't done acute care in a while.

2.  The recruiter told you that the account manager would be made aware of this and take the time to train you on acute care.

3.  The account manager then rips you a new one and basically fires you.

4.  Now, the same recruiter wants you to call this account manager and explain it to her.

Shouldn't the recruiter have done #4 herself and had the account manager call you to apologize?  Sorry, but I gotta say forget this company.  Take the 4-hour loss on the training as a lesson learned and move on.

I get 6.5 for SR and 10 for straight, but that is not what
I finally got the straight scoop on this.  My friend said that the recruiter interviewed her initially, followed a few days later, after testing, by a supervisor.  She said that both of them were very formal and rather abrupt, not very personable.  My friend asked the second caller/supervisor about the situation with the supervisor with the bad behavior causing MTs to quit, which was posted a week or so ago here at mtstars; apparently, this supervisor denied knowing anything about that.  However, my friend said that it seemed to her that the supervisor on the phone call was likely the very one that had caused the trouble.  My friend declined the position.
No, 4 for VR and 8 for straight but
the biggest part of my work now is VR. I love it myself, just do not want to work fulltime.
Get it straight.
Please be careful when you are in the interview.
Be prepared to lose your job if you are identified and your picture is taken. Those who work at the Q must remember Linda Perdue. Whistle blowers generally do not fare well and this is something you have to deal with before you do the interview. While this is information that the public needs and deserves to know you are placing yourself in harm's way job wise. Write the body of your piece yourself and tell the reporter that you want to see her final copy before it goes to print. Do not sign anything to hold them harmless. Be as generic as you can be .. national companies do not want negative publicity .. remember Brokovitch .. be smart and listen to every word they say to you carefully before you answer and ask them to repeat so that you know what is going on. Maybe you can tape the interview. Good luck to you.
Let me get this straight...
Because the OP randomly, out of the blue, posted for we 'TT cheerleaders' to LEAVE THIS BOARD AND GO WHERE WE BELONGED, that wasn't antagonistic and bullying, in your esteemed opinion? Taking it upon herself to instruct other posters to go elsewhere because we have a different opinion than that which SHE holds? OMG, lololololol!!!

Talk about hilarious...No wonder people like you are so resistive to learning anything new. You like to set your own rules as you go along and obviously do not play well with others.

As other posters below have said, if you're going to bully other posters around who disagree with you by calling them liars or accusing them of being management in disguise, and attempt to trash-talk TT for moving forward with VR, then good riddance to the lot of you.

But no other poster is going to tell ME to go somewhere else because I disagree with her. I don't believe anyone died and left her in charge. Those of you whining may outnumber those of us supporting TT, but that does NOT mean you are the ones in charge. That is the job of the MTStars Moderator, not some random siveling poster.
Let me get this straight. You are an MT SM
experienced with this account and you are on probation for 3 months? You help train the other MTs, give samples, etc., and you are on probation? Should be the other way around.
It seems even with straight
you are having your problems with the brain fog.
So let me get this straight...sm
It is my understanding that we get to keep...free and clear...our current computer that Amphion provided us in the beginning. Do we have to return the foot pedal? Are they going to remove the virus protection we currently have on our computers and we must provide our own? The email was kinda confusing...Thanks!
This is straight MT sm
and yes, she is on a power trip. She is new and didn't read any of the instructions given to her.
let me see if I have got this straight..s/m
So anyone who has anything positive to say is going to be management, or a company hack, as you called it?

I really don't think that is fair at all.

I personally have had a very positive experience with Transcend since the merger with my prior employer from earlier this year. Yes I was a little concerned about the outsourcing thing, but I have resigned myself to that it is a fact of life in this field anymore, and as long as companies think that they can get away with it cheaper, than that is just the way things are going to be.

So am I a company hack then, because I am not going to bash the company? No. I am an MT just like the rest of you, and have been in this field for quite a few years.

I am a bit younger than the median age for the industry, but I came into MT when I couldn't do anything else due to physical limitations and a desire to work in the medical field.

I make enough money (even with some VR work) to support two children and 2 adults on just my MT income.

I understand that not everyone will have the same experience with a company, but I do not think it is fair to bash someone or insist they must be lying because their experience was different then yours, or you don't agree with what they are saying.

And as to outsourcing to India being cheaper, I used to work for a local MTSO that was on the small side, maybe 10 MTs. They used to send some work to India when they would get more in a day than we could get finished, and I can tell you without a doubt that it cost them more to send the work overseas than it did for it to be done domestic. For the domestic MTs, there was no QA per se, but if we had a problem, we could have one of the other MTs listen, or the owner of the company would listen and see if she could fill in the blank.

The work sent overseas had to be listened to verbatim, and they had to pay someone to do that. It would on average, cost them almost 4 cents a line more to have work done overseas.

Okay coming down off of my soapbox now,
Get your facts straight.
Do you know how many times I went to my company and sent letters, and emails? I mean I went all the way to the TOP.. you know how many responses i got...or offers to call and discuss with the supervisors.. ZIP--NADA...and by the way, these companies should value their MTs... who do you think is doing the bulk of the work... QA and MTs while the others travel around, buy new cars, boast how they have a 6-million dollar business. YES MA'AM. An owner told he has a 6-million dollar business. Hows does that grab ya?
Get your facts straight. sm
The pay cuts were a business decision not financial problems. I make more here than I ever made anywhere else. Checks bounce? I was one of the 8 and received the letter from the bank, my fees paid, etc. Then they changed banks and there have been no problems. Lack of work? Never. Lack of pay? Never. Maybe you weren't good enough.
so let me get this straight because I am truly - see note

confused on this - REALLY I AM!! Companies that offshore can now post jobs on the job seeker board??  I looked around for the posting that said that companies can do this, but I cannot find it. 

Please do not delete my post.  I am serious about my question and I am not being sarcastic. 

Straight typing
You could try MDI-FL, they have alot of straight typing. I think they are hiring now too.  I personally love VR, I seem to make alot more money with it and cannot seem find enough companies who offer it. 
You need to get your story straight then. You said
you talked with her for two weeks and she wasted your time because no one was hired for that position. Get your story straight. I am not her daughter but would be proud to be her daughter though I believe I am old enough to be her mother.
Agree...someone needs to come out and be straight up about it
or ust stop talking about it altogether. It's getting to where you can't read half of the page anyway because the thread is pushed over so much on the page.
Straight Transcription vs VR
If anyone has gone from straight transcription to voice recognition, what was the expected increase in LPH, 50%, 75%, 100%? And how realistic was expectation?
Straight Transcription/VR
VR versus straight
Oh, I get pain 4cpl for VR.
My facts certainly are straight!
Be advised, Transtech certainly isn't the BEST COMPANY OUT THERE either.

Been there, done that, ain't working for me.

I don't take to kindly to companies who screw with the line counting system so that they make money and we suffer, and believe me, my facts are STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW
Here you go straight from their web site
Pittsburgh, PA – April 17, 2007 - Acusis®, a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services, announces the acquisition of Digital Records Corporation (DRC) of Santa Clara, CA.
This acquisition positions Acusis as a major industry leader with increased size, capabilities and nationwide market presence for further accelerated growth.
Acusis, which developed India based transcription to the highest level, now adds high quality U.S. based transcription.
Does KS do ASR or is everything straight transcription?

I absolutely hate ASR, just can't seem to make as much editing as transcribing.

The straight dope here sm
Because of the big new account we are all working...well it IS a lot of lines a month and I think it is more than anticipated. It has all fallen on one set of servers to handle.

Not everyone with TT is having this difficulty. IT IS AN ICHART PROBLEM. It has to do with limited server capacity and that capacity is being sorely taxed ON ONE TEAM. iChart is taking many hours (I have had it run 10 and 12) to calculate lines. It is NOT I repeat NOT TT trying to jip us out of lines!!!! It is just taking an extraordinary amount of time.

In Extext, there is another way to count lines, but it is not as accurate and I understand has to be the figure it gives you divided like 1.23 and you get the total that iChart will post for you. This is because of the headers and footers that are counted in the program, but not in iChart.

It is all okay. You can find your lines by the time you log in for your next shift, I always do. They ARE working on it.
Want the straight scoop? Here ya go..
On the debit side:
1. Emails SOMETIMES are not answered promptly, sometimes not at all. This happens, it seems, if you ask a question that management might not want to answer for whatever reason, such as questioning Q.A.
2. Sometimes it takes a little too much time to suit me for the next job to download. This probably has to do with how many people are working on the system. I haven't asked because it really hasn't been enough of a problem for me to even mention it.

On the credit side:
1. I, personally, have run out of work totally only a few times, less than I have fingers on one hand, in the 5 years I've worked for TransTech. The first time I ran out of work, I asked for, and was given, back up accounts so that now if my primary runs out, as it does frequently, I have plenty of work on my back up accounts. I would imagine that running out of work would depend on whether or not an individual MT was willing to do any kind of work and on different accounts. In other words, doing what you hired on to do and that is the work they need to have done. Anyone not willing to do this might run out of work but that, IMHO is their own fault.
2. My paycheck is ALWAYS on time and correct. I actually received an email once telling me that they had accidentally shorted me on my paycheck and that the amount would be added to my next check. The amount was so minute that I didn't even realize I had been shorted.
3. Tech support is THE best. I have rarely required the assistance of tech support but when I have, I email and usually receive a call within 5 minutes. They get whatever problem I'm having corrected and I'm good to go very shortly.
4. Everyone in the office is ALWAYS courteous and helpful. I rarely need to call the office at all but this has been my experience the few times I have needed to call.
5. Their software is very user friendly and takes practically no time to learn. I am a complete computer incompetent so when I say this, I know what I'm talking about.

I guess that about covers it. I don't post often but it really ruffles my feathers to see such derogatory posts about a good company; especially the posts saying Transtech doesn't care about quality. That is a blatant lie. I do not know if they hire less experienced MTs or not. I hope they do. If, indeed, they do I feel certain they are left on full edit until they have proven their capabilities.

Now you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly from an MT who is some 600 miles from Houston, Texas, has never been to the TransTech office and probably never will be, so puleeez don't call me management.

Like Forrest Gump....that's all I've got to say about that.
get your facts straight
Acusis did NOT send our work to India.  The layoff was due to the loss of a major account.  Acusis US work stays in the US.
Do you work on straight or VR? nm
Was that offer with VR or straight? nm
Straight typing
Yep. I make 9 cpl straight/6.92 cpl ASR. nm.
get your facts straight
the work is not being sent overseas....every company is going through cost cutting measures to tighten their belts...maybe if you SWATs werent gouging the company for so much hourly pay, us lowly MTs could have had a chance to get promoted??

ever think of that?
get your story straight

all they cut is hourly QC SWATs who were too busy sucking the company dry with overtime and doing now work good for Focus, Im personally glad being a regular MT that they are gaining more business best company I have ever worked for

***Mr. Liptak:  Please refrain from pretending to be an MT.  You are the Sr. Director of Recruitment at Focus and posing as many different posters (MTs, at that) here.  Enough of this charade.  Cher/Moderator***

Straight typing
Does anyone know of a company that does straight typing, not just medical transcription?  Thanking you all in advance for help.
no VR, straight typing

As far as I know they do straight transcription. I don't know
what shifts are available, you'll have to ask them about that. 
Get your facts straight, please!
There was not an earthquake in Oregon yesterday that measured 7.8 on the Richter scale with lots of damage and lots of injuries. There was not an earthquake in Oregon yesterday that measured 5.2 or 5.4 on the Richter scale either.

All straight typing.
straight typing
I will be doing straight typing but I know Chartscript.  I won't do VR.  Been there and done that, won't do it again.
Just to set the record straight (sm)
Our headquarters are in Waukesha, WI, USA. We do not send work offshore. All of our clients are located in the U.S. And, we are very proud of our 100% U.S. based workforce of experienced transcriptionists and support staff. Please contact me via email if you have any questions. You can also find my contact information on our website.
very little straight typing
Their proprietary platform may have more typing jobs than VR, but still lots of VR.
When you have to go from straight transcription...sm
to a VR account it is a big deal. I have worked on my second choice and I really am not thrilled with it. The only reason I have stayed with TT was because of TO, as I really, really liked that account and now they are gone. I am glad you are happy with your alternatives, but some of us are not.
Looking for a company with straight transcription. Cannot make money with ASR.  Any suggestions?
MDI-MD is straight transcription....n/m
straight transcription
JLG. The only problem is that they do not have direct deposit right now. Other than that, great company to work for.
OSI - do they have just straight transcription? see msg
How are the accounts/dictators?  I'm thinking of testing but will not do SR/VR - just looking for part time multispecialty clinic work to fill some gaps.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks!
Unfortunately, it was straight typing. :( nm

Unfortunately, it was straight typing. :( nm

Used to be flexible. Not any more. Straight 8. (nm)
Get Your Facts Straight
An email was sent out today- the layoffs are over now.  27 MTs, no corporate.  Would like to know if that's really what you heard.