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I wasn't

Posted By: ChiquitaBanana on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: The difference is - when economy improves - our wages will not rise again

arguing!? I was just stating my opinion... or is that not allowed anymore?


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That wasn't my experience there. I wasn't on that kind of all-inclusive acct, either. nm
Wasn't right for me at all. nm
it wasn't a can you help out, it was I need everyone
to work extra. 
wasn't for me
pay was directly tied to quality and number of blanks you left.
Are your sure her name wasn't
I even talked with the owner over the discrepancies of my checks.  He gave me his word that the problem would be fixed --- it never was.  Your right, they should be sued, but who has the time and/or money to do such?  That's why they're still around.  One other thing -- I can't believe that a company like this is allowed to advertise on this website.  We have to follow rules as an MT when we chat.  Why shouldn't companies have the same stipulation.  With all the negativity with this company (and I can back it up with phone records, paystubs, etc), they should be banned from advertising here, or anywhere else!
No, she wasn't.


Boy, it sure wasn't that way when I was there...sm

We were always behind, it seemed, and always asked to type more, more, more.  I'm not defending OSi, but this was in later part of 2006.  Wonder what has changed?  I can't believe, if this is the MK account, that they would send charts overseas.  They were so !#$# picky (MK) that I got put on probation for some really, really tiny errors.  Took me for a whirl and hurt my feelings, big time.

I had to quit just from mere principle.  Harsh, very harsh!  I can't imagine, from the quality I understand comes from India, that they would get away with making any errors whatsoever.  Neither here nor there now, I'm just amazed at how fast things changed.

thanks - I wasn't using the right box
sounds like mixed reviews. Guess you never know til you try it yourself.
It wasn't MTs that were let go, it was QA, as that

is now going to India.  I wonder how many accounts that CBAY will have this time next year. 

A company that I used to work for offshored work to India.  First it was just overflow because they couldn't stay in TAT, but then company saw how much they could save and sent more work to India.  The problem is they weren't QAing the work and was of such poor quality that the lost the account, which ultimately cost them their business. 



It wasn't all THAT bad for me

I will admit when I first started with Amphion, I HATED it! However, I was there for 4 months and only left because I was offered better pay somewhere else, also I was really running out of work bad on my primary account, I assume from overhiring. 

It is true about the mandatory OT, but I liked the money, so I did do some.  When I didn't do the OT, I was not reprimanded.  I attempted to quite because of the QA person on my accounts was really condescending and I just couldn't take it anymore.  I was talked into staying by the supervisor I had and I was even offered (later) a QA position there, but didn't take it.  My supervisor there was fantastic and wonderful.  I know they have other supervisors, but I couldn't tell you how they are/were. 

I fell upon hardtimes close to Christmas and was having to move back to my mother's to take care of her house, my husband lost his job, and after explaining my situation to my supervisor, they sent me a 300.00 dollar check to help me with getting the lights turned on at my mom's house.  I was informed I did not have to pay that back, but under the condition that I help someone else in need.  I did feel appreciated at Amphion, but as I stated, I needed higher pay and I needed affordable insurance.  With my account running so low with work, I just couldn't do those things, and it really made me sad that I had to leave. 

Yes, they are very picky about quality and really some of it was so minute that it was ridiculous.  However, if something ever happened with the company I am at now, I would go back.  Under the condition I was with the same supervisor. 

Anyway, I wish you the very best of luck with finding the company of your dreams.  I am now with Axolotl and like it very, very much.  Of course, there are a few bumps just about anywhere you go, but I enjoy my job. 

Good luck and take care

Wasn't here for that
so I couldn't say. I generally only pop in to research a company I may be considering because I know this is where to go to hear all the actual negatives and then some about a company which is why I felt compelled to say that my experience has not been the same as the other people. But whatever. I'll just take my positivity elsewhere since it apparently is unacceptable on this board. Oh, and I didn't take Carlotta's email that way. Then again, I'm not the one on here complaining.
No that wasn't me

MT Chat?  How do I find that?  Thanks

Are you saying your pay wasn't cut?
Yes, it wasn't... Not yet, anyway.
So am I waiting for the other shoe to drop? That's why I said I'm feeling MORE paranoid, not less.

Thanks! At least I know I wasn't seeing
things (or not seeing them as the case may be). :)
Hey, that wasn't me!
Someone else is using the name fed up but I am not that person.
I wasn't happy, but to each his own. nm
eTransPlus-- I wasn't going to say anything else but.....

the other poster hit the nail on the head about the insulting gifts sent for transcription week, and don't get me wrong, I don't expect anything as far as "gifts" from my employer, because they are not obligated to it, but give me a break,  "I'm still trying to figure out what my gift is, either a mini mouse pad, the size of a coaster, or is it a coaster."  They really showed me how much they thought of me when I received that gift.

This post wasn't from CW either. This was from me.

Just as you have never understood why people would come here and talk about their problems with Transcend, I simply cannot understand why the posts bother you SO much.  You like working there, we get it. Others don't.  Why is your voice any more important than ours?  How fair is it that you think you can stop every single post where people have had problems just because YOU don't want to hear them?  Obviously from the outworking of events yesterday, what I said on the Forum was true.  You guys wanted details all along, so you got them.  None of it was refuted by the company, instead it simply "vanished." When I had said that my emails were burning up with people writing me with words of support and thanks, you should have seen it AFTER they removed the post.  There were just as many people appalled by that as there were the content of my post.  You may think I'm in the minority, but you would be wrong. As wrong as you were about CW all along.


It wasn't sarcasm
It was sympathy, but I then again, I guess shouldn't have depended on you to know the difference.
Wasn't happy with them at all . sm
Check the archives.  They're famous for giving you a setup or hire date and then never bothering to get in touch with you again.  It was almost 2 months from being offered the position to actually working.  Maybe that's changed with new HR.  I can't say.  I was given many promises that were never kept.  I know I worked on two accounts that were both horrible.  Slow, boggy platforms.  Very long CTs and MRIs.  If you do one or two specials a day you're lucky.  The worst for me was the hand written log you have to keep ... all day long, with about six rows of information on every patient.  Very time consuming.  Not for me.
Your post wasn't that bad, but . . .
From what I've seen on here, if the moderator gives anyone an inch, someone else is HIGHLY likely to take 10,000 miles. Some people don't need much encouragement to go to the extremes with it, as in the 2 really foul-mouthed posts that got deleted yesterday. Maybe zero-tolerance is the only way they feel they can handle that. IMHO
Thanks! It wasn't deductible at all when I was an IC. sm
But I will never work as an IC again and I could not get an independent policy anyway, having had cancer and ongoing therapy.  A lot of MTs are in this position with either age, a serious disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.  It just isn't that easy to get self-insured anymore.  That's why I don't understand companies who don't offer benefits.  The last figures I saw, benefits were worth about 1.5 cents a line.  Something to figure in when considering great wages.  Thanks for the information.
Sten-Tel wasn't the only one
A company called DW Transcription, hired me for QA and asked me to fill out forms, sign contract, etc. They asked me to start on a particular day and I waited and NOTHING. And so a few days later I called.... I get the feeling the person who hired me disappeared. Someone else contacted me by email and said I could start THAT day and I was just very uneasy about the whole thing. How could they just blow me off? I really wonder about this business.

This wasn't about VR editing --

All editing is a joke if you don't have time to make sure the chart goes back right.  Now I guess the pay will reflect that (it's a joke) for all types of editing.  I agree it's not nice to force people to take those chances with others' medical records in order to even attempt a decent salary for their own families; it's also a bad, bad thing when a company can tell you how much they value your commitment to quality one day and then decide to slash your wages for it.  It's all a bad, bad joke, and (some, not all) of Medware turned out to be just another bunch of two-faced comedians. 

[Maybe you can try Cymed out of Ohio?  I know they hire editors there at an hourly wage (not sure what that is) and they seemed pretty nice; I turned them down out of loyalty to Medquist -uh- Freudian slip- misguided loyalty to Medware-LOL.] 

Okay, I think now it's finally off my chest. 

Good luck to the struggling Editor still at Medware.  I'm moving on (again) to other things. 




No it wasn't Proficient
I have heard about them from reading the posts, though.  Keeping clear of that one!
LOL! At least it wasn't MedicalBizarre!
I wasn't going to put my 2 cents on this one BUT (SM)
500-600 lines an hour -- NO WAY. I'm assuming the Precyse recruiter is the one who told you this?? I left Precyse in February. I was there for 5 years. Five to 600 lph would be for a very, very (did I say very?) small group of MTs, but of course those will be the ones they'll focus in on -- huh? I still have several friends who work at Precyse on their VR system and they are LOSING money. Some as much as 300 dollars a paycheck.

Please just take this one bit of advice if you are considering Precyse, as with any company, ask lots of questions, do not ask once but ask twice, get everything in writing, and do not take the recruiter's claims as the gospel truth.

Oi Oi Oi!!! I can't believe the recruiter made that kind of claim.
It wasn't SPi; it was Ceridian...
I have gripes about SPi too, but in this instance, they had nothing to do with the loss of the laptop/our info. It was a Ceridian employee who lost it. Ceridian is the company that processes the payroll for SPi. Just FYI
For me it wasn't the just not getting paid.
The TTS owner talks a good game but then is a complete snot through emails. They have a few favorite employees and everyone else is dirt. She talked about how hurt she was by the comments on these boards and yet has done nothing to change it and takes no responsibility for the bad stuff that goes on with her company. Oh well, I have moved on to greener pastures. :-)
glad i wasn't the only one! :)
thanks for the info!
Wasn't he in HR at one time?
Maybe I wasn't clear sm
I have used the toll-free number for several years and was given that information when I first started typing for them.  The same is true of their toll-free help line number.  The toll-free number is listed on their website when you sign in or if you call and ask for it they will give it to you, but I was given the toll number at the beginning.  I think they automatically give their local, toll, number sometimes, not really thinking about the toll-free one. 
No, it definitely wasn't voluntary

The email was very clear that this was an unfortunate but necessary decision for OTI, definitely management's decision, not hers.

And the reason they gave was also very clear (although vague and cryptic at the same time)--so they could move forward and acheive our goals for 2008.

I guess that you would probably have to know this woman personally to realize what a shock this is.

ITA. I'm going one now who if he spoke up and wasn't

banging what s/l a stapler while dictating I might be able to do him.   He has a very strong accent and I was halfway through the report before I learned the accent and after I finish I'll go back and relisten. 

What? I wasn't rah-rahing.

That wasn't my experience
They told me the exact reason and didn't mention me being in the picture at all.

In fact, they were up front with everything before offering me a position including all the background checks, defining all benefits, etc.

It was a guy recruiting wasn't it?
Sorry I wasn't clear.
What I wrote in haste wasn't the whole story. The meds I was allergic to were in my record for a long time. (Typed in the US.)

The MORE RECENT records, however, had some things wrong, and others (like the allergy) were missing. Some of the strange phrases and English words that didn't fit, and were out-of-place, tipped me off to the fact that these records were very likely typed by an ESL. The healthcare clinic's caginess when I tried to dig up the origin of the typed document led me to believe they had changed MTSO's (I used to know the company that did their work), and very likely went with one of the bargain-basement transcription providers.

Like they say, You get what you pay for.
I wasn't bashing you...if you took is that way..sorry...
I wasn't asking about spelling.
I was not asking about the spelling. I was asking if anyone knew about the company. I had not heard of them, only by phone and was wondering if anyone knew anything. Thanks for the spelling lesson though. JB
I wasn't outsourced...
... but my local job shut down, and I had to go to work for one of the large nationals, who all seem to pay a going rate within a certain ballpark. Now, mind you, I had an extremely generous local employer... but I took at least a 65 percent pay cut when I went to work for a national.

As far as I know, my new employer doesn't offshore any work, but they do pay the prevailing wages, which have dropped like a lead balloon because of the off-shoring.

For what it's worth. Don't know if that helps.
So sorry - wasn't responding to you at all
Sorry - it does look like I was replying to you, but I wasn't. :-)
I wasn't told about it right away either.
However, I was given a sufficient amount of time to get up to speed with my accounts before they required the 7% or less (and really should be able to accomplish this, but just sometimes can't - though I doubt they are anywhere near as strict as what the Q was). Still hard not to worry though. Are you working acute care or clinic?

Definitely take the advise of the below listed posters about using Normals. They do really help, especially when you are on a more established account. Alt G and Echart is nice too. There are lots of resources, and the people there are really nice. I am just one of those dogs with the tail caught between my legs where I am too afraid to bark because I might get yelled at, KWIM (had too many past jobs like this)? I do really enjoy it there, and everyone seems really nice. The QA people are supper helpful too. No one is mean either if you make a mistake. They approach things very professionally. Definitely constructive criticism (i.e. nicely saying something is wrong instead of being mean). Good luck, and don't worry about the 7% thing until someone brings it up.
this wasn't a new account and it was sm
two different accounts and two different platforms! It wasn't the fact they couldn't get it set up (that didn't help) it doesn't take a month to know whether you can do it or not. I was told that it WAS on their end. As a matter of fact, they told me the first time they were going to check with the hopsital because they didn't have a CLUE what was going on. Well obviously the hospital couldn't do anything because then they decided to give me another account. Same old story. That particular one got in and did one report, got thrown out and they don't know what to do. Well if they don't know what to do I sure don't and can't sit around for another month waiting for them to figure it out. Not a good way to do business.

Do you work for the company is that why you are so outraged? My goodness chill!
I wasn't aware
I wasn't aware that there was a pay cut, although I've only been there a year. I know there are some accounts going to VR, which apparently by definition pays less per line (I've not done it yet). I know that every time they switch platforms, I seem to struggle to make my line count (about 920), which is coming as a bit of a shock to me, as I used to be able to push out 2500 lines a day, albeit actual counted lines instead of the calculated lines everyone does now. If I sit chained to my desk day and night, it only will get me at most 1400 lines. Apparently they do have levels of account, so perhaps people getting bumped to the easier, non-ESL, limited formatting accounts are being made to take the pay cut to the rate paid for the lower tiered accounts.
If she truly wasn't paid, she has every right to come here and say so. We all need sm
to know such information.  That is one of the reasons the board is here, to warn others. 
no, it really wasn't overrated. that's what
I wasn't on Mars

She talked to the facility constantly - yet claimed there were no answers, nothing new to tell us, nobody knew why we had no work.  We believed her - but sometime she must have found out the truth, and at that point, telling us would have been the right thing to do.  The elephant in the room is - how could she not know, how could she not demand an answer for the sake of her frantic team after 2 weeks of steadily declining work, how could she not pass that answer along before her vacation?

WHY was it necessary to let us keep fighting for work and hoping our jobs were not gone?  It was cruel and unnecessary to do this to us and only ensured we would go longer with less income.  Some of us could have had new jobs by now, and a paycheck coming!

first of all I wasn't singling any one sm
person out. I don't know who said it, I just read it so don't be so touchy.

You are right, there are folks out there who are very intelligent and have a knack for this work and learn very quickly. I met a few in my career. Its always nice to find a prospect like that.

Age has nothing to do with newbie status, etc. If you are just starting out in the field and are 60 years old, very intelligent, etc. you are still a newbie! I don't care how smart you are. No matter how well you do with MT, as the years go on, you do better. That's just common sense. Same goes for the 18 year old out of school. I have seen some pretty sharp 18 year olds out there who I would be honored to mentor in this field!

You did make one comment that I have a problem with though. That is the comment about the 18 years old who aspires to be an MT so she can work at home. AGAIN, this is what is wrong with the business! Wanting to be an MT so a person can work at home. That should not even be part of the equasion! How about wanting to be an MT and then maybe just maybe getting good enough so that folks are qualified to work at home. My personal opinion is that there are many good MTs out there who do better in an office situation and are not cut out to work at home even though they want to, or don't have the experience to work at home YET. I realize that in-house jobs are few and far between. That is very sad.

It was a SAD day when this profession became a work at home job. Personally, I wish it would go back the way it use to be as an inhouse job and if you are experienced enough (at least 5 years) then maybe your employer would consider letting you work at home. This junk about MTs being the great work at home job, is just that, a bunch of JUNK and nonsense.