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Well that is good news

Posted By: ChiquitaBanana on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: SM - Just got off a conference call

is your stomach better now? :)

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No news is good news for me. I check my audited reports all the time
If I need to talk with one of them, I call or IM them.  But, no, I have learned that if I am doing a good job, they leave you alone to do your work.  They are not in any way a company that micromanages as long as you do what you are supposed to.  If you give them a reason to think you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, they will keep an eye out on your work, etc. 
I thought no news is good news, too. Then got email about
No news is good news! If there's a problem, they'll
I guess no news is good news! :-)
Thanks anyway!
If no news is good news why is a person
I agree - no news is good news - sm
They are busy making sure you have work and want you to stay productive and busy.  What is there to talk about?  I personally like being left alone to do my work.  As long as you get a check and the work keeps flowing, just do your thing! 
Sometimes.....NO news is Good news. sm
Maybe you are doing just fine and everything is correct. Maybe they do no feel you need feedback because your quality is excellent!!

Good thought for the day :-) !!
good news and bad news ----
Good - plenty of work, just landed a new acct.

Bad - Check posts from a few weeks back. Out of the blue, everyone got a huge pay cut.
Any good news on MDI-MD?
For some reason I can't get my search to work.  I think there've been some posts in the past, but anyway, any current information on status there and how do you like it?  tia
So what else is new? When do they ever get any GOOD news?
good news for you is
bad news for a new KS mt. only answers came from that person who was just gone 1 day and just a grumpy guy left for computer help. still call the other person b/c she was friendly and very good to me. the others are too busy. no one can tell me who I can talk to. resume is out there because no promises were kept. very disappointed.
The good news is that...

there ARE companies paying 10 cpl now.  Honest.  I work for one as an employee paying me 10 cpl and I work for two more companies as an independent contractor and am paid 11.5 cpl.  These rates are based on 65 characters per line including spaces.  They DO exist.  I won't name them though because I am currently employed/contracted by them and I do not discuss money/pay regarding those I am working for at present.

My best advice would be to have a good well-rounded resume including proficiency with ESL dictators, do excellent on testing (check and re-check everything, time permitting), and when asked what pay rate you are looking for, don't hesitate to say it. 

Not good news
It is an announcement that they are rolling out a NEW AND IMPROVED speech editor, which justifies them paying us even less to do this crap that it takes twice as long to do rather than type it to begin with. However, we are left in the dark until we attend one of their webinars tomorrow as to just how much the cut is.
some good news...
Still going on. They are answering more questions, and some of it sounds pretty good!
That is good news!
Here's some good news about Spheris...

They made the Inc. 500 list of the Fastest Growing Companies In The US for 2005. THAT'S something positive for ya!

Good news about Spheris
It just means they are following in MQ's footsteps. Buying people out. Just because you are on the list of Fastest Growing Companies does not make you a good place to work for. They are getting too big too fast.
Thanks! Finally, some good news
Keystrokes - good news!
I was so excited and wanted to share my good news.  I've read many helpful posts on this board about Keystrokes and what a good company it is, so I decided to apply.  I tested with them over the weekend and heard back from her in a matter of hours, asking to set up a phone interview with me about a job offer.  Yay! 
Good news...for a change :)

If any of you have had to make the decision not to accept a position with a company you really liked because of high insurance premiums, I have found that I can actually pay less getting it on my own rather than getting it through the company.  I recently accepted a position I really wanted, but their insurance was way too high for family coverage.  Through Aetna, I can get 80/20 coverage, a bit of a high deductible, but we keep that set aside in our savings. It's only $263 a month for my spouse and I plus our two children AND my husband smokes.  I went to ehealthinsurance.com and compared plans, which are all rated.  We're all pretty healthy.  It will be a bit higher if you have preexisting conditions, so getting it through your employer with an affordable premium (group coverage) would work better for you in that instance.

Just wanted to share with my fellow MTs.   

Great .. that's good news. Thanks so much. :-) nm

Yippee. I got the job! First good news this MT
has had in forever. Now, just crossing fingers and toes no more jobs, just this one until retirement! Argg, the stress of job-hunting and switching.. But the happiness of a new home! Thanks for your help here!
Any new news (good or bad) about MxSecure?? TIA...nm
That's really good news! I am glad for you!
Yes, Transcend seemed like it had so much potential, and I did believe that when I was there coincided with Transcend hitting a big bump in the road, probably fast growth, and I know they said there were major mgmt problems at the time.  I tried to stick it out, but didn't have the patience at the time. Glad to hear that things sound organized now.  We all deserve an organized, calm, productive workplace, right?
Not good news...see message
Be careful with this one.  The pay is never on time, and they even bounce direct deposits.  They don't do what they say they'll do.  They don't do a good job at keeping track of the days you request off, and they've decreased their pay.  They also will work you to death!  And if you complain about not getting paid, they will fire you.  And if you file a wage division complaint against them, you'll be fired, but they'll conjure it up to something else.  They are supposedly in the process of being bought out by another company...foreigners, so this work will probably wind up being clean up for India work.  Run.....run away!!!
I just wanted to pass on my good news.
About six months ago, I quit the big national company that I worked for for 5 years and took a position as an IC. I am amazed that there is life after working for a national. I cannot stop smiling. I am happier, which makes my home life happier. My children are smiling again and we are enjoying each other.

Thanks for letting me share my good news and to all the unhappy MTs out there, I hope soon you will be happy once again.

Good news to hear! At least some companies are
trying!  Best of luck to you in 2006!
Thanks -- that's good news! Do you use an expander? If so, what type? sm

The platform I use now has an Expander built in.  I am an old PRD girl, and have heard ShortHand works similar to that, so was thinking of trying that if it works with ExText.


Thanks again.

That is good news! Glad you got to spread
You should feel great now! All good news.
It's a relief for all of us Ex-Qers who are used to being abused.
Is this Webmedx? Good news inside for you.
Methodist Health System Selects Webmedx for Medical Transcription Technology
and Services
Company accommodates individual physician preferences and complex technology

ATLANTA, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Webmedx, the fourth largest medical
transcription service provider in the U.S. and a premier supplier of clinical
documentation technology, today announced that Methodist Health System of
Dallas (Methodist) has signed an agreement to implement Webmedx's
Transcription Outsourcing Service and Enterprise(TM) software solution. A
web-native system for transcription and content management, the platform will
support Methodist's transcription needs and interface with the organization's
electronic health record (EHR).

The challenge for our organization was to find a transcription partner
flexible enough to accommodate the varying needs of our physicians while also
delivering superior quality and prompt turnaround time for our reports,
mentions Pamela Stoyanoff, Executive Vice President of Operations for
Methodist Health System.

Methodist and Webmedx technology teams worked diligently to implement
customized, blended, transcription solutions which will help the organization
meet diverse physician requirements and remain competitive. Additional Webmedx
benefits include a strong local presence for ongoing communication and
simplified service invoicing.

At some point in time, a lower per-line transcription price wasn't the
primary driver; quality and superior service was, Stoyanoff concludes.
Webmedx will replace the organization's long-term transcription supplier at
three Methodist hospitals beginning this month. Methodist chose Webmedx based
on our long-standing reputation for quality and the comfort of knowing we
would deliver an exceptional product and support, mentions Chris Cashwell,
Senior Vice President of Client Development, Webmedx.

About Webmedx
Webmedx, Inc. is the premier supplier of medical documentation services for
hospitals and clinics nationally. The company designs and implements
customer-centric documentation solutions using the most credentialed domestic
workforce in the industry and its own enterprise-class, intelligent speech
recognition and content management technology platforms to deliver the
highest-quality clinical documentation possible supporting patient care and
safety. Additional information is available at www.webmedx.com.

About Methodist Health System
Guided by the founding principles of life, learning, and compassion, Methodist
Health System (Methodist) uses some of the latest medical technology and
research to bring quality health care to individuals and families throughout
North Texas. Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Methodist Charlton Medical
Center, Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, Methodist Richardson Medical
Center, Methodist Midlothian Health Center, and Methodist Family Health
Centers are part of the nonprofit Methodist Health System, which is affiliated
by covenant with the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church.
Additional information is available at www.methodisthealthsystem.org.

For more information call:
Beth Friedman, President
The Friedman Marketing Group

SOURCE Webmedx, Inc.

Beth Friedman, President, The Friedman Marketing Group, +1-770-335-8570,
beth@tfmgcom.com, for Webmedx, Inc.

See earlier thread's Good News answer SM
of 9/15 to a question about WebMedx. It looks like a large new account has opted for accommodating cliinicians by choosing a back-load system, i.e., us.
Awesome news. Too busy to post - it's a good thing :)
Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
Ugh .. that's not good news. They offered me a position awhile back sm
but I went somewhere else.  Now they sent me a thing again, listing their benefits,and it sounded pretty nice.  I guess there is no such thing as the perfect job. 
That's good news. I love Keystrokes, and I hate to think of them selling. sm
The people are great, and I truly feel that I have finally found a home.  Still, business is business.  I have a friend who has been with Transcend for years and is very happy there, but I want no part of it.  I plan on working until I'm 70, so I'm crossing my fingers that the bottom does fall out for me before then. 
Hahaha. Good April Fool's Day joke but gotta break the news to ya,
Just got an E-mail about a Webmedx town hall meeting coming up. Those are NEVER good news. FYI.
I predict they will announce that, due to tough economic times, they will cut the VR rate. You know it is going to happen.
Is this news should have been labeled NEWS ALERT ...
This is breathtaking information and everyone who works at TT or is considering has the right to know. It will be buried with a title like is this news? It seems as if you are responding to the first poster's complaint of no work.
That's news to me???
Have been an employee for many, many years and have never been reimbursed for any long distance charges. 
here's news.
Well, Transtech now has Tracy B from MQ and then down the crapper to Heartland at the helm as their new CEO.  How long do you think that will be a good place to work????  About 30 seconds!
But it's such old news
The same two arguments keep coming up again and again...that e-mail and the opinions about the QA director.  The QA director seems to stir up ire.  I don't know. I haven't had to deal with her.  I just know that neither of those points are hindering my job as an MT at OSi.  I'm making more than I ever have and am furthering my career.  I might possibly think twice about ever applying for a QA position with them, but I know that right now I'm really happy with OSi, with the people I deal with, with the amount of money I'm making with them, with my benefits, etc.
Now for the bad news...
I had an offer from them, and while thinking about it (actually debating say with MQ or go with them - their pay, PTO, benefits, healthcare company - EVERYTHING is exactly the same except for $300 equipment deposit) a computer appeared on my doorstep, the trainer called me, tech support ... all of this happened, yet, they did not even have a formal offer acceptance! It's been over 2 weeks now and the computer is still here ... are we starting to see a pattern here? Sound MQ-esq????
Run away before you do ... bad news.
Boy news to me
Like I said I could be wrong, never heard of it before.  Then tell this poster where you got it and what it cost you and help  her out.  What company do you work for?
Bad news sm

I worked there.  The manager is extremely nice in the beginning and then is really mean and rude after you've been there awhile.  I would never consider working for her again even if she paid .15 a line.  It's just not worth it to me.


Feel free to do a search on this board.   I thought maybe things had gotten better, but there are others who had the same experience with them.


Good luck!

bad news
Run Forrest Run....
Bad news
Cquence was not for me. It is difficult to learn and absolutely 1 of the worst platforms I have ever worked on.
D&L...any news?
Anything new on D&L ? It has been pretty quiet this last week or so.
Just a little news
Word on the street has it they laid off all their techs but one, and the other people now work from home. So now they will have to pick up the pieces and start over or get jobs (that is funny). Maybe they will have to start cutting their own grass, trimming their own shrubs, and getting their groceries themselves, tsk tsk
Has anyone got news on D&L?
just wondering if they are still in business.
Bad Bad News...
A lot of horror stories about AT have been posted in the past, I know a few people personally who had terrible experiences.  Alltype issues seem to be bait and switch, lack of ethics and basic honesty, and mgt that will do anything for the bottom line.  If the new owner hasn't completely purged them check the archives  out, they may help you...just watch your back if you do take a job with them.  GOOD LUCK..