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I forget which of the early posts on this subject

Posted By: SM on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: Transcend Cuts Pay rates for All - Discouraged

it was, but one of them made me think it was possibly a misunderstanding, that the pay cuts would be either for radiology or for the move to VR. Am I wrong? I'm getting weary of the job jerking my emotions around.

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And I word posts so will fit in subject line and not
From of the tone of these posts, perhaps an early morning drink would be in order. sm

I'm not saying I do not sympathize with the no-work situation.  I have been gone from TT for almost 2 years now, and it happened back then (without the holiday as an excuse) and will continue to happen will be my prediction.  Being called sweetie and told you rock doesn't butter the bread. 

You have the right idea, though ... relax, enjoy the holiday.  I plan an afternoon on the patio relaxing with a friend and some margaritas ... hold the omelet and bring on the guacamole. 

While we are on the subject...
I received an email last night from a company that I had sent my resume to back in February - this was just an invitation to take the test. I was polite, though, when I emailed her back to say that I had already started a new job.
On subject
I think it was also stated in the posts about Jennifer that she was walked through the training several times and just did not understand it. She said herself she was not computer savvy. I think the responses to her were that she needed to be able to get it down relatively quickly and not need extensive hand holding as an IC, not that the MTSO wasn't willing to train her. The post by the trainer showed that they were willing to train her and did so. She apparently just could not grasp it.
my take on the subject sm.
After reading all the replies to fatcat's post, I agree with the general consensus - would NOT recommend the MT field to anyone at this point. Being an MT for 10 years, I've seen lots of changes, especially over the past 5 years, but I can't imagine the changes that the 20+ year veterans have seen, but really appreciate their posts and insight. WOW is all I can say. Yes, my pay has decreased over the years and there are definitely more ESLs than ever. I'm having to work longer hours and harder to make what I made years ago and I literally feel like I'm going backwards. What used to be a lucrative and enjoyable profession is no longer. Just plain SAD. I truly believe my experience is the only thing keeping me afloat at this point. If I was a new MT in today's day and age, I would throw in the towel and find something else. It's just not worth it. I'm hanging in like the rest of you, but it's a real shame what has happened to this profession.
The subject of having less MTs?
I have been doing VR for some years now. At first it was really, really good and now it has regressed. If it continues to be as much work now to correct, you will not lose MTs like this- if that is why VR was designed in the first place. Takes so much time with all the corrections, do not see where that much faster.
Since the subject came up
will someone please enlighten me........when I went to school in the past century, we were taught, I have a bicycle for SALE or I want to SELL my bicycle.  When did it become proper to say, I have a bicycle for SELL. ??????  Did they change the rules while I was sleeping?  I see ads all the time saying, For SELL.  What the hey???  IMO it sounds retarded.
subject to change..lol
I worked for a large national for an entire week, getting only one report per day, but one of them was really really bad. The patient had allergies listed and then the same medications listed in "medications." The family history had the father 2 different ages and dying of 2 different disorders, and it went on and on. I sent it to QA with a description of all of the obvious and potentially dangerous errors and was told "it is verbatim and not our problem." Scuse me...that could be somebody's grandma laying there about to be given a medication that could or could not be deadly due to an allergy!!
Back to the subject
Can I just ask for answers to my question?  I have 19+ years experience in Internal Medicine and don't want to work for a large company. I just wanted to know if there are any small companies or MTSO's that might need help with an Internal Medicine account.  Thank you!!
while we are on the subject of Spheris

I applied for a job with them 8 months ago.  A recruiter called the next day and left a message on the machine.  I had called the recruiter back and left a message on her machine saying that I had decided to stay with the hospital I was working for because they were talking about sending me back home.  8 months later they are still looking into it.  I don't know whether to call Spheris back, I still have the recruiter's number or re-apply on-line.     I am so new to this job hunting thing.  

I have heard good and bad about Spheris.  The clocking in and out thing wouldn't bother me.  Do they require you to work weekends?

I just have ten words on the subject....
July sucked for the MT. It was so slow everywhere.
Different subject, but similar ...
I was disappointed that I could not make

tp's play out as - the patient's.

So now I type tpjs instead, and it plays out as - the patient's.

off subject - Extext
I use Extext and get paid for everything -- ADT, cc, headers, footers. It is not the software, it is whoever sets up the counts.
IMO, no off subject. Very true.
Okay one more post on this subject.
Having to work just as hard to pay an insurance premium is not necessarily a good thing.  I just hope TT offers a generous line count pay with increases along with their niceness, and I'm not talking about easy accounts where you can type more at 8 cpl and make more money.  I'm talking about increases on a regular basis.  Also, I agree with not making such a big deal about TT because everyone will flock and then all of a sudden the ones with the kushy schedule have no work because there is someone new to work when TT wants them to and not when you can work.  Have a great day!   
Okay should be !!! not ??? in my subject line there.
So suggest something. You want another subject,
Subject: Axolotl
I was reading a few posts down (probably now on next page).  I find this all very, very disheartening to read.  I am a fairly new employee to this company.  I work my schedule, my line count is sort of fluctuating because I am on a learning curve with some things, although I have achieved the minimum on quite a few occasions, and it is my ultimate goal to eventually achieve it all the time; also my quality is high.  I, personally have a high opinion of this company and find it extremely hard to believe some of the most recent posts, but then again, these people have been here longer than me and may know a few things I don't know as far as the way the company operates.  This has all left me very confused about everything now, and I hope there is a fellow employee (hopefully one with more seniority than me) who can reassure me that this company, which I feel so highly about, is not the monster that people are trying to make it out to be. I know you shouldn't believe everything you read, but honestly, since I have been reading on this board for the past 4-5 months, I have heard nothing but praise about this company; that is why I decided to try to obtain an MT position with them, and then I hear this bad wrap, so I'm sure you all can understand my concern. This is the worst I have heard about them and it is quite a long thread too.  Could this be the very new newbies who are already unhappy, or some old-timers telling it like it is....I dunno.  Hopefully, someone can shed some light on the real thing about this company and how things are truly done. 
Why are you still on here? Isn't the subject now moot
I am 1 of many posters, but I can tell you this is the last time I am wasting looking at your posts. You continue on and on. The original poster wrote exactly 3 times if I am correct. You may. She it seems worked day and night to get her work in, and seemed to just be striking up a conversation. It must have hit a nerve with you. I am curious as to why you keep this up... and why you need to constantly explain yourself. Well, good for the OP who got more work, and BTW she did not say she could not feed her kids, she said she had 40 bucks until the end of the week, which to me is a lot of money if you shop right. Good for the OP for trying to start a conversation about trying to keep the holidays bright despite the economic times, and good for the OP who in her last post to you seemed to be so well read and well versed she shot you down with a pen. For me, I am longwinded. All she had to say was she learned a lot about poverty of the soul. I tell you I won't soon forget this situation and if your blow-heartedness showed her brightness, then so be it. That is why you existed her. I assume you don't celebrate Grace coming into the world so you would not know what I meant when I said Merry Christmas to you anyway, because you probably should be thankful for Grace alot more than the OP.
I'm sure this subject has been exhausted BUT I have know sm

someone who is a CMA, 2 years of schooling with medical transcription courses and of course, no experience. She wants to get out of the clinical side of medical assisting. Where can I direct her as she wants to work from home? She doesn't have kids, but husband is military. I know she can do this, but not sure where to send her to get started.

I'm thinking possibly some of the bigger companies will look at her resume since she's never done this as a job before. Thanks for helping out. I  appreciate any answer!

Since we're on this subject
I bought some headphones from transcriptiongear.com called Noisebuster. I absolutely love these things. You can still hear what's going on away from your desk but it's muffled. The reports I send to QA went down DRAMATICALLY since using these things because I can hear the dictation much more clear now. They do take AAA batteries, which need replaced about every 3 weeks. I went from sending about 5 reports a day to QA to 1 report every few days if that. I love these things! In case you're interested, the brand is Noisebuster Pro Tech NB-FX Noise Canceling. They're comfortable, too, cushioned around the ear lobe.
Re subject way down about FICA

I was very interested in the thread below that seemed to state no FICA has to be paid on earnings after retirement.  My husband retired at the full age but FICA is taken out of every check.  I was hoping the poster was right, but from the following statement made on the social security web site, it does not appear to be the case.  Unless I misunderstood the point the poster was making, in which case I apologize. 

Q. If I work after I start receiving Social Security retirement benefits, will I still need to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on my earnings?
A. Yes. Any time you work in a job that is covered by Social Security--even if you are already receiving Social Security benefits--you and your employer must pay the Social Security and Medicare taxes on your earnings. The same is true if you are self-employed. You are still subject to the Social Security and Medicare taxes on your net profit.

Just so you know - the subject is a limited field. SM
If you hit Post Quick Reply, put a little bit of text in the subject, SM for see message, and then put the rest in the box below.

Just trying to be helpful!
this response is for most all posters on this subject...
(also, to correct myself, should be this board, not boards...)

these points I bring up have all happened to me personally, or I have sat back and observed them in different positions I have held.

I am not burned out on transcription, still love it...justed burned out on how callous and harsh people in general have become...

Here is a challenge for CEOs and all the people pocketing huge profits off health-care...

Sit in an emergency room some day, LOOK INTO THE EYES of some of these patients we are supposed to be helping.

Talk to the elderly or the poor as they lay in stretchers in the hallway, alone, for hours and hours while people just walk past them like they are invisible.

All because they do not have health insurance. People do not matter it seems to me, unless you have money. The so-called business of health-care was not for making money, it was mostly nonprofit...

...the hospital could serve other functions, such as almshouse for the poor, or hostel for pilgrims. The name comes from Latin hospes (host), which is also the root for the English words hotel, hostel, and hospitality.
To RadMT--not to change the subject..ha ha..sm
but I was wondering if you had gotten any feed back on the word board question you posted the other night with *gracing*? I am just curious. thanks.
Was it just today or when? Nothing in my email regarding this subject. nm
Would anyone care to elaborate on this subject
Insurance deductible amt, PTO, holidays, etc.  Thank you.
Yes, a day early!!!
Sorry about that, it's still early...nm
LOL, guess I didn't read where it said subject (sm)
See, I'm just too dang stressed. Oh well, just don't sell my address, I get enough spam as it is and never read it.
I am pretty sure this subject has been addressed before, but don't think it got many responses, s
I'm asking again.  If you work for an employer/company that do not require you to work 30-40 hours per week, but require you to meet the minimum line requirement within a certain time-frame or window, would you please give the name.
off subject question - why do you work for 3 companies?
That seems like a lot of companies to work for.
Let's drop the subject. The issue has been addressed SM
by the company and resolved.
You're right, I wasn't! (Funny how when a subject
can change what it was intended to say!) I meant that the MTSO was crying the ol' crocadile tears about poor us, we need more workers, gotta go to India to get 'em. Oh, REALLY? I agree with the above poster's sentiments who suggested she move to India. She'd have lots of like company there... snake-oil salesmen & shysters.
Confused, this thread is not about you. Stay on subject.
My original post (please see the top of this thread)was about the responses the poster Jennifer received in a thread below, responses from those who had the audacity to say an IC should hit the ground running; after all, that's how they marketed their business.

This post is not about how you are 1000% times happier doing what you do. It is about the misconceptions people who are not independent contractors have about being one.

Any independent contractor who contracts with an MTSO is using the MTSO's proprietary software or whatever is necessary these days to perform work for an MTSO. There are many, many platforms that are created, and most of them are anything but easy to use, again created by heaven knows who without a bit of experience of what it takes to do medical transcription. I dare say that even you placed in the position of working for an MTSO would need some guidance/training/informationwhen starting an account.

Unless you have filed with your state's Secretary of State, have received corporation papers and certification for your business in whatever form the business was created(partnership, sub chapter S, LLC, etc., etc.),are filing your quarterly payroll taxes with the Dept. of Labor even if you are a one-armed business with no employees, paying your quarterly state and federal taxes, have an EIN#, you are self-employed, an independent contractor...not a business owner. You will file under a 1040. When you no longer want to continue with your business, you will follow all the necessary steps your state/local has to dissolve your company with your state and with the IRS. Today, doing business the way you do, if you decide you want to become employee status, you will not go through those steps of dissolution because you have nothing legally to dissolve. If you disagree, then you should speak with all those accountants and lawyers you have.

If you apply for a mortgage, apply for a credit card, or a car loan, when asked your occupation, you will state, self-employed. You will not state I am Miss Big CEO of XYZ Medical Transcription unless you have the legal right to a legal entity to state such.

So, yes, you are confused. You may have your own accounts, employ no one, but this post wasn't about contractors such as you. This post is about the misconception some have that an IC WORKING FOR AN MTSO needs no training on any platform whatsoever, need ask no questions at any time, and can run from day 1 like an Olympian. That is just not so for us who are working in the real world of being an IC contracting with an MTSO, learning their platform, having the necessary account information to perform the work under contract, and interacting with some of the most pompous individuals one can meet. Jennifer has experienced the real world of being an independent contractor today. She needs advice that is helpful to her situation and does not need to be flamed by those who have not one iota of experience of being an IC.

I salute all those MTSOs who value their contractors, who do everything possible to help them succeed, who consider them a part of their team. They are few and far between, but they are still there, praise God. When we find them, we stick with them.

If it makes you feel better about yourself (as if you need that), yes, you are an independent contractor. You are just not a legal business owner. You are self-employed.

I hope there are folks here who will reconsider their insensitive responses to Jennifer, who by the way is living the experience in the real world of being an IC working for an MTSO. I doubt Jennifer marketed herself anything other than she is, an independent contractor willing to perform contract work for a company seeking independent contractors to perform the work of THEIR BUSINESS. If submitting a resume is marketing, then all MTs are marketing themselves, employee status or contractor status. An MTSO or any employer wants to know what you have done, when you have done it, and how long you have been doing it.
Just resend it. In subject line put RESUME
I have always been an early worker but now..sm
there is NO work and when it does come in it seems everyone is waiting like me to grab it and then there is NO work as there were only a few reports. I addressed these concerns only to be told I needed to be more flexible.
I was asking who the one who paid early is! nm
To early riser
This is exactly who the posts are talking about. Gosh, wonder if this is the only 1 who apparently does this time after time because most seem to know who it is.
whoops, go FOR it, too early
They release you from QA early because they
to review the reports correctly. It is sad. You get what you pay for. Plus you can type all you want from the first day with no regard to quality and I wonder how many slip through without going through QA first?
Retiring early...

First, how do you know the year I was born?? I have already checked with Social Security, and I can retire at the age of 62, 66 or 70 (according to my year of birth).  In addition, I have checked with my financial advisor/stock broker, and he advises me that, yes it would benefit me if I wait until I am 66, as I would get more money, but I do not HAVE to wait until then.  Furthermore, he explained the whole scenario if I work while I am drawing SS. I can work, but I cannot make over 14,130/year.  Whatever amount I do make over that, they will deduct it from my SS.  This money is put aside for me (so to speak). Then, when I reach age 66, I will then be distributed any monies (on my SS check) that I made over and above that 14,130/year, over the rest of my lifetime. So I will kind of get a raise.  If you go to the SS website it explains all of this.  So, the question is, do I want to continue typing my brains out; I don't think so.  I will probably retire at 64-65 and do something enjoyable with my life, but it won't have anything to do with typing, guaranteed!

Me, too, in the Subject Line. Said it was being sent to the recruiter, but haven't heard. :(
You get quicker replies if you put company name in subject line
getting off the original subject, but bet they'd feel right at home in the barn. NM
Pay on time or many times a day early.
I agree - get on early - get leftovers (sm)
the name of the game.  If I get somebody bad and it's almost time for me to quit for the day, I hang up too.
Deventure pays early.
Pay day is Friday but my DD is there every Thursday. :-)
Here's the secret to retiring early --
Not taking SSI and Spheris (of course) doesn't have retirement pay.

What I did was work my behind off for 20 years, invested wisely, and will be retiring at 46. In a custom-built home sitting on 78 acres in a ski community. So, heck yeah, with that carrot in front of me I can put up with a dog of a job for seven more months. I encourage everyone on this board to work towards a GOAL, and not just slave away paycheck to paycheck.

Of course, I started in the heydey when a good MT brought home 60K without breaking a sweat, and I've refused to work for less over the years. Wouldn't have been possible if I'd settled for the paltry sum the companies are pawning off of newbies now adays.

I wish you as much success and looming happiness!!
The last InstantText I used was a very early version, so SM
I can't speak to that any more, but just wanted to stay that ShortHand is excellent and I also love it. But it is a very sophisticated program with a whole bunch of bells and whistles that you can use or not use as you choose.