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Posted By: Jack on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: Transcend Cuts Pay rates for All - Discouraged

And I'll bet they didn't even give you a kiss with it, either.

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discouraged, also
I have been with the company for 5+ years. I feel I am less valuable today than I was yesterday. My OA dropped to 93% and no pay for No-work down time, plus a $4 per hour drop in base scale. Very upset with this. There must have been somebody who never sit down to type that came up with the new policies. I have been searching for other companies that offer close to the same benefit package. The only thing I will lose my 3 weeks paid vaca. I am very discussed.
So discouraged

Are there no decent paying part-time, IC jobs available anymore?  I have over 25 years experience (acute care, clinic, psych, general).  I am continually sending resumes and either receive no response whatsoever (even with follow up emails and phone calls) or the pay is a totally ridiculous for a seasoned transcriptionist/editor.  Are we expected to give away our skills? Not to mention, starting with a company, spending countless hours training, going through the QA process and then to be told we have no work.  They overstaff and then expect the MTs not to be upset or move on to another company when there is no work?  What is going on with this profession?  I realize there is a tremendous amount of outsourcing, but there are posts every day which say they do not outsource.  What's up?  Am I asking too much?  Am I making sense?  I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to do anymore.  MTSO's, I beg of you, give us a chance to prove ourselves (even if we are part-time).  When you have experienced, dedicated, loyal MTs.....treat them well, pay them well and you will not encounter half the problems you do.  I know I will be flamed for this but sorry, I just needed to vent!    So, flame away!  I'm a big girl, I can take it!

I became a little discouraged with my company, MQ, when...
I made a chart and compared what I make with ASR 5 cpl to regular dictation, 8 cents. It adds up to 100s per pay period. That is a little discouraging when you have a family and children to feed, buy clothing and try to keep up with the bills. With 11 years of experience, I have not received a raise since starting at MQ in 2003. As much as I didn't want to believe anything I read on the board about them, I have decided to face reality, and I now know it's all true. It's not people whining or complaining for no reason at all.
Newish at Webmedx and very discouraged

I am struggling to get those 35 hours in. It just feels almost impossible to get 7-8 hours of only typing in every day. If I ease up a bit and don't clock out for everything that's not strictly transcribing, then my lph goes to pot. I don't feel like I can win!

Are all of you actually getting those 35 hours?

The other thing that's killing me is I'm on multiple accounts. I do everything. I can't seem to get above 130-150 lph here. And being on several accounts I have still run out of work every week that I've worked.

I'm very discouraged with Webmedx. Can you tell me how to get those 35 hours in? I'm literally working ALL day. I don't leave the house. My day is spent clocking in and out. I start work in the morning and have to spread it over the day because it's so tedious with all of these accounts, lousy dictators, and work that runs out.

Please, any advice from current Webmedx employees, on how to get those hours in, and anything else would be HUGELY appreciated.

I just recently actively discouraged a person
It was a former classmate, and she sent me an e-mail via another venue and said she heard I was a transcriptionist, and did I have any recommendations.

I told her I would not recommend my dog getting into this field. I described stagnation in wages, off-shoring, voice recognition, point-and-click medical records, and the demand for higher production at the same or reduced wages.

Unfortunately she had already made the decision to go into MT, citing that she just didn't think ASR was catching on that fast. Sigh.

The irony is, I have never seen an industry so hell-bent on putting itself out of business. Transcription companies merge, acquire, and buy out other businesses, only to turn around and either lose the clients or terminate contracts because they will not be profitable. Then, they make their MTs so miserable that many quit yet claim they cannot find qualified MTs. They use voice recognition and point-and-click systems, yet a human being is still required to proof through reports and make sure they get where they want to go. However, said human is expected to do that job at one-half to one-third of their original pay rate. Add to that the fact that said companies then resort to off-shoring in their claim of being unable to find competent work state side, and it's any wonder that there are functioning U.S.-based transcription companies at all!

A good friend called all of this cognitive dissonance. The state where your brain cannot quite reconcile two opposing situations regarding one topic. Most of us, through our transcription years have been told that we are to be fast yet accurate, to care about the quality of what we churn out, that patient safety and care are of utmost concern, and finally that we are generating a document for which both we and the physician can be held legally accountable. Now, with the advent of voice recognition and off-shoring, crap transcription that is inaccurate and possibly dangerous is okay so long as it is cheap. That's where the cognitive dissonance enters: It's okay to have sloppy work so long as it is cheap? My brain just can't handle that.

To answer your questions: I have been doing this 20+ years. I make less than I did even 10 years ago. I have zero respect for this profession, and I would not advise anyone to get into it.