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I am so sorry, no MT is not worth it anymore. sm

Posted By: webber on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: Transcend Cuts Pay rates for All - Discouraged

I will find something else to do.  I just can't take all of this cutting anymore.  If their goal was to drive us out of the field so they can send all the work offshore, then they have won with me. 

I am sorry for you and all the Transcenders who are going through this, right before the holiday season.  It's no way to be treated and non of you deserve it. 

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Not too much anymore
Generally they don't want you working for another company in the same geographical area, but don't say too much about having other jobs. They know it's hard to make a decent living with one. I work for one national as an MT and for a smaller company as an Editor and either cares, they just care if you slack on one to work for the other.
That was last mo. Before that I used to do okay, but that isn't possible at MQ anymore. nm


Yup, most definitely. Can hardly get 200 lph anymore.
Rae are you out there anymore?
Do you have to use their CPU or don't they do this anymore? Thx. nm
I don't think she is there anymore.
RUN....they don't do DD anymore
They don't anymore.
Not there anymore but the same
experience because if you ask a question you get many different answers and you never know what one is right.  I hated the platform and QA was the rudest QA I've ever encountered in my 7 years of doing transcription.
WHY isn't it worth it?
For what it's worth ...
I don't know about smaller nationals, but Spheris doesn't pay for those things either. If you run out of work, you can flex your time and make it up. If you don't want to do that and had rather have the time off you are allowed to do so. If you cannot get it made up AND you don't have PTO to pay yourself, then you still file for PTO and it covers you as far as failing to make minimum production -- that way you're not in trouble.

When I first started with TEM (now Spheris), they paid downtime by the hour but cut that out with their new pay plan about a year or more ago.

I don't know of any remote company that pays only on a production basis that would really afford such an offer -- paying downtime for no work. The hospital I used to work for has remote employees but they are all paid by the hour, period (yes, even at home) with incentive that pays out an extra hourly for production. If you are going to be down for 2 hours in a day, you are expected to drive to the hospital and work your day or flex it to a later time or PTO the missing time.

I'm not saying I agree with it or am thrilled about that situation but MQ is not the only company and, in fact, I would think right in line with everyone else.
Definitely worth it!
go for it
I think DRC - they'd be worth a try. nm
Keep trying. It is worth it. nm
Not worth it

The 12-hour window was nice and the account I was on was great. The people were nice but the payscale was just too low. Like many others have stated nice doesn't pay the bills.

The whole training in Trinidad and other countries really irked me too. The way it was presented and handled just stunk.

You are worth more than that
I have about half your experience and make more than that. You deserve better. But, I do agree with you since I make less than I did 5 years ago that the industry is drowning.
worth a try

All of the companies that I have left told me before doing so that I was welcome back at any time.  You never know if that rings true or not until you ask for your job back. 

I asked for my job back at 3 places....

The first one accepted me back no problems but had to jump through all of the hoops again.  I decided after receiving ALL OF THE paperwork late that that is basically the reason I left in the first place (lack of any kind of decent communication) - also noticing that the send back by date on my paperwork was due 3 days before the overnight package even got to me (if that tells you anything).  Plus I wasn't able to get an old account back (that I knew had the work) so I would be going back into a situation where I might or might not have work again.  From the looks of it would be running out frequently.

So, I decided to stick with the place I was with - hoping the workflow got better and that I would actually start making a paycheck again - It didn't.

I asked for my job back with the other place - they got back to my inquiry within minutes telling me I could come back!  Boy was I thrilled.  I left to test the waters with VR because I thought it would be easier for me -- boy was I wrong and stupid.  I've been back there for a month now and couldn't be happier!!!!!!  I've been through H*LL the past few months with companies and it makes you appreciate what you did have. 

The third one, well, I didn't burn any bridges (minus leaving the in the first place which I think made her angry) - it was one place that I was sure would accept me back - or at least send me an I'm sorry we dont have any positions at this time.  that is the kind of work relationship I thought we had -- because I bent over backwards for them as an IC basically 7 days a week.  I do know the e-mail was sent and received (basically as soon as it was sent) and I never received a response back.  Then again, thinking back on it, when I said that I was leaving (twice) first time never got a response, second time I got the coldest response out of any company that I have ever been with and I was with this one for almost 2 years making 7 cpl IC.  So, I guess I saw the true colors then and regret now even asking for a position back with them. I can't believe I was willing to take a 2 cent pay loss to go back. 

SOOO-- moral of my story is -- follow your heart on this one. You left, match up the reasons why you left to is it WORTH going back.  If it is worth it, don't waste your tiem in asking for your position back!! 

Good Luck to you!!! 


Not worth it
TTS - This lady is actually contracting MTs to work for the company she works for. Very poor communication, much chaos. Pay not dependable and on time, although I did get all money owed but was such a hassle, not worth it!

No, not worth it
Editing by the line can be profitable, but not with this company.  Reason being just about all the work is typed offshore and needs to be listened to, even though some are just said to be read throughs.  There is also a constant lack of work.  The changes are what drove me out the door.  Person after person just GONE.  I had an account manager who had been there more than 10 years and just all of a sudden her job was gone.  The HR lady is GONE, the other HR person is now helping manage accounts.  No new accounts in ages.  No information is the worst thing, people leaving, pay dropping, and no explanation why.  They used to be an awesome company, but not now.
Why is it that men know what they are worth...
...and most women have that 'awesome' attitude in your opinion that we do not count, do not matter, and should be happy just to have a jobs, no matter how we are treated, how low we have to go, how much heavier the work load gets year after year...

sorry, but that attitude is not going to get your anywhere but the unemployment line in the long run...good luck with that.

When your companies start weeding you out, because they WILL eventually, get back to us on how great they are and how happy you are about it.

Seems like you not only agree with that, but you like it.
We always think we are worth more, don't we? (sm)

LOL - seriously though, this profession is not what it was 10 or so years ago.  I am very happy at TT.  They are very easy to work with, I love their platform, and I especially like the tech support which was practically nonexistent where I was before.  I plan on retiring from this company.

Job not worth it
I know how you feel. Now they are going to be cutting our holiday incentive in half too. We only get 2 holidays now as it is.
Not worth it at all

I have done seminars, meetings and all of the above.  With everyone talking very hard to do.  In 60 minutes of taping,  I easly got over $100 for line counts so $50 is WAY UNDERPAYMENT.   Again it is not easy to do.  I did a three day seminar once and make close to $1000 but it was an orthopedic one and with all the questions, etc. very hard to understand and lots of blanks.   No way you can get 98% accuracy and if you have to look over all the presentation material to see what they are talking about, you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down there for pay.  My two cents worth.



Definitely not worth it.
I made $52,000 one year. No social life, bad health, bad attitude, and that aged me about 10 years in one year. I worked in a transcription office all day, went home, ate dinner, and worked until I could no longer see, finally crashing on the bed (if I made if that far) around 2 a.m. Why did I do it? Looking back 10 years later, I have no freaking idea. It definitely wasn't worth it and I would never, ever do it again. I've learned to live with less, changed my spending habits, and now, as an IC, I take off when I feel like it. My life is way more important than my annual income.
please say it was worth it lol

What I am saying is, and take it for what it is worth....
Leads usually have quotas too. Work is directed to other transcriptionists and even though they say it is first in first out, that is usually not true! If you have a way to see who is working, what jobs they are getting you will see this is true. What she said was she took a stand for no work, realizes that the consequences were and went with it. Do you know how much time and lines you lose checking back and back for work? They could have let her go as most companies probably would or maybe a higher up would do something about the unfairness, though I doubt it. It is not going to change until we make it change, I certainly don't have an answer but when you cannot see what is in the dictation pool and leads and managers know this, anything can be done to you and is. Leads have quotas too and they also know where the dictation is. Probably how the girl got dictation, she knew probaby the person would be asked why she was quitting. No Transcriptionist that is solely working on line count is stealing dictation from you, you know that. She just got lucky. You should be mad that her company would give her jobs that should have gone to everybody working, where were they that they could be produced. You said it was showing no work for you. I am on your side too because it happens to me too.
MT worth
I see a lot of people say pay me what I am worth, so I would like to know - what do we think MT is worth and how did you come to that figure? What do you do to make yourself worth that? Do you proofread? Do you follow the BOS or whatever the client preference is? Do you know proper grammar, punctuation, etc? I am really curious as to what the consensus is on what an MT is worth and why? I am starting my own business, lining up several accounts, and looking to work with only the best. What things do you look for from a company? What is most important to you? What would make you want to work with someone or not work with them?
Worth of MT......sm

I would have to wonder also, would MTs rather be paid production or hourly? When I was paid hourly I had the time to proofread, research terms and do a fantastic job, however, when I went production, it is just produce, produce, produce. Don't get me wrong, I still research terms, I never guess what a doc might be trying to say, but, I will only listen for so long before leaving a blank, but, when I was hourly I might take the time to look at a previous report for the same doc or a previous report for the patient. 

I am wondering if MTs paid hourly, with the same benefits as most full time employees, such as paid time off, paid holidays, health benefits, retirement plans might not show more accuracy and feel more appreciated and therefore do a better job.

You have great questions, I would like to hear what others have to say.

I don't know how to determine what pay should be, however, I know what I make compared to many on these boards and I can say I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage on what some of these companies want to pay. For an educated Transcriptionist with 3-5 years experience, I don't think $26-30k is out of the question. There are some on here that may make more than that, there are probably some that make less.

Anyone else have a figure that they think is fair?

Not worth it. (sm)
Crappy pay. Expect lies when they lose accounts and have no work for days on end, and the worst part, it's not true IC - they expect you to keep the schedule you set in the beginning. Yes, you get to set it, however.... when I was interviewing on the phone, the VP asked me to hold on while she IM'd some people asking where the hell they were because they were supposed to be working and weren't sticking to their schedules. They called me once at 8 a.m. on a Sunday asking me why I wasn't working, even though I worked second shift! I was an idiot. Don't make the same mistake I did.
Not worth it for me,
I do 325-350 LPH, so VR would be a huge paycut for me. No thanks!
How can this be worth it?
Do these companies actually save any money sending the work to India? If it still has to go through multiple people to get a legible document, how much could they be saving? I hope it is worth what is happening to the US workers (in all fields) here who are left either jobless or making the same salary they made 15 years ago. I have no ill feeling towards the Indian MTs. I understand that they do what they have to do to make a living, but something needs to be done about companies paying foreigners ridiculously low wages so they can make a higher profit.
is it worth it....

Recently hired by OSi.  When the tech went to install the software, he said he couldn't because I had Editscript installed.  I use Editscript for another part-time job and really don't want to take it off, however, he told me he could not install their software unless I removed Editscript. 

 I guess my question is two-fold from anyone with similar experience.  Does OSi keep you busy?  And, is it necessary to remove another software platform just because you work for more than one company?

Please. WMX is not worth 2 more SM
months (and maybe longer than that) of sitting around.  Work runs dry often.  The OP should just move on, nothing special about the company at all. 
I'm not so sure 8 cpl is worth

Needs 2nd or 3rd shift, flexible hours, but they need to know when you are working.  I find that a little odd.  I don't know who they subcontract for, but I would think a little higher line rate for IC status and 2nd and 3rd shifts would be in order.  I could be wrong on all accounts though! 

Not anymore. Martha is gone. NM
Don't work there anymore,
so I can't check. Just wondering if it someone who deserved it or someone who was backstabbed.
I don't work for them anymore because (sm)
my phone started ringing off the hook for new local accounts, so I had to leave them, but if that hadn't happened, I would have stayed.  Very nice, very easy to deal with, always pay on time every week, great accounts.
They don't want to pay benefits anymore.

These are all trip ups for you to lose your benefits.  Power outages, emergencies, nothing matters when it comes to adding up to 40 hours, without which, you become a part timer without benefits - only production and PTO time is accountable towards those 40 hours - and about that so called wonderful PTO time most of us just starting accumulating 11 months ago:

In the 2080 hours which make up a "production" work year, you are now expected to produce 2000 of them with no exception other than the 80 PTO hours.  In  those 80 hours you must fit vacation, sick time for you and kids, holidays, personal time of whatever kind (keeping in mind most of us are the glue of our families;i.e. the mother).  It was better when they didn't give any PTO and you had reasonable, practical, human beings in a office to confer with about when you needed time off - and by the way - if you worked in a 9-5 job, your production time would be 6-1/2 hours a day, not 8. 

This, being done to educated professional people who are NOT easily replaced?  I think not .  It's not worth it.  There are still plenty of doctors out there who are willing to work one-on-one with an intelligent person rather than to be slickered by some smooth talking corporate job hunter. So, it's good bye to being a company employee for me.

Same here. It's very difficult to get anymore than 200 lph
Am considering quitting also. Have averaged 300-400 lph at any other place I've worked. I also agree with you about the emailing bit. After every update about how much work is on the system, it's ALWAYS followed by an email from the owner about a minute later telling you to either stretch more or threatening you with their PRN Program or that you'll lose the work to offshoring, etc., etc...

Have nothing against anyone there, but I very rarely ever break 200 lph working on their hospital accounts. Bayscribe definitely gives low line counts.
After 12 years of doing this, I don't need them anymore. I think that KS was being
hard on me because I have had to take a lot of time off, often at the last minute. They just don't care that I am depressed and have a lot going on.

That's the problem with these big companies. We are just a number. When they were smaller, they would cover for a person in my situation and care, but now they just criticize work and get picky picky picky about it. They forget the times that I pitched in on my days off and just focus on the last few months. THAT is why I am mad and frustrated. They treat everyone like a number. I think this industry is in trouble because of the big companies.
I guess we won't see their ads anymore.
Hardworking MTs, if u can't take it anymore

This career has careened into the toilet.  If you are a good MT and can type fast and have good grammar, there is always a job for you as a legal secretary.  This is NO JOKE.  They will hire you without legal experience.  They do pay very well.  Your job will never be replaced by an Indian or other offshore person.  The medical benefits are not always great but sometimes they are.  Just know that you do have another career waiting.  I am not saying lawyers are sweet to work for, but they do pay, they do give generous bonuses at CHRISTMAS, they let you say Christmas even if they are Jewish.  They will become very dependent on you, as lawyers can't tie their own shoes.  Think about it!


Sad as it is, nothing is sacred anymore.
Who doesn't anymore?

Fact of life.  More Editor positions now available, less typing, hourly salaries.

I never hear about QT anymore. Are they still here?
I wonder if K.C. will have a job.. there are no 'U.S. Operations' anymore to be VP of!!! nm
That's all it ever is to ANY company anymore.
Not so frustrated anymore
I was frustrated a little while back. My account manager quit and I wasn't getting paid for my 2nd shift differential, but now things seem to have settled down. They have a new person doing payroll, and everything seems to be fine now. I have always loved the account that I work on and I even just got a new secondary account, so things seem to be getting somewhat back to normal there.
Does anyone not assert themselves anymore?
I am sure i will get bashed for this, but frankly, when taking a job, why not say, could you please put me on the account that i am going to be on long term? It makes sense for them to allow this so you will not waste more time learning specs, etc. If it is a difficult account said company should let you know that or they aren't worth working for in the first place. You can win if you ask questions and say what you want. If they don't stick to their end, fine, leave.
Anymore info?
Do they treat their employees well, pay on time, have plenty of work, etc.? I am kind of on the fence about leaving my current company for them. I heard that they do pay a little less. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
I am IC and do not use IM to communicate anymore - sm
It was just a way to watch me and for them to treat me as employee and not IC...no more of that.