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That sucks

Posted By: REALLY? on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: answers - as I know them - sm - anon

So you are now working for 5.5 cpl for straight typing?

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No PTO, just TO. Sucks. Holidays off, no pay. Sucks. Otherwise, okay.
Now that sucks and it says
right on the orchestral page (haha) that NO ONE got a pay cut with this plan. So I guess you got it by divine intervention? Huh?? You have my sympathy.
Man, that sucks! sm
I wish MTs had a forum where we could post all these companies so they don't get lost in the many threads here.  I was burned too by an MTSO out of Ohio. 
One that really sucks...
Also, I always seem to get stuck on the clinic notes and those range from 6 lines per report to 25 lines. So that takes forever.

I just arranged to have daycare for my kids for 4 hours a day and now I cant even pay for that.

I have been in this for 10 years and it has changed so much since then. I am making less now than I was 10 years ago and I have all of this experience. I have to make this work for 2 more years until my son starts school and then I will be okay.

I guess I am just diappointed that they do not pay for quality and experience first and production second.
That sucks
because I'm having to work like 12 hours a day most days just to make enough to pay one or two bills.  I really like working for them and everything though.  I'm looking into Medical Coding schools now so maybe I can do one or the other, or both, and maybe make more money that way. 
Oh - I see. Well, that sucks!! nm
it sucks

Yes, a whole penny or 2 might break these companies.  They keep us at a low rate thinking that will encourage us to get on there more for OT and type more.  I am afraid it it beginning to work the other way for me.  I am furioius that I asked for a raise and they never even had the decency to get back with me to deny me any increase, after asking them twice.  I guess its too embarrassing for them to say why they are so cheap and can't fork over a penny extra per line.  If this economy was not so bad and there were actually jobs available I would be there now.  I am sick of having to type every single moment of the hours to get paid.  When all these other office workers and other kinds of workers get paid for just standing or sitting there is there is nothing for them to do.  Nobody says lets count how many new accounts you have opened or how many groceries you put through your line and you get paid by each piece.  I really miss the old days of working for a doctors office or clinic and getting paid by the hour and then getting OT if working OT.   I remember times when the older women that I worked with were not as fast as me and they still got paid a decent hourly rate even if they weren't typing as fast.  8 cents a line is just spit.  My company loses people everyday and they don't care.  I would like to tell them its because of the pay.  They would rather train a new person instead of keep someone that has been there for a year or two.  I don't know what their thinking is.  They just think, oh well, we'll jst get someone else. 

AT&T Sucks lately
I have skeptiwebber, but later in the day it suddenly cleared up. I was on the phone with AT&T yesterday for about an hour, maybe with so many of us calling them they decided to do some checking and found the problem. We never had this problem with Bellsouth.
OMG that sucks

And why couldn't they have told us this MONTHS ago when they knew the account was changing to VR?  A little warning would have been nice, to give people time to get their resumes polished up, etc.  The timing is horrible too with all the MDI'ers looking for work, the job market's got to be really tough right now.

Good luck to all my former team-mates - maybe we'll meet again in a better place some day.

I think it sucks and is not very user
I will never work on Meditech again, but to each their own. Good luck to you.
Lanier sucks
I really really hate this company. The hospital I was working in with them to get out of the old DOS platform. It took them several weeks to get it up and running, and I use the word running loosely. Most of us worked at home and they could NOT get the home employees up and running. We had so many service calls it got to the point they were telling us we had no more calls per contract. The system couldn't count lines either. It ended up with the employees having to come back in-house to work and because of the lack of ability to count, the bonuses were gone which averaged 1500.00 a month. A 65,000 a year job GONE because of those goofs.

Transcend has turned into one of those companies that do not give a crap about their employees anymore.  They just put us on VR and then cut our pay by 40% but did not bother to tell us about the pay cut until yesterday, which is 12 days after the pay period began, but the pay cut started on August 1st, which means if you were planning on getting paid 7 cents per line for all lines typed from August 1st to August 12th, then that is just too bad.  I guess we have to figure it out.  Maybe I can call my bank and ask them to cut my mortgage by 40% this month since my employer cut my pay by 40% with absolutely no notice.  They are so full of crap.  They have people quitting left and right.  I know of at least 3 MTs who have had to get 2nd jobs because they NEVER, EVER, EVER have enough work to go around.  I had to bust my butt to get the few lines I can get by working at 2, 3, even 4 a.m. because that is the only time there is enough work to work for a couple of hours straight without running out.  I used to be one of those MTs telling everyone how great Transcend was.  What a fool I was!!  They really got me this time.  I know that these National companies are generally dirty, but I NEVER, EVER though that were this dirty.  They just went from being one of the best companies to work for to one of the worst in a matter of a few months.  One more thing, they just switched to this new platform called which is for transcribing and VR, and it SUCKS!!!  It is not user friendly and has all kind of problems with it.  Now is definitely not the time to sign on with Transcend, and TRUST ME, if you do, you will SOON regret it.  TRANSCEND SUCKS!!

I work there. It sucks. nm
Future Net sucks....SM
No direct deposit, no benefits, minimal weekend incentive and now NO WORK.  I can't put up with it anymore and I'm out of there......If you are looking for a good job, this is not the one. 
That sucks...all I can say is hang in there...
Things should pick back up this week, especially with Spring Break being over with..
I quit - VR sucks!
I quit Transcend. The people are nice but the work is ridiculous. Its very little pay for sometimes having to rework the whole report. I had about 60/40 when I started and when I left several months later I was 95/5. I tried to ask for accounts that were type only and I also mentioned about several doctors that shouldn't be on VR who gave me good lines and had good normals they used as well. They had accents and VR would mess them all up. It was easier to type the whole 10 minute or more report myself and faster too... but the pay was half because they sent those doctors to VR. The people who work there laugh about the funny things VR puts but to me its not funny... its insulting that they give us that kind of work and not pay us anything. I left there for a company I am in love with who only does straight transcription and not VR at all and I am making more than I did at Transcend and not having to hate my job.
Medscribe sucks
don't sweat it, they've done you guys a favor. Bad sound quality, tons of ESL, really rude, unprofessional people.
when you try to help, don't just saysomething sucks
Now you're on YOUR own :)
Emdat Sucks!
No matter how you look at it and no matter how you try to improvise, it sucks. I worked for one company and grossed 300 lines per hour. I went over to the Emdat platform and I'm lucky if I get in 125 lines in an hour. It takes me 10 hours a day to get in 700 lines. Worst platform ever invented! Should be abolished!
Hurley sucks too...
It honestly sucks... but

you are going to have to learn it.  At some point, the companies that do not do it will be forced to because these other companies can offer a lower rate.

I hate it too.  But there are things you can do to build speed and earn close to what you were.  Give it time, first of all, but ask for help... get a mentor, learn that program inside and out.  It has become part of our job description.

P.S. - Sound Quality Sucks!!
I, too, found that the quality of their sound files were awful!! and that's being nice!!  They all sound like they are talking with the phone down their shirt, in their mouth, etc., and that's every account!!  I don't know what kind of filters, if they use any, that they use, but they need better sound quality to get quality reports!!
Well excuse me! It sucks for you. Hate that!
Like I said it is part of the software bundle. It is downloaded on your PC. What else would you want to do with it?

What content and whose quality sucks....yours? Are you confused..... 'cuz you sure are confusing the hell out of me.
How was the platform? Enterprise sucks
big time.  E-mail said TransHealth had a good platform and they would take the best of both. 
No it doesn't, sucks big time. nm
That sucks....Sounds kind of -
You know, the Did you want us to just keep that sign-on bonus and apply it to the equipment usage fee? So much for the sign-on *bonus*.

Out of curiosity, might I ask why you so quickly left Webmedx? I thought they were one of the *better* MTSOs.

Spheris cornerstone sucks
Lots of people looking for other jobs now that Spheris is trying to lower pay and force VR on their MT's.
That sucks...I know it was slow on my account
for awhile but it's REALLY picked up now. Did you try them recently? I also hear Landmark is very similar to MDI-MD with their structure for ICs. Have you tried them?
Wow -- that sucks!! I hate to hear that for you guys. sm
I just talked to a recruiter on Thursday, told her I would let her know my decision by the middle of this week (today). I guess that would be a huge resounding NOOOO from me. Who sits around and comes up with these policies??!!!
I meant to share my condolences, that sucks
forgot earlier, I've been a bit crazy this afternoon.
I guess my spelling sucks when I'm riled up.
Should be transcription, whether.
Benefits suck, pay sucks, they will bug the crap out of you!
7 cpl character with spaces....EMDAT sucks...sm
Not worth the hassle of filling in demo info manually spending inordinate amount of time searching patient lists that are 3 or more pages long....YUCK
But if you flat-out think someone SUCKS, you should quit. Do everyone a favor - sm
you can't be doing a good job for the company if you obviously despise them.
Cymed sucks since pewned & outsourced by Filipino's 100%

Thanks to a guy named Robert Lynch president and CEO of Cymed (who was greedy and sold all american transcriptionists to the Phillipine Long Distance Telephone company in early 06.)

Know the company you work for:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), the country's largest telecom company, said Friday that its unit ePLDT, through SPI Technologies, Inc.

The acquisition makes SPI the third largest company in the outsourced medical transcription industry.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (TEL)

Has the vague stock symbol of: TEL. (yes TEL.)

PLDT, through its information technology arm ePLDT, Inc., acquired SPI Technologies, Inc. for $135.34 million in cash.

ePLDT bought the world’s ninth lar-gest independent provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) together with SPI’s $7-million debt owed to former shareholder SPI Tech L.P.

ePLDT likewise advanced $16.43 million to SPI, which, in turn would be used to fully pay debts to DBS Bank Singapore.

CyMed employs more than 650 staff in the US through offices in Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio.

False advertising line: CyMed has a much deeper presence in the US and SPi is better entrenched in the Philippines and India. This merger creates a unique company with a well balanced and deep pool of talented staff in the three countries in which we operate.

 When this be in actuality & basic explanation in India's MT news they know:

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) now owns thru SPI the company (or possibly even simply an abbreviation for them): 100 % percent of CyMed Inc. and all american Transcriptionist belong to the phillipines and can now be replaced by anybody this Phillipino company wishes.

A woman named Palmer, Edna has her pick and choose of MT's in america... and soon across the world.

The appalling thing be that MR #'s are the exact same as social security numbers could be used by those in another country and sold so easily.

 About SPi: (two big letters S&P followed a small i) still no page able to find about the meaning of this abbreviation but the bottom line is that SPi = same as the arm _ePLDT_of Phil Long DIstance Telephone Company !

SPi is 100% owned by ePLDT, is a leading full-service BPO provider with offices and facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. Together with ePLDT’s Ventus Group, the company has 11,000 employees delivering on a wide range of call center and knowledge-based outsourcing solutions to diversified markets, including financial services, healthcare, legal and publishing. SPi consistently improves operating efficiency, lowers costs and helps to strengthen the competitive position of more than 150 customers.

ePLDT, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone

Company (PLDT), the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. PLDT is listed

on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depository Shares are listed

on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI).

History of PLDT:

 You may not lose your job (lose right now buuut) you have now but you are contributing to:

A. Dedicated transcriptionist who went to school for the privilege of becoming so & spent a fortune (It does take so many $ in books to be a proper med understood, they don't give you any for free and must be not depend on internet all the time or ones not gonna be that bright) on the books to know all the proper terminolgy so they damn sure dont messup on somebodys preliminary surgery etc. report !

B. the quite easy & possible stealing of american's social security numbers

C. There's no job security with this company Cymed-Spi now & no end & no raises or nothing & no health coverage or anything like that.

D. Greed of a Phillipino company buying up all american telephony, & video games and internet everything.

Ownership of PLDT: First Pacific: 31%/ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: 15% /Fidelity Investments: 5% /Other owners (includes public stock): 49% .

Ps. Why on earth is there no Med-Transcriptionist-American-Union? Who'd be done boycotted such outsourcing SOB's off thier asses ?

Peace, thank you all for reading.






























































































































































Cymed sucks since pewned by Filipinos replier

proper terminolgy = terminology ya'll (it was a joke ) but Seriously...

wheres that union at

I'm getting tired of hearing your refrain that Enterprise sucks. sm
It doesn't suck for everyone. There are plenty of platforms and companies out there; if you aren't happy, why don't you go find something more to your liking? I just get tired of one MT trashing a pretty good company over and over because they have an issue with 1-2 items.
I've been on it since the beginning. It sucks. My line count went down sm
about 20-30% and so did ALL of my co-workers, yet no one can explain it. Did we all lose our typing speed with the transition? I think not.

I cannot, on my good conscience, recommend DQS to anyone. Look for better. Seriously. I'll save you the grief.

So, I won't even answer all your other questions because if this doesn't scare you away, then nothing will.
CTS never pays on time and platform kinda sucks.
No idea about other company.
What really sucks is that I looked for a LONG, long time -sm
before joining DRC - wanted a highly reputable, not-too-big co. that was LOCAL, and that treated its MTs humanely. I'm very happy with DRC & had planned to stay with them permanently.
Insurance sucks compared to my old insurance... sm
The insurance seems like they don't want to cover anything, even simple prescriptions I used to pay 4 or 10 dollars on I now pay 20 to 43 dollars.  I like the company/people so far, just don't like the insurance.