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Don't give it a second thought...

Posted By: Concerned on 2009-10-01
In Reply to: I wasn't bragging about a 2 income household - sm

I feel safe in saying most of us never considered your post to be bragging.

My husband's best friend works for the City, and the employees in his division were all cut back to a 4-day work week. At first, no one complained much because they could use PTO to make up the difference and thought having a 3-day weekend to have extra family time would be nice...for awhile.

It's been 4-1/2 months now, and most, if not all, of the employees in the division are out of PTO and just trying to manage on working 4 days a week. I don't know all the details about how this has impacted their benefits, since they are all essentially now working part-time hours and have no PTO to fall back on.

As you pointed out with your post about your husband, everyone's being hit by this, not just MTs. It just affects us more personally because this is our profession, but this is truly a difficult time for all Americans.

Good luck to you. Good luck to us ALL, MTs or not.

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I thought you knew by now not to give out this
type of information.  Posting rules state that you should never give out account information.  
I thought on the job board, you had to give
Did this rule change, since there are no more sponsors? I would think that once they know they have to put the name up top most of these scams and out-of-USA posts would stop right away.
But I thought MT Stars does not give that info out- how could they get it?
"warned" by someone who won't give facts or sign her name. Give me a break! nm
Nationals give at least a week to learn program. Give
I actually thought of that. I even thought of trying to go back to MQ part-time!! (sm)
I just wonder about hours at a second company.  I work days (and some nights) with this company.  I have a set schedule but with the no work situtation I've been on the computer at all hours of the day and night.  Right now I have no work, so I would love to jump on at a company #2 and start working.  Do you have to have set hours at your company #2?  Thanks for the suggestion.
They used to give out $25 Amex cheques -- give them time. :-) nm

I get what you are all saying about them not having to give give you work, but...
I guess I just figure that as an IC, I am basically my own business and it is my responsibility to make sure that the work is done when it should be. I just think that if the standard of the company is 24 hour TAT then that is what I am agreeing to do when they hire me. There are advantages for both of us to the IC senerio, they do not have to pay benefits, or take care of collecting and reporting the taxes, and I have to adhear to the 24 hour TAT (or what every thier standards are) but can do that during hours that are convenient to me. Of course it is better for the company if they know exactly when I am going to be sitting at my desk and typing that is why they have the option of hiring employees. Just my opinion and wanting things to be like they used to be.. I guess I have to get out of my time warp or look a little harder for a company who really knows what IC status means.
Give it time, sweetie, give it time.
A thought. sm
Good points. From what I've heard, managers don't have to handle situations exactly the same way as others might. They follow basic company rules and procedures, but you could get different people running things differently depending on their style, preferences, or client needs. MQ offices are like this, too, from my experience.

Maybe it's not favoritism, or misinformation, or conflicting information, but rather just a choice being made. Then again, if there are vastly different methodologies between managers, to the point that it affects the MTs, maybe that does need to be brought to the attention of a higher authority so it can be worked out to the satisfaction of all involved. The managers may not even be aware that they work so differently! Maybe this is something that MTs can address with the managers involved?
Has anyone thought that.....
the office politics we suffer from national MTSOs is WORSE than the office politics you find in hospital medical records departments?  At least in the hospital you run into people and they can't ignore your communications, whereas with nationals they can not only ignore you but they can deny reality.  I don't fault any MT for NEEDING to work at home, but it's not pain-free, there is a heavier downside than commuting (especially when you add in the inferior benefits: vacation, sick leave, etc.)
I thought they might get better, but...
Sorry, you are having a rough time. Are you new to MT or just new to the company? I have to say they do pay well, but it doesn't matter if you don't get paid for all your lines!!! I like the accounts I am on, don't mind ESL, but QA has gotten really bad, very inconsistent. It is hard to get a hold of anyone if you have a problem, too.
sorry, I thought you said w/o
Sorry, thought you said w/o.
I never thought 40% though.
I thought maybe 20% or 25%, so I was shocked with the 40%, and I would not be so angry had they told us ahead of time.  I think it shows what they think of us not to at least tell us on August 1st, but then that is just my opinion.  Some people let others treat them as door mats and don't have a problem with it.  I do have a problem with it and think I deserve better from any employer.
Have you ever thought about....sm
the fact that usually people post only on the forum (and websites like this) only when there's a problem and not when things are going well?  I and others that I know of on my account aren't having the problems that you're talking about (knock on wood!).  
just a thought

Does anybody else think that medical transcriptionists and migrant farm workers have a lot in common, such as wages, supervisors and working conditions?   I think the MTSOs and the migrant/illegal worker supervisors have very similar character and personality traits as well as  business practices.  I wonder if they get their training in the same places.  



Thanks. I thought that is what that was.
just wanted to make sure.
just a thought
Sounds like you need to spend less time whining and more time working. You might actually make some money! Boo-hoo.
That's what I thought nm

I thought
the more I thought about it after sm
I read that ad, I finally decided to send that little whipper-snapper an E-mail! I told her obviously she didn't have experience in this business or she wouldn't run an ad like that to begin with! I reminded her this was not entry level clerical work this was a skilled technical profession! I am quite insulted by that whole ad. I also told her that folks like her needed to be booted out of the MT business. That infuriates me. Maybe she will reword her ad or take it off all together! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!
OK, I thought it was just me
I had great training, but then got switched to another hospital and I'm just barely making a dime now. This account is HUGE, there is a ton of work, but the dictators are so stinky you can't make your way through the pile. And, I'm not whining - I've been doing this for 13+ years, do ESL docs on a regular basis, etc., and survived the earlier rounds of awful cherry picking at MQ (and I got stuck in the evenings with all the awful dictation that was skipped), so I'm trying to give Transcend a chance, but right now - it's awful. Then, even if I do get a good shift of dictators, when you have to stop and bold this heading or that heading, or keeping checking the AI sheets because everything is constantly changing ... pretty soon I'm going to need a job flipping burgers to supplement my income. So, still looking, haven't found the right fit yet.
I thought I was the only one. SM

I just started with a hospital at home.   I have over 30 years' experience, have heavy experience with ESL physicians.  I have no content errors, but it's all the hypens and commas and fine tuning.  It is really discouraging to me.  I have always been praised for my work.  The notebook from the hospital was about 4 inches thick and I was supposed to remember it all the first day!   I am not making any money, but worse than that, for the first time in a long time, I am losing confidence.   I can certainly relate.

I thought it was just me
I have tried and tried with them - I live very close to them and thought that would be great, did great on the test, too - but can't get a response from anyone. Maybe it should be questioned by the administrator as they keep posting here and another site for MTs, but has anyone actually been hired by them?
Thanks - I thought it was just me
I got trained on 2 hospitals from this huge account, and they were great! Great dictators, good sound, no problems - then when I went off training, I got put on the other two hospitals for this large account, and I've had nothing but headaches. What a complete mess. The dictators stink, the sound quality is awful and I keep having technical issues, for which you have to E-MAIL tech support and they answer you (usually with more questions) via e-mail maybe 6 hours later. So you've lost your entire shift. The last time I got so fed up, I paged the supervisor of IT. I am so disappointed because my training went so well. I've been hired at two other companies, one PT and one IC, and I will be kissing both MQ and Transcend good-bye. I've since learned, neither are worth the aggravation, or the time and effort.
I thought it was just me.
Interestingly, though, I had a job come through that was 10 hours old -- and one of the crap dictators -- someone must have been sitting on this one. Wonder where those new accounts waiting to come onboard are per their old help wanted ad on MT jobs.
that is enough now...I thought you were
working for this company, or have decided to work for them, just do not understand the debate...

no need to respond, I am not that interested...

good luck
No, I thought you really thought there was a law. :) sm
Yes, laughing is good. Here's hoping we all get a lot more healthy belly laughs in 2006! We deserve them.
I just thought of this...
I would think that you don't even have to know where the money was withdrawn, as long as you can identify the date(s) and amount(s) that she did it on your statement-these transactions always have location numbers to identify where.
Another thought
First of all, that's you. You don't know what her relationship was with the MTSO. Maybe the MT thought they were friends because that's what the MTSO wanted her to think. This particular MTSO does not give you the opportunity to fix your mistakes. Three strikes and you're out, honey. It doesn't matter if you've bent over backwars for her for years. It doesn't matter if those three mistakes happen over a year of you producing 175-200 reports a day. If you do something to tick her off, or she thinks you're lying about a power outage, the internet being down, etc., the client wants you off the account is her way of getting back at you. She thinks you can't make it elsewhee and you'll run back to her. Brilliant way to run a business, isn't it. She may have been ticked off at someone else and took it out on the MT. It happens.

The MT did own it. She came on this board telling what she did. She didn't bash anyone. She told the truth. I admire her courage. Only on this board is bashing synonymous with truth.

Yes, we all make mistakes. Doctors do also. Some of them catch their mistakes and some don't. That's why their malpractice insurance premiums are so high. Does it then become the transcriptionists fault because SHE/HE didn't catch it? They airhead out while they dictate, eat, mumble, don't know correct pronounciation, good English, dictate a mile a minute, talk to someone else, and can't spell. Yes, and it's our job to make them look good and question them when they dictate right at the beginning and left at the end of the report. No one is perfect. Not even you. I had a doctor apologize to me the other day because she couldn't get a complete thought out. Her excuse: I got distracted.

You don't know the whole story, the MT, or the MTSO.

I'm amazed at your lack of compassion and your naivete. I wish you a life that's a breeze: No worries, no elderly/ill parents, no kids to support on your own, no deaths in your family, no jury duty, no internet problems, and no power outages! Oh, and that you are able to schedule all of your appointments on your days off.
I thought so, too, but I keep seeing

big banners for Naukri.com, India's No. 1 Job Site advertising on this site, so who knows?

Not what I thought it was going to be ...
Enough work, yes ... but rules change as you go along. Not very pleased with them right now, and contemplating leaving.
not what I thought
It's not what I thought it would be either, I'm the one who always has to change my hours to get the work.
Thats what I thought!! :)
That's what I thought.
It was for 65. Thanks guys/gals; I needed that little slap in the head. lol

thanks again
I thought it was 800? nm
That is where I thought
So I suppose I should have asked in one question if you know which town the main office is in - probably St. John's I was thinking, is that correct? I am thinking about moving back home from the states to Corner Brook, not 100% sure it is going to happen but just looking at some possibilities. Thanks for the info.
another thought
One of my docs has been on vacation for the last two weeks, that could be another reason
Perhaps you did not do as well as you thought or perhaps sm
your experience was not what they wanted, or maybe someone else tested and interviewed at the same time who was more qualified for the position.

I thought it was okay, but (SM)
I had to resign due to a death in the family.  I felt the editing was hard to learn (keystrokes only using shift, control key, etc.).  Hand placement would be key.  Then, all of a sudden you have to actually transcribe.  So, it was kind of in/out of one mode/to another.  Real choppy, etc.  The training was not that great, too many people at one time.  The tech support was not really that great either.  I was willing to give them a shot, but it just didn't work out for me at that particular time.  Also, they'll change your hours with no notice, and they have you sign a paper stating you are okay with that, but don't really say that in the interview.  Tough call!  Good luck! 
That is what I thought
I have been doing transcription for about 7 years.  I have only been an IC for about a year.  I like the flexibility, although keeping back money to pay taxes is hard.  I am willing to accept this because of the flexibility.  I was looking at job postings because I was thinking of picking up some extra work.  Seems like these companies should be reported to the IRS.  If they had to fork over SS taxes they might change their tune. 
I always thought it was just me

But apparently I wasn't the only one who started to feel used and abused by TRS.

They were a good company, once. Then when they training in Trinidad started, it just went downhill from there. And that's where the jobs will end up

Just a thought about VR... (sm)

I have seen where MTs want to go out and get their own accounts, well what about offering VR for a client with the editing, etc.  There are sites that offer the equipment, for example transcriptiongear.  Of course you would charge enough to cover your editing fees (your pay) and probably even get them to purchase the equipment.  I wonder if an independent could really do this just like the nationals do and write off their expenses, etc.  Sort of like the old saying if you can't beat em', join em' .  I was just pondering this last night for a few minutes.  Then I get up and read my horoscope on my internet home page and it reads:

A business or philanthropic opportunity arises when you share a special interest with a diverse crowd. They admire your commitment to the cause, and you appreciate how enthusiastic they are about your ideas.

Is that not just too coincidental?  I am not making this up.  Thanks for listening.

I thought OSi had gotten all their
Is it a management problem?
thats what I thought

But there are a lot of unhappy campers lately and they just fired 2 hire ups,  I was told Healthscribe bought them out and talking more outsourcing.  Im new there so I am totally totally confused....

One thought
If MDI/FL is now owned by Transcend, then I have had some experience with Transcend.  The recruiter that posts here is a very, very nice lady.  She is well-informed about accounts and if she doesn't know, she finds out.  I unfortunately left Transcend shortly after starting due to some personal issues, but I liked the way they were organized.  There were very nice contact people right from the start.  My questions were always answered.  The interview went very well.  I don't know if this is a matter of consequence to you, but I found Transcend to be very profressional and at the same time very laid back.  I am not sure about the benefits because I was not going to need them anyhow.  Just some thoughts..... 
I have thought of it too
but, they do require that you work either a Saturday or a Sunday, plus all the negatives I have read has made me skeptical.

On the other hand, they have opened an office(training center) 45 miles away and I thought about signing on that way to see if that won't eliminate some of the possible problems others claimed they have had while working for this company.
thats what I thought
:) They dont count headers or footers.
Well, I get that, but I thought they were

Ah well.

I thought Jo was at SPI?
Is there another Jo who is at SPI?
I thought maybe they could get me a better
rate, or worked with companies other than those who usually post.  They represent companies that already post on the boards and there is nothing better that you get going through them then you get contacting the company directly.   You have to go through testing with TM (it was really a joke), but them if they refer you to a company you still have to go through testing with them, so you might as well have contacted the company directly.   From what I gathered from my experience with them they are only a 2 person company.  I don't know why companies use them even though they are themselves posting positions too.   TM doesn't give you names of companies until after you have been through their testing though.