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I think you misunderstood............ sm

Posted By: m on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: Who the other day touting AAMT for the MTs? - Let me think

She, and I am assuming you are referring to GP, said that AAMT was supposed to advocate for the MTs and that in the beginning they did, but that she no longer supported them.

I certainly hope others treat you better than you have treated Gourdpainter.

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You misunderstood me.
I meant that the company sounds strange because they did not get back to me on my mistakes of what I did on their test. A good company with a good style of quality should let the Transcriptionist know their mistakes, so that we will know better the next time if had to test again!
I am sorry if you misunderstood,
this was not an attack.  I have worked for the government in the past.  I have also worked for different Big companies that required new skills for each job.  There are no employers who you will not feel dissatisfied with at one point or another during your employment.  For me, the reason I chose to be a MT was to be home.  You take the good with the bad.  You either enjoy the work or you do not.  Soon enough, if your only interest was in the pay, you will leave MTing and venture into other avenues of employment.  I sincerely hope you get the answer you are searching for on this board.  Maybe, we may convince you to join the wonderful world of the MT.
May have misunderstood, but I think OP is still there at TT.

That's probably why she is happy.

you misunderstood
She charges clients 9-12 cpl and pays her ICs usually 7 cpl, which I agree is too low (and hence I don't work for her). I think she'd be better off working for a national and not have the headaches of running a business, but she's determined to make it work.
Sorry...I misunderstood what you were saying
you misunderstood what she said -
she said the company would not use the Book of Style because AAMT changes the rules so they can always sell new books and make money off the books. She was not talking about her employer working off the books.
Maybe I misunderstood but...
On Friday she told me she liked me a lot and definitely had a position open for me on a Vista platform, and would contact me over the weekend or on Monday about hours, etc. The date came and went..I was disappointed because the company has such an awesome reputation, I was feeling lucky to be offered a position!

Anyway, about 10 days later I got a note in my email thanking me for my interest in Keystrokes, and that they did not have any Vista positions available at that time. *frown*

Not sure what happened...certain it was not on purpose. Probably just overloaded and what have you...I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will contact me when something on Vista opens up! *smiles*
I might have misunderstood, but --
I thought when he said aging population he meant in general the population was aging and that it would require more and more MTs to keep up with the dictation that would be generated as these people needed medical care.

Did I misunderstand? Was he talking about the aging population of transcriptionists?
think I was misunderstood SM
Judging by a couple of comments below, I think it was misunderstood about the name I used in my post. The name had nothing to do with the post itself, just the screenname I use for a lot of things, the reasoning being a VERY long story
I think you misunderstood
I am not exactly sure which company you are talking about, but it sounds like the one I am with.  I too received an email yesterday along this line....what my email said was the primary account that I work on was changing platforms and that it could not differentiate between speech and traditional, so you would be getting both.  Therefore, that means you will be forced to do some speech....and it made me furious.  FORCED is what I am PO'd about.  How the heck can you go along in your day calculating this traditional report at one rate and this speech at another...I don't see how I could possibly know where the heck I am at any given time.  IMO, this is just another tactic to force those who have refused to do speech into it. 
Well, I guess I misunderstood.
It seemed to me that you were trying to say that what I was saying was not true, and that was offensive to me because I have not reason to lie about anything.  I TRULY hope you will be okay in the future with the cut in pay, but I just am not happy about it.  I think it was too much.  Anyway--good luck to you and no hard feelings or anything.  I just wanted the truth to come out for all to see so that people know what they are POSSIBLY getting into.  Later--leaving for real this time.  
misunderstood my post

My contribution to the discussion was to point out that all these internecine issues are not where the essential problem arises. Corporate policies in our country are working steadily to increase the wealth at the top while giving less and less to the workers.  This is happening in many industries. The solution is not fighting amongst ourselves.  We are not valued -- we are cogs.  People quit and then are rehired at companies several times.  In the past, that would have not happened.  Companies do not care if you are unhappy or ethical - just crank out those lines so they can make their money, sell their company to someone larger, and sail away while we are working harder and harder for fewer -- or no  -- benefits and line rates that are sinking daily. Whether Betsey is working two jobs or not is of little relevance to you and your family's future.



Sorry friend, you misunderstood a bit
I don't have any problem with a premium rate paid to scribes for harder dictators, but don't penalize the rest of the team by *lowering* their rate.

That means the client pays more for more difficult dictations, allowing the premium to be paid to the scribe.

No matter what type of dictation, easy, medium, or difficulty, transcriptionists are highly skilled, and should be paid accordingly.
Sounds like you misunderstood to me. No one from any
company would have told you to get Vista as it is incompatible with at least the majority of platforms. 
Honestly, you have misunderstood something
I have no employees, beloved or otherwise. I just think that this person, whoever he or she is, has turned this whole thing into an online version of the Jerry Springer show. It belittles the dignity of our profession to settle disagreements in the public square. If she didn't like her place of employment, there are plenty of others out there. And integrity demands that she handle internal matters internally, that is, with whomever she feels wronged her. The people on this board have no power whatsoever to help her. I truly hope she can find another position that meets her needs. Perhaps if she spent as much time looking for one as she has slinging the hash here, she would find something good for herself. I hope she does, and can.
Maybe you misunderstood my post
I obviously feel I deserve more than 8.5-9 cpl. But that's what I'm getting. No arguments, no negotiations, no talking them up to that rate.

Yes, we have all lost work overseas. Yes, we have all lost work to VR. But to announce on a board that is known to be frequented by corporate hacks and their minions and announce that they'll take whatever job they toss their way for 7 cpl diminishes the ability of anybody else to make a living wage if someone is suddenly setting the new ceiling for American MTs at 7 cpl.

I don't know about you, but I don't like having to work two jobs. And that's at the current industry average of 8.5-9 cpl. How many jobs do you want to work at a line rate of 7 cpl? Especially given that not all of them are going to be 1 or 2 doctors M-F?
you misunderstood my posting:...sm
I meant, if somebody has no other obligations in the US, namely being married, having children, having to take care of elderly parents, etc.... then this person is 'free like a bird' to go over to Saudi Arabia and make a very good salary doing MTing.
Where did you get this information? You must have misunderstood. Besides, in radiology, we all mak
excellent money, so there is no reason to not be able to afford $200 for a cphone. I found one on ebay for $50 for a back up in case theirs needs repairs.
No problem. I guess I misunderstood what you were saying.
They must have misunderstood. My neighbor started with them sm
just 2 weeks ago and was give rates for Unicare and told that it may change but at this point, Unicare is what is offered. They know what the rates are. There is only one recruiter, and she is the same one that hired me, hired my neighbor and hired a few others I know.

If this person works there, she should ask for rates. Obviously, she has not or she would know what the rates are.
I guess I misunderstood, I thought the
topic I was responding to was how TT paid, whether by the line or keystroke, which I still feel is a question best taken up with TT. I don't believe that TT skimps on lines, nor would I suggest asking management such an inane question. But you have to know that someone down the line will respond to a TT question on this board with They don't pay for Expanders or normals simpley because they read it here, no matter how the original information was phrased. Yes, this will start another rumor.
Sorry, misunderstood.. you were talking to TT112, not me
sometimes post location is a little misleading.
Most misunderstood high speed ever!
Debbie, if you're referring to the high-speed broadband received with antenna and directed to router,there should not be any problem working for those companies that require DSL or cable. I have same system and have worked for several DSL only companies. The real problem is that it is not a very common method of receiving broadband and I find many techs have never even heard of it. However, it is not susceptible to the problems common to other wireless systems, it's much more stable. I just tell them I have DSL broadband and have never had a problem with setup or use, and have worked for TT with same system, no problem. Hope this helps!
You completely misunderstood my message.
I didn't say not to do those things. I just said it isn't necessary to go to war to make changes in your own life or career.

I can't help how you take the message.

Wishing you well...

You misunderstood. You are required to work
That is not a falsehood. It is true you have 24 hours to get the lines in but does that mean there will be lines there to get in during the day. E mails are constantly sent urging people, even using strong language for people to work Friday through Sunday and evenings, to skip soccer games and family activities to work because that is when the work is there. Please don't glaze things over by calling it a falsehood. They don't say they require anything but 1 weekend day and the rest of the time during the week BUT the contract also says they don't have to provide work to you at all at any time. It is stressed that as an MT you must s-t-r-e-t-c-h to make sure our jobs stay in this country. That means: in other words, they overhired, so get the lines in when you can and that better be nights and weekends,or whenever they e mail you to jump. Now call that a falsehood, and you will certainly be misinformed.
You misread or misunderstood her post. It isn't
the bank she was worried about having the info but the MTSO having her banking information.   Between no check, corrupted file that contained the contract, and the phone being disconnected I would be seriously concerned and keep daily watch on my account.  Working without a signed contract isn't a good idea, though having a signed contract isn't foolproof either. 
Thank you, sorry I misunderstood. So you are another decent MT in my league!..nm
You've completely misunderstood
I have indeed emailed my liaison MULTIPLE times to inquire about the work flow (or lack thereof).

We are intelligent transcriptionists, and I doubt any of us posting are sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting for work to magically appear.

Why in the world would we go elsewhere to pick up the financial slack brought on by MDI if we could simply email and ask for more work or another account? Why would we go through the testing and interview process with another company, learning a new platform, new account specifics, etc., if it were as simple as you seem to indicate it is to get more work at MDI?

I believe you've missed the point of our posts and complaints.

We have requested additional work. We have asked what happened to our work.

We have been met with silence until today's email about new accounts for which they are HIRING NEW TRANSCRIPTIONISTS.

Following basic grammar is nit-picky? Maybe I misunderstood.

Oh, I see what you mean, misunderstood, I guess cause I can transfer funds....
Excellent post? She misunderstood the whole issue...nm
Whoa, you TOTALLY misunderstood my post
Calm DOWN! I meant to ask your company only allows you to type 1200 lines a day? I would never do what you're accusing me of. Slow down and consider that before you blow your top like that. I was sympathizing with you, not trying to tear you down. Geeze!