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Posted By: I think this needs clarified on 2009-09-29
In Reply to: I forget which of the early posts on this subject - SM

I really think this needs clarified before everyone starts freaking out. Is it *every single person* that works for Transcend? Just accts that are transitioning over to editing? Are these radiology or HIM accounts? Does that 30% decrease in pay represent a cut from straight pay to editing pay? Is there a change of platform/account involved? There is a lot of speculation and not a lot of fact flying around. I would think that if it is a *company wide* 30% pay cut to take effect in 2 days that we would be hearing a lot of noise from a lot of people by now, not just a handful on this one board. I am not saying it is not true (It very well could be) and I'm not saying it does not suck for those affected (It most certainly does), just suggesting that maybe more facts are needed before everyone starts to panic.

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