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First of all...

Posted By: sorry on 2007-03-29
In Reply to: Has a HIPPA law been violated by my ex coworker? - I am patient

I am sorry about the breast cancer diagnosis and wish you well. Think positive!!!

Second of all, it probably was a HIPAA violation on some level, but I wouldn't worry about that. Maybe she won't contact you anymore because she fears for her job status and doesn't want to jeopardize that anymore. However, because she was judgmental on your lifestyle, I just dunno about that. Anyone can get breast cancer, regardless of lifestyle. I am hoping she isn't contacting you because she is worried about breaking anymore HIPAA violations, and I would hope she wouldn't yap about it in the office. Maybe you should speak to her in person and you would be pleasantly surprised. If it is a religious/judgmental call on her part, come talk to me...you can e-mail me at any time :)

Hugs and wishes...

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