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And wasn't it a violation for her to even ASK for the results from someone other than her doc? Th

Posted By: Veronica on 2007-03-31
In Reply to: Yes but you asked for her to tell you. - MT in MT


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First of all, best wishes for a full recovery from your breast CA. Most of us have been in this MTs position in typing reports on people we know or work with. One thing to consider is that she probably was not the only one to see the report. Who faxed the report to the doctor? Who prints out the reports? I worked inhouse and have heard some inappropriate remarks made by non-MT personnel. In this case, the coworker may simply find herself in an awkward position. She also may just not know what to say to you. I have learned some tragic things through my work about people I knew, but because of the way I learned it could not discuss it, even with that person. Also, the MD I use is a client of the small MTSO I work for, so I always was aware that the MT saw my records, as well other office personnel involved in getting the records printed and to the physician. That is just part of working in the medical field.
It's not a HIPAA violation for sure. Can you
have the account use digital recorders that are uploaded to your FTP site? Bypass the TASP entirely. Or if you are the only transcriptionist, you can use Bytescribe's E-shuttle. Check it out at bytescribe.com
I agree it's a violation. m
I mean, even if you have stellar credit, it still gives a whole lot of information.  I've seen my credit report so I know that any open loans, credit cards, etc. are all on there with limits, current balance, account numbers as would be your mortgage and the monthly amount you pay.  I have a student loan from 15 years ago and cc's from that long ago or longer as well that have been closed for over a decade that still linger.  I mean, it's just nobody's business unless you're applying for credit.  If you want a job, they should look at your job history.  If you want credit, look at your credit history. 
No you should not tell. I do believe it is a violation of privacy since you are doing the report.
The guy has to do what he has to do obviously to exist with his sorry self.
really the only violation is if they hear it and use it in some way that hurts you...
people keep thinking HIPAA violation is just knowing it. It's not. It also has to be harmful to the patient in some way. Remember this whole thing started because some stu*id pharm tech came home and told her high school kid that Mr. So and So came in and got AIDS medicine, then her stu*id high school kid went to school and told other kids and that is how Mr. So and So's daughter found out her father has AIDS.
wouldn't this be HIPPA violation?
Just finished dictating an irritating doctor.  Thought he was dictating on his cell phone, but turns out he was dictating on an airplane.  Wouldn't that be a HIPPA violation? 
Yeah and I think a cellphone is violation myself sm
I do plenty of QA and I note the cellphone usage for the client because of the numerous cutouts, static, distortions and other things that make it impossible to hear.

It may not be a HIPAA violation, but by golly it SHOULD BE.
the problem is that this is a violation of privacy
Hope you don't think it is okay to have your family members looking in on your computer while you are working!!
Sorry, but major HIPPA violation to "keep a
little file...that's a HUGE industry NO-NO. Talk about lawsuits and professionalism!
She obviously told someone who warned her of the violation and now she is hiding....

Anyone know what the penalties are for docs violating HIPPA?   I know of a case where a person was damaged from a new nonsurgical cosmetic procedure and about to settle with a company to pay for the surgical repair.  Prior to the settlement this patient saw a physician who sells these same nonsurgical services with a possible financial interest in the company.  This physician filled the patient's face full of temporary cosmetic fillers to cover the damage and then WITHOUT THE PATIENT'S PERMISSION released the patient's records to the company and wrote a letter stating there was nothing wrong with the patient.  The company subsequently canceled the pending deal to pay for the damages.   The temporary fillers wore off and the damage returned and this patient is now suing the company AND ALSO  the physician that released her records.  This physician has caused an already traumatized patient much more stress (a subsequent long legal battle) from this HIPPA violation.   What are the penalties?   Any criminal charges?







to the transcriptionists who felt that a criminal background check was a violation - sm
you will notice that some of the jobs posted on the job seeker's board require a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK!!! What do you think of that?  Still think it's a violation of your privacy?
Let me get this straight. It is a copyright violation punishable if you copy and paste an article
but it is not a copyright violation if you copy and paste the link to the article? What the h*ll is the big deal?
the results
Well, it seems that there is a fairly even distribution of MTs amongst many age groups. I did not expect there to be so many younger MTs. Thanks you for your replies.
lab results
Any good websites for ranges of lab results?  Thanks for any info...
lab results
Thanks so much!!
I use OpenOffice with the same results. sm
I do the same thing in open office. I cut and paste every report into one document, check character count, and divide by 65. It always comes out close, in my favor.

I think the reason it comes out with more than what DQS does is because we do get paid for any demographics we have to type in ourselves, like dates, or if the demos don't import.

But I still have trouble doing the lines I did before DQS.
very pleased with results (sm)
I had never heard of it until I read it on the post a few days ago. Finally got around to trying it last night. Felt great. I made the mistake of using too much water at first too but then I tried again with just a tiny bit of water and used a cotton ball to apply. Awesome. I was pretty sold on the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion which I use about once a week. Now I may not restock on that product and it is not cheap. I bought the store brand aspirin and it worked great. Thanks to the person who brought it to this message board.
Research results
I checked on finasteride, and unfortunately it does not have great results for male acne. And it occasionally causes gynecomastia. BUT, here is a link to a cystic acne heater device:

Good results! sm
Just a fluid/material filled cyst but still need to see oncologist this week. The mammo didn't hurt at all. I thought it was going to be horrible but I found it to be less pressure than a BP cuff. All in all, it was a very positive experience. My only beef is that I was a diagnostic and not a screening, I didn't get a candy bar and a card! Thanks for all your good thoughts.
MRI results-does this sound right?

TESTS:  MRI results show the low back has degenerative changes, L4-L5; disk material and facets that lie adjacent to the descending left L5 nerve root without definitive compression.  The MRI of his surgical spine shows grade 1 anterolisthesis of C5 on C6 and C6 on C7 with disk osteophytes posteriorly.  There is flattening of the cord at these levels.  

Testing results

I just tested with one of the nationals. I have never before had to do this and did receive the results (97%). Does anyone know if this includes the objective portion or only the transcribed reports?

Thanks for your input.

They only show the results

of the most successful ones.  I had some reconstructive surgery once and was shown a book of people who this plastic surgeon had worked on.  Later, when I was being fit for a prosthesis, that person showed me pictures. She told me then.  My picture was never part of the portfolio of those which were the "wow, what a difference group."

If they showed you pictures of what you probably would look like (with the difference being minimal), they would lose a lot of business because you wouldn't bother spending the money for something that even when people know you had something done, they can't even tell.

Guaranteed positive results.

It seems people everywhere are looking for positivity - especially in light of the Katrina disaster, on top of the 9/11 anniversary, the Iraq war, tensions in every aspect of our life.  I'm going to share a personal mantra of mine that has helped me in the past, is soothing me now, and will greatly benefit me in the future as well.

Fasting can be looked at in different ways.  Most of the time, we think of it purely toward food and most of the time associate it with religion.  Fasting, however, is really a drawing back, holding back, purposefully now allowing full satisfaction.  You can do this in any and all aspects of your life.  Fasting as a way of life can change your life -- it has mine.

By not allowing myself to fully satisfy whatever aspect I am engaging, I make room for personal growth and fulfillment from that innate resource of the soul.  I recognize God as my maker, my Father, my Savior.  Some recognize other forms of higher power.  I can speak from MY experience, my beliefs, that fasting in areas of your life as a way of living will grant Him room to give you satisfaction and fulfillment beyond what you could have achieved without it.

You can fast with money -- don't buy everything you want to with the last $5 in your hand, give it away.  Give it to some worthy cause.  Give it to church.  Buy diapers or food for a local shelter.  Don't take all your money for just yourself.

You can fast with time -- give 30 minutes a week to read stories to children at the library, to visit a nursing home and play checkers or just talk and hold the hands of people who have no control over their fate, or volunteer with CASA or a battered women's shelter, or even a school to help with room mothers or watch traffic at the high school, etc.  Don't take all your time for just yourself.

You can fast with your intellect -- give an hour a week to work on changing a problem in your community, your state, your local government, your school district, this nation, this world.  Use your mind and determine a value really close to your heart and then use your intellect to understand where you can help and do so.  Don't take all your intellectual energy for just yourself.

You can fast spiritually -- give an hour or two a week in prayer for simply thanks.  It takes the focus off YOU.  It puts it on OTHERS.  It directs your attention away from what you are inundated with all the time.  Don't take all your prayer time for just yourself.

Of course, you can fast with food as well.  Wednesdays are the middle of the work week and perhaps you could do a juice fast (only juice/water) for the day, or fast from something you usually indulge in, or just simply decide to always leave food uneaten on your plate every meal.  Do it with the remembrance of the millions who die every single day from not having food to eat.  Do it to recognize that we have it all right here in our own backyard.  Do it to recognize the choice you have of whether you WANT to eat, what you want to eat, how much you want, etc.  Maybe you will fast a meal and send the makings of one to a shelter or to a family in need.  Don't take all the food just for yourself.

The list can go on and on and on.  It truly works.  You can start really really small and if you want to increase what you are enjoying, you've a base to start on.  Start with $5 a payperiod to invest in others; 30 minutes a week to give to others; 30 minutes a week studying and working toward resolution of a problem in your world somewhere; 30 minutes a week of prayer for others; a meal a week for others. 

Trust me, it is a different type of sacrifice.  One that only offers positive results and they are guaranteed for everyone. 

Guaranteed positive results
Thank you for such a wonderful post. I know that this is true. I've tried and have been successful in teaching my children that it is important to give and help others but I find myself slacking in these areas recently. With my health problems I feel I have been mired down in self-pity but with your post to remind me what it's all about, perhaps I will be able to get back on track. Thank you again - your post has been a blessing.
You will definately see great results
within a week or two.  It's a great workout, easy, and definately will give you results.  Stick with it and you will be very pleased.  I love pilates
American Idol Results.....SOON

The results are in............who is leaving American Idol tonight?  We will know in about 30 minutes from now.  My feeling is that either Kevin or Kellie are going home tonight......I like Kellie, but she really doesn't have the voice like the others, and Kevin, well, he speaks for himself - CHICKEN LITTLE - LOLOLOLOL!

I see it coming down to Chris and Kathryn!!!!!!!!

Preliminary good results...sm
Mammo and ultrasound were clear as of when I left the hospital an hour ago.  Already had an appointment set up with the specialist and they wanted me to keep that.  So we'll see what he has to say on Thursday.  Thanks for the good thoughts, everyone.
And just a suggestion, next time don't get results yourself
and wait until you see the doctor. Good luck!
Congrats!!! Did you not get your results instantly like with the CMT?
Okay so my curiosity gets the best of me and when everyone receives our opinions whether good, bad or indifferent I would sometimes like to know what you decided and what the outcome is -- i.e. rural hospital -- let us know what you decidied and if you take it a month or so later how it goes -- but that is me, I always like to know the outcome.   Patti
The search results are more specific.

Having custom search helps because it narrows down your search results to the most relevant ones, since it emphasizes health related and MT related websites.

Had knee MRI - "erosion of meniscus" results (sm)
as I was told by the nurse who phoned in the results.  I will be referred to an orthopedist for further new.  Anyone had this or any info on it? 
Same neg results, but no Metabolift. Gotta xercise and eat less! nm
Anyone here do Windsor Pilates? Are you getting results? Is it a good
Compare line count results


[disclaimer: We are the publishers of MPTools.]

One neat function in our new MPTools is Compare Line Count results. It asks you to specify a document, and shows you the results of its multiple line counting methods, including headers/footers and formatting codes. MPTools is available as a no obligation trial, so you can download it, install it, and check things out.


Thanks for telling us. I bought the cheaper one and had bad results.
The Prometrics person gave me my results.
Speed results from multiple factors....
1. Experience: As you yourself suggest, time "in the driver's seat" will play a big role as you find yourself doing fewer and fewer "look-ups" - whether for terminology, physician names, etc.

2. Self-monitoring. Just keeping close tabs on your production will help. Try playing a little game with yourself to do just a bit better this hour than you did the last hour.

3. Make full use of your expander. WARNING: Many people actually overuse their Expanders and wind up with a jillion shortcuts that they rarely use or can't even remember. Create shortcuts when they make a difference, and use a good naming system.

4. Set up the proper auto backspace for your footpedal that will allow you to establish a rhythm in which what you are transcribing is "bracketed" by the next little bit and the previous little bit of dictation. In other words, you are always slightly listening ahead, transcribing and (when you lift your foot up and back down) reviewing the last bit. This "cycle" keeps what you are transcribing in context with what has gone before and what is coming next.

5. Pay CLOSE attention to the "story" being told - in other words, the context of what you are transcribing. Context is the transcriptionist's best friend as far as resolving ambiguous or difficult words and phrases, alerting you to omitted dictation, and alerting you to possible errors in what thought you had just heard.

6. Proofread as you go to minimize proofreading after the report is completed.

7. Spend only a reasonable amount of time on lookups, especially early in the report. You will often hear the confusing word or phrase more clearly later...provided you remember the blank you had earlier!

8. Discover "the zone". The zone is a mental state in which you are utterly focused on the dictation, almost like a trance state. Human beings are NOT MULTI-TASKERS! You cannot think about a million other things while you're transcribing and hope to achieve either quality or quantity. When you transcribe, transcribe and forget your personal problems. When you're dealing with your personal life, forget transcription.

9. Relative to #8, try to crate a physical space for transcription in which you are dealing with minimal outside distractions.

10. Use a GOOD PROFESSIONAL HEADSET. Most transcription companies distribute garbage earphones. Try a good noise cancelling headset such as the Kensingtons sold on Amazon.com for about $30...and don't let the price fool you. They're great.

BONUS TIP - POWER SESSIONS: If your scheduling permits, you will be more productive in four 2-hour sessions separated by a significant break period than in fewer longer ones.

I discovered power sessions when I was transcribing and attending college. It happened one semester that I had a class in the AM, one in the afternoon and one in the evening - that's the only times they were offered. So, I transcribed early AM, mid-AM, early afternoon and early evening, 2 hours each. I was never so productive in my life. Why? Less fatigue factor and a fresher mind. I really whomped the daylights out of the work for 2 hours at a crack, and then I got up and went to class, completely concentrating on something else. Then, on returning for another power session, it's almost like starting a new day.

The point is, 15- and even 30-minute breaks do not give you this fresh-start advantage.

A number of the people I supervise have improved their productivity dramatically simply by implementing the secret of power sessions.

Good luck!
Graveyard shift study results
I just had to put this here.  This study came out about 2 days ago, and I did not find that anyone posted it here so I am going to comment on it.  If this is redundant please excuse the double post.  The other day on the news at 6 they reported that studies show that there is a new risk for developing cancer which could lead to an early grave... working the graveyard shift (punny).  Anyway, they said that because it goes against our biological clock, we produce less of a certain brain chemical when we sleep at night and this chemical helps our body fend of carcinogens (I forgot the chemical).  Do you know the American Cancer Society is seriously considering putting third shift workers on the list as being high risk for cancer?  Can you imagine?  What is this, a way for the insurance companies to have an excuse to deny us night owls insurance or to make the rates higher? I think it is hilarious because I personally never do anything risky.  I work at home as an MT after all, I do not lead a risky life in the least. Now, because I work nights so I can be a mom during the day and do everything supermom should do I am going to have cancer... what next?
If I call the doctor's office and ask for results of an
MRI done on me, do they have to give me the results or do I have to just wait on the doctor to call me?
It took six months to compile the results of the survey/questionairre

asking about how MQ can do better.  We got a letter telling us the findings 9 months later and on it apparently lots of MTs beitched about no pay increase and they are looking into it.  That was 3 months ago. 

MQ is too busy plotting and planning how to rip off the clients and MTs to be bothered with the current problems.  They have a bazillion managers but no one seems to be able to keep the simplest things done on a timely basis. 


I think you have your results already. Any MQ post runs like wildfire as a rule! You had
55 views on your last poll, and 1 respondent, who felt the opposite! No offense, but isn't that the answer to your poll? The older posted complaints on speed were that it was too fast at the lowest setting! And nobody ever argued with that!
I am glad I waited to hear results on this before buying. sm
I need something that gives truly better syllable discrimination, and most head phones are geared for listening to music, not voice. I still have not found anything better than stethoscope earphones for that purpose.

I just looked at the current results (in bar graph form) and
That's just YOUR opinion, and you are a prime example of lack of patience. You want instant results
I use Clairol. Loving Care .level 1...with good results so far...
The simplest coloring agent..no peroxide..no ammonia. so is easy on the hair. My original hair was dark auburn, which turned darker with age, eliminating the red (seems to be a hereditary thing since my strawberry blonde boys are also turning dark as they get older). So, now that I am using #745 medium reddish brown color on my grey, I am getting back my auburn highlights!! Coool! It may not work forever, but, for now, since I don't want to mess with "roots" as you have to with more permanent coloring agents, it works for me! Cheap, too!! About 5 bucks does the trick, and people comment on my red highlights just like in the old days!
Excuse me, but the results that I got back this morning that showed that I got wrong were

Sentences that she said were not fragmented, were.  Sentences that she said were complete were run on.  And, one sentence CLEARLY required comma usage and she said I was wrong. 

I am one of those MTs who knows what she is doing and has done well over the last 20 years. The only reason I am applying for work is because I was laid off with several others right before Christmas.  I take pride in saying that I know what I am doing!

What I do and have excellent results, put doctors name in google, city, state and it always comes up
If it really isn't you or wasn't you...

I would check out the posts made by MQMT under "Straw that broke the camel's back".  Maybe I'm seeing double....who knows anymore at this stage of the game!!  Have a good day. 

By the way, I did have a complete burnout on MTing after about 30 years so took a two year break; Glad I'm back now but the break was a "good thing"!!

Maybe the CEO wasn't (sm)
addressing students who were kicked back in their easy chair with time to surf the internet. Maybe he only meant it for students that had evacuated and would eventually find their way to a computer where they could go online and contact the school, since they didn't have the phone number in their pocket when they ran.