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Yes but you asked for her to tell you.

Posted By: MT in MT on 2007-03-30
In Reply to: Has a HIPPA law been violated by my ex coworker? - I am patient

You can't fault her for knowing your dx when it is her job to type it up.

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every question asked on here could be documented in some book. So? cant a question be asked?
Okay, you asked for it

Multivitamin - prenatal (as directed by GYN dr, I'm perimenopausal)

flaxseed oil (1,000 mg) once daily)

Chromium picolinate (500 mcg) one daily

B-150 vitamin one daily

Green Tea capsule (315 mg)  one daily

Calcium, magnesium and Zinc (combined tablet)

I can skip a few days and can really tell it. My energy level really decreases.




How many of you get asked how to get into it?

I have people I do not know that heard from someone that I work at home and want to know what it takes to get into it.  Until this discovering this board this year, I would tell them that I lucked up into the job.  I worked at the hospital and because of a sick child I was allowed to go home to work aftering working in a clinic setting for four years and hospital for two years.  I also tell them it takes a lot of discipline to work and not do other things that needs to be done around the house.  I don't mind explaining to them.  I give them the pros and cons.  What I can't understand is why do they think they can call me during working hours and keep me on the phone with questions?

Have you asked her vet?
Thats strange. I'm not sure why, i wouldn't think its a disorder in anyway. Have you asked the dog's vet? That might be your best resource. Is being around the father new for her? It may just be that she is still adjusting to the new person in the house or her new environment. Once she becomes adjusted, I'm sure she will be fine. But Anyway I would ask the vet- they would be the best, most reliable & accurate resource.
Again, I do not believe she asked you anything!!!!!
I asked the same ?
a few earlier posts as I am in the same boat. I am leaning towards the local job which is pretty much the response I got from other people. The reason being that I would have the same dictator over and over and can use macros/expanders to work less time and earn more money which sounds good to me.
Thank you. That's all I asked. nm
Well since you asked here's.....
I would never have anyone treat my neck if I were having problems like you have. One wrong move and you could get paralyzed.

I've seen 3 chiropractors over the years and only 1 was worth a toot. The other 2 were just out for money - trying to see how much they could get me to come in so they could make the money. The only good one I found works out at my gym and has a reputation for being an honest guy - and that was my opinion as well. He helped me when I had some lower back problems and I'd go back to him in a nannosecond for that if a problem arose again.

Make sure if you see one that you ask friends, family, neighbors, etc for recommendations of someone who's reputable.

The biggest quack I saw was right after an automobile accident when I had a muscle spasm in my shoulder from where the seat belt grabbed me and the lunkhead thought he saw the equation of automobile accident + another driver's fault = tons of money if he kept me coming in. Clue #1 he was ruthless was on the first visit he was wanting to know who my attorney was and insisting that I needed one. Good jiminy crickets - it was just a muscle spasm!
I have asked him about why?
He says, he loves her. He said it doesn't matter to him if she is a lesbian. He loves her and her kids. The kids are not his either. He simply likes what she has to offer him. He is constantly in fights with her other lovers who lives with him and her also. HELP
I would have, had I been asked. sm

My mother, God bless her, was adamant in her wishes to be placed in a nursing home when the time came so that she wouldn't be a burden on any of us, although we all would have taken her in.  She took care of her mother who was very ill for a long time and she told all of us that she did not want any of us to take her in because of what she went through.

She lived on her own until she was almost 80, despite failing health and my dad having died 15 years before.  When the time came that she knew she didn't have much longer she insisted on the nursing home and stayed there for a short time until she passed away and was buried next to my father on what would have been their 60th wedding anniversary.

I took in my grandmother (my mom's mother) for 3 months back when my mom and dad wanted to go to their winter home. It was hard, as gram was so sick, and I found myself at times wishing I hadn't agreed, but it was one of the best experiences of my life taking care of my grandmother and I'm glad that I had that time with her.

Would I have taken my mom in if she had asked?  You betcha.  In a heartbeat.

Been asked before
When will that buzzing noise stop.  Am off of here until it does.  I  know that this has been asked before but it has been 3 days since it has started.   Driving me nuts.  Will try again next week to see if it has stopped. 
I think I asked for too much...sm
I applied for a FT position with a large hospital in my area.  I have 7 years experience doing the "basic four".  On the online application it asked what I would want for a salary and I said $17.00 p/h.  Then, when I thought about it, I wondered if I had asked for too much and maybe they wouldn't even contact me.  I looked up the median income for my area and for working in a large hospital it said $25,000 to $29,000.  So, any advice?  Should I reapply with a lower demand?  I figured if I gave them a higher number they would have something to work down from, but I think I went too high.  I would really love to get back into a hospital and away from working from home.  So....should I reapply?  Any advice?  Thanks in advance!
This is asked so often; wish there was a way to have a
I should have asked for more lol
They didn't blink at $26. lol. Oh well, next time I'll know to charge more. I'm excited to be doing this project though.

There are a lot of "closet" Montana gals around here. :-)
Someone asked me to do that once -

I had almost forgotten - it was the worst thing I ever got into - and I have done textbooks and all kinds of MT.  You couldn't tell who was who, some was not audible.  Total nightmare. 

I asked my doc...
and she had no idea who did her transcription?! I think a lot of doctors are completely clueless, as their office managers/hospital set all of this up and the docs just sign the notes when they come in.
I asked here because
I felt I could get some sound opinions, but unfortunately, there is always someone who thinks you are doing something wrong. I am a single mom, have raised her without any help from her father or anyone else, have worked for 30 years as an MT and a large chunk will go to my church. I respect and value the opinions of fellow MTs (the majority of them) and I thought that was the purpose of this board, to ask for opinions and help when needed. I do know enough to speak to a financial planner but I wanted opinions on how I should handle the work situation.
Only asked for them once..

... several years ago after losing our first child I asked for all records from during my pregnancy.  He was missing half his heart and somehow it wasn't noticed on any of the 3 ultrasounds I'd had.  Also, I went in with my water broke 8 days after my last ultrasound and it wasn't in my chart that day, which I thought weird/unacceptable.

Found out they did not see the half of his heart but just wrote it off as being at a bad angle along with me being overweight. 

Nothing that could be done about it after the fact, but I just had to know what happened and how such a thing was missed.

OK I THINK I asked this but anyone using a MAC

to work as an MT?  If so, does it work seamlesssly with WORD?

When I get a new computer, I'd really like to toss PC for good. 


I get asked how to become an MT a lot. .
The RN around the corner from me called me a couple of months ago and said that she wanted to ask me about that "little" job that I do at home. After biting my tongue, I just told her I went through a good medical transcription program that took about 13 months online, and the pay isn't that good at first. She said that she shouldn't have to take any classes because she was a nurse and knows how to type. I told her if she thinks she doesn't need any training to go ahead and apply. I gave her a list of companies and haven't heard from her since. Most people I have talked to just want to start working and think it is easy. I was a medical technologist for 20 years and most people thought all I did was draw blood. I figure this is along the same lines and don't really bother any more to explain what I do. They don't really seem to care anyway.
I would think that someone had asked for more --sm
work and that it had to come from somewhere..you. This happens, a lot, unfortunately.
You asked sm

ChartScript and Careflow:  Terrible stuff, slow demos, weird font attributes.

MedRiteXL:  It is okay.  The demo screen puts you through a lot and there are not multiple ways to search for something.  You can look up old reports, but that is a bit slow and cumbersome too.  The actual document screen is nice and user friendly.  I found it fairly fast.

MTWorld:  I don't think there is anyone still using this.  I have worked for 2 companies that did.  If you have to look up a pt or other information, put in a cc or change a work type, it is awfully slow and you really do have ot know what you are doing to make it user friendly.  I have to say, I thought this was the fastest platform I'd ever work on.  I am wrong.

Bayscribe:  In my book, this is a SICK JOKE.  I found the ADT screens to be time consuming and confusing.  Some companies have a ton of fields for it and some don't.  The Expander in it is ridiculous.  It won't cap the first word to save your life.  You can't see how much work is available.  You can look up old documents, if they are yours.  It will give you a line count at the end of every document you send.  I never got up any speed on it.

Winscribe: I think that is what it is called.  I really liked this.  I think the company I worked for who used it could have maximized it more.  Some of the things you can do with it they didn't utilize and that was too bad.  It could have been so much better. 

Extext:  FOR ME, this is the fastest easiest platform there is. I have had no issues getting the minimum line count and in fact, I started getting bonuses for production after the first 3 weeks I worked on it.  I continue to love it. 

Whatever it is that Keystrokes uses I didn't like very well, but that might be because I wasn't trained properly.

There is NOTHING a Word like or Word based platform can do that wasn't faster with WP5.1 for DOS.

Sorry I even asked

To all of you who have absolutely no heart - I AM FOLLOWING THE ACCOUNT INSTRUCTIONS!!!!   I have no probem following the instructions - makes my job a lot easier.  It is when the high-and-mightly QA does not follow the instructions and I am marked off for it that I have a problem.    

With people like all of trying the "help" others, no wonder this profession is going down the tubes.  Guess you all really have nothing positive and nice to say, so really I have nothing to learn from any of you.       

I have asked that but never get a name. I can't believe I would be the only one so off.
Well, since you asked
All the lucky MT's that have M-F day shift in Bangalore are probably on the system them and we can't have the pesky US-MTs slowing down the server, can we?
Glad you asked
Brach's Chocolate Stars
rofl. MD just came in and i asked, here's what he said
the pt has a "sort of meandering gait"   LOL
The OP asked for their platform. A (sm)
platform is what you type on, which is word, NOT EXtext. That is the expander. I know, I work there!!
If you asked that 2 months ago
I would have told you MQ whom I was happily with for years and years but now I sorrowfully have to say, NOT HERE!
I don't think I asked about MQ. I just wanted to know the
Shorthand and Shortcut, so I can buy the best one.
So glad you asked!!
Ten years ago, I was paid by the word and that averaged out to about $34 an hour.  With 16+ years of experience, my ability to earn just keeps going down, down, down with each passing year.  I think when you have been in this business for 10+ years, you keep looking for that job that will bring you somewhere close to what you used to be able to earn, and it just isn't out there anymore, a very hard reality to face.  I also used to sit down to a full day's work with plenty of job security.  Now I find I must keep 2, 3 sometimes even 4 jobs going because companies are constantly running out of work, so not only is my income cut in half, I have to work 3 times harder to make what little I do.  And don't EVEN get me started on what they pay editors, someone who is supposed to have the expertise to assure the accuracy of important medical documents is paid around $12 an hour or....oh my gosh 3 cpl.  It is totally amazing to me what little monetary value is placed on those of us who have devoted years to being an MLS.
Update - we have asked a few of our MTs if they would be sm
interested in mentoring and of those that said yes, more than half would work in the office.

We thought the hard part would be to get some of our experienced MTs to work in the office but the hard part is going to be deciding the guidelines for the newbies and how to choose who is going to be part of the program. I think it will be geographical - it has to be worthwhile to come and work in the office without being too long of a commute.

Most of our MTs will continue as usual. Not all will be mentors, only a very small percentage.

The feedback has been great. Thank you all so much!
We were asked for opinions.
I gave mine.
I asked them if they did and reluctantly the
recruiter said they did "if the client requests it."   I don't know in most cases that the client even knows about offshoring and why in the world would they request work to be offshored.  I don't know that they are getting a break in the cost, because though the offshoring company is making a fraction of what an US MT would make, by the time they have to pay QA, and the greedy MTSO takes their cut I don't know there there is any price difference.  
You asked? What else do you ask permission for? nm
Has anyone ever asked for a raise at OSi? (sm)
I have worked there for almost 3 years and am wondering if I have a shot at actually getting a raise? Thanks for any input anyone has!
Sick of being asked to
work on a Saturday afternoon and then logging in to do so and there being NO JOBS!!!!  I really don't mind working on Saturday every once in awhile.  I agreed to work today as I didn't have any prior plans with my son and my family.  But I feel it is ridiculous for them to ask me to work because they "need the coverage" and then there is nothing for me to do.  Next time, I'm saying NO WAY!!
I don't think it would be a problem if they asked....
however, I had a family member not only use it without asking, but changed the passwords in order to get to his mail (we used the same program) and favorite websites so that when he left, I had to change everything back again. I thought that was INCREDIBLY rude.... but hey, that's just me.
Okay. Since you asked, here's his picture.

This was taken last week. He's the guy in large picture, dead center, () and I'm over on the right  () in the smaller photo with pony tail.  Sorry, they snapped our photos so fast neither one of us had the chance to take our glasses off!  LOL!

To see our pics go to


I am not sure as I have asked the same question.... sm
I asked that same question and they told me that they would have to special download the job to me to where I could hear voice with the dictation. I was not able to do it by myself. QA can, but I am not sure if it is on the transcription side after it is sent to the client. Maybe you can call Dictaphone and find out or ask you sup to give you the rights to look at a completed voice file. I was never told how to do it nor did I ever had one special done for me so I am not sure how it is done. Sorry.
Have you asked your doctor this?
We aren't doctors here, just typists for doctors. 
Someone asked this recently and several
mentioned the same reasonably priced vacuum (yes, some also loved their Dyson's, but I'm with you on the price). Sorry, I can't remember which one it was (maybe a Eureka something???), but I do remember the same one coming up three or four times in the thread. Search the archives. Good luck to you! (p.s. I'm coming back to search the archives myself when I'm ready to buy again).
I would never sign one if asked.
What do you wish you had asked before taking your job?
Hindsight is 20/20. We all know the basic questions about line rate and so on. Now that you're in your current job, what questions do you REALLY wish you had asked before taking it? (please, I'm looking for some serious specifics about numbers and hours and ASR-related questions).

I know nothing about ASR and am wondering what questions are important to ask a recruiter. So please share!

One important question I've learned to ask is whether I'm switched to part time status if I can't meet the line requirement. That's a biggie!

Thanks, :)
I have a PS client, and he does put pt's together when asked...sm
Lots of times he has new patient's talk with other patients.  Not sure how, probably has current patient call the new one or something.  You should ask.  Wouldn't have plastic surgery without talking to someone who has used him, actually more than one and would want to see pictures too.
I asked my doc at my last appointment...
and she said she had no idea who did their transcription! She said that it's all digital and she's not sure who actually does the typing, just that there is no one in their office to do it. I was quite shocked that she was so clueless as she's such a great doctor. My husband is in the military so we're pretty limited on what docs we can see for now, otherwise I would be much pickier.
I have asked this many times
but because I do not understand what they are saying and am looking for a step 1 do this, step 2 do this, etc., so I it is clear to me. I know I am probably the only one out here with this problem of not understanding how to do this. Thanks for any help given.
I just asked for one last week!

I'm such a tool.  I just wrote my boss and said, "Can I please have a raise?"  I realize it's a futile attempt, but just had to try.  I'd be happy with a half of a cent--a whole cent would be sweet but that's just pipedreamin' right there is what that is.


I asked my supervisor and she did it (nm)
glad you asked!

I am an April 07 graduate of Career Step and I wonder how many years it will take us newbies to become at least 98% accurate and speedy!  My applause and admiration to all the speedy accurate MTs out there! 

I really like doing this kind of work, but I think it may be more of a hobby than providing a helpful income to my family.  I am on the waiting list for Spheris....waiting for a dialup account.  I could have already been hired by Spheris or several other companies that I tested with, but I only have access to dialup and most companies require DSL or high speed.  I am thankful that there are some companies who give a new grad the opportunity to begin this profession.

Thanks for all the very good advice!



Just asked my supervisor this ?......

She basically told me that this could be done in PRIOR versions of Meditech, but  can no longer be done. I was told one of the reasons was because the headers and footers were not being done accurately.I did a "test" document in Word and tried to copy and paste and THAT didn't work  I'm not sure if this is true for all Meditech platforms, but seems to be the case with the one I am using. I would be happy to just be able to type the BODY of the report in Word so I can utilize my Stedman's spellcheck software, but does not look like that will be the case. The ONLY good thing so far is that it does work with Instant Text, but even with that I am definitely not producing what I know I am capable of! Very frustrating...