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Sorry to hear about the DX, will keep you in my prayers. nm

Posted By: jade on 2007-03-30
In Reply to: Has a HIPPA law been violated by my ex coworker? - I am patient

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Thank you for your prayers.

We've never even actually met him in person, but he is my husbands best friend's only sibling and my husband's friend was going through such a horrible time waiting and wondering that he couldn't even go to work. We only wish everybody could have good news.

Thanks again.

Thanks, I need all the prayers I can
get! LOL.
asking for prayers

I just learned that my boss's daugher-in-law and grand-daughter were involved in a horrendous car accident. The DIL suffered many fractured bones, on top of a pre-existing MS condition. However, the grand-daughter may die, and even if she survives she will likely have severe brain damage.

Can those of who you believe in a high power keep this family in your thoughts and prayers?


Just e-mailed your request to my church who has a prayer group that meets everyday and prays for the requests that are sent in.  Have also sent a few of my own on the way.  Hope all works out. 


I will keep them in my prayers
definitely in my prayers
Praying that all things go well; though we have no control but faith and prayers go a long way.

Please let them know that my prayers are with them, knowing already that God's healing work is with them already.  Thanks for letting us know.



You are in my prayers

You are in my prayers and hopefully someday the resentment and bitterness will be gone from your heart.  Good luck in your life. 

Prayers going your way..........
and/or in my case, I'll be sending good vibes. (Old hippie here.)

Good luck, hon. Please let us know what happens. And....please know ya got somebody listening, okay? Let me know if ya need someone to talk to, or just listen. I'll be online all night. This cannot be easy, I know.
Brain dead today - or is it hear hear? I'm going to bed.
Marry me?! :) Seriously...hear, hear. Good post. - nm
YW. Boo's in my thoughts & prayers...

...and ((((HUGS)))) from Ambi, Max, Q-Tip, Baby, & Tequila (my "kids").

Keep us posted, k?

Prayers will be said tonight!

My prayers are with those who are dealing
with Hurricane Wilma.  I'm catching bits and pieces on TV and, living in the midwest, I can't imagine the fear that must go through those who stay to ride it out. I would be terrified.  God bless all of you.
You're in my prayers. You should know this is the most
dangerous time. Please get all the help of people around that you can!  God Bless and God Speed!
Prayers are also needed
Hello: I will say a prayer for this precious little one. He is too young to suffer this way. I also need many prayers for a dear friend with Stage III ovarian cancer, who is undergoing chemotherapy and having a rough time, but has a loving family and is coming home today. It is not hopeless but need prayers.

I also need some prayers for my mother-in-law who is in the hospital with lymphoma and a severe blood infection. If anyone has some extra prayers please send them there way as they are lovely ladies and need a second chance. Thank you. Hope all of our prayers are answered.
Will definitely keep you in my prayers PAMT! nm
Please send your thoughts and prayers...

Yesterday around 11:00 a.m., in a town near me, a guy went to the hospital where his ex-wife was a nurse, called her outside to talk to her, and shot her 5 times.  She was flown to a bigger hospital nearby, but later died.  They found him last night trying to cross the Canadian border. 

There are 2 small girls involved (5 & 9) who can use all the prayers we can offer right now. 

You're already in our thoughts and prayers,
and I am also making a donation to the Red Cross. May God watch over you.
Absolutely, sending prayers their way.
OMG - What a wonderful family! Many prayers will be said!
Thanks for letting me know!
Thank you Jan for the info and the prayers - so appreciated. (nm)

Great Job! You will stay in my prayers!
You are a strong woman. Keep your eye on the ball and your Faith in your heart. Will keep you and your kids in my prayers. xo
Kitty prayers needed!
Praise God and continued prayers...

My prayers are with you and your husband, and the 3 innocent
just reading the posts and feeling saddened for your situation.
Already feeling the effects -prayers started on day 1


Sending prayers for your friend and your family.
Praying for strength for you.
Also sending prayers your way. Both my parents are cancer
survivors and hopefully your best friend will be also.

My mother has been in remission for seven years and my Dad a little over one year.
Prayers for a sexually abused child please...sm
I'm a foster parent and while at my foster child's psychologist appointment today there was a 9-year-old girl waiting for her appointment time and she looked the saddest of any child I've ever encountered.  Right after I walked into the room this child looked at me and said "men stare at me."  I then told her that perhaps it was because she was a pretty girl, and she went on to tell me that she was there because she had been sold for sex to men by her mom to support her mom's meth habit.  She is now in protective custody and it was her caseworker who had brought her in to start psychotherapy.  Things like this make me sick because this child's innocence was robbed all because her mother made poor decisions in life and sold her child to fulfill her own selfish desires.  All I could do was assure her that she wasn't the bad person and that she was a good kid and that the people that did these things to her were bad, and that not all men want sex from girls.  Please say a prayer for her.   I don't know her name but God certainly does. 
Ditto.......prayers to all in India affected!!!....nm
What a wonderful thought! My thoughts and prayers, as well!
Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers. It is much appreciated.
You are all great!
Prayers and well wishes are just as important as financial help...
sorry you don't see it that way...
You will make it just fine. Good Luck my prayers are with you. nm
Prayers and positive thoughts coming Fluffy's way!
Totally overwhelmed, think about praise music along with your prayers.
I will never understand the hatred. Prayers being uplifted for everyone involved. nm
Hear, hear! I agree with Dakota - sm
The MTSO should be giving feedback to the hospital/doctors who slur, speak too rapidly, etc. They need to pull up their socks! And there's no reason why these doctors shouldn't be given an outline of what is expected from them when they dictate, such as cell phones, chewing food, candy, gum, etc.
That's a great news Rose, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter

guess, that all we could do for now.

Relief from this coal miner's daughter for all of those families and prayers for the one fallen.
Coal miners are a rare breed. Thank God these were saved.
i hear you
That sounds like my husband. If he gets "stuck" with the kids the my job interferes with the family life, but when there are too many bills to pay, I spend too much money. I can never win.
I am so sorry to hear about your dog. SM
I know how sad it is to lose a beloved pet.  I have lost many over my lifetime and they all stay in my memory.  My condolences to you. 
i hear it also....

i'm divorced and get told 'how will you ever meet someone if you don't leave the house'.

i also get neighbors asking me to watch for deliveries, let repairmen in, let their dogs out.....just because i'm home they think i'm in front of the tv eating bon bons....when actually i'm posting on this board!!

I hear you
Good for you! Couldn't be more proud!
I want to hear more about this. Seriously.
I hear ya - sm
Hard to be the disciplinarian without the support of the husband or grandparents.

Of course, then when they get older and get into more serious trouble as time goes by, it will be YOUR fault for not disciplining them too.

Same old story around here too.

Stand your ground mom. Tough as it is, I know. You gotta do it.
Did you hear or see this anywhere
else besides on this board?? I haven't heard that - that is very scary. Hope it is just rumor.
I hear what you are saying.

My husband is a school custodian for a K-12 school.  My daughter graduated a couple years ago, so I no longer have a kid in school.  There were teachers along and along that I did not agree with, but there are always channels to go through.  There will always be kids who are picked on.  Unfortunately, the parents of the bullies are going to take up for their little angels as well.  One of our first graders held a sharpened pencil to the throat of another student, and made threats to the teachers.  They tried to get the child removed from the classroom and the local board of education would not cooperate.  The teachers walk a fine line.  They are expected to protect all the children, but they are not allowed to do very much with little devils like this.  We had a coach that the parents tried to run off because he tried to teach some of the 16-17 year-old babies some discipline.  I am not talking about slamming them up against the wall.  I am just talking about things like making the guys on the team (heaven forbid) tuck their shirt tails in.  You would be amazed at the little things that can cause such a stink.  I had a teacher tell my daughter she did not agree with my parenting techniques, so it can go both ways. (My daugher was 17) Since my husband works there, I know these teachers.  The teacher is a basically good person, we just had a disagreement.  I was respectful when I talked to her in front of my daughter, and I expect my daughter to behave in a similar manner.  I have noticed that most of the bullies in school have parents that are also bullies.  We have resource officers at the school to help pretect the children.  Unfortunately, these officers have also been called on to protect the teachers from very real threats from students and parents.  While I agree that parents definitely need to know what is going on with their child in school, if some of the parents I know showed up at school every day it would be impossible for the teachers to actually teach classes.  These teachers have to teach the whole class, not just your child.  There is no way they are going to please all the parents and still do their job.  There is also no way on this earth I would be a teacher these days. 

Where did you hear this?
Do you have anymore information regarding this?  I tried to look up on the IRS website, but couldn't find anything.  I think that would be great for everyone to donate 1 vacation day, that would add up to a lot!!
Sorry to hear that you and your...sm

husband aren't getting along!