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I can symphathize with you panic, but even on Xanax,

Posted By: responsibility rests with you - NM on 2007-03-31
In Reply to: I am on XANAX. I did not think my clinical diagnosis would be on report. - I am not thinking correctly


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I symphathize...no matter what anyone says, it can happen...
the worst place it happened to me was a company (initials PS), and I had to leave because of not being able to make even my minimum line count, even.  The more I complained about it, the worse it got (and I was only trying to keep what I had worked for for over a year).  The managers stuck together, too.  They were wicked and sadistic.  They were given way too much power, in my opinion, and had come over from former edix.  That is exactly the time things started to change for me.  I had a great account, great supervisor, great pay, for over a year, then was shifted way to the bottom after this, as I suspect when the supervisors came, they brought a lot of MTs with them. 

What is the saying, complete power corrupts completely...these managers were given complete power to do whatever they wanted, and they abused it, in my opinion.  I was even told this, right out, by the recruiter. 

I was sort of 'bumped' just like when I had a union job years ago and lay-offs came...got bumped by about 6 people (which I did not blame them then, that was easy to understand), but this, this is different.  This is our livelihood, and it is a game to some people.  There is also no way to prove anything..it is pathetic, actually, how we 'lowly' MTs (not my thoughts, but some of these companies and how I have been made to feel) make tons of money for these people, and can tend to get treated the worst...

I hope someone has some good advice for you, but believe me, if it feels 'funky,' it usually is.  Trust your instincts because they are learned skills..not just instincts...
Panic attack - SM
My daughter used to have them (started at about age 14) to the point where it was absolutely debilitating.  We had a really rough year.  Her family doctor wanted her to take antidepressants, which she tried and that was a nightmare in and of itself.  I finally took her to an MD who was a hypnotherapist.  Not one single panic attack after the first session.  This was 4 years ago.  I truly believe this doctor saved her life.
Panic attacks. Please sm.
I used to suffer from these on a daily basis. According to my doc at that time, they are usually brought on by a conscious or even subconscious stressor.

First thing? Be sure it was a panic attack and not something else. Yes, see a doc. I know others will disagree, and that's fine, but you asked and that is my 2 cents. No one.....not even the docs.....can diagnose over the phone or via internet.

The first rule is to make sure there is nothing physically causing this.
I have a panic attack
just thinking about it.
Hyperventilating/Panic Attack
I just had a panic attack and was hyperventilating.  Should I go to the doctor?  No insurance. 
panic attacks since 1997
Doctors are a waste. You'll go thru dozens w/no outcome. What is necessary is this: Find the stressor(s) and eliminate. Minimize your life. Al-Anon or other group meetings are highly effective: Need new lifestyle/change in thinking, deal w/wreckage of past, deal with fears, obsessive thinking. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST. Hope this helped.
Hmmm, maybe that's why I was offered a job in a panic nm
Jan, take a Xanax, please...
No one is attacking anybody.  I simply said I did not think his/her post was funny... that's it.
Panic attack and kids' fathers
I feel your pain about arguing with your daughter's father. My ex-husband is a control-freak jerk who is still trying to control everything my daughter and I do, even 10+ years later!! Unfortunately, my daughter has some health issues and her dad wants to be able to "approve" any medications the doctor prescribes before I give them to her! This is the guy who has seen his daughter for a total of about six hours in the last four months - ridiculous!
What works for me....Valium OR Xanax..sm
that'll get the kinks out!
Are you crazy? How can you offer ME A XANAX???
Didn't you read my so many posts this afternoon on the Gab board regarding this HORRIBLE drug Xanax which causes hallucinations, nightmares, zombielike conditions, is addictive etc..

You got me rolling again.

You get a Xanax, a double dose for today, so that you do not only see 1 ghost of your grandmother sitting on your bed, but 2 and maybe your grandfather's too!

You are blabbering only nonsense, take 2 Xanax
and go and have some scary nightmares!
Maybe you took them already, therefore your senseless postings!

MissAnthrope or Xanax - would you please reply

Would you email me about Van Belkum?

Oops, Phenergan and Xanax...I meant..
I am on XANAX. I did not think my clinical diagnosis would be on report.
When given this diagnosis, the first thing you want to know is how far it has spread. It can mean life or death. My doctor was OOT for two more days and I was panicking. I needed to know if it was abnormal so I could begin thinking of what the future held. I am not thinking RATIONALLY!!!!!
Nice to xanax is chillin tonight..:-)
Good grief, you started this all. You should have just waited. Xanax to the rescue. nm