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Oh my, how violent.

Posted By: Ever heard of anger management? on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: I am apalled at your whole thread topic. - sm

My goodness gracious!!!!   

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Key word here is VIOLENT. He lost his right to be "committed"

When you get a person (man or woman) who starts exhibiting violent actions, that is not a sign of committment.............it is a sign you need to get away from that person. 

It will not get any better.  Trust me on this.

Those are usually narsassistic, psychopaths who generally escalate in their violence or erratic behavior.  They want their way.  They will get their way.  And the longer you stay around the more their acting out will become DANGEROUS.

It is usually all about them, they will turn around a situation so it is your fault.  You are standing there thinking - This dude just didn't do what he said he would and how did it become my fault?  They are past masters at it.  

So, remember when he is acting "committed" and stating he WANTS YOU, NEEDS YOU, NEEDS THE KIDS......it isn't them or you he needs or wants, he only wants his WAY.  In their lives, that is the goal - not seeing that kids live in a warm and loving home and them giving up some of their creature comforts so the kids or you can have it better --- it will alwAYS be about him.  He WANTS, he HAS TO HAVE, ...watch, he will not want to discomfort himself to move out when it comes down to the act of moving.  Of course it will be better on the kids, but it will come down to his personal situation.  I knew a man for many years, he said he loved me, he bought me wonderful things, the reason we never married --- he didn't want to leave his FIRST EDITION BOOKS.  I finally realized he was a sociopath of the first order .....lies rolled of his tongue like water --- I didn't know this until his sister and I began to talk and realized he was telling lots of different stories to different people.  He had quelled his violent streak - although I found out later he had been very violent in his earlier years.  He suppressed that - but then turned to drinking.  If you can get away from these types of people, you are better off.  They are a losing proposition.