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Posted By: mtathome on 2007-03-30
In Reply to: Has a HIPPA law been violated by my ex coworker? - I am patient

First of all, best wishes for a full recovery from your breast CA. Most of us have been in this MTs position in typing reports on people we know or work with. One thing to consider is that she probably was not the only one to see the report. Who faxed the report to the doctor? Who prints out the reports? I worked inhouse and have heard some inappropriate remarks made by non-MT personnel. In this case, the coworker may simply find herself in an awkward position. She also may just not know what to say to you. I have learned some tragic things through my work about people I knew, but because of the way I learned it could not discuss it, even with that person. Also, the MD I use is a client of the small MTSO I work for, so I always was aware that the MT saw my records, as well other office personnel involved in getting the records printed and to the physician. That is just part of working in the medical field.

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It's not a HIPAA violation for sure. Can you
have the account use digital recorders that are uploaded to your FTP site? Bypass the TASP entirely. Or if you are the only transcriptionist, you can use Bytescribe's E-shuttle. Check it out at bytescribe.com
I agree it's a violation. m
I mean, even if you have stellar credit, it still gives a whole lot of information.  I've seen my credit report so I know that any open loans, credit cards, etc. are all on there with limits, current balance, account numbers as would be your mortgage and the monthly amount you pay.  I have a student loan from 15 years ago and cc's from that long ago or longer as well that have been closed for over a decade that still linger.  I mean, it's just nobody's business unless you're applying for credit.  If you want a job, they should look at your job history.  If you want credit, look at your credit history. 
No you should not tell. I do believe it is a violation of privacy since you are doing the report.
The guy has to do what he has to do obviously to exist with his sorry self.
really the only violation is if they hear it and use it in some way that hurts you...
people keep thinking HIPAA violation is just knowing it. It's not. It also has to be harmful to the patient in some way. Remember this whole thing started because some stu*id pharm tech came home and told her high school kid that Mr. So and So came in and got AIDS medicine, then her stu*id high school kid went to school and told other kids and that is how Mr. So and So's daughter found out her father has AIDS.
And wasn't it a violation for her to even ASK for the results from someone other than her doc? Th
wouldn't this be HIPPA violation?
Just finished dictating an irritating doctor.  Thought he was dictating on his cell phone, but turns out he was dictating on an airplane.  Wouldn't that be a HIPPA violation? 
Yeah and I think a cellphone is violation myself sm
I do plenty of QA and I note the cellphone usage for the client because of the numerous cutouts, static, distortions and other things that make it impossible to hear.

It may not be a HIPAA violation, but by golly it SHOULD BE.
the problem is that this is a violation of privacy
Hope you don't think it is okay to have your family members looking in on your computer while you are working!!
Sorry, but major HIPPA violation to "keep a
little file...that's a HUGE industry NO-NO. Talk about lawsuits and professionalism!
She obviously told someone who warned her of the violation and now she is hiding....

Anyone know what the penalties are for docs violating HIPPA?   I know of a case where a person was damaged from a new nonsurgical cosmetic procedure and about to settle with a company to pay for the surgical repair.  Prior to the settlement this patient saw a physician who sells these same nonsurgical services with a possible financial interest in the company.  This physician filled the patient's face full of temporary cosmetic fillers to cover the damage and then WITHOUT THE PATIENT'S PERMISSION released the patient's records to the company and wrote a letter stating there was nothing wrong with the patient.  The company subsequently canceled the pending deal to pay for the damages.   The temporary fillers wore off and the damage returned and this patient is now suing the company AND ALSO  the physician that released her records.  This physician has caused an already traumatized patient much more stress (a subsequent long legal battle) from this HIPPA violation.   What are the penalties?   Any criminal charges?







to the transcriptionists who felt that a criminal background check was a violation - sm
you will notice that some of the jobs posted on the job seeker's board require a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK!!! What do you think of that?  Still think it's a violation of your privacy?
Let me get this straight. It is a copyright violation punishable if you copy and paste an article
but it is not a copyright violation if you copy and paste the link to the article? What the h*ll is the big deal?