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I have noticed the southern accent. I like it. Don't like BO though. LOL. nm

Posted By: mq_mt on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: Would the reason you think he - sm


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I know the lady had a southern accent. nm
No accent up heeyah. You Southnahs got the accent. :)

Nevah got how them Southnahs can't say go pahk the cah.

If you ah comin' tah Maine, you best be bringing an umbrullah.  Been rainin' like ah son of ah gun and ain't no signs ah stoppin'.  Even them birds have taken tah hidin'', 'cept them there ducks out in tha front yaahd.

Least we ain't gotta shovel it.

And remembah, if you don't like the weathah in Maine, wait a minute, it'll change.

Enjoy your vacation and welcome back. :)


The same way you do any accent. Do
the best you can and go through the entire report, leaving blanks as necessary.  Then go back and listen to the report again.  I'm sure you'll get some blanks.  Also listen for what you think the blank might be.  Don't guess, but have your mind set that you know that if they are dictating CBC that your choices  are limited in what the options are so listen for those.

This always works for me.  I still may have a blank left, but I usually get most of them filled in by doing the above.  
I would have to agree with the Asian accent being the most difficult.
not an accent, but
many times it's the "English-speaking" docs who are even worse to try to understand!
Not really an accent but (SM)
My very least favorites are the ones who 'swallow' a few syllables at the beginning and/or end of their sentences. It makes it nearly impossible to decipher what they might be saying and just really an annoying habit on the dictator's part.

I'll take an ESL over a 'gulper' any time.

southern accents
Being a Yankee who now lives in the south, I can relate! Had far more trouble with the southern dictators than with the foreign ones.
And yest, those British & Australian ones are sexy!
Un no, not Kiki...but I am southern! sm

we all use those words down here...and by "thang" I meant like "aint nothing but a thang..." which means really not that important...just FYI...NOT Kiki...whoever that is...

ooh, I know him....got a So African accent?

I don't think it's the accent that is the problem...SM
I think it's the way Indians interchange Vs and Ws. For example, I have heard Indian docs say, "The patient has had chills and Womiting." Many Asians replace Rs where Ls should be. For example, "The patient had a biRateral beRow the knee amputation instead of biLateral beLow.

Some people may consider that just part of the accent. Even so, years ago, one of my favorite dictators was an Indian. He tried very hard to articulate and not mumble. Once you trained yourself that W was a V and "wise-wersa" he was a breeze. I had to toss that in there because he always said it.
do you mean Southern Transcription? nm
For me, it's not any particular accent, it's the speed of
the dictator's talking. Accent or no, when they blast through their report like their pants are on fire, what they get in return for their sloppy dictating habits is a 'swiss cheeze' report full of holes.

I just don't get it sometimes - if teh reports are medicolegal documents, and are important enough to dictate and put in the patient's medical record, I think theyre important enough to dictate more carefully.

My other pet peeve is letters. Most of the time, I find it difficult distinguishing between F and S, B and P, C and D, etc. I think they should come up with some kind of a code when they're going to be dictating letters, such as, instead of saying 'CPT', they could say, 'code cat-pig-tiger'. Or something to that effect. It would save an untold amount of time backing up, relistening, and ultimately leaving blanks in what could have easily been a complete, accurate medical report.
I think so (Alabama doc with accent!)
I have to admit I'm flipping here a bit.  My son took my headphones to school somehow and I'm having to do this without headphones!  Thank you so much!
Southern Transcription Services

Any info on Southern Transcription Services would be helpful.


I prefer non-Southern accents

I'm from the south but lived out of the area for several years.  My favorite accents are Northeast and MidWest.  For a while I did MT for a hospital in rural Alabama where a resident from Cuba was working.  He had acquired a number of southern altruisms that cracked me up with his thick Hispanic accent.  I'll never forget when he treated an elderly woman who had received a rattlesnack bite to her foot through her "teenie shoes."  (if I hadn't been from the south, I wouldn't have known he was referring to "tennis shoes!")

Once my dryer needed servicing and the repair man came out.  After talking for a while I asked if he was from somewhere near southern Russia because of his accent.  He got so excited that someone knew the geographic area of his origin!  He was from a tiny little country bordering southern Russia!  (one of my neurologists was from Russia).  I love to try to place someone's accents


I have a bad time with southern accents too
Their words just sort of fall into one another and it seems like they put emphasis on the wrong part of the word, so I need to concentrate with them.  The worst however is the Chinese accent by far.  Especially when they do try to slow down and enunciate, it makes it worse.
A Cuban with a Southern dipthong
I wanted to put the accent on the end in coude .. sm
Can anyone tell me how to do that?  Thanks.
Vietnamese accent the worst.

There is one Vietnamese doc who not only dictates like greased lightning, he also stutters, stammers, and changes his mind. I think he may have a bit of a lisp also. This is in addition to the problems that Asians have with Rs and Ls. This doc gives me an ocular migraine almost every time.

Spanish and Middle Eastern accents are a piece of cake compared to this guy.

I have as much trouble with southern (USA) accents (sm)
as I do with most ESLs!
An accent trick that helps me...
After spending way too long trying to figure out an allergy one night that was pronounced as s/l fee-oh-REE-nul and which turned out to be Fiorinal, I started double-checking and realized that East Asian (India, Pakistan, etc.) and Arabic language dictators will often incorrectly accent the 3rd syllable if the word happens to naturally be accented on the 2nd syllable.

So when I have a problem with a word that's accented on the 3rd syllable, I'll re-emphasize it in my head, changing to hitting it hard on the 2nd, and that will often help. Or just playing around with emphasizing different syllables from how they're doing it. Now if I could only find a way to mentally blank out the 'trilling' (arrgh).
Whisperers. Ugh. I can do any accent thanks to growing up (sm)

with my mom who had a cleft palate AND a very strong Brooklyn accent!  But why do they whisper?  Like they are embarrassed someone might hear how badly they dictate? And why can't ESL's at least TRY to improve their speech pattern?  Like the poster below who had the dictator making everything plural except when it really was plural, then suddenly it is singular.  I mean come ON. 

Good venting post Wannie.

Yes!! Matthew, hunky southern gentlman.

coude (small c) (with an accent over the e - my computer does not do it.
source: The Surgical Word Book by Claudia Tessier, third edition.
My mom is from the south. Thanks to that I have no problem with southern accents. nm
BellSOUTH (keyword)....8-9 southern states!!!.

southern, northern, eastern, western--sm
what difference does it make where anybody is from...how about being a *bleeding heart* for ALL life...not just human and not just animals. God gave everything that breathes life, and we should respect that. human or animal. JMO
which accent do you find the hardest to transcribe?
I do okay with Oriental, Greek, Indian, most European accents.  However for some reason when it comes to Spanish docs, forget it ! It just sounds like gibberish to me.
I'd guess male, but if it's Southern, all bets are off.
I worked for Southern Transcription a while back.
I'm in southern NY, 2hrs. north of NYC. One of the helpers on MTD is from upper NY, too. nm
Algarve, southern Portugal, wonderful spas
easy access to ancient castles, Spain, the larger cities of Lisbon and Oporto, next door to Morroco, wonderful free seafood, beaches. I could go on...
Mine was an American with no accent, but I just realize I seem to react (SM)
to these horrible dictations the same way I do to jumping into an ice cold pond. I hold my breath and try to type as fast as I can, then go back and see if I can clean it up. Just hope they aren't too long so I don't turn blue while I am typing.
Try to think with an accent as you replay. Really helps! And to say it out loud, too! Play your
Had to share. Indian with heavy accent and stutter;)
this should be interesting!!!
Poll - what do you think the hardest accent is? I vote Hispanic. nm
I live in a small Southern town and they have posted pictures of sm
people convicted of passing bad checks in the newspaper. How humiliating would that be?

By posting the bad checks, they see your name, but by posting your picture, they could recognize who you are.
I was told 12 cents per line in Southern California was too high (sm)

They can stick it because they should be paying 18 cents per line.

There is too much EMR and offshoring around here.

Southern fried chicken. We're having friend over, too. I love it but
I can only eat fried chicken once in a while.  Makin SMASHED (taters, eh?), blackeyed peas and green beans with pepper sauce.
My worst are both slow-speaking, hoarse-voiced Southern gentlemen.

Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
I noticed that..
If it was the one that started out at 5 cents. What terrible pay.
well I have noticed......sm
that 2 of them are being XTRA XTRA careful when dictating risks and benefits (the plasticsmen) of late......being more lengthy about the risks and benefits....looks like they are CVTA (covering their a**es*) *lol*
I just noticed something....SM
I entered 3 entries into the Shorthand and expanded them and noticed that my autocorrect works as well.  I am able to use both of them together. Does anyone use both of these at the same time???
Has anyone noticed...
that the Job Seeker's Board is all lit up in yellow! It looks like its on fire! I wonder why...hmm...
I noticed that too
I ended up returning mine to the store. Love the layout of the keyboard, and all those features are great; they just need to work on getting a better touch to it. The MS natural was stiff too.
Have you noticed?
Have you noticed how they are down to 3 girls and 3 guys? Last year it came down to a guy/girl, year before that 2 girls, and the year before that 2 guys. I didn't watch the first year with Kelly Clarkson so I don't know who the other contestant was in the final 2 that year. Will the pattern start over this year?
have you noticed that
Taylor hasn't been in the bottom 3 at all yet? Gotta love him! I know, I know, not everybody does but I love him enough to make up for it.
On PAs - has anyone noticed (sm)

that more and more PAs are dictating for the physicians, and they are just awful!  They can't pronounce things, go 90 miles an hour, and I'm not impressed with their yawning, laughing, and various other things they do that are aggravating.  I am sick of them - even the ESLs are better than some of them.  JMO

has anyone else noticed--sm
The new *report message* button at the top of an opened message?  I just  noticed this when reading some rather snide responses to one of my posts earlier.  Hmmmm.....this might be a neat little feature.  Thanks again to the Admin. for looking out for the posters who like to frequent here without having to be harassed, polked fun of, and told to *get a life* when something does not meet with someone elses *approval*.   
have any of you noticed
that when you are first hired by a company, they go on to state about all of these certain rules and requirements (the recruiter tells you the same) such as schedule, how long you should be on QA, if you do not do these by a certain time you could be termiated, etc.  As soon as you start working, it is totally different.  They are much more laid back and none of those things they said are really applied.  I am glad that they are more laid back than what you are expecting, but this is just something I have noticed now with 2 companies.  Have any of you noticed this?