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Just can't get excited about ....sm

Posted By: casey on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: Matthew McCaughnahey will be on Oprah - today...for anyone who is interested!

some guy who doesn't wear deodorant.  I used to think he was pretty cute until he annouced that to the world.  Pretty much ruined my image of him.

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I was getting excited.

I was thinking you were going to say you had rubbed it all over you and it somehow helped. 

Now I'm just excited!
So many options. I'm going to look into several of these suggestions tomorrow when my mom comes up.
I did...once...I got all excited but..sm
After years of waiting to get called, I finally did. Made arrangements with my work, took the day off. The lawyers asked a lot of questions like: Do you have any acquaintances in law enforcement, have you ever had a run in with the police, do you think you could be fair and impartial, that kind of stuff. The case was for so-called excessive use of force by the police and the guy was one of our local druggies.

Long story short...I spent 6 hours downtown at the courthouse, they needed 13 jurors, I was #14. It was interesting though, to go through the process.
Not Recruiter, Just Excited
Not a recruiter, never have been, wouldn't want to be.  Seeking honest answers for something someone with no experience things may be too good to be true.  Thank you for your opinion, though.
I must have been vewwwy excited!
that's okay, you are just excited and it is late--sm
and you have probably been typing all day, so the ol' fingers probably aren't working right. I wish you all the best! You are doing what I have only dreamed of my whole life! Love to write and *settled* for typing transcription. Good Luck to you!
I was excited until I realized you have to buy this..
I am so excited to see this movie.

I never saw his other 2 movies, but I am so glad he is making this, and I hope everyone will watch it. 

He mentioned on Oprah that health insurance companies are required by law to turn a profit (for the benefit of their stock holders), and in order to turn a big profit they feel they need to deny care to patients that need it.  The laws obviously need to be changed, and healthcare needs to be a right, not an outrageously expensive privilege!

Geez this gets me excited!
I just ordered this program yesterday and am SO anxious for it to arrive.  I have been an MT for about 4 months using only the Expander build into Inscribe.  I have a feeling my whole world is about to change.  THANKS for all the participation on this thread
Don't you love it when you get all excited s/m
to get a 16-minute report, and then it ends up being 2 pages long?  I was thinking, "all right! Lines!', and she spends so much time p-ing around, flipping through the chart, yawning, etc., I can practically type right along with her.  Erg.....
Don't get excited. You should have provided it to begin with. nm
Thanks so much for the info!! I am very excited about working for them:)
Excited, happy, and grateful.

As if a transcriptionist would be excited over making
$9.60 an hour filling out surveys when s/he could be working a real job and making at least twice that or more.
I got excited when I reached 2400 lines per day.....

and then my account decided to go overseas so now I jump around a LOT and can't get 1500 consistently, although I do TRY!

Very excited about the Sopranos coming back

Well call me silly too......because I'm excited for ya!!!! Congrats! nm
Well I've ordered mine! I'm so excited! nm
Got so excited about my fantasy, the name did not make it...Andy Garcia! nm
Curiosity piqued.....whatcha excited 'bout??? nm
Before you get too excited, most hourly QA jobs have a line count quota too.
so if you had trouble getting quota as an MT, it could be that you might not make it as a QA either.