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I get the no deodorant part - but what did his mother teach him?? (sm)

Posted By: Southerner on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: something about smelling like... - casey

May be an old wives' tale, but I've always heard that if you never start wearing deodorant, you'll never need it. 

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she had me until the "single mother" part. sm
She makes it sound like that woman intentionally screwed things up for her because she's a "single mother." Being a single mother isn't easy, but for 99% it amounts to a choice. A choice to have kids with someone they shouldn't have. And too often it's used as an excuse or reason to be treated differently than anyone else.

Flame away. I don't care, because it's the truth.
I'm afraid the deodorant samples were not a gag...
tho I wanted to gag after opening the box! Yes, that could be true about wanting others (strangers) around since our parents died - I suppose it IS easier emotionally, in a way. Its like being at an office party.
those who can't do....teach

There is  a HUGE difference between reading what someone else has already deciphered versus being the one who is deciphering it at 140 words per minute.  The bottom line is that we all make mistakes because we are paid on production - not because we are ignorant or guessing or whatever unprofessional nonsense they choose to call it.  As for the comment about not spelling physician names correctly (cities, schools, etc.), we do not get paid by the hour to search for these things - QA people do or they are getting paid for lines they do not type to compensate their time.  There is no cause for unprofessionalism or personal attacks.  I do not appreciate commentary.  I don't appreciate remarks about punctuation, grammar etc. particulary when it comes from someone who doesn't understand what an independent clause is, a complete sentence and so on.  Passing on their infinite wisdom because it is what they "were taught" isn't valid - back it up and I don't mean with the BOS, which basically boils down to someone else's opinion.    I find the QA people contradict themselves left and right, contradict each other, contradict the account manager and most importantly contradict account specifics, and some contradict the doctors themselves.   Very few have come across my path that were friendly, helpful or even knowledgeable.  They just often have misplaced confidence in "understanding" the word no else can...I find it better to err on the side of caution if it is a word of substance; if it is not, move on.  Perhaps, QA should respectfully mentor the newbies, give feedback to MTs who make repeated mistakes and otherwise take a supporting role in helping MTs to produce quality documents, instead of getting into a p1ssing contest. 

How do you teach someone s/m
who has been typing since age 16 to now only put 1 space after a period instead of 2? That's going to take a LONG time to break that habit.
some one should teach them grammar
The easy part is making the decision to leave, the hard part is
actually doing it.  Been in your shoes and it took me a year and a half to leave after I had made the decision to do so.  It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my girls.  I had family and friends and a counselor telling me what needed to be done and I knew what needed to be done but until I had the courage on my own to do it I stayed.  One day, we had an argument and he spit in my face and that was the last straw for me.  Even though it is something that I will NEVER forget, that day is also a day I will never forget because it is the day that I took my kids and left.  I am a single mom of 2 and have been single and supporting us for 5 years now.  I have been healing ever since and still am to this day.  You can do this.  I know that if I hadn't have left and I would have stayed one of us would be dead by now or both. 
I teach classes online.
What was wrong with trying to teach them when they were young?
I learned to dust, wash dishes, clean my room, etc., when I was about 5 years old, and it was part of our routine. Every week our chores would rotate and as we got old, we learned more. Same thing with cooking. You obviously let this go too long but now is the time to change it, not when you have a nervous breakdown.
There are schools that teach you the business in about...
6 or 8 weeks, not quite sure.  But the idea of expressing anal glands on the dog just sickens me.  I love dogs, but I couldn't do that nasty little detail.  no way, no how.
We teach people how to treat us - I would not put up with this.
It seems this arrangement no longer works with your schedule. If they say they need the work now and you cannot do that any longer then you need to let them know why. Best of luck to you.
I think it is all about your beliefs and what you teach the kids...sm

We do let our kids trick or treat, as stated before.  However, it is all just for fun (and candy) for them.  I think it is all about what you teach your kids.  I see what you are saying about Christmas, I actually can't stand it when people celebrate Christmas who don't believe in God and Jesus.  But I guess someone could say the same thing about me (for "celebrating"Halloween without "believing" in what it stands for).  I think I am confusing myself!!!  All I think that matters is what YOU believe and what you are teaching your children. 


However, now that this subject has come up, I am going to do some more research on Halloween and possibly consider the idea of a "fall harvest party" or something like that.  I do like that idea, so thanks for letting me explore other ideas!!!  I never thought that deeply about getting free candy from the neighbors!!

teach pronunciation in med school?

how in the heck does one become a doctor and pronounce things like:

ex-zeffer (that is, Effexor)

cla-mit-tra-zol (rather clotrimazole)

tur-bun-ins (how about turbinates!!)

makes me crazy...er.

When you teach your child about the Golden
Teach a newbie to fish
I don't think it helps them. I started looking at the Word Help board after I read a post earlier this evening about the low-level questions newbies are wanting answers for. One was something like "vigomatic...this is somewhere on the head." Are you KIDDING??? I couldn't believe it. I think it would serve this person much better to give him/her some ideas on how to find the answer rather than to just give the answer away. Just giving the answer away is not really helping them learn anything. It's just letting them copy your homework.

What's that saying? Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

In the earlier discussion I mentioned, someone thought posting on the board (in a virtual situation) was the same thing as asking a teacher for an answer in a classroom situation. Well, I think a great teacher in a classroom situation would do the same thing; i.e., point the student toward the dictionary or the encyclopedia or whatever, not just give away the answer.

I really have to wonder how someone can end up as a working transcriber & not know, or at least have been exposed to, the word "zygomatic" at some point. How did this person get a job? Scary, especially considering how protective we are of our field and how much better at it we think we are than anyone else on the planet.

There are no shortcuts. Every great working Transcriptionist has had to look everything up, has had to go through the unbearable period when getting through one report was like swimming through concrete. Are newbies these days under the impression that there is another way? Because there isn't.

QA should be used to teach and aid in the process of MT'ing sm
Not to pick apart and make the MT feel inadequate. Does it really matter if there is a comma missing....not really. The report still reads the same and is a technical document.

QA should be friendly and helpful, at least that is how I try to be in my QA position. We are in this together not against each other. We have the same purpose....to make sure that patient has the most accurate record possible. We all should work as a team, in my most humble opinion.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I teach and I make 20.00 per hour. Not that great
but nothing to sneeze at either.  I teach community service classes (medical transcription, anatomy physiology and medical terminology) at a local college.
In our Sunday School class, now we teach!nm
I would think the school could fire him if he can't effectively teach- sm
and the kids take advantage, etc. It is for his own good as well as everyone else that he can hear. They make hearing aids so small now, vanity is a big price to pay for not being able to hear. I would think though that the school would have good cause to can him though IF he does not try to work to the best of his ability and if hearing aids help him to work better than he needs to do it, no one is going to make fun of him for wearing them (he's a big boy anyway I'm sure he could take what the kids can dish out), I would think he'd have more trouble from the kids without them. Good luck in making him see sense.
FINALLY got it - Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! THANKS!!

I DO call you a crook. Do you teach your kids
teach and guide, start my own school? sm
I guess then they should take the Word Board off if teaching and guiding is a "no no?" Difference between teaching and just telling somebody something they can look up for themselves.

Yeah I am into books! Not too slow if you know what you are doing! Still do 250-300 lph with accuracy which is more than I can say for your post.
I teach literacy classes. Do it. You'll be glad you did.
No, what's sent work overseas is cheap schools that don't teach SM
properly, churning out hoards of MTs who will undercut the good ones and then turn out terrible work.
It's real. 100%. I used to teach this so email me with any questions. I will give you both the sm
good and the bad about the business. It's all completely real and you can do it from home.
Okay... do they no longer teach proofing your document before you send it?? (sm)
PRINCIPAL DIAGNOSIS(ES): Left food wet gangrene, status post above-knee amputation on.

Actual copy and paste..... I have no words for this at all.
Okay... do they no longer teach proofing your document before you send it??
Maybe some few isolated case...
Partially true, but you're not going to learn what they don't teach you ...
a cheap, crappy school does not teach you all the things you need to learn. And you don't know what you don't know until you try to start working and can't pass any employment tests.
its a tool like macros, you have to teach it to understand you and edit at first the words it does
What I understand is, it helps out if you have body parts that are giving out, but it will not, say.. double your production. 
You teach your 3 y/o daughter abdominal anatomy on the chart in the doc's ofc while waiting...nm
I am well aware of that - just angry that parents teach their kids to cheat! nm
Call a local school or program and ask. I was asked if I wanted to teach when I
UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am speechless. I literally have no words! A $5000 trip to China to teach

them how to steal our jobs?



What's up with the CMT part A and part B exams?
I thought it was all one test.  How can a half a test last 6-1/2 hours?  If anyone knows, please share your info!  Thanks! 
Yes, as mother's we should take the
responsibility. Whether they were married or not is not relevant. Everyone makes poor choices in life. Everyone, married and unmarried, might need help at some point in their life. What difference would it make if my sister in law was married? The courts wouldn't enforce the order anymore than they are now. You say you are all for going after the father, what difference does it make then? They are not held accountable by your government, but you think it is okay to speak against any woman needing help only momentarily because they made a poor choice in life?

I'll give you another example. My mother who was married to my father for 10 YEARS had to get a divorce and take all 4 of us kids with her. My father after 5 years of MARRIAGE started beating her. He then put guns to my brother and my mom. He raped my sister many times before she was ever not scared enough to tell someone. She left as soon as she could get out and took all of us with her. Our government that she paid taxes into her whole life did not once honor the restraining orders, did not honor the court order for child support, and would not provide my sister with counseling at no charge or reduced rate. Do you know why? Because a member of the family committed the crime. Even though the man told my mom that he is aware that most all sexual assault cases occur in the family, but according to the procedures laid out to them by our government, you cannot get assistance if the act occurs in the family. My mother worked 3 jobs. We had to get her out of bed with a broom because she would come up swinging. She drove us all many, many times to counseling and did not get sleep to go to her next job. If our government would have pursued the child support order, if they would have offered her free counseling for my sister so she was not having to pay out of pocket, just a little help for a short period in her life, then she would not have had it so rough, or us so rough during those times. I am sorry, but it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves. On the other hand, our dollars do not go back to our people in the right way. If you think they do or you think that the government should not be held accountable for their lack of assistance or overseeing of the assistance they do give to make sure it is used properly, you are fooling yourself. If you think it is about all for yourself, never have to depend on the government at all in your life for anything, then give us our money back and we surely could do that.

Mother's Day
My birthday is on Mother's Day this year. I got myself a present, a ticket to see Rob Thomas in concert in PA. I usually get a combined birthday present/Mother's Day present from my husband and two daughters.
My mother's day
First thing when she got up, my 5-year-old asked "Is it Mother's Day?"  When I said yes, she went to her school backpack, pulled out a little brown bag that says "I love mom" on it, and took out a little sculpture of herself that she made at school. My 18-year-old son spent half the day sleeping, a few hours at his girlfriend's house, stopped at home and gave me the top half of a carnation. I think he pulled it off of his girlfriend's mom's bouquet or something.  My 21-year-old daughter called at 8 tonight and said "Happy Mother's Day. I didn't get you anything. I can get you a card though." I think she basically called to let me know she works tomorrow because I watch my 1-year-old grandson when she works. Oh yeah, my husband and I got in a fight. I'm so close to tears. I can't wait until everyone is bed so I can have a good cry. Am I being too sensitive about the older kids? I don't expect them to spend a bunch on me but they both work, and a $5.00 little flower, an annual or something, or pitching on a hanging basket or something, or even a card..whatever..would have made my day. I don't know. Maybe it's just PMS.
Mother's Day
I'm sorry about those 2 self-asorbed older kids. Just think how much the little one loves you - when a 5-year-old remembers Mother's Day, that's special!

As one of the other posters said, remember this on your kids' birthdays. Turnabout is fair play. If you keep giving to them and doing for them, they will get the message that they can treat you anyway they want.

Personally, I would call them on this, but that is just me. I wouldn't be watching that grandson, I can tell you that.
Oh gosh! Don't even get me started on mine --- that is another book! lol. Oddly enough the one thing she does approve of is me being here for her son and our children. She has opinions (her own-- not always bright) about everything else I don't do the way "she" would.
my mother-in-law always said
it costs nothing to ask... so give it a shot... susan
My Mother said it does. She said it did not last sm
for her too long, however, it has been almost a year for me, maybe even longer with these palpitations etc. Some days I am great, others not so great. I was walking with a neighbor until she got pregnant but has had the baby now and I think exercise does help the whole situation.
Thank you so much. Please keep my mother in your
prayers.  She is a very sick lady. 
mother ill
If I were you I would move her to Georgia. I would just tell her she needs someone to care for her and I didn't want to uproot my family.
Like a mother, eh??

My mother.
She was the transcriber (that's what we were called back then) for a 10-man (yes, they were all men) multispecialty group. She needed help, so the summer I was 16, she dragged me in kicking and screaming and made me help her. I could type and spell and I had passed high school biology; what more was needed?
Does anyone know if you are a part time employee for 1 company and part time IC for another can you
still claim deductions for IC on your income tax even though you are one of each.
Depends on how part time the part time jobs are.
You can do it. You just have to work out a schedule you can live with.
I just saw mother on Dan Abrams

It sounds like her Aruban attorney is embarrassed by her outburst, in particular calling the two brothers who were released criminals.  They are saying it was "an emotional outburst" with no information to back up the accusation.  In the meantime, Beth Twitty did not forget her shiny pearlescent eye makeup, under eye cream and false eyelashes for the press conference in which she had the "emotional outburst" asking other countries to disregard facts that the Arubian government had no basis to keep these brothers in jail and released them and not accept these "criminals" (emotional outburst no facts per attorney) in their country.  

Someone should take Beth (eyelashes) Twitty home and get her a nice antidepressant and a Southern Comfort cocktail.



Saw my mother-in-law's couch LOL

not her mother's choice
Glitter eyemakeup? False eyelashes? What channel are you watching? Maybe you should put on a pair of glasses, and maybe then you would have seen her crying. I think the arubans investigation stinks and so does their goverment.YOUR THE LOON, NOT BETH TWITTY.
many people can be a mother sm
but it takes someone special to be a mom! Don't sacrifice yourself because of her.  Take a break, you're worth it! God bless you!
Toxic mother
I had to distance myself from my mother too. Don't feel bad. Think of it as doing something nice for yourself.

Now that I have grown daughters I have a problem I don't know how to solve. I don't want to be negative or judgmental towards my children, but they dress in sloppy, slutty clothes and I overhead some people joking about them because of it. I want to tell them to be more presentable but I don't want it to sound like I'm criticizing them or rejecting them. What do I do?