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how about that other doc on ER....Luka?

Posted By: I LOVE George! on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: cannot stand George!!!!!! - mq_mt


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Luka on ER
He can eat crackers in my bed anytime!
No Luka is not leaving and Sam is back.
They were going to fire Luka but Weaver finally stepped up and said that she was responsible.  Now she is no longer Chief.  Luka is staying.  It ended showing Abby taking the baby home and Abby was finally bonding with her own mom.  Sam had her big-money friend come get her and bring her back to the ER.  She had a rape kit done b/c her ex raped her.  She also shot and killed him but they ruled it as justifiable homicide so she is fine.  It is really rather interesting this year I think.  I've been watching since the very first episode all those years ago.  I have to say they almost lost me last year with all the episodes with them being in other places like Darfur.  Like they were trying to hard to make statements and it was too confusing trying to keep up with all the goings on in other places. Much better this year.  Looks like it is going to be really good next week too.  Don't miss it!
Luka is a poor replacement for my main man George Clooney.
Maybe it's the scripts he is given.  He just doesn't have the star quality and charm that George had but who could follow George Clooney?  Not Luka.  Of course I gave up watching ER awhile ago when it became Bizaarro World with B actors so maybe Luka has changed?