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Are you kidding - at least Clooney speaks properly.

Posted By: sm on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: cannot stand George!!!!!! - mq_mt

Matt comes across as being very dumb when he speaks and is apparently odd to boot - remember the incidents where he got caught doing something naked extremely high on pot??? And now, no deodorant?!? Please, up your expectations, ladies! He seems to be a total loser. Now, George, hmmmm! I'll take that. LOL!

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George Clooney...something about those eyes! nm
Again, its because you did not properly train him!!
George Clooney and Richard Gier (sp?)
You forgot Ben Casey, George Clooney ... sm


But actually, the first DR. KILDARE wasn't TV's Richard Chamberlain.  Series was based on series of old movies (no age issue here ... first one came out same year my mom was born, around 1932 or 1933 or so).  There, Dr. Kildare was played by Lew Ayres and Dr. Gillespie was played by Lionel Barrymore.

Docs were male, nurses all female and scurring around with, "Yes, doctor... No, doctor ... Right away, doctor."

If you do your taxes properly, you certainly SHOULD NOT end up paying...
40%.  Obviously if you have no deductions other than the standard, you will pay more, but even with only the standard deduction, you shouldn't be paying 40%.
Autotext not working properly
Does anyone know whay might be wrong with my autotext?  I have several set up in WORD.  I have it setup so when you start entering the text, it will show a balloon popup and you can hit enter or F3 and the entire autotext will populate.  However, this will only work if at the beginning of a new paragraph.  I can't seem to get it to work in the middle of a paragraph after a sentence.????  Any thoughts?  Would appreciate emensely!
Autotext not working properly
Does anyone know whay might be wrong with my autotext?  I have several set up in WORD.  I have it setup so when you start entering the text, it will show a balloon popup and you can hit enter or F3 and the entire autotext will populate.  However, this will only work if at the beginning of a new paragraph.  I can't seem to get it to work in the middle of a paragraph after a sentence.????  Any thoughts?  Would appreciate emensely!
Speaks out....
It has to be absolutely awful to have the whole world know what is going on in your personal life. As the poster below said, Jennifer has millions and no children - but I've had some kick-in-the-stomach events in my life and it was bad enough coping with them (I know, we all do - don't flame me). At least I could escape to the mall, a bookstore, some anonymity - but Jennifer had no place to escape to.

I think Brad is a very decent guy but he's probably going through a midlife crisis. I worry more about him getting hurt from whacko Angelina - not only emotionally hurt, but if I were him, I would be worried about catching something. That girl is a skank.
I have never seen the George Clooney thing. He looks like a Bassett Hound with a
George Clooney, hot wings, and Coors Light
can we go now?
I must be weird, but he makes my skin crawl, right along with G. Clooney.
Thank you! Glad your husband was properly dx'ed.
Is expanderic working properly for those who have downloaded it?
I had to disable it just to type this message because it keeps deleting characters that I type and adding spaces. Anybody?
Right, they can't depress the brake properly if they have cancer! nm
Brad Pitt, George Clooney. Cool guys who don't take themselves too seriously.

I watch them even in their bad movies but has anybody seen Brad Pitt in one of his first movies A River Runs Through produced by Robert Redford.  OMG, he is a beautiful man. 

George Clooney is cool and not bad to look at.  Not full of himself either.


Luka is a poor replacement for my main man George Clooney.
Maybe it's the scripts he is given.  He just doesn't have the star quality and charm that George had but who could follow George Clooney?  Not Luka.  Of course I gave up watching ER awhile ago when it became Bizaarro World with B actors so maybe Luka has changed?
and that speaks volumes (nm)
and he still speaks to people like the..nm
just because someone else *speaks* the words--sm
does not *make them his.* just as qoutes from others are in books, and the writer copywrites those. The doctor did not tell her to make the macros to make her job easier. She had to take it upon herself to do the work. He did not type them and put in the codes, she did. He did not provide her with anything to make her job easier. It was her effort, thought processing, and physical demands that did that for her. She should not have to *hand them over* to anyone. That is HER work. Not his. Does that help you understand it a bit better?
One that speaks EBONICS. - nm
Your post speaks for most, if not all of us! - sm
I would love to see a compilation of hundreds posts like this from other MTs sent to Congress, so they can see for themselves what offshoring is doing to this country. At this rate, we'll be 'third world' before we know it.
The 'Holy One' speaks........

Yes, Yes! Sue the OWNER of the plastic pool because they did not secure it properly. Now it was a
deadly object due to THEIR negligence! Just think of the $$$. 
Wireless router is not working properly. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. This morning I had
plug my main computer directly into the phone company's DSL box.  No settings are changed, ever, when this happens.  Anyone have any ideas?
Oops, guess it didn't attach properly..sm
George Clooney, chocolate dipped strawberries, and Dom Perignon champagne.
You get what you pay for. Your attitude speaks volumes. nm
Same people who properly call the bird African GREY
Jennifer Aniston finally speaks out

She says she's hurt and sad over the breakup.  She loves Brad and always will because he's a "good" man.  She's very hurt about his spread in Vanity Fair with Angelina as a "married couple" with children.  She says it was obvious from the beginning of filming Mr and Mrs Smith that he was attracted to Angelina and started drifting away from her.  Now look at him, he's chasing after Angelina like a fool, while she adopts baby after baby, when he had a perfectly good woman!  The whole thing is sad!

Your post should be entitled "Unrealistic MT speaks."

I've been in this business long enough to know that number one, it is darn hard to get any clinic to sign a contract with an MT, and two, I'd put my head on the block and say that 99.99% of them would never sign a contract stating that if they break the contract, they would  continue to pay the MT x-amount per month, and if their high-powered attorney allowed them to do such an air head thing, they'd find a legal loop hole via to get out of it soooooo quick.

The MT who originated her post was obvlously feeling very down, as you would be if it happened to you, so I must say it was very BIG of you to kick her while she was in that position, and I have to wonder, who's more professional - you or the clinic who dumped her with no notice after years of good service.

May the karma bug bite you big time in the butt, and it will, too.

Have a nice day - Julie

This really speaks the truth! Loving your post. nm
2 years experience and you passed the CMT? That speaks volumes about the AAMT... SM

I've been saying it for a while now.  The CMT test is not an assessment of an MT's skills and knowledge medical terminology, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology knowledge you are, but how well you've memorized the BOS.

Well, congrats anyway I guess, for memorizing a bunch of useless rules and regulations that will undoubtedly change in the next five years when a new "updated" version of the BOS is published.

There is an old adage - "He that writes like he speaks writes badly." nm
Doctors need to learn that they are creating a document that is going to be read by others.

I work for a hospital where the gastroenterologists compete to see who can dictate their endo in the fastest time. They deserve the blanks.
No one speaks shimma shimma, its mumbling, in any language.
ONCE. All day, every day. LOL Just kidding....
Or not...
No kidding...
All that wind, and very little rain...  But it DID manage to snap one of my trees in half, cause another tree to partially uproot, blow a plastic baby pool into our yard, and knock over our nice swing in the backyard!  Trees all over our neighborhood are completely knocked over, and this is a subdivision where all the homes have been there 2+ years!  Can we say the landscapers sucked?!
Are you kidding me?
That is so low. That just makes me madder.
You have got to be kidding!
You need to re-read your post sister - You indicate Medquist has spent millions regarding the lawsuit and could ONLY spare $20,000 for Katrina victims? You have got to be kidding - what the heck did you give to Katrina victims?

The one thing I can say for MedQuist is at least they are paying their debt and not filing chapter 11 or closing the business or just running and hiding - they are coming clean and that is respectful. What IS NOT respectful is your arrogant remarks regarding them ONLY GIVING $20,000. I want to hear it from you - HONESTLY WHAT DID YOU GIVE?

Get a life and find something better to gripe about. I could only imagine if they gave a million dollars, you would be whining again because you want a raise and here they are giving all this money away. UGH - good golly!

I will assume that if I don't get a response back from you that you gave nothing to Karina victims and are speechless.
no kidding
it certainly does make a mockery of this so-called profession. Corporate material?....no! Trailer park material.....absolutely! And I love it - I come here for entertainment! LOL!
Where??? The only time you hear from them is when they want to be nasty and mean to you for not doing enough work!!! SS s***s.
you have to be kidding me
peep is just people...in the 'old times' it was a peeping tom, get with the times.........don't get so OFFENDED!!!!!!!!
you are kidding, right?
you are kidding.
Are you kidding?
Look, stand up for your business. At 0.8 per gross line, with that many templates and time, she has no excuse but to get it right. None of my accounts would tolerate that. She must take no pride in her work. And if you keep making her corrections, etc., you are hurting yourself. If she were a friend, she would want to get it right and be grateful for the work. Has she heard of "spellcheck"? I have helped friends out and they have helped me, but we would expect the best, not just "get through with it as fast as possible". Rethink this person kiddo. There's gotta be someone else who would appreciate this work.
Are you kidding?
We both work and neither one of us wants to be bothered talking on the phone during the day.  We talk when he gets home.  
RU kidding????
I'll have U know I DID work at BK from 1974-76 when in hi school and NO WAY would I trade my keyboard fingers for french frie smell! LOL Ewww....they always stuck me on fries (couldn't deal with customers) - yuck. I always had french fry hair from that darn cap I had to wear!
Are you kidding?
Sorry, don't mean to sound mean, but do you not know what court reporting is? There is no way that this can be done from home. You have to document what is said while it is being said in the courtroom. Sheesh!
You have GOT to be kidding...

Please tell me you are kidding! Unbelievable how naieve some people are, simply unbelievable!

You really should go to the ER. No kidding.

I have a dear friend who is in his early 50s.  He has the standard headaches and takes his BC Powders.

Last year at Christmas he was going home for the holidays and I had gone by his office to wish him happy holidays, and he was literally laying on the table with the worst h/a ever he said.  His eye was even a little blood shot (like you get with a really bad h/a).

On the way home, he finally couldn't take it anymore and pulled into an ER about 20 minutes from where he lives.

Within minutes they had done a CT and had him on a helicopter to Univ of Ala at B'Ham. 

He had a brain tumor!  Never would have thought it - wouldn't have ever even considered to think that.  He was healthy as a horse. 

So, please go to the ER.  BTW he had surgery and he is doing really good.  But he wouldn't have if he hadn't stopped and pulled into that ER that day.

Not kidding
Spirits in the house  - go ahead and laugh, or tell me you wanted a serious answer.  That is one.  I've seen it before.
Are you kidding me???
Next week they're all going to sing Queen??? The only one I can see pulling that off is Chris. Can you imagine Bucky and Kelly singing Queen?

You have got to be kidding!
That should not be acceptable!