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matthew !

Posted By: texan on 2006-06-01
In Reply to: Matthew McCaughnahey will be on Oprah - today...for anyone who is interested!

I caught it on Oprah last night - I never watch her show, but believe me I did tune in for him!  I love him, i think he appears to be a great guy, love how he loves his dogs, and of course, he is a University of Texas fan! 

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Matthew is so hot!

Yeah, the picture is very distracting!   I hear is is going to be in the new Dallas series, one can hope ! 
Matthew McCaughnahey
I've never been "moved" by Matthew, but I do love me some George Clooney. Another actor that I've never understood what all the fuss is over is Tom Cruise. I just don't get it.
Matthew McConaughey
;) Matthew McConaghey, and "Nick" on CSI ;)
Matthew McCaughnahey will be on Oprah

Who the heck is Matthew McCaughnahey
I must be working too hard. I never heard of him. LOL
Yes!! Matthew, hunky southern gentlman.

Matthew McCounaghay (sp), and yes, Olivier Martinez, ooooohhhh my. nm
Several, Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell, Matthew McConaughey to name a
Sean Connery, Tom Petty (big TP nut), Brad Pitt is nice too. Tom Berenger too!