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Now Tom Cruise also...

Posted By: makes my skin crawl...sm on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: Matthew McCaughnahey - I LOVE George!

I can't stand HIM!!! Freaky...but now Matthew, that's a different story.  He's *dreamy*

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Cruise - Especially if you don't have to fly to get to one.
Best value for the money out there.
I wish.  I have a radiology account and three separate doctors who have been with me for five years....  Have taken one vacation and left on Friday and came back on Sunday.....  Everyone wants they work back the same day.  I have these people spoiled rotten...... and it is all my fault too... 
Thanks for the info on the $$$$$....I guess I will have to get busy training someone local to help me for that one week...
I second the Tom Cruise boycott.
Didn't know about Johnny Depp, but he's way better looking than Cruise.
It's an OPINION Cruise has.
He is entitled to an OPINION isn't he?  Just as you THINK you "survived" PPD.  Think of the damage people on drugs who have PPD have done, like the mother who drowned her five kids.  She was on drugs. 
cruise and work
Has anyone ever taken a cruise and worked off of a laptop while doing so?  We have just been given the opportunity to go on a cruise, but I have not had much luck with finding someone to help me out for such a short period of time, so I was wondering if anyone else has worked while on the cruise?  Is there access to e-mail on these ships?
Tom Cruise gets squirted!
Cruise information - SM

Would appreciate any feedback on which cruise and/or cruise line you have experienced and if you recommend them.  Would like to stay away from Disney, as it will be just hubby and I.  All the websites are so full of "perfection" I would like to hear "real comments."   TIA for any input everyone. 

I think Tom Cruise is a total whacko- sm
I actually thought it years ago but then he was kind of reclusive and didn't speak out so much.  Now that he's opened his mouth again and by his actions, he is showing his stupidity.  If you saw him on the Today show with Matt Lauer and the things he said, he was unbelievably pompous and arrogant about things he obviously knows nothing about.  Why do these "stars" think we want to hear what their opinions are?  Who cares?  All they are are paid ACTORS.  Tom Cruise only has a high school education and he acts like he is the most brilliant person in the world.  Look at Nicole Kidman - she got out while she could.  I pity Katie Holmes.
I am a PPD survivor and boycott Cruise nm
Tell that to the cruise ship industry.
Tom Cruise?!? Ick! I only liked him when I was in high school.
Apparently that is still the trend! How old is Katie????? LOL!

I'm leaving again next week on a cruise, and can take the work with me.  As an MTSO, I don't have to transcribe, but could if I needed; just download via ship internet to laptop and type offline, then send back.  I use to move files, answer emails, and JUST IN CASE, have the ability to transcribe should the world fall apart while I'm gone!  Also, if you get an AIRCARD, you CAN download/send files while traveling where phone signal is available.  Life is good with flexibility!!!

I refuse to validate the idiot Cruise
or to enrich him with one penny of my hard-earned money. I will not be seeing his movie or any other project in which he is involved. I feel the same way about Johnny Depp since the horrible, hateful statements he has made about America and Americans. They are free to speak their minds, but I am also free to choose not to reward their hatefulness.
This wasn't a thread about Cruise's opinion which

some of you think he doesn't have the right to have.  I don't care HOW ridiculous it is, it is HIS opinion...just the same as we all have ours that he's nuts. LOL

Yes, I think he's really gone out there making the ridiculous claims he has...but, it is his right to think the way he does.  Just as you have the right to think differently.

Doesn't change the fact that he is a fabulous actor and a box office sure bet. 

I don't subscribe to his perspective on PPD or drug therapy or psychiatry at all.  I'm sure he doesn't subscribe to my perspective on sitting at the computer all day to type out reports about other people just to make a few bucks. 

Now, there are people in this world sadly enough who will not seek help because of what he said and for those people I am truly sad for.  Those tend to be the same people who VOTE according to what their favorite celebrity says as well.  LOL

I believe in complete autonomy so if these people must mess up their lives because they have the right to - then let them. 

I won't boycott anyone because I differ in their opinion about treating problems.  He's not a criminal; he's not a child molester; he's not a sexual offender; he's not a thief; he's not a tax evader; he's not .. he's not any of the things that I feel I SHOULD make a boycott about it. 

The movie was fantastic.  You're missing out but, hey, that's your right!!  LOL 

Enjoy your evening!

Tom Cruise has always been manic. He has always been what he is, you just haven't noticed it.
He was always cute and now he looks haggard and it seems like he is trying to recapture his youth with Katie Holmes.   Whatever.  He did make some really good movies and I think he is extremely talented but no heart throb. 
MSNBC said today cruise ships are on the way now SM
They said it takes a little bit of time to get there, but Coast Guard works closely with the cruise lines.
I found you the link of the cruise line...
Here's the latest I found of what they stated. Just seems to me like they are "buying time" so as not to use their ships for these "poor" people. They don't want to give up one of their 21 American owned ships for use, though, from what I have heard....While they work out the "legalities" people are continuing to die in MS and LA. What a darn shame.

Although I did hear on CNN that a GREEK cruise liner is on its way as we speak to help some refugees!

We'll see....
I haven't had any excitement since my last husband sent me on a cruise...
thru the Bermuda Triangle. There's something missing from my life but what, what, what could it be? I have everything a woman could want - a beautiful home, financial security - and I have two, two, two mints in one. But I don't know, somehow something is still missing...
Could be the yellow hair but his eyes are puffy too, like Tom Cruise.
Bring back the old fun loving Brad and Tom. 
We used to cruise the main drag, race on the old highway, and
stop at the burger joints to see where the parties were.  The kids don't get to do that any more because the cops bust them for loitering, curfew, etc.  In fact, that's the first thing DH and I noticed about each other was our cars while cruising the drag.  He had a red AMC Javelin and I had a red Dodge Coronet.
Cruised Mediterrean in 60 passage cruise ship
South of France, great food, great wine, wonderful shopping, ancient ruins, Michaleangelo, so much more. Well worth 10 grand.
Any cruise! No phones, no email, no snail mail NM
Used to be Tom Cruise but he stopped being irresistable when he became a lunatic. Lost all respect!

That has already been brought up by the govt.They asked Carnival cruise lines sm
to bring a ship into port and allow some residents to board the ship. Carnival says they will "consider" it. Carnival is owned by a Florida company...I can try to find the link for you where I read this.

I am irritated because "they have to think about it." If I owned the ship I would be more than happy to let the homeless use it for a while - at least a month - until they can get on their feet - get insurance stuff together, etc.

Carnival is taking WAYYYY too much time "thinking" about it as people lay dying in the streets of New Orleans
We did the cruise to the Bahamas out of Cape Canaveral. I absolutely LOVED it sm
We went on Royal Carribean and they have their own little island with tiki bar, beach volleyball, snorkeling, etc., that you can go to for free once they dock in the Bahamas. That was the best part.

We want to go again. We also did a snorkeling trip that went right past Atlantis....It was gorgeous. Can't give you any info on the Atlantis, but I can the cruise.

Of course, if you've ever been on a cruise the best part is all the great food. We'd be eating our 4 course meal at dinner and our waiter would be announcing that at midnight there would be a pizza buffett on the upper deck! We were like, ugh! But, if we went dancing that night then we'd go for a bite to eat around 1 in the morning. I was so bad on that trip!
We also did the Bahamas/Carribean cruise and toured the Atlantis. If I had my choice..
The Atlantis is the most gorgeous resort/casino ever. Our kids loved the underground aquariums. The cruise was the best thing we ever did..We usually go to Florida every year and do the Universal Studios thing and then onto something else. After seeing the Atlantis, our cruise line offered a tour, we think next time we will just fly directly into the Bahamas and stay there..It is spendy to stay there but they do have specials so check out their website for those www.atlantis.com. Good luck
Between cruise lines dumping, increased boat traffic dumping, and runoff from

the water supply --- that's my personal opinion on why there is such a growing red tide.

They try to say it's just an algae bloom, but the toxin that makes up what is known as red tide is actually lots and lots of different toxins generically called "red tide."

The "red tide" in Massachusets for example is not the "red tide" that affects the southern coastal states and shellfish.

We sit here and watch

cruise ships go by,

barge traffic,

luxury yachts,

many more people living on sail boats,

house boats (there is no more property to buy at a reasonable price so they are living on boats and probably dumping effluent in the water). 

"Red tide" comes not only from marine water, it comes from resevoirs, your reclaimed water you spray your lawns with, you get it off the grass or bushes as you pass them, it is aerosolized as you water your lawn or go by an area where lawns are being watered.  There is a plethora of ways we are getting "red tide"

But nobody talks about how we are getting it. 

Look out there people, it is a toxic dump along the coast lines.  I stand on the pier and see household trash floating by all day long.  Plastic Wal-Mart bags and floating juice bottles, Frito Lay potato chip bags --- and you know some boater has thrown the trash overboard on the way to the dock. 

We have people living on boats all over the place in the bayous.  ICK.  You know what's happening there.

The beautiful lawns 100 yards from where people are swimming and oh my gosh catching fish and getting mollusk clams and taking them home and eating them --- the chemicals in the run-off from manicured lawns and the animal excrement where hundreds of people walk their dogs is just right there! right there in the water those people are going to swim in, put their babies in, eat the shellfish out of.  But nobody is warning them.  TheY think it's OCEAN WATER AND IT'S SO HEALTHY.  It is not healthy.

Yesterday as I was saying the red tide was so awful at the beach-----------An interesting observation: 

NO BIRDS!  There was not a sand piper, sea gull, or pelican in sight.  NOT ONE.