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I understand your point; however, it is business.

Posted By: Caring MT on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: This burns me up. - Working your schedule.

In the real world, everyone is out for themselves to provide for their family. I don't knock anyone working hard and extra to provide for their families. Maybe you should look into getting a part time IC position so you won't be left with no "lines". I don't think it is a "greedy MT" - it is a hard working MT who likes to work extra to make money.

Personally, I am an IC so I work all the time, no set schedule. I have a set line count daily for myself and I work every day, including weekends, to achieve it. Anything above my own quota is "gravy". Maybe that type of position would be better for you - it works great for me! I have no limit on my income or hours worked.

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And? Your point? It is a business. If they don't make
money, they won't have investors, and no investors means no backup,....no business. No work.

You show me a BUSINESS that is open just to have employees and give them their every want, and I'll show you an entity that failed as a business, and could not even survive as a charitable organization because of the lack of structure and standard.

If their business tactics and their employment package does not suit you, leave.
I can understand that up to a point. (sm)
I agree that many people feel that college "isn't for everybody." And I also know of some people who didn't go to college but who are doing OK for themselves -- but I would say for every 1 person I can think of who didn't go to college and is successful in their trade, I can think of 10 others who thought they could do it that way, too, and are now working at Burger King, etc. My ex-husband did the same thing. Instead of college, he was able to start right out of high school at a local business and was making $40,000 his first year out of school. Unfortunately, the business closed 10 years ago and now he and the other 300 employees with skills just like his, are now competing for those low-end jobs.

I know there are success stories for people who didn't go to college, but they really are few and far between. If you think about it, there are so many people out there now who even have their college degrees and are struggling to make a living. It really is necessary to level the playing field a bit more, and the only way to really do that is to have a college education.

My son tried telling me that "college isn't for everyone," and tried telling me he wasn't going. That logic just doesn't make sense. It wasn't like we let him drop out of high school because it "just wasn't a good fit." We gave him the option of a vocational training school, also, and that's the route he's taking. But it's a 2-year program that comes with a certification. Just finishing high school and finding work wasn't an option.
I understand your point...
but just because you have been burned before does not mean that every MT is going to be burned.  Sometimes we need to take chances in life, especially if the benefits outweigh the risk -- the benefits being money and possibly a long-term account, the risk being burned (but that only needs to happen one additional time and then she will know the truth).  In the tough economical situation that many are facing, I suggest biting the bullet this one time and waiting it out. 
I understand your point
Most high-paying jobs leave room for chit-chat time, etc. With transcription, it's work every second as fast as you can to make any money (and I still don't make that much). I suppose if you get all easy accounts it works out ok, but for the most part a lot of jobs pay people a whole lot more for working a lot less hard.

As far as nurses, I'm sure it depends on the job/hospital, but my daughter was recently in the ER for several hours. I think she had 4 or 5 three-minute encounters with the nurses (or anyone!). Any time one of us went out to say she needed to be unhooked from monitors to go to the rest room, they seemed to all be sitting at the nurse's station playing computer games, and we practically had to beg for information regarding her health situation.
I see your point, although I understand the reason for
protecting human lives also. I just personally think that they should have handled it differently, but again, their customs are not the same as ours.

But, by your post where you say human life is no different than animals, killing is killing, I hope then that you do not use animal products, seeing as you feel so strongly about that.
Just give up...no point in reasoning with an individual who does not want to understand. nm.
Unfortunately it is legal..so yes it is business and they will continue with bad business practices
I didn't apply, so that's a moot point. The point I was making is that
she's ranting here about something that doesn't even pertain to most of us. You can't come to a MT message board railing at MTs without getting a response. That's why it's not called MTSOstars. Also, it's unprofessional of a business owner to let her emotions overrule her common sense. As for the newbies, they'll learn. We were all newbies at one time or another. None of us was born perfect, not even the MTSO.
You missed my point. My point wasn't perks but prestige...nm
The point wasn't that it was copyrighted. The point the poster tried to make
That's not my point. My point is previous owner hired
I made my business your business by posting and...
I totally respect everyone's opinions. It is easier for others on the outside looking in. That's why I pushed the "post reply" button yesterday. I trust my fellow MTs and I know the more I read from you all, the more confident I am becoming. I just need that final push, not from him though. I also wanted to let you all know that the physical abuse while I was pregnant was documented by my doctor and the hospital. I only wish I had known then that it is a felony to abuse a pregnant woman. I also photographed my face from a couple of weeks ago and told several people in my circle. I had such high hopes for us. Now...not so much. I'm not saying that I won't try to get him to church, but I realize that God can only do so much for someone who isn't listening. j
Business is business. Internet forums are
For a business ad?! A business that deals
''Transcriptsis'' x2

''with good track record''

''serve our clients of all sizes'' (I know what they mean, but I just think the wording is funny)

''strive to achieve highest possible quality'' (once again, they never met an 'article' that they didn't hate)

''all departments including H&P...'' (or a comma, for that matter)

not my point, actually. My point was the bigotry is the same.
The bigotry's always there. Not all "Mexicans" are Mexican, nor are they all illegal. My point is, though, people used to make remarks about cabbage smell about the Irish just like comments are made now about how nasty Mexicans are.

Every time somebody says something about "those people," something bigoted is coming out. That's all I'm saying.
Is that really any of your business?
I would think that it would be very wrong of you to spread the information you found on Google while searching for the patient's name. Are you 100% certain that it is the exact same person you are transcribing? Even seemingly oddball names can be duplicated and how would you look spreading around gossip? Even if it is court-documented, it really is not your story to tell, IMO. I would love to know who is telling you to put it on the news. That is about the craziest thing I've heard in a while, although quite good for a laugh.
MT business
It depends on how large a business you want.  There are still some small accounts, (10,000 to 18,000 lines) per month that are still on tape that you can get.  Also the digital is not that hard but I will not pay for anyone to transfer my files, I can do that.   I do not have a phone in system but if someone were to ask I would probably start out with the ones that charge so much per minute and use their system until I knew for sure the account was staying.   Where are you located, have you networked with anyone in the area?  Are you set up for tapes as well as digital?  If you start out alone, you have no back-up, you have to do everything.  When you hire I/C's sometimes they are dependable and sometimes not.   You will not earn much off of them if you want to keep your accounts.   You will not be able to charge as high as the larger companies nor go after the larger accounts at first.   It is a fine line as to having enough help and enough work and that is why you hear the complaints all the time, "We have run out of work" as you have no control over how much or when a doctor dictates or if he takes time off.  But would I give it up, probably not as the money is good to me.   You can E-mail me with any specific questions, I have been doing my own small MTSO for over 20 years.   Been through it all, ups, downs, good times, bad times, and everyting in between.   My accounts have been with me from 6 years to 20 years so I feel that they are pretty stable. 
Well I am sorry that you are using this business as sm
your excuse, but hospitals pay their people for holidays and if by chance you have to work them, they pay you time and a half.

I do not know why a business owner cannot take these things into consideration when setting up a business. This is a business just like any other business and if you have employees, those employees need to be given the same consideration as any other business. IC status is different, but I find using the nature of this business as an excuse just a little weak.

A good business head would enable you to provide benefits for your employees and if you have already made up your mind it does not, then I think probably it is because maybe you need someone else to do that figuring for you.

I am not being mean in saying these things, but even small business owners I know are able to work it out that a holiday is a holiday (whether you have to work it or not) and an employee needs to be compensated in some manner. To me, there is no excuse for not doing so.
new business
My opinion would be to let them either work at home or at the company.  I prefer to work at home, but some people may not.  As far the pay issue--when I started doing transcription I made .06 cpl and I think that is a fair rate.  Hope I helped
This is really none of my business, and I know that,
but the more I read of your story, the more absurd it becomes to even think of staying with this man.  I'm truly sorry.  I know how hard it is to leave, as I had to that in my former life, and believe me I wanted my marriage to last "til death do us part," but that ain't always possible.  I too TRUST in the Lord with ALL of MY HEART and SOUL, and as I said, sometimes it just ain't possible.  The Lord will guide you through this.  Guess it is just that as an outsider it is easier to see the forest for the trees.
Been there on business
I used to work retail management and my company had a resort there. I have been there several times to meetings and we always had some time to do things. I always enjoyed it and would like to go some day just for pleasure. There is lots to do there.
New business
I have a small transcription company that kind of fell into my lap, luckily.  It has been a year now, we have five girls and are doing a really good job with one large account.  I had tons of experience as a transcriptionist, but never as a business manager, so I took my time.  Now I am looking to get more work.  Anybody have any thoughts as to how to reel them in?
I have been in this business for
always been cherrpickers and probably always will be, just like bad drivers,  you can't get away from it.  I have given up and just do what comes up.  Saying anything doesn't seem to help.
I would say the same - none of your business
None of their business......sm
I am an IC for 3 companies, and pick up another prn. They just want the work done as agreed up front...none of their business how many or who else you work for.
own business

Is there anyone out there kind of enough to point me in the right direction of starting my own MT business.  I have been doing a lot of research but found some outdated books online.  I need to know how to write up the contract. Can I do this myself or do I need it done legally?  the choice of software and line counting software.  It would mean so much to me.  I know a lot of you have done everything on your own, but don't I need to have a good starting point?  If someone could e-mail me with some or little info, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you again.

As if anyone's business
I was on my way out the door for an appt and no, not for an interview with someone else and prior to that was working. It came about because we are not getting paid for specials on an acct that included interventionals but yet are in the pool and wanted to know what constituted a special or interventional for you all. Plain and simple to answer.  With coding changes through the years things have changed. Obviously gave some pea-sized brains something to "not" think about. It is funny how so many can read something into nothing.  Nice bunch that answered though.  Trying to stir up a pot.  Not any more.  So for all of you other there that thought otherwise, oh well.  You all look like fools.  Tee-Hee.
as an IC you are a business
Rates are lower now than before, but as a company for yourself you need to make adjustments. If you treat this status as a job you will never be satisfied.

I hear a lot of people talking about how much they make - I would love to know where they work for that - they have to be employees. The nationals and smaller companies are not paying it most times to IC, and private clients for the most part aren't putting out 14.00 an hour to start.

This is my business, and like any business I do what I have to - work long hours, have other US MT's to back me up and take a lap top with me when I am on vacation.

Not like the manager of my grocery store goes on vacation and the store closes, or my doctor and no on-call. I am a professional business woman and work as such. I want more money and give them the quality so I get it. But I never run out of work either. Does not matter how much you make if there is no work.

Can't get more when they do not want to pay - you negotiate like any other business and if you want to work, you will.

If you want to be an employee - then you can demand the benefits, pay etc, and they can decide someone else can do the work - lets just hope that person is an American.

Either way - good luck to all - it is a challange
We have business name and tax ID #
and same companies do have a problem especially since HIPAA.... some have wanted me to become a SE and others have refused to pay me under company name - claiming I need to sign the confidentiality paperwork under my name and if I use my name and then a dba - it opens me up to being able to subcontract out my work....it has gotten much more complicated since HIPAA.  In the eyes of the IRS you should have a dba and advertise and work for more than one MTSO and be independent - both for your sake and your MT company... not sure it is necessary to incorporate but that is your decision.

I empathize with all of you.  The MT industry is definitely going downhill.  What makes me especially angry is that it seems that the hospital HIM departments are responsible for a lot of what goes on, especially the misunderstandings between doctors and MTs.  During my very short time of working at a hospital, I noted that the department manager was too chicken to actually communicate with the doctors.  All she did was speak softly and flatter them whenever they would call to complain, and she would go in to that familiar rhetoric about being so sorry and having a talk with the offender, etc., etc.  It made me sick to listen to it. 

In a few short years, I will attain the label of geriatric.  I guess I lived my life backwards.  I was an RN first.  I really wanted to be a psychiatric nurse, but was stuck in Med Surg.  Just couldn't find the right opportunity, though I did get to work on one temporary assignment at the jail with the alcoholics and drug addicts.  Then, I did word processing.  Twenty years ago, I was commuting via subway and bus 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, earning about $10 per hour as a word processor.  I made more money then than I do now, but I also had expenses for transportation and wardrobe, and I was not paid for those 4 hours a day of commuting.

I've been an MT for almost 2 years.  I went into it blindly.  AS has been my pattern in life, I always believe the good reports and think that a situation is going to be wonderful; I am often disappointed.  I've been waiting for my supposedly dream job, for a company that, one year ago when I took their tests and scored 97, required 2 years of experience.  Now that I have 2 years of experience, I see that they are requiring 3 years of experience. 

I live in a rural area.  The local jobs are mostly all just a bit over minimum wage.  So, I am thankful that I can work at something at home.  I just could not afford to earn minimum wage, while still needing to provide gas and wardrobe, not to mention the commuting time. 

I did work as an MT at a local hospital; not so local, as it is 60 miles round trip.  Talk about office politics, it was awful.  The manager had no clue what medical transcription was all about.  She was not a very good leader, and her top priority was to make herself look good.  The health insurance benefits were wonderful.  But, I couldn't stand working there.  Working at home is so much better in my case, in my opinion, at this time.

I feel lucky that I bought a home a few years ago and now my mortgage is a little less than the rent for a local one bedroom apartment.  I realize that, if I have to work another 10 years or more, I should change professions, too.  I figure that I could become a psychiatrist if I wanted to go through medical school.  I guess I might try for a PHD in psychology and become a therapist or something.  Unfortunately, I am now spoiled and don't want to commute to work.  I know of no way to be a psychologist from home unless I move to a home that is set up for seeing patients; this one will not work for that.  

I think that I am going to become a professional nutritional consultant.  That way, I can be a nurse and a psychologist all at the same time, without having to stick needles into anyone.  Blood tests have their place, but I am not one that ever was good at drawing blood or starting IVs.  I might have to consult with someone's MD, but not all of them are bad.  They can often be trained to treat you with respect.  I never allowed a doctor to talk down to me when I was a practicing nurse, and I certainly will not allow it now.  It makes me seeth when a doctor spells easy words for me.  This morning, a doctor spelled FLATUS, as if he thought I wouldn't be able to figure that one out!! 

Also, one of my pet peeves is that people take way too many prescription drugs for chronic diseases that could be corrected nutritionally.  So, this is probably going to me my next profession.

I've often wondered how a person gets a audience in front of the US Congress?  Do you submit a request or do you have to be invited?  I think I know how to send out press releases, and I bet we could find the email addresses of major newspapers and start submitting.  Remember that big report that one of the major morning shows had about how great it is to work at home as an MT?  Well, I wonder if they would like to hear the rest of the story?  Actually, I realize that many of their feature stories are promoted by the advertisers.  So, unless some big group backs us up, it is not likely we will get that type of coverage.  I guess we will have to contact some news journalist who covers stories regarding the underdogs of the world.  Did anyone contact Oprah yet?  I think this is not just an MT issue, but a woman's issue, since most of us are women, and as such, seem to have less respect in this country.  

I usually edit my postings, but decided to just let this one go through as written.  Recently, I read a story about life decisions and the theme was that, whenver we make decisions, we must be aware of how our decisions will affect the next 7 generations.  I really wish that the last 7 generations would have considered that.  And, as MTs and as mostly women, we must stand up for our rights to be treated with respect.  Consider the impact on the next 7 generations.  

Thank you for reading my message.      


From a business POV...

Employees are most costly in terms of benefits, taxes and equipment. As IC is personally responsible for all of the above but not at your beck and call, either. Personally, as an IC, I prefer it that way, but I have the luxury of a hubby whose company can provide medical/dental benefits. You may find that when you notify your employees that they are now ICs some will find other work because they need the benefits (if offered).

Hope this helps in your decision-making process.

Most likely. Or else gotten out of the MT business
I am looking to get out of this business for the
can't afford to take a day off because of "no work, no pay", and I don't exactly have a shift that allows me to have time with my husband. Our son is grown and I want my evenings with my hubby, is that so wrong? Anyway, I can make more money doing data entry and the position is close enough to home that I can walk to work and get exercise.
Your business sm
It's your business and you are the owner. Your OP was not as clear as it appears to be now. So they are asking a little more of you. If you are happy with them and with the pay, and also with driving, etc., then accommodate them. Just beware that the wife sounds like she is trying to save money and money is the bottom line here. Never expect because you bowl with these people that it's going to make a difference either way. You are right never to discuss business with ANY of them. Just be professional about it all. I know some hate tapes and they hate deliveries but if you are okay with that, and you're happy with the money, then you have answered your own question. As far as the travel, with the price of gas, I would certainly cut down to twice a week, but is is after all, YOUR business. Good luck with it. Sounds to me like these changes were made without consulting you. If they really cared about you personally, they would have asked you to come into the office and sit down and discuss how change could benefit all of you. Everybody wants change but nothing beats discussing it with you in person. Good luck with it, only you can decide what to do - it is something you have to live with. If you ask others' advice, you are going to get different opinions, of course, but it's your livelihood and your decision to live with in today's economy. If you're happy with the client otherwise, then read the boards about those who sit and wait for work, etc. None of it, and I mean none, is easy. In the end, it's all up to you. Hope you make the right decision. I loved getting out of the office, I didn't mind doing extra steps, and I wrote everything off with the help of my accountant, miles, paper, phone calls, etc., it's all legally deductible. Going digital will also be deductible, whether it's just for your office or yours and theirs. Hope you find your answer. I am a dinosaur so I love tapes and in 30 years only had one break and the client paid to have it spliced and nothing was lost. I didn't worry about losing information over the Internet. Also, when you are traveling with records, be sure they are locked up and secure, it's the law now. Hope it all worksto your benefit, no matter what you decide!
Whose business is it if you get a 2nd job?...sm
Especially if they're not giving you all the work you need. We all know how selfish these companies are. Are they going to support you and your family? Same with employee status: You sign to the effect they can terminate you any time, without reason (THEIR reason)...avoids them being sued for "wrongful discharge".
new to business-help

I am hoping someone has some ideas for me. I have been a medical Transcriptionist for 14 years for a medical malpractice company.  I  have experience with op notes, discharge summaries, etc. except they are just set up in a report fashion.  I am having a hard time breaking into the at home online companies because they see "medical malpractice"  and they automatically think I am on the law end and have law terminology which is not the case, I have experience in all specialites, have medical terminology and experience with ESL and would really like some part time work at home as well. 

I am hoping someone has any ideas of where to begin and which companies would be the best to look into.

Thanks for any advice.

Well, it really isn't anyone's business
but theirs.  That being said, I'd like to chime in on the subject itself -- What if this chick gets into a car accident and kills someone with this car?  The parents will be responsible financially.  If the worst thing that happens is their insurance rate skyrockets, they will be lucky.  I would expect some serious litigation to result, which could tap into their financial assets.  What a couple of dumbasses!
Anyone here have their own business?

I could use some help.  I have an opportunity to do some work for a doctor in CT, but I live in Maine.  I have heard that there are encrypted e-mail programs that may allow me to get sound files but I do not know of any.  I have also heard that FTP programs might work.  Can anyone help me with some ideas of how I could get the sound files across the internet?



Yep...when you own your own business...sm

you're always working.  I may not actually type a lot on the weekends, but I do some.  I use the weekends to do paperwork, organize, and get my bearings for the next week,  So, yes, I work every day.  Even holidays. 


Anyone here with their own business?
I am looking to start up on my own and need any info. Basically I already have a doc to work for, but he doesn't know much about digital, just like I don't. First, what is the simplest setup that I can buy? As far as software, encription, etc. The cheapest setup from Transcription Gear was not that cheap. I don't mind spending the money if it is necessary, but I also don't want to buy something just because they are trying to sell it as the best. Any info appreciated, thanks.
If you have not had an MT business, you
There isn't room for negotiation. There isn't room to wiggle and keep making a profit.

Not that it's any of your business, but I
my accounts; as the owner I no longer have time to transcribe myself, although when I first started out that is exactly what I did.  My job now is to manage my company and set up new accounts and deal with the management end of things.  Read E-Myth.  A small business should be able to function independent of the owner. 
own business
Without sounding like a downer, my first instinct is to tell you "DON'T DO IT".  It's a brutal "knife in the back" business... Lots of trouble with employees, doctors and hospitals that don't pay, insurance benefits, you name it... Your life will no longer be your own.  I was a MTSO for many years and believe me, it wasn't worth it.  The money was fabulous, but the kinks far outweighed the earnings.  Don't get me wrong, I still love transcription to this day; however, the problems associated with it are TREMENDOUS.  We don't know exactly where this business is going in the future and I would say to stick with what you have.  The new technology on the horizon may just put you out of work and you will have spent tons of money just to have had the opportunity of having your own business.  I mean this with the best of intentions for you, honestly. Think about it twice and again and again and again before you take the step.  Hugs and good luck to whatever you decide to do.
It's all business for them....nm
Well I have only been in this business for ....
2 years in May. I had no idea it was this way. I went into this because because my friend is an MT and she makes $50,000 plus a year doing this. Well she works directly for a hospital at home. I guess that is the difference. Too little too late now.
I think that was a rude comment to make that you can't believe how ignorant us MTs are. A lot of us went into this under the impression you could make good money. I mean my friend is a prime example. I thought well one day I can make that much too. Now I see the light. Some can't afford to stop and go back to school now. It doesn't mean we are ignorant. We just made a mistake maybe.
and that is the way this business is sm
if you want to be successful and make the big bucks. If you want to make a mediocre wage then you do what most folks on this board do. They don't want to do "the time" (which takes years) and they don't want to work the hours when needed.

These folks complain about making no money etc. etc. Then they say that folks who do make a ton of money are greedy and selfish etc. etc.

This business requires that you work your butt off but if you do and persist you will be rewarded. Again the schools are what has started all this with their promises of big money for little work, little teaching/training etc. It all makes me tired!
Whether you think this is just the "nature of the business"
or not, why is that a reason to just "chill" about it, not complain, just accept that it happens? First of all, if what you are describing has always happened, it should not have. What you are describing is unethical and shouldn't be tolerated by anybody.

Secondly, if you work for a service that has anywhere from 300 to 10,000 employees, all working from home, it isn't going to be practical for the busy supervisors to sit around doling out rewards to the good little boys and girls and putting lumps of coal in the stockings of the bad little boys and girls and telling them that if they want to be rewarded they just had better change their attitude. It isn't the supervisor's job to play Santa Clause. For larger services, routing is pretty automatic, and any good service will use software that does not allow cherry picking by MTs.

If work is routed according to ability (and pay level) that is all right. What is not all right is to start cherry picking off the good dictation for VR and offshore and not acknowledge that you have just given your other transcriptionists a promotion and need to give them a raise to compensate for the extra stress, difficulty, and reduced line count.

On the other hand, it is the services who are going to be rewarded by treating their MTs well, because the services ultimately need the MTs more than the MTs need the services. If you think there aren't other options, because this is "just the nature of the business," you couldn't be more wrong.
It's none of my business, but am curious as to why
Absolutely Not! All business is best! nm
Uhm, but that is the purpose of BUSINESS...
...these companies don't exist just to give us poor MTs jobs. GEEZ.

Keeping the client happy keeps BUSINESS, sis.

You don't like it? GET ANOTHER JOB. GEEZ.

Business license...sm

You'll probably need an Occupational License if you'll be filing as self employed on your 1040.  Check with your local state or city tax department.  I live in Florida and I'm required to have an OL from both my county and my city and both must be renewed yearly.