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We were specifically instructed to work our schedule

Posted By: Original Poster on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: You know -- I'm free to work for however - Busy MT'ing

and that working off the clock was not permissable, that nowhere was working off the clock permitted. That if the acct required us outside of our shift, we would be called by management. It is to prevent taking work from the scheduled MTs (as well as unapproved OT.

So, I am not dreaming this up. This was made clear. They gave us a shift to work, we clock in and clock out during those shifts. If they need us after our shift is up, they will contact us.

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Specifically MQ. I do not work, have never worked and will never work for them, but ...sm

totally am against outsourcing work outside of the United States.  Any company should not be allowed to advertise if they outsource outside the US, in my opinion.

what? i have a schedule to work.
i said it sounds like a mgmt problem. it does. mgmt is who allows people to work off schedule.

geez, get over it.
I always work off-schedule when there
is the need. What I am talking about is those who not only work their schedule, but other MT's schedules as well and take work away from others. To answer your question, the type of MT business where other MTs are allowed to infringe on someone else's schedule after already working their own, is definitely not my idea of how the MT business should be run. Greed is ugly no matter how you try to dress it up and make it pretty.
work schedule
Is it just me? Every single company that I have investigated is now insisting on a schedule of either Sunday-Thursday or Tuesday-Saturday. Why can't I work Monday-Friday?! I don't mind a rotating weekends a couple times a month, but I'd really like to have my weekends for me and the kids! Okay my vent is over...I feel a little better now.
I used to work the same schedule.
This is what worked for me:

You have to stay in the graveyard shift even on weekends. It won't work trying to change on weekends. If you choose to work through the night, you'll need to live that schedule 7 days a week.

If you are sleeping immediately after your shift, you might need to allow about an hour to relax or settle a bit before attempting sleep. I always allowed myself to get a hot shower before going to bed. Helped me relax.

Don't drink any caffeinated beverages the last 4-5 hours of your shift. Don't drink/eat anything the last 2 hours before you plan to go to bed. It all interferes with sleep.

I had sound/light-cancelling window treatments in my bedroom and used a sound machine with nature sounds, not music. Music tends to engage your mind rather most of the time.

The ear plugs, I tried and did not like. Dark mask, I tried and did not like. I sure did not want to take any drugs just to get sleep.

You might have to have a few rough days/nights to get into it. Don't nap. Only sleep when you're supposed to.

Not everyone is cut out for it. And it is damaging to the body. I remember seeing a news documentary on the effects of 3rd shift on heart disease being as significant as smoking a pack a day.

work schedule - sm
Last summer, I was running out of work all the time, using PTO and time off without pay and making up time at night to try to make my lines. After much soul-searching, I decided to change my schedule to evenings. My CCM allowed me to "try" the new schedule for two weeks and see how I liked it. Like you, when I run out of my BOB, I work on other accounts. I have only run out of work a few times since last summer (mostly when the system went down for some reason). There is plenty of work during my shift, and I consider myself quite malleable when it comes to covering other shifts (like you) when requested, working overtime when the work is heavy, and picking up new accounts. I do not consider this an injustice. I consider it an opportunity. I guess that is why I have lasted in this field for so long. MTs have to learn that they are not self-employed. They work for a COMPANY. That means they are committed to the company's needs. At least that's my attitude. I enjoy my work, have good rapport with my CCM, and have a sense of pride in what I do, and - did I mention? - I am also making a living at it.
If greedy MTs would work their schedule...
management would not have to remind them to stop stealing work from another MTs schedule.
A question for you who work off schedule.
Do you also cherry pick in order to get those all important lines and extra bucks?  It would seem to me that someone who doesn't care about his fellow MTs as far as line counts, would be someone that doesn't care across the board.  So screw them any way you can, right?  Take all the lines your greedy little hands can grab and also make sure those lines are the cream of the crop, as well.  Might as well give the other MTs the shaft all around.
I have to work a schedule for each company.
I have lots of breaks in my schedule though. I've done this a long time. In my younger years, I went through a phase of feeling burned out but I was able to work through it. Now, I know how much money I need/want to make and just do it.

Some days it is much more difficult than others. Gotta admit to that. Most of the time, though, I hit it pretty hard at the first of my shift with each company so by the time I'm finishing up, I don't have to work as hard.

schedule for those doing pool work

I mentioned this in my previous post, but thought I would post a new topic since it is specific to pool workers.

Can those of you who do pool work tell me how you schedule your day?  Do you aim for XX lines, XX hours, etc.?

Also, do you sit down for a straight XX hours or do batches?





You go by your schedule and have no work. Everytime I get on to work, there is always work.
Most jobs want a set schedule for work at home, from what I can tell -sm
there are very few that allow you to work when you want to anymore. I have 2 luckily that are 24 hour TAT so as long as I meet deadline they don't care when I work. You will unlikely find an at home job where you make much more than $10 an hour since ESL is 80% of any job anymore. So if that trade off is worth it for you, less money, more freedom, go for it.
No, though my husband does use it to print out his work schedule for
but that is it. He has his own work laptop but no printer to it. Kids have my old computer to use for now but Santa is bringing a new one supposedly (Uncle and GPs say they are buying one, we will see).
I work as an IC, get .105 with full -time schedule. NM
Also, I work a set schedule w/the hosp but the online co
hours are more flexible (because I'm IC status).  I took out my own health insurance, so I'm not bound to any company, just in case. 
Pretty presumptious on your part. I work my own schedule,
off schedule according to you. I can work when I want, that's what an IC does. Yes, if we're working at the same time then we're both working, that's what we do. You presume too much to think that people who don't work regular set hours and who work when they want to make their line counts are also cherry pickers. Getting petty here and this sounds like it's just to start trouble. Bravo!
ICs are not required to work a specific schedule, true? SM

I had my meeting today with the HIM director of one of my accounts.  My contract is to do all the clinic work and provide 24 to 48 TAT.  Today, the director tells me she wants me to log in no later than 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

I, of course, balked at this.  I basically outlined the terms of our contract which states that I will give them 24 to 48 hour TAT, but that I am not required to adhere to a specific work schedule.  I set my own hours.  I don't necessarily have a problem logging in by 9:30 a.m. most days, but there are some days when I have morning appointments and commitments and let's face it, that's why I'm an IC, so I can have that flexibility!

I don't think this lady has any concept of what an IC is or what a contract is for that matter.  She acts like I'm her employee.  She tells me she has looked into some of the national companies and that they can guarantee her a set schedule.  I'm sorry but I only charge her 0.12 cpl, I print up the work and deliver it three times a week.  Plus I'm picking up tapes and transcribing them as well!

I think it's time for her to see what else is out there.  What do you guys think?

I've never been instructed to do that.
Absolutely! Unless instructed otherwise, you...
may use references.  Companies know you will use references on the job, and tests are not to find out how much you have memorized, but rather to demonstrate your overall transcribing proficiency, including your ability to use references to find/verify. 
Some QA is being instructed to not give a crap
and just plug up the holes and ignore the rest! TAT, ya know! Yeah........get 'er done!
Yes, you're cranky. The docs may be instructed to do so to appease Medicare or other such entity.
Did anyone specifically ask you for references?
Do not give out references unless you are asked to.  If they did ask you, did they want personal or professional references?  I use my parents' friends as personal references.  They've known me my entire life and would never say anything bad anyways.  As for professional references, you can call old supervisors or coworkers to see if they would do it.
The recruiter specifically said 8-4:30 Sun through Fri.
This has been mentioned in conference calls.

"You are not to work outside of your schedule. If we need you to work outside of your schedule, we will call you. Do not work off the clock. No where in the U.S. do people work off the clock. It is not legal to work off the clock. Do not work OT without prior authorization."

These are a few of the statements made by management regarding when to work.

I don't play bingo. I do have a mtg, a car payment and would like to live a modest middle America lifestyle which I cannot do I there is a feeding frenzy for the work load because some people make their own rules.

If my company would have said, "have at it" with regard to when to work, I'd be the first one and here is what I'd do.

I'd leave my computer on 24 hours a day and simply check on the work load every 30 minutes, sit down and type away when there was work to do and get up and do other things when there is not.

However, I signed a contract that said I understood the terms and until I am told otherwise, I will follow them.

M-TEC has a program specifically for ....

those with a prior healthcare bakcground.  M-Tec programs are very comprehensive.  Many companies waive the usual 2-year experience requirement for grads.

OP specifically said wants rental on...nm

My mom has specifically told me...
that she wants me to let the state take care of her. I, of course, cannot do this. I love my mom way too much, and she has had a VERY rough life. Unfortunately, she has not been able to save or put away money for her when she gets older. She will have to work until the day she dies. Having 4 kids with no help whatsoever from the dads, family or the state, she has taken care of us the best she could....holding down 2-3 jobs at times. All the while doing this, she still had my brothers in baseball, took my sister to the medical center for counseling several times a week and stood up to my abusive father in court to fight for her kids. Not to mention, my three times a week breathing treatments. We came first ALWAYS! None of my brothers and sisters (the ones still living) can take care of themselves. I understand that it will be my responsibilty, one in which I will do without hesitation. The only exeption to that would be if it were damaging to my own family, which she made me promise her. If it got to the point, like a friend I know, where she was constantly crying in pain and it was taking an emotional toll on them, I would have no choice but to put her in a nursing home. You bet your butt though I would be there on a regular basis.

It just all depends on the situation. I do think though that it is a very sad thing that we do not take care of our family better, especially our elders. When there are elderly people sitting without AC because they can't afford a $450+ electric bill, not eating right, going without medicine, that is a sad thing...just as it is that we have children starving in our own country.
Same here. I have accounts that specifically say to
put the patient's name in the report if the physician dictates it.
sometimes the docs specifically say they--sm
won't pay for *normals* or pretyped template phrases. If he/they have not already stated this, then charge the same. If they realize after the fact that this is the case, be honest and tell them that it was never stated not to include template normals and then negotiate a price. If, as the other poster stated, you have to print these out, it is still costing you the same, so I would charge for it. Perhaps, if you want to be above board, ask him prior to beginning with the new templates, what his intentions are. Sometimes they *forget* to say whether it is paid for, or not. I hope you get what you want out of it. good luck.
Unless the client specifically says do not
double space, then I do. Were you told not to?
If the doc said specifically send via (sm)
email, then address the email to him with ccs to other docs who are to receive a copy..
Maybe she is told to specifically do certain
dictators first or worktypes first. You never know what goes on behind closed doors or what agreements other coworkers have with the company or supervisor.

You can approach the subject with you supervisor gently without accusing the other MT of anything and see what reply you receive. At least, that is how I would approach it if it really bothered me.

Personally, I really don't pay much attention to what other coworkers are doing, as long as there is enough work for me and I am able to make a decent pay check and have the quantity of work to transcribe, I am happy.

Try not to get so wrapped up in what others are doing and just do your job to the best of your ability. If and when it hinders your ability to make a decent living, then maybe talk to your supervisor.
I would specifically ask the company
how your lines are being counted, their program, characters with spaces/no spaces whatever. Get it in writing. You have a right to know. After you get it, compare counts and if they are wrong go back on them for backpay, provided of course you have your old line counts and can verify it.
No info about them specifically...
But I would suggest that you look into AHIMA's Coding Basics.  Their program is eligible for college credit, which is very important.  Many coders have their RHIT credential.  In order to obtain that, you need an associate's degree.  If I remember correctly, the Coding Basics program provides around 40 college credits.  You need around 60 credits to finish an associate's degree, so you would have about 2 semesters to get those extra 20 credits.  Their program is self-paced and costs around $2000 plus books.
Specifically the Good Humor
ice creams bars with the chocolate candy surprise inside! Do they still make them? I may have to chase down an ice cream truck. Oh, do they still make THEM? LOL!
Can someone tell me specifically how to take Instatext and Glossaries

to a new computer?  I guess a flash drive, but i have never used one.  Do you just plug it in a USB and....well, then what?


Thanks in advance!

They specifically asked for a contract.
They want a contract by Tuesday.  I think it protects all parties involved.
Can't you read? I specifically wrote...
"..for us, the MTs.'
nobody looked down on you that you know of specifically but there is that "trailer trash"
mentality the general public thinks about trailer people. You have heard the jokes.
More specifically, free medical spellchecker, sorry about that..
what are you finding specifically wrong with this company
Sample OP NOTE specifically ORIF
Does anyone know of a good site for sample op notes, specifically ORIF report
Same here. I tell them specifically and have them write it in my chart that I do not wany any of my
There's a board specifically for these types of jobs
Call centers and different types of phone work. From what I've seen, if you have a quiet environment and flexibility this is a good job to make extra money.
anywhere specifically or just what inhouse folks in Atlanta are making?
Exactly - create an email folder specifically for that company sm
and save all pertinent emails in that folder (just drag and drop). I have one for each of the companies I work for and I keep everything for a minimum of 3 to 6 months, longer if I think it is important.
Lipid panel. They specifically stated that are not testing
Does hormone replacement (specifically low dose Prempro) cause you to gain weight? nm
Oops..sorry your right. I forgot that. I specifically ordered my Windows XP as Vista is compatible w

Just about every computer has Vista now but I went through Dell and found the computer I wanted with Windows XP and then went into ebay and got it $400 cheaper than what Dell was going to charge..The one downfall, it didnt have Office Word etc.. installed so I had to buy that but I still came out ahead.

I don't have a set schedule

My responsibilities are this:
1.  Account A - make sure all of Monday's dictation is due back by Tuesday morning 6 a.m. (they're time). Same for the remainder of the week.
2.  Accounts B and C - make sure all of the H&Ps dictated on Monday are transcribed and returned by Tuesday morning 6 a.m., they're time. Same for the remainder of the week.
3.  Anything I transcribe Monday is due back 6 a.m. (they're time) they next business day. Ditto for the rest of the week.

This only changes when there's a stat reports.

As long as I meet "the deadline," I can work whenever I want. And I do.

my schedule
I am a hardworking MT who used to be in a managerial position.  I am scheduled for 9-1/2 hours daily because I prefer to take breaks rather than work straight through 8 hours.  Today, however, I only took a 1/2 hour break, and stopped working an hour earlier than my shift was to end.  Now I'm wondering if that was the "wrong" thing to do.  I have only been in this job for a few months, and wherever I have worked before, holiday schedules were always pretty "laid back."  Now I'm wondering if I will be in big trouble tomorrow.  If it makes any difference, my production was higher than usual today, I think because I was trying so hard to get done an hour early.  What about this one?
Schedule C

Your schedule C should give you all the deductions that they have taken off of your business income.  When you print out all the forms it is there.  Have used it for almost 15 years now and (knock on wood) had a problem at all.