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Someone's taking things personally and projecting again.

Posted By: That's OK. on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: The point you missed is... - Working my schedule

Hmmm, who can it be now?

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You're taking this way, way too personally.
If you don't like it, ignore it.  People always criticize the mother.  Hey, at least she's not some bug-eyed  psycho broad lying to the authorities about being kidnapped by Hispanics. 
Not taking it personally
Again, I'm not taking it personally, I'm just upset with the way she left things here in the office.
I don't know why you're taking it so personally
unless you were name calling, belittling people or making judgmental accusations.  THAT is what I don't like and won't tolerate.
You take things personally and need to be socialized.
and it shows. Another reason home schooling might not be a good idea. Get out there and learn how to deal from society rather than hiding from it and getting angrier and angrier in your self-inflicted solitude.
you might be projecting a little. I'm the one who needs

You might be projecting?

I'm thinking you're taking this little post way too personal.

Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
Personally, I would not do it.
It's bad enough changing to nights when you are a "day person" but to have to keep switching back and forth, week by week?  (if that is what you meant).  I bet they will not continue this, though, because a day person is not productive at night, and a person who is used to working nights is usually not productive in the day.  I think they will find that they could hire someone who WANTS to work nights, rather than all the switching around.  JMO, of course.
Personally I think since 9/11/01
EVERYONE in the USA is making less money.  It's all relative.
I know for me, personally,
When I am feeling like you just described, I am usually feeling very guilty that my house is a mess, I'm not accomplishing anything and so on. It is the voice of your consciousness that is beating you up. You need to be kinder to yourself and things will start working a lot easier. You are being hard on yourself. Start making lists of things that you have accomplished today. It is a great feeling when you realize you are actually accomplishing a lot of stuff. Those good feelings then give way to the energy that you need to get more done. The way you are feeling is taking your energy too, so you have to force yourself to do everything that you do get done probably. Try accepting that the house didn't get cleaned but you did get a lot of other things done today. Then tomorrow you will have more energy to possibly get more things done. I'm serious, I am real hard on myself and trying to learn to talk nicer to myself, accept that I'm not able to do everything and it will be there when I do get time for it. You'll be amazed how much better you feel after making lists of what you've done and talking nicer to yourself! I hope this helps.
Personally I know that
mttest.com to do their testing there are instructions on the mttest site on how to use your own foot pedal and ExpressScribe. I know because I have done it. Also, if the company has a link to the dictation, you can right click on it and choose "save file as" then save the file somewhere...I usually would just put it in My Doucuments. Then open ExpressScribe and load the document from there. The instructions on the mttest website say basically the same thing. :-)
I get it now!! Well, I know personally I have
never been able to move expansions from DQS anywhere. To my knowledge, they are coded and unmovable save to another DQS computer. If the DQS is from a certain company that starts with M, I know there was another company, a competitor, who actually tried to lure M employees by saying their tech people would help them copy their DQS expansions. I have tried to copy DQS to Word, and was not successful. I do know how to do it from computer with DQS to computer with DQS, so I'm not totally illiterate. Personally, I have never known anyone to succeed, but maybe someone else out here can help you!! But I have always been told DQS Expander is not compatible with any other platforms, which would make sense, as its a copyrighted product, etc. But good luck! I always just spent a day or 2 making a new expander on Word on my own, and have been very happy. Maybe change your subject line and repost!
Did you know her personally? sm
I'm curious and wonder if some of these folks have others working for them, or have a spouse who knows MT filling in at times.
not personally, but...sm

My sister won tickets to the tour this year and I'm trying to win some! Should be a good show, I think...


I personally believe, yes, I am.
And I have been. I truly believe we should 'honor our Mother and our Father.' My parents gave and sacrificed all their lives to give me everything I needed and often, what I wanted. It's because of them that I have the values and traits that I do. My parents are treasures. Unfortunately, both of them have passed away. I'm only in the my mid 30s and I've already dealt with this question. For me, it was never a question of if I should. It was a natural role for me and my siblings and even my husband to step into. My mother died suddenly but my father passed away more recently and it was a slow death from an illness. We cared for him in his home, both with a wonderful person we hired to be with him some days since we all work. I took a computer and my work to his house so I could be there more and still have an income. I was there when he passed away and I consider it a privilege that he even wanted me to care for him. I would do it again. I miss them terribly and some of the most precious memories are of when I stayed nights caring for him. Even in the quiet of the night when I would listen and hold my breath praying for him to take his next breath. I think we need to do whatever we can to care for them. It put us in a real financial bind more than once to care for my Dad, but I don't regret a bit of it. Money was beside the point. FYI, even when he was well we lived with and cared for him as he was alone, and before he fell ill and we moved into our own home, we were trying to figure out how to add-on to accommodate him coming to live with us. I didn't read all the posts but this is my personal belief and experience. Disclaimer: I didn't proofread, LOL!
I personally would not,...

not right now, but that's just my opinion.  I just left an in-house job to come back home.  I have been transcribing for 17 years, most of them at home.  The couple of years I spent in-house were in some ways really good--steady, not as stressed sometimes, but I spent way more time away from home than just 40 hours.  There's money spent on food, clothes, and then the various functions that occur at work--holidays, showers, etc. 

I love being home!  But you have to do what's right for YOU!

Personally I would take it

Give it some time, like 6 months, and if it doesn't work out go back to MT/QA.  After all the guy that started it left his full-time job to pursue his dream, so you should too provided it makes sense financially, etc.  Obviously you have spent the time researching and really thinking about this.  You do have a career to fall back on, and I would jump at it. 

Me, personally.
If you're talking about something like, "the x-rays were interpreted by me, personally."
Personally, more with OPs but (sm)

I'm sure there are so many variables.  I wail on OP notes because I do them all the time and most are incredibly similar so I can use my Expander and crank.  I hardly ever do clinic notes, so those are a little slower going for me.

Another typist told me it's just the opposite for her, so it all depends. 

Try not to take it personally...
Don't feel bad. When I was looking for a job earlier this year, I signed on with Transcription Matchmakers. I was told I failed the test. I have been a Transcriptionist for almost 25 years and am experienced in various specialties. In fact, I managed a transcription department in my last in-office job. I, too, was told I was not good enough for them. I now work for a great company and am, in fact, a lead person on my account. I hope this makes you feel better. I just shrugged it off as their loss and went on with my life. Hang in there! All tests are different, and all transcriptionists have varied knowledge, none bad, just different.
Not unless you know someone personally and can
I never had one personally
but my husband did, and although he's not an MT, he had double hernia surgery, and he was out for a little over a week. His job is mostly standing though. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
Personally if it were me

Considering it's a macro or template and not something dictated I would have to agree with your feelings because I also take great pride in my work.  I would probably make a corrected copy of their template/macro and send it back to them as a suggestion, especially since part of it is spelling.  You may get a good response and a thank you and you may get told to leave it be, but at least you'll know you tried. 


Don't take QA personally sm

You remember when the parenting books used to tell us to distinguish your love for your child from what they do?  I love you, but I didn't like what you DID.

It is the same thing with QA.  You have to listen, you have to try harder, you WILL figure this out.  Just remember, it is about what you DID not who you ARE.  It took me many years to get this straight in my mind.  Oddly enough, once I did, my accuracy went up.  It is less pressurizing when you understand that we are all human and we all make mistakes, but it doesn't follow that we are somehow less worthwhile when we make them.

I think perhaps your nerves are getting the best of you.  Having worked for a lot of companies, every switch is an adjustment.  They all have different rules and ideas about how the work should be done.  It takes some time to get that all down, and it isn't necessarily all about your work.  Be patient with yourself because you deserve it.

Personally, I think
she's full of sh....... you know.
I personally think anything less than 9 cpl
for employee and 10.5-11 cpl for IC is a slap in the face. Unless they have awesome benefits, I need to make at least 9 cpl and really 10 at a minimum. I wouldn't even consider less than 9 at this point.
I personally don't know about this, but
there has been talk about doing other transcription, such as legal. You might want to check that out. Just Google and see what comes up. I am a recent grad, and finding it is not that easy. There is work out there, but the question is: What type of company will you end up at? It all depends on getting good dictators, little or no ESLs, how many hours do you spend looking things up, etc? Companies don't pay for this. It's not like you are getting paid hourly, unless you're lucky enough to work in a hospital. 7 or 8 cpl isn't much for all the researching, change this, change that, what did he say?, etc. things that we do. I wish I had gone into something else, but I am here now, and trying to make the best of it. It is nice, I have to say, being able to work from home. I can take a break when I want, I can take and pick my kids up from school, etc. I am very fortunate to have a good husband, with a good job, that lets me pretty much do what I have to, to be there for our kids and still make some money. I don't know your situation, but if you are okay with just making extra money, or chancing who you may work for, then go for it. Just from my research and looking around, it seems the quality companies to work for are less and less. Good luck with whatever you decide.
I personally do not think VR will ever be
perfected enough to be a threat to medical transcriptionists. There will always be a need to correct/verify the information that VR spits out, which is nowhere near perfect and probably never will be.

I haven't heard of anyone getting laid off because of VR. I think they mostly quit because most companies tell them their production will increase with VR hence they lower their pay when in reality it doesn't increase enough (if at all), so their pay basically drops. JMO
Everyone is different. Personally, I
type while listening and then if dictation is too far ahead I stop until I catch up and then start listening again. I do not listen, stop, and then type. It all depends on the doctor and the rate of speed at which you are listening to the dictation. I listen at a normal speed the majority of the time. For fast dictators, I sometimes slow it down, sometimes speed it up if they are slow.

Just do it the way it is the most comfortable and easiest for you.
Do you know someone personally-SM
Do you personally know someone from one of these countries with national health care?  well I do, we have family friends who live in Holland and they and most of their friends and family HATE their healthcare system-long waits for appointments, longer waits for specialists and surgeries and the older you get the longer the wait so unless you know someone personally in these countries you don't know what you're talking about. 
okay, but I meant, what if you use it personally?
...you know, on your own, without telling your employer.  That is what my friend meant, too.  Say I am transcribing for a company, and on my own I use the speech recognition and set it up to type my reports for me. 

That is how I thought some people were getting these huge, incredible line counts.  Not so with this poster, she already told me she is not using it, but I do know there are some who do. 

Where I used to work, they were always praising these mass producers, too, in newsletters and E-mails, letting everyone the phenomenonal line counts, and I would think, hey, I can not even get work, was always running out, doing 4, 5, 6 accounts and struggling through the specs and accents continually...

That is why I brought it up, I wondered if perhaps some MTs were going that route to get ahead...

Thanks for your post - I am GLAD to hear you think it is more troublesome than anything...(except good for lowering our pay, huh?)
Ah, so you know her personally? What I sense from you is

Take a cold shower, Billie Jean! 

That's good. Personally, I'd have to
be dying before someone cuts into my alimenary canal. Seems like a lot of borderline people are getting it nowadays.
Personally, I think it's not worth anything . . .

Sure, there a few companies that will pay slightly more for the CMT designation, but, in my experience, the majority of doctors, hospitals and employers either never heard of AAMT or don't care.  They want capable MTs, and if you can do the job they're happy.

Also, the other poster is so right about AAMT supporting offshore MTs.  That seems so wrong in so many ways, and I just don't buy the "MT shortage" garbage.

Honesty, where the AAMT gets off setting MT standards is beyond me.  I don't see that they truly represent the vast majority of MTs either.

A very small percentage of MTs are member of the AAMT.  That says something in itself, doesn't it?  I would not be at all surprised to see the organization fold in the near future.

I was not directing that at you personally.
I realize no one was called a liar. I just wanted to warn this poor lady. Seems like every time I post or try to question some elses bad experience there are 2 or 3 people that attack. I did not mean you. Please forgive me if you got that impression. I also work for them and have for the past 8 years. Again, sorry.
Personally, I would blank it. You should
the spelling and for other reasons, i.e. privacy, I think it would be a good idea. Some tests I've taken have asked me to put in three underscores __ __ __ when items bleeped for confidentiality. Even if not asked to, I think that's the way to go IMHO ...
I have not personally heard, either.
However, I do know someone who was severely injured by lightening when talking on the phone.  Our ear phones are receivers.  Particularly, if we are using the phone line, I would think it would be the same difference. 
I personally love IT
Unless you really don't mind memorizing your abbrevations, I would highly recommend IT. It will go through all your files in a flash and create glossaries with words and phrases that you would probably never be able to do on your own in years. You don't have to memorize anything (unless you happen to name a norm a particular name, etc, that you use often). As you type, the words/phrases appear below your document on the screen. There is a learning curve but well worth it I feel.
Personally I would back off...

I don't dictate what style my kids wear.  They have to wear clothes that conform to the school's dress code, and they can't wear revealing or offensive outfits.  It's their bodies and their decision.  I believe that a parent's job is to teach and guide and that we need to give them room to be who they want to be, not who we decide they should be.  My baby sister used to wear all black in high school, complete with the thick black eyeliner and big clunky black boots.  Then she got engaged, and her fiance told her that he likes her in red, so now she has a red top on every single time I see her. 

Personally, I have no problems with it. SM
I clock out if I'm going to be gone longer than 15 minutes. No big deal. Yes, they ask that you keep your schedule, but they usually will allow you to modify it when you need to. I flex an hour here or there all the time.

Yes, they require you to work FT hours even if you get your FT lines done earlier. I've always thought that was pretty reasonable, but others don't. *shrug*
Personally, when my family gets together sm
since my folks passed away, nobody is allowed to get drunk during get togethers. Call me antisocial, but there's a time and place for that and Christmas get togethers, in my books, are not the place for that. I tell them to save it for New Year's and do it by themselves. Now, my oldest boy is supposed to be here on Christmas Eve and he stated he is going "out with the guys" on Christmas Eve and will probably be "tanked up" when he comes over around 9. Guess what. I told him to stay home and come over the next day when he's sober. My dad could be a teetotaller, but he was always a Coke and Sprite guy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (nothing mixed in, either). He always said alcohol took away the fun.
It's not so much as my records personally....
it's the idea of a large group of United States records being sent because if they can find a way to use it against our country, they will.
Personally, I think you should have given them some idea before now.
Just leaving someone in a lurch is not good for anything you do in life.  It'd be like saying, I'm going on vacation, do you think I need to tell my family?  LOL   I'm part of a team, I won't tell them I'm not going to be there.  I'm going to school, I'm not going to tell them I'll be gone for an extended period of time.  WHAT really do you think?  Be courteous, tell them ahead of time.
Here is a link for some... personally don't use them
I don't know personally but I know one person who
was an MT there for a few years and she loved them. I do not know the specifics but she never had anything bad to say.
Personally, I liked getting the basics that you always need (SM)
Diapers, diapers, and more diapers, wet wipes, burp cloths, baby soap.

I like to get a basket and just put a lot of little stuff in it that I know they will need like the stuff above and then maybe a bib or diaper rash ointment, bottle brush, etc.
not me personally, but I knew someone who did--sm
a long time ago. Perhaps the procedure has advanced some since then, but apparently he had to have his redone several times and he still took Prilosec or Nexium on a daily basis. He lost an awful lot of weight, too. I heard something about the esophagus being wrapped with wire, like chicken wire, to attempt to keep the hiatal hernia down. yuk. I have GERD too, and it causes alot of problems for me, particularly when trying to sleep, but I still would not consider this procedure, unless they have improved it tremendously. good luck.
I personally know of about 5 or 6, including myself, although I'm sure there are more out there..
....but probably not a LOT more! 8-)

Thank you for the advice on going personally. I will do that.
I personally like to lease and SM

decide at the end whether I want to keep the vehicle or not (I have low mileage also)...but if you have dogs/kids/heavy wear on the car (burns, stains, scratches, etc.) when you turn the car in they charge hefty fees for rehabbing the car.

I just like to have new cars under warranty, which is the great part about leasing.

I'm sorry if I offended you personally....sm

 That was not my intention and I see in another thread you defended my post about eTime....da DE dum dum is what I said about the web clock question.  So I want to thank you for the defense....on the eTime and apologize if I insulted you about the gift-giving recognition for MT Week.....

Have a nice weekend!!!