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I understand how you feel but try being flexible

Posted By: diddles on 2005-11-28
In Reply to: This burns me up. - Working your schedule.

or go to a different company.  I'll be the first one to admit I am an employee and rarely work my schedule.  It is NOT a problem with management, in fact it is a plus.  Why?  Because when the work runs out, I have two other hospitals to back me up.  If they are low, I log out, do my laundry, run my errands and sign back in after dinner when the work has built up again and there isn't anyone willing to work those hours.  I log in  on the weekends as I often get notes from my account supe advising everyone who is scheduled to work but are NOT working how behind the account is.  My committment is to my accounts because if I take care of my accounts, those accounts take care of my employer and when that happens, my employer takes care of me.  Patients don't always need treatment and/or dictation is not always done when you are scheduled to work.  This is the nature of the beast and being miserable is no way to deal with it. 

Over the last 10+ years, this attitude has been rewarded many times over by being a very valued employee and have appreciation shown in many ways that have made my life richer, in addition to providing an income that exceeds the average MT.


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I understand exactly how you feel-
I even find myself not wanting to go ANYWHERE. I don't even want to take movies back or make a quick trip to the post office. I have found that if I force myself to get out of the house a little bit each day, it does help me to not feel quite so isolated. To add to those feelings, I am now going through a horrible divorce. My husband refuses to agree on anything - he won't even move out!!! Most days I feel like pushing him in front of traffic. I worry a lot now about working from home and how I will ever meet people - not just other guys but making new friends too.

Here's something to consider. The thing that helps me the most is that I have a couple of friends who have computer jobs, and they are always just an email away. I try to send one particular friend of mine a quick email every day just to say "how's your day" so that I know that I'm not so alone all day. I also think you should try to run 1 small errand or something once a day just to get out of the house. I think that would even rebuild your tolerance level, especially if you have to stand in line at the post office or wait for someone who doesn't know when to get moving at a 4-way stop sign! Trust me, I feel your pain.
I understand why you feel bad.

That had to be a hard thing.  However, it is done.  The decision made.  There is no reason to tell them as that would only cause unnessary hurt. 

Doctors change services all the time and someone benefits from it.  If you were in the "real" world nobody would have blinked an eye about you working for the other guy.  Just move on and keep doing the work they apparently like.  Good luck!

I understand how you feel, but
It's her money and she can do what she wants with it. If it was me, I'd use the money to pay off bills, but she must think differently when it comes to money.
I understand how you feel completely.
I worked for what I thought a very reputable company, and kind people after I came from a hospital setting. I had not worked for a service before, and I had to switch because I moved away from the hospital area (insurance reasons). I am not lying when I say I worked for 2 years with this service, and I actually went to a psychiatrist because I thought there was something wrong with me. I went from doing 2K lines a day minimum 1500 on a bad day, down to 1500 lines on a 10-hour day solid. No kidding. I got so burnt out that I was doing 700 to 900 a day and just bringing enough home to eat after paying for insurance. A little over 2 years of exhaustion, I was switched to another account (a hospital system) and my lines were up to usual immediately!!!! It was NOT me! It was the way the service fudged the lines on their own system. When my lines shot up they took me off the account saying there was not enough work and I was to go back to my old account. No way. I did a minute analysis versus lines and found out I was being paid 40% less. Something was definitely fishy. I find out then it was not me. I was not being paid for any spaces, and probably (though I am not completely sure) Expander use. I told the doctor and he told me he knew it was not me all that time, it was just that I questioned myself. I have no problems except I have to believe in myself and stop being so trusting of dishonest people. Once I do that my life will turn around. So, please take a lesson from me. Don't wait 2 years, go broke, go to the doc, get put on meds for no reason. Trust your instincts. Get solid proof of the cheating, and get a good job. Same with life. Please trust your instincts. Cheaters look honest, but if your gut says something is wrong, trust your gut. Good luck to you!
No, I do not feel that way, but I understand. A few years ago, I was feeling similar, but
when I look at what I make an hour ($30-40) who is going to pay me that without a Masters? I have it pretty darn good and will see it through until retirement - about 30 years from now (hopefully if I live that long) LOL.

You just need to find a good paying company or hospital and you will feel much better. The healthcare industry is here to stay, whether it be VR or offshoring. Most hospitals are bringing MT back in house. Not all hospitals agree with offshoring out of the country. There is a big world out there - go get em. Don't be discouraged.

Thank you! That is all I wanted was someone to understand and be kind! You made me feel better with
future and get better, just BAD luck so far. 
I'm not sure how flexible. When I say
punch in you have to go to their website and go through a log-in when you begin your work and a log out.   They need to stay with TAT time, so even as an IC you need to have scheduled hours, although you set your hours and can have flexibility with those, but once you commit to those hours there isn't a lot of flexibility in them.  
Sure you can. I did it with 2. I have a flexible
job with 24-hour TAT and I worked bits here and there around my children's needs.  It wasn't a piece of cake all the time, I got frustrated, was tired at times, but I had to work and was not willing to put my children in daycare full-time.  When they were about 3 I put them in a mother's time out program for 15 hours a week to give me time to run errands, take a nap, work, or whatever.  
Being flexible is a must...

and it is not your employer's problem that you need to take care of your kid.  This attitude is the exact reason why MTs are not respected.  People do get sick on nights, weekends, and holidays.  You should have considered that when you decided to become an MT.  It's a 24/7 job.

Being flexible is a must...

and it is not your employer's problem that you need to take care of your kid.  This attitude is the exact reason why MTs are not respected.  People do get sick on nights, weekends, and holidays.  You should have considered that when you decided to become an MT.  It's a 24/7 job.

Yes, Transcend is very flexible. - sm
You can pretty much choose the schedule you want to work, but then have to consistently work the schedule you chose instead of jumping around during the day. This works better for everyone involved because then it's easier for the managers to find coverage for accounts. If you just work whenever you want as long as you get your hours in, you're taking work from people regularly scheduled during those hours you don't normally work.  The work week goes from Sun. to Thurs. or Tues. to Sat. Yes, they do pay shift differential. 
Flexible work
I know of www.rapidtranscript.com that is looking for additional folks.
9-5 vs. flexible hours sm
You didn't state if you were going to be an EMPLOYEE or an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. A company can tell an employee what their set schedule will be; typically 9-5 (or 8:30-5 with a 1/2-hour lunch at noon) etc. BUT a company CANNOT tell a contractor what hours to work; they can only negotiate what work you will be given, NOT how you accomplish that work. Lots of companies try to get away with the tax/financial advantages of using "contractors" and then treating them like "employees." Rare companies will allow their employees to flex their schedules to fit their personal life...So, ask yourself, Who's The Boss? Them? or You? Hope that helps...

Flexible hours. nm
Flexible hours
If anyone knows of any jobs that offer 24-hour TAT please pass on!  I used to have flexible hours as an IC just two years ago.  What happened?  That was the entire reason I went into this field!
flexible hours
Thanks for the input..
Flexible is my middle name! nm
Flexible keyboard

Would anyone be interested in sharing their opinions or experience with a flexible keyboard.  I saw one in a discount food store, a place called Aldis, and it was about 14, 15 bucks. 

It looked interesting; however, I am so used to punching the keys down (the keys and board look almost wafer-thin!) so wanted to know if anyone has tried it and if they liked it or not. 

Any input would be appreciated, thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving season to everyone. 

And are flexible enough to be able to lick
Here is the brando flexible...
Not always...not all companies are flexible with schedules!
Wal-Mart has a flexible keyboard for about $18
I do not have one yet, but would like to try out the flexible keyboard. The picture shows the keyboard being rolled up like a rubber mat. That's what it looks like a rubber mat with all the keyboard keys on it. The keys look like the soft keys of a calculator.
I love the flexible schedule!
I decided to stick with MT because of the schedule. (Plus, I can make more money in 6 hours of MT than 10 hours at a regular job with commute, lunch, breaks, etc.) DH and I had a long lunch yesterday at my favorite restaurant. I was able to drop off and pick up the kids at school, and be there for their sports practice. This next week is a Thanksgiving feast at the kids' school, so I get to go to that, too. I clean during the day while I'm working, so the house isn't a total pigsty.
the best advice is learn to be flexible and...
give the client what he/she wants, even if it goes against what you were taught. I see a lot of newer MTs who really seem to believe that medical transcription is all black and white when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Not every doctor follows the BOS to the letter (some don't even know what that is!) and if an account is verbatim, then that's how you need to transcribe it.

Also, not every doctor wants names replaced with "the patient" - I work for one doc who fills his letters/reports with not only the patient's name, but sometimes names of family and friends of the patient as well. (Many of his patients are very well-known from both the entertainment and sports industries, and this doc loves to drop names at every opportunity!)
yes they are very flexible. They are a great company to work for.
Best job I EVER had!
Correction - They will be flexible with HOURS/days, etc.
...rather than benefits.
You are lucky you worked for a flexible company
You need to be flexible. Nothing stays the same in MT. You do it how the person paying you says to
This is strange. I just discussed a flexible on-call person
for radiology with the owner of Keystrokes, where I have worked for 4 years. We were discussing the feasibility of having someone trained on a few accounts, ready to do "x" number of reports a day without a fixed schedule, floating on a few different accounts.

If anyone is interested, please email the office. You can do so through the ads on the job seekers board.
But if that account is paying your bills, you must negotiate and be flexible. IMO
I know you can only lower a little bit, but to let them know that you are flexible and care about keeping their account may just encourage them to stay with you.  I can't afford to let an account go without just a little negotiation.
I have a flexible schedule, I make decent money, better

than I could make working in an office, even though I haven't had a raise in 5 years and not likely to get one anytime soon.  I homeschool my children, we don't have a 9 to 5 lifestyle, DH doesn't have a 9 to 5 job and it allows him a 3 day weekend so we like to travel.  I am able to work anywhere I can get internet access so we can pickup and go at a moments notice w/o me having to worry about work.

I hate office politics.   I don't have to spend $$ on clothes as I work in jeans or sweats, or can stay in my jammies all day.   We only have 1 car and that works for us now, but wouldn't if I worked outside the home. 

Life is just less stressful not having to get my kids up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready so they can catch the bus by 7:00.   My DC would be getting home at 4:00 or later if they were in school and by the time they did homework and we had dinner it would be time to prepare for bed and we wouldn't have much family time.  By homeschooling my DC have been able to explore their passions, have really developed a love of learning and we have developed a wonderful family bond.  We spend hours every week talking about world events, relationships, etc.   My DC are my #1 reason for working at home.   When they have left the nest I may consider working outside the home, or at least exploring other work-at-home options. 



Have Part Time Flexible Work in the evenings available, have emailed you. nm
Flexible schedule and reasonable line rate, at least 11 cpl for acute care!
I am not real "needy". No benefits as IC, just need flexible schedule due to very active family, and expect a good line rate. In return, I will go above and beyond what is expected to meet TAT and quality!

if you feel like that after 12 years, and I feel like that after six months
what hope is there?
I feel people who feel like this post
needs to a) either be a stay at home mother and not work or b) realize that she is no queen bee and I could care less about a degree. What company out here that you know of compensates for having a degree? Means nothing to them. Your working and being there when they assign/need/require/whatever is what you should do IF YOU WANT A JOB in this field, otherwise get out and do something else or become that babysitter.
No need to feel badly for me - feel badly for an adult who has no control of his/her own life!
I hope these people didn't produce any daughters! Bad, bad example!
I would be over there too.....but I also understand where
people are coming from when they say she is criticizing their gov't, etc. I can't say what I would do because I don't know what she is going through, but you can't just assume someone is guilty when there is no evidence to that. Those 2 brothers were held way too long and think about how their parents are feeling. There is no evidence that they did anything and we wouldn't be able to hold them like that over here w/ no evidence.
Don't understand

   I love it when I hear that an MT, at whatever company, is doing 2000, 3000, or more lines a day.  I love to hear that because I am trying to increase my line count and this gives me encouragement.  I love to hear how they do it and try to take their advice.  I don't understand why some get so upset when they hear that an MT has a great line count.  Why do they automatically have to be liars or cherry pickers?  I think we should be picking their brains to find out how they are accomplishing this so that we can benefit from it. 

So I say, keep on talking about your line counts for those of us who want to improve ourselves, please!    

what if you can't understand the
customer service rep.....I've had many,many instances while dealing with CS reps from India where I was completely at a loss to understand what they were saying.  I say, I you can't speak clearly get out of the field!
Hope it makes you feel better to know that not all of us out here expect you to keep it to yourself. It gets kind of lonely, and bad days are the worst for that. I have relatively good accounts also, working for a small MTSO, but some days it is all I can do not to come on here and whine. I say, if it makes you feel better, that is all that counts.
Here's what I don't understand - sm
Say we use a template and end up having to delete a lot of unused headings. How is that calculated into the line count? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if we are typing to make up for the deleted headings, if this makes sense.

And, yeah, I suppose I could ask a company representative but I wouldn't really expect an answer and don't want to rock the boat.

SS is my 1st MT job and while it never quite passed the smell test to me, it was easy to get and quick to get started and is certainly giving me invaluable experience with ESLs, if nothing else. Yeah, the money stinks and I could certainly do without the nasty emails, but the thing is what it is: A foot in the door. And I may even try to keep SS as a backup if my new job turns out to be slow.
as i understand it,
QA addresses the body of the report or dictation, and QC's job is making sure the patient information or ADT is correct.
I understand what you mean sm

I definitely think people who get off on being rude, hateful and just plain nasty to others are not happy people.  A happy person is usually cheerful, pleasant and helpful and that isn't always because they live in a bed of roses.  I've known people who were always cheerful, pleasant and helpful even when they were dying inside.  I guess their attitude gives them a serenity that makes them able to cope, I dunno but I would wish I could be more like those people.  Some of them have had problems that would have, seems to me, weighted down a saint.

Hope your editor is in a better mood; meantime, just feel sorry for her/him, I'm betting he/she is way more miserable than he/she tried to make you.

I understand thanks
I can certainly understand, been
there myself, but I am currently working on an account that the second shift person does 5 to my 1, not because I pick or choose when I work or what dictations I transcribe but because of the difference in hours we work I get the responsibility handed to me to take care of things like corrections, researching problem dictations etc, that take away from my production but the other MT thinks I am also a cherry picker but I cannot do anything about what people think, so I do not complain either but rather just do what is required and I know more about the system we work in than anyone else on this account and still produce enough lines to make a good paycheck.
I don't understand. Why should they have to? Maybe they-sm
do a lot of it in-house, or maybe they use a smaller service. I don't know the answer, though. :)
I just don't understand....

How people get off demonstrating such grossly childish and rude behavior.  Something's making you unhappy honey--you really should do something about it. 

I understand now.
been working so long my eyes are crossing
I understand what you are saying
I was on one account that I always had to fill in some of the info in order to have the ADT do the search to fill it in completely. Most of those reports were short ones as well. The account I currently work on, fortunately, almost always has the ADT filled in and are longer reports. However, you are correct, we do not get paid for the cc info and that can be time consuming when the doc/address is not in their drop-down list and you have to type all the info in yourself. You made a very good point about not getting paid for this.
I don't understand why someone
who has a 4 year degree would be a manager for K-Mart. It seems weird to me.