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Busy, once again I totally agree

Posted By: me on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: Why is the MT's fault? Apparently he - Busy MT'ing

with you.  I work as much as I can, I am SE and I was told if I want, I can work 80 hours a week.  When they limit my hours (as will be done Jan 1 when we are only allowed to do 40), then I will just work another job.  It is so simple. 

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Allegiant has clinic accounts and is busy, busy, busy
If you're an IC and are looking for plenty of work, freedom to set your own hours, low daily line requirement (500), great supervisors, and easy clinic accounts, then Allegiant may be the right company for you. You can apply by going to www.allegianttranscription.com.

Allegiant's pay scale is 7 cpl also, but would you rather get 7 cpl and easily transcribe 250 lph or get 10 cpl and struggle to do 150 lph. Give me 7 cpl any day and spare me the headache.
I agree...I have been busy with work all summer
I totally agree
This is a 10-year-old girl, not a mass murderer. She is in a lot of pain, having suffered a most significant loss, and is trying to reach out, not always in positive ways, but the flowers are wonderful. Where they came from does not matter. PLEASE do not read anything nefarious into her actions.

She needs help, and smiles, and maybe a hug when she is ready.

Fear is a terrible thing, particularly when it turns normally rational folks into masses of paranoid jelly. I despise that we have come to this.
I agree with you totally, thank you!

I totally agree with you..
I have been editing work that would just BLOW YOUR MIND. On top of mispelled and misused words, we have bad grammar and punctuation and then typing something different than what the doctor says and if you read it, it doesn't make sense. For example, I cam across this yesterday, "which was done when he was very-very young apparently a ditch is inspected." He actually said "which was done when he was very, very young. Apparently, it did get infected." I come across contractions, etc. This gal actually argued that her scores are always 98%. There were so many redlines on her work, I might as well have scrapped it and typed it myself. I don't know if this is due to schools or not, but when I was a newbie, I don't remember making that bad of mistakes!!!
Thank you, I agree totally
Get over it already.  They cheated you, are cheating  you.  You MUST like it if you stay and continue to be treated that way.  How many other MTs have had a bad job????  Trust me you guys at MQ are NOT the only ones.  There are TONS of jobs out there.  Go get one, that is what the rest of us do.  Go do it.
I so totally agree sm

I posted my resume on MT Stars a couple of years ago and, like you, I was flooded with calls.  The company I selected, I didn't even know existed.  I have been a very happy camper for 2 years, plenty of work, decent pay, great tech support, wonderful people who make you feel like "family."  Best move I ever made.

I think maybe the reason why people keep allowing themselves to be used and abused by companies with sporadic work is the known versus the fear of the unknown factor.  Believe me, the stress of starting a new job is small potatoes compared to never knowing you will have enough in your paycheck to cover the bills!

I totally agree with you!!
I have stuff come up on my screen that just blows me away. Most of it could be fixed if they just read over their work and saw that the sentences do not make sense.
VERY WELL SAID!! Totally agree with you!!
I TOTALLY agree with you...
What looks cute and hip on a 20-year-old just looks cheap and classless on a 50-year-old.  I'm 45, so I'm not some young thing poking fun at middle-aged women.  Older women can look very classy and actually YOUNGER if they "dress their age" and by that I don't mean mumurs and bedroom slippers or stretch pants and sack-like tops.  When I dress up I might wear a nice tailored pinstriped suit or something like that.  I do NOT go out in anything from the junior department.  There's a reason for "junior" clothing and it's not size, it's the style of fashion.  To all the women who disagree with you, I'm afraid the notion that older women look young and cute in daisy dukes, a belly shirt, and a navel piercing comes from those who dress that way " thinking" they look hot, not necessarily the opinion of others in general.
I totally agree with you. sm

We never went on vacation with our kids and left them with grandparents to come back and find out that our own lack of parenting resulted in somthing that our own kids may have been doing behind our backs all along.

Give me a break. Blame it on gramma?  How about staying home with your kid and taking a good look around to realize that he's the one that's hiding things, not your MIL.

There is obviously a lot of hatred between DIL and MIL here. 

Message for you mom, "get a grip."  This stuff doesn't all happen because their at gramma's for the week. You're obviously doing something wrong here.  Forget your "vacations." and your "rules" and be there for your kids. Teenagers LIE.  It's been going on for centuries.

You can go on "vacation" when they're all grown up and gone.  By the sounds of your message, I would say the sooner they go, the better.

I agree totally.
I totally agree! Thank you!
The people who are criticizing seem to think that the president can just snap his fingers and immediate help will appear. There are people all over the country who are going there to help, donating money by the thousands, etc., and nobody says anything positive about that. Nobody could have predicted a disaster such as this and it takes time to get things rolling, but it IS being done.
I totally agree
Many physicians, young and old, are not on the technology coat tails.  They have absolutely no interest in changing the way they do things.  I think that as long as using this technology does not become an across the board required mandate by some governing agency, transcriptionists will be in high demand until doomsday.
totally agree
Totally agree with you
He always was respectful and nice to everyone, a good guy but when he sang, it was a different Marty. I only tuned in to see him perform and then would change the channel. He reminded me of an Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam when he sang with so much angst. Loved it!
I totally agree. sm

I used to be married to a hunter.  The whole idea felt wrong to me and I hate guns. I haven't had to deal with hunting or guns for 20 years now.

I'm sure I will get blasted by some NRA people for saying I hate guns, but oh well.

i agree totally
I have taught children who were mainstreamed in 5th grade who wanted to do extracurricular activities. Social skills are lacking. Around here, they test them and sometimes they have to be put in a lower grade. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and look within. Some behavioral problems are learned responses to what is going on at home. What is the attitude towards authority in the home? See other avenues.
Totally Agree
I would prefer to work for a little bit less money and have a wonderful boss than get paid a ton and hate my job.

I work for 7 cents per line now and I don't mind it at all. I have a wonderful boss and love my job.

I totally agree
Recently I switched to being an editor, I have only been in transcription for 6 years and really feel like it is not a good profession. We are all treated like robots, whether it be an Editor or a transcriptionist!!
I totally agree. This is the only job I have
ever had that you have to take a "test" for the job.  Usually, you just interview and if the person doing the hiring knows what they are doing, they can tell if you can handle the job or not.  They know what questions to ask, etc just to see what you know.  The length of the testing for MT has become quite ridiculous.
totally agree with this.
report after report, different account each time, hard to be productive like that.
I totally agree!

Your 16 years of experience has obviously not taught you that there are many different situations in this field that make switching from account to account very difficult.  As the previous poster stated, specifics for accounts can involve much more than formatting, oftentimes involving individual physician specifics, just one point that makes your "docs are docs are docs" theory ridiculous.  Multiply this by 5 or 6 accounts, each having totally different platforms, 50 doctors dictating, half of which are ESL's.  You stated "As an MT you should be able to transcribe any doc out there".  Really?  I would love to test you on a 45 minute arterial bypass graft report transcribed by a doctor right off the boat from Turkey.  Your holier than thou attitude is ignorant, insulting and argumentative. 

Yep, I totally agree. nm
Yes-- I totally agree!
Agree totally -
There is no pleasure in the holiday for me anymore. The holiday is nothing but a pain in the butt. I put up a 2 foot fiber optic tree for about a week, and that's it. If he wants to decorate outside, fine. If not, that's all I do, besides wrap the gifts and bake for Christmas dinner. Enough is enough. All the years of decorating, putting it all away alone, and cleaning up ...I'm done. If they canceled the holiday, it would be fine with me. Doesn't mean what it's supposed to anymore anyway.
I totally agree

When my adult children are here, I feel a need to stop working for short periods of time to go to the mailbox, cook, take out the garbage, etc.  An MT is out his/her best when we hit that "flow"...you know when your fingers are flying in sync and your voice player is on above 100%...but you need to stay in the flow.

When I was on an acute care account, I also did voice recognition and dictated what I was hearing in my headset to save my fingers with a better line count than by using my fingers (never got above 350 with voice, though, as I left the account before I could get higher BUT I was doing this for more than 50 docs).

Having an ergonomic environment does contribute to better productivity as your hands, back, legs, everything feels better and it is easier to get into your flow.  After 25 years of keyboarding, I only have tired muscles in my hands but no symptoms of carpal tunnel (TYG).  I really do encourage people to take advantage of abbreviation Expanders if for no reason other than to save their hands so they can still open jars when they are still in their 50s. 


I totally agree
The person who made the statement first said 'I don't think he likes women'. To me, this was a lot more tactful that when people started using the 'G' word. I am SURE that he will not appreciate this.
I totally agree!
I'm sure it will be endorsed by the PBR and the PRCA-- NOT! For those of you in the "blue states", that stands for the Professional Bull Riders and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Nobody I know would waste their time or their money to see such drivel. It only appeals to the liberals.
I totally agree with you!!
I am trying my best to get out of this business. I have anxiety myself and it has been exaggerated by this profession. I do not think it is healthy to be in isolation. Even God saw Adam was lonely therefore He created Eve. So, I just got started with an at home business. You have contact with people selling a product. The website is TheFreshAirShop.com. This is a true at home business.
I totally agree!!
Totally agree
I think my previous docs are just realizing that... I only had one who did not want EMR who said from the beginning... "My time is worth more $$$, so why am I doing work that I used to pay office staff to do??? I still have contacts who work there so I get the inside scoop... it's not all it was cracked up to be!
I totally agree.
When she posted a few days ago asking about what to do about her truck and posting the amount of her payment, someone advised her at that time that she should not be posting her personal affairs here.  She asked the administrator to delete the posts and the admin deleted them.  Now she's back here doing the same thing.  It's scary to think that someone who seems so unstable, mentally, is responsible for a child.
I totally agree too.
The kid can't help what he looks like. You could see he was very uncomfortable with that split screen. Ryan should have more sense. I don't like him anyway. I hope this kid gets a lot of votes and goes far. I am also annoyed with Paula, and I think most of the time Simon is right on when it comes to the singing ability. Sometimes I think Randy and Paula are too nice to some of the contestants.
I totally agree with you
I am on your side, if you read my below original post I googled this 3 years ago when I was first alerted to this situation, no need for the links, unless you think others would benefit from them, so many people need to know this information, so thanks for putting it out there in such an in depth way.
I totally agree...sm
And as I said before, I'm a southerner too...doesn't Mandisa have Atl connections, or did I dream that?
I totally agree - unless you are 100% IC!
I would not want anyone with an infant at home working for me full time!!!
Totally agree
I actually find that story appalling.
What do you do if you totally don't agree with

I'm having a difficult time with a new account.  There are many things that are being changed when I know I'm right.  I even reasearch and can verify why I do what I do.

What would you do in this situation?  I'm going crazy.  I'm having a hard time because I can't do something I know isn't correct regarding grammer, medical term spelling, etc.

Help...I'm so frustrated.

I totally agree
But realistically there is a good chance Elliott will go

I'm in the minority once again because I didn't care for Kat's "Somewhere over the rainbow" AT ALL. I was so shocked when the judges and everyone LOVED IT. I'm not really a Taylor fan but I think he did very well last night, and really played it up to his fan base "Soul Patrol". I think Elliott did OK, but not one of his best nights. I also think he made a mistake with the song that he chose, his last one. I think he should have gone with something more recognizable. Oh well, he will will do well with his CD in his genre.

Totally agree - n/m

I totally agree with you KB - sm
If you have not noticed, the Adm. has been keeping after the one you are referring to and eliminating her posts. It is hard to keep up with her though, but I applaud Adm. efforts. This person really loves to antagonize and it is hard not to let her get to you. she got me yesterday and I am still trying to mellow out from her sting. Take it easy. You will be okay, and so will the original poster. we care too.
I totally agree
AND, LOL, I used the old red The Surgical Word Book for MANY years before breaking down and getting this new one several years back. I have quite a few Stedman's for specialities, but TSWB seems to be the one my hands go to first.
Oh I agree w/you totally.....sm

Just a short story to share with you....The other day I picked up 6 tapes to transcribe.  All the tapes *looked* like there was plenty of work on them.  Two tapes I had to listen through both sides (took about 1-1/2 hours) because THEY WERE COMPLETELY EMPTY.  I called the one office these 2 tapes came from and jokingly threatened that I will have to start charging for TIME.  I spoke to the doctor personally who claims he didn't let the tapes run.  I didn't believe him at first but then after the call, I realized whoever changed the tapes out (that would NOT have been him) probably accidentally hit the PLAY button on both occasions, so the tapes ran almost to the end of side A. 

I have been in this business for close to 30 years and have heard many MDs going to the bathroom, chewing gum or eating food, entire phone calls heard on the tapes, entire discussions with the patient(s) on the tapes, driving and dictating (where all you hear is the traffic), walking and dictating either through the halls of the buildings or around their homes, DOGS BARKING incessantly in the background, and then the worst, the absolute worst in my mind is MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND which comes through very loud, louder than the dictator.

So, like I said - all this stuff is common even though we DETEST all that.

Have a great day! 

I totally agree. nm
Agree totally...
Their world is incredibly pathetic, isn't it? And you are so right - you either become one of them or leave completely, which is what I did. I had the greatest boyfriend who went that way, and all it took was ONE of those crackhead leeches to suck him into their dark hole. They were like cockroaches, just feeding off other people, looking for drugs of any kind and destroying everything in their path. And the majority of them were in their 20s and RAISED that way, if you can call that being raised. My BF was 40 - wouldn't you think he was old enuf to know better?? When I found out he/they were using my paychecks to buy their crack off I went - I unplugged my computer (the source of their drug money), packed my car with everything important that would fit, and away I went - and boy did they try everything in the book to talk me into coming back! When they finally did get the message that I was thru with their sorry butts they called me every name in the book, including my BF who was particularly vicious.  They were such a bunch of losers, it was amazing.  And these idiots are the future of our country?? OMG. Anyway, I'm doing great now and sooo happy to have my life back. Thanks for your kind words!
I totally agree.
It's almost like some kids are idolized and worshipped, and rarely disciplined, corrected or taught manners! And unfortunately many are rude and arrogant because of that. These are the adults and parents of the future. Very scary, isn't it? Yikes!
Totally agree!
Unfortunately for some reason at some companies you now do not need ANY experience to be an MT supervisor! It is making a joke of the field and one of the reasons I'm getting out. I have great difficulty dealing with incompetent people and this field seems to be a magnet for them these days. This is no longer a professional job. I have worked with much more intelligent people when I was a waitress. It is very sad.
I totally agree with you

AND since when does a company only charge 12 cpl?  Yeah right.  4 cpl is not fair.  Most companies put every incoming person on full QA for a short amount of time anyway no matter what simply to make sure you are doing the work their way.  Even as a newbie, I wouldn't take less than 7 cpl and there is no way on this earth I would ever consider that now. 

What is unfortunate is that all the newbies have the AAMT CMT stuff shoved down their throats from day one.  Plus I see on all these message boards how hard it is to get your first job.  I know when I started, I was mortified.  I didn't think I would ever work, but creativity goes a long way and I had a job in less than a month with a great wage of 10 cpl that I negotiated for.  I never, ever take the first offer and I always stick firm to what my decided bottom line is which is based on what I want to make. 

QA is no excuse to pay someone next to nothing.  And you know what, if all of us joned together and decided not to work for those wages AND also refused to go to physicians who off-shore their back office work, we could come a long way.  There are a lot of us in the industry, and this would take us a long way to getting where we want to be.  It took me a little while longer to find a pcp, but it was worth it to me.  Besides the look on their faces when I asked how their transcription was handled was priceless.  :)