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The point you missed is...

Posted By: Working my schedule on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: Why is the MT's fault? Apparently he - Busy MT'ing

The OP never said that her supervisor asked MTs to work extra.  If your supervisor asks you to work extra and you do, and there is no work for the other MTs during their schedule...then this is a different story.  This would then be considered a problem with management because they are allowing others to work extra and grab another MTs lines.  If MTs are not being asked to work extra and they are anyway, then this is a problem with greedy MTs not working their schedule.  There is a big difference between the two. 

The bottom line is:  The problem starts with MTs not working their schedule.  If management does not follow through and take care of the problem, then it becomes a problem with management.

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You missed my point. My point wasn't perks but prestige...nm
You missed my point I

being a roadside idiot holding a stopandgo sign.

that is the bottomline.

I have many years of experience of transcription.

If you don't see the writing on the wall of where MTing is going - well, whoa be it for me

to explain it to you.

I'm just bowled over by the fact that after this many years

my experience is worth less than if I had never learned

how to type, learned English grammar, learned to type 100 cwpm, struggled my way through computer education on my own,

learned medical terms, drug names and values, learned foreign

dialects, learned many specialties .......that here 30 years later I

can hold a sign and make the same money.

But you stay in the field if you feel like you will come out ahead.

Since they have turned the career into a profit making machine for

a bunch of suits - the respectability of it and the career side of it

seems to me has flown out the window and the MT has become nothing

more than a part of that apparatus that can be replaced at their whim, and rather

cheaply -

LOL. I think you missed my point, too. sm
I said benefits "should" be paid to employees, not that employers were required to pay them.  That is one of the main reasons people choose to be employees, the benefits.  Hopefully, your MQ PTO has improved.  When I left them approximately 4 years ago the PTO was a measly 3 days for the whole year to include holidays, sickness, and vacation.    At least now I have 6 paid holidays plus 10 days PTO a year plus other benefits including company-paid life insurance, short and long term disability, etc. 
you missed the point entirely.
i think you missed the point...lol
You missed the point
You *apologize* in order to keep the peace/keep the job WHILE you look for another one, or decide to stay and re-negotiate terms.

I'd never leave an unprofessional comment or email hanging (no matter how much justified) UNLESS I was prepared to allow it to cost me my job.

It takes nothing for a professional to say "Sorry about that statement...etc."
and all I was saying is that ameliorating the situation could save a job you haven't yet replaced.
You missed my point. sm

Obviously if someone is socializing or otherwise not working, no they shouldn't be compensated.  I've been in that situation too. People like that are what drove us to a production-based industry.  I've also worked in-house in places where the newbies refused to do the ESLs and the difficult reports so they never learned. 

There are lot of us that do work and work hard that have 20-30 years of knowledge and expertise and are not compensated for it.  Sorry don't think its right for a newbie to make the same amount as someone with 20-30 years experience.  You'll say. "There are some with experience that don't know what I know."  I don't believe a newbie knows what an MT of 30 years' experience knows no matter what.  It just doesn't make sense.  You can't cram 30 years into 1-2 years. 

There probably are some imcompetent experienced MTs out there just as there are imcompetent MTs period, but don't lump us oldies altogether.  Of course, nobody knows it all.  When it comes to quality versus production, quality is most important.  IMHO.

No, you MISSED my point.
In the post above, you said you ''NEVER said anybody should walk out or strike or quit anything.''

Yes, you indeed DID, and I quoted just one of the times you did and linked to the post that came from.
you screwed up and you know it. you missed the point and you know it.
the jokes on you. hey i'm am more than happy to have the router give you the hard stuff. whatever. i got bills to pay and when they route crap to you, i keep the good stuff.
You missed the point because it is on your head.
You are a typical QA person who needs the last word. Get the point? Have a look in the mirror.
Geez, you missed my point.
Benefits are not mandatory.

You totally missed the point
Educated = higher credibility in the world of employment/success.

Smart does not necessarily mean common sense (whatever that is supposed to mean). Smart can mean lots of things - like making better choices, like having self-respect, like not needing to belittle others to make ourselves feel validated.

Sounds like you have some sour grapes going on for your family members. Try saying something positive about people. You'll be amazed at how more intelligent and classy you come across.
I am sorry to hear that you missed it by a point, -sm
I know how frustrating and disappointing that must be. As for the visiting relatives who could not hear "this is not a good time to come, how about another weekend" which your husband inferred---guess he should have been more to the point, but regardless of that, I would have just ignored their presence completely, telling them you had to study, and let your husband deal with/entertain them. My in-laws come about once a month on a Sunday, which is my work day for my weekend work. Though I try to do it on Saturday, I usually don't have it done or at least not all of it. So I work when they visit. They are well aware I will most likely be working when they visit. They don't come to see me or my DH, just the kids, so they don't care and neither do I. If you do decide to try again, say in a year or whatever, and a similar situation occurs just stick to your guns and do what you gotta do!
You totally missed the point which was...sm
20 million Cubans in one city is very small in comparison to the rest of the country, which has a population of 301,139,947(as of July 2007).
missed point nature
North, south, east and west do not change, correct. It was funny as she said "depends on which way you are coming from." Here in our berg, streets try to be north and south, east and westbound, as that was an east and westbound street they were on. Just killed me, sorry I was entertained.
I think you missed the original point sm
its the "newbies" who ask stuff that they should have learned in school. The everyday stuff such as DTRs and things about rales and wheezes, etc. etc. That is stuff you learn right off the bat not things you ask about routinely. I understand if its a really bad ESL and it doesn't sound like that is what he is saying. But there was a poster on the word board that actually asked had anyone heard of rales and wheezes! Come on! Sounds like somebody trying to do MT that doesn't have a clue at all. There are many more similar posts. You can tell the difference.
You've missed the entire point!
Duh!  It's the docs who don't want to pay my dear. You're really expecting to get blood out of a turnip, aren't you?  Quit blaming the MTSOs and look at the entity who's calling the shots - The doctors/clinics who hire the MTSO.
I guess ya'll missed the point, but not surprising
I asked for opinions only of people who had SEEN the movie, oh well. I saw it and found it very sad, sad that people are condemned for who they love!!!
No my elbow doesn't hurt, I think you missed the point.
Once I helped someone I didn't smirk, smile, and pat myself on the back, or bend my elbow. What I did was get on with daily living. Helping people comes in all forms, not necessarily in money form, maybe just smiling at someone who is sad or having a bad day, people have done that for me. Maybe not kicking the dog when you have a bad day, things like that. Not too complicated. Just what we are supposed to do if we are raised right.
I didn't apply, so that's a moot point. The point I was making is that
she's ranting here about something that doesn't even pertain to most of us. You can't come to a MT message board railing at MTs without getting a response. That's why it's not called MTSOstars. Also, it's unprofessional of a business owner to let her emotions overrule her common sense. As for the newbies, they'll learn. We were all newbies at one time or another. None of us was born perfect, not even the MTSO.
The point wasn't that it was copyrighted. The point the poster tried to make
That's not my point. My point is previous owner hired
I missed it.
What happened? I wanted Janelle to win so bad.
I missed it!
who won?
I missed so much...
Goodness, I need to start watching it again. I have missed WAY to much. Thanks for the scoop!
Hopefully all you missed was...
carrie underwear...
must have missed it
I missed that!
I taped it though--I'll have to watch that.  Elliott is so sweet. 
must have missed it....sm
and yes, they do tend to come out on Fridays...given the opportunity. overworked and underpaid??....hmmm...I don't think so....just bad attitudes. JMO (even though I don't know what it was about). :^)
For all those who missed it.....
I found this website that should have the transcript soon.

I think you missed something -
the patient spoke English, the doctor did not and he could not understand the patient.  Are we supposed to find an interpreter for our doctor appointments to speak the doctor's primary language?
Perhaps I missed something but...
Do we not just double space between paragraphs and anatomy headings? Why would she make more money if only getting paid per character? Maybe I'm misreading.
I think you missed it by about
20 years or more. The pay was great in the past but steadily has dropped. I have typed on electronic records for at least 5+ years and nothing has changed, at least pay except going down. To make an excellent salary I would think you would have to get your own accts, not nationals, be able to transcribe excessively fast and work long hours, might be doable. To work for most nationals you need about 2 years experience also.
not my point, actually. My point was the bigotry is the same.
The bigotry's always there. Not all "Mexicans" are Mexican, nor are they all illegal. My point is, though, people used to make remarks about cabbage smell about the Irish just like comments are made now about how nasty Mexicans are.

Every time somebody says something about "those people," something bigoted is coming out. That's all I'm saying.
I think I missed the ad in the paper that says you must

paint your house a funky color. I'm thinking I missed a huge sale at Home Depot on paint because my neighbors are going crazy with the colors. Yes, I understand home depot and Lowe's screws up paint and you can get the mixed up colors very cheap but geez. My neighborhood is going crazy with weird paint colors on their houses. Two months ago someone painted their house bright green with bright pink trim, then came the peach house with green trim, bright yellow house followed by bright blue house with the leftover yellow trim. New house being built across the street is all burnt orange including the fence. They even painted the driveway burnt orange and not UT vols orange. Now my neighbor is painting hers bright green. It's not a bad neighborhood here in Central Florida and the houses here run from 150s to 300s but these colors are horrendous. I think if I put my house up for sale I won't get an offer because the peach house, green and pink house, and orange house are all on the dead end street I'm on.

Missed most of it but what I caught was fun!!
I missed it. Poop. Oh well.
I missed that whole thing...what was that all about
I missed it, can you give me a brief
synopsis???? My TV was messed up or something because my tape had FUZZ :-(

I would prefer Cirie too, but I have a feeling if they are making it look like Cirie wins then it must be Danielle :-(
Sorry I missed all the excitement
Sorry I missed all the excitement --went sailing with my neighbor for a couple of hours and just got home.  I do have other things to do than sit on this board.  You can all say what you want about me, I have no reason to lie about what I make, where I live or how great my accounts are.  Life is too short and this is one battle I chose NOT to engage in.  Believe me, don't believe me that is your choice and I have too much in my life for which I am  grateful  to let it bother me.   With what is going on in the world right now, I think we have more pressing things to think about than whether one is lying about their income or where they live or if their life is empty.  Prayers for peace would be more effective right now.   Take care, going to eat dinner right now.   Would you tell you what it is but that would just cause a couple of you to challenge me right now.    Patti
Where is her first post? Missed it.
Ooops...I missed the 3. That's still a lot. NM
So sad. He'll be missed for sure. :( nm
when was this on, what channel? I missed it? nm
Sounds to me like QA just missed one.
Missed 60 minutes but
I missed that show on 60 mintues but I am real close to Hershey as I live in the general area. Heck I used to work for Hershey Park many moons ago. Lots of people around here are refusing to buy any more Hershey's chocolate. Sales will decline even if they are making it for less money. There are other concerns as well. With what just happened to the pet food, around my parts people are stating that they will not eat candy made outside the U.S. for the same reasons. Quality control is not the same off U.S. soil.
must have missed your posts...

dont know what you are talking about but


IS IT NICE to hear some good news from someone that something is working out for them!!  Wow!   

I missed the original too (sm)
I'm a homeschooling mom as well. Rock on! It can be hard to figure out how to balance it all.
Thanks, I guess I just missed that!

Gonna get it ordered today because I have 1 podiatrist who is kicking my butt.

Thanks again!

missed dictations anyone?
Does anyone have any real experiences to share with the missed dictations? I would like to buy them but I don't want to if my accuracy might decrease with them due to missed dication. although, I think any of my background noise would be louder than any dictator. But I guess on the other end is where the problem lies.