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You should complain to management again and immediately. If you cave, then they will

Posted By: continue the practice. nm on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: This burns me up. - Working your schedule.

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Complain to management?

Would you complain to management if you received a VERY snotty reprimand from a QA person who corrected your report with an absolutely incorrect "correction" or would you just ignore it?  I don't want to cause trouble, but I'm very irritated - I'm wondering if management would even care that they have snotty-ass QA people?

Should it be "life cycle management" or "lifecycle management"?
Having a debate at work.
"Live in a cave"???......sm

Your childish statements including the one about "editing my reports with your eyes closed" just prove my point.  Secure, adult professionals do not require a daily affirmation to make us "feel better".  I don't need a "job well done pat on the head".  Obviously you do.

do you live in a cave in the middle of no where as well? its not babysitting
We get so little of in the work place, so whats wrong with an occasional 'job well done' when its deserved, if only to make us feel better.  Or even a little personable information, we're not robots.  I've been doing this over 10 years, independent and believe me I could probably edit your reports with my eyes closed my dear. 
See if there's anything on the MSoft website. Otherwise, you might just have to cave for service
First cave paintings, then cuneiform in clay, then papyrus. nm
Previously Unknown Prehistoric Species Discovered In Israel Cave
Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have announced today the discovery of eight previously unknown, ancient animal species within "a new and unique underground ecosystem in a cave near Ramle, Israel.

In a press conference on the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University, the researchers said the discovery came about when a small opening was found, leading to a cave extending to a depth of 100 meters beneath the surface of a quarry in the vicinity of Ramle, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The quarry is operated by cement manufacturer Nesher Industries.

The cave, which has been dubbed the Ayalon Cave, is "unique in the world", said Prof. Amos Frumkin of the Hebrew University Department of Geography. This is due mainly to its isolation from the outside world, since the cave's surface is situated under a layer of chalk that is impenetrable to water. The cave, with its branches, extends over some 2½ kilometers, making it Israel's second largest limestone cave. It is to remain closed to the public to permit further scientific research.

The invertebrate animals found in the cave – four seawater and freshwater crustaceans and four terrestial species – are related to but different from other, similar life forms known to scientists. The species have been sent to biological experts in both Israel and abroad for further analysis and dating. It is estimated that these species are millions of years old. Also found in the cave were bacteria that serve as the basic food source in the ecosystem.

The animals found there were all discovered live, except for a blind species of scorpion, although Dr. Dimentman is certain that live scorpions will be discovered in further explorations and also probably an animal or animals which feed on the scorpions.

The underground cave includes an underground lake, in which the crustaceans were found. The lake is part of the Yarkon-Taninim aquifer, one of Israel's two aquifers, yet is different in temperature and chemical composition from the main waters of the aquifer. The lake's temperature and salinity indicates that its source is deep underground.

Among the interesting features of the discoveries thus far in the cave is that two of the crustaceans are seawater species and two others are of a types found in fresh or brackish water.

This can provide insights into events occurring millions of years ago regarding the history of ancient bodies of water in the region.


Now, go to the link and see a pic of one of the little buggers!

My advice: Regroup. Find a small cave, cheap, take the kids, get a stable job (1), quit trying to

need to stabilize.

Medical transcription is not a "living" - it is a sideline anymore, unless you can find a doctors office or hospital where you can count on an income and count on medical insurance.

Leave the BF - they are dead weight.  They wear you out and rarely help you find any solid footing.  If your's did you wouldn't be here asking for advice.

I used to think I need to be married - then I began to ask myself:  WHY AM I MORE BROKE AND MORE TIRED WITH A HUSBAND?

There were more hours in the day and more money in the bank when I was on my own with my children.  We may not have had fancy things but we were happy because their mom was happy - ME.

Again, don't use 3 PT/transcription jobs or even 1 FT and some PTs to say you are making it.  Either bring your budget down to living on the 1 FT and let the PT be the discretionary income (extra for savings, emergencies, etc), or leave transcription entirely.  MTing is a losing proposition at this time.  Unless of course, like I say, you are in a stable place like a hospital.  And don't COUNT on the PT to carry you through - these nationals and side jobs are playing fast and loose with paying people or providing any security at all.



We will get on that immediately!
He has had a part-time job all along. He works for a landscaping service in the summer months and for a local jewelry store during the winter months (but being a student, neither job pays very much) and has paid for some things like his books, spending money, gas money, etc., so he is helping a bit. Thank you SO much for pointing me in a direction. I have felt so helpless!
I'd be looking for another job immediately
Jump ship ASAP.
That's when immediately
using the Undo button can be a lifesaver.
Well, they said I could expect OT immediately..??
We will see on the production. I was told the accounts were overburdened with work and there was a bounty of OT being offered.

We will see.
guarantee they are stealing your lines. It's a shame, but they are the worst!!!!!!!
Find a vet that will see you immediately
last Thursday from renal failure. I hope things work out for the best for you. Hug your kitty and let him/her know it will be okay.
and by disclosing it immediately...

it would have changed WHAT? Not one thing...it's not some big conspiracy or something like that.  It was an ACCIDENT...

And on the subject that Clinton didn't shoot anyone or start a war in Iraq, no he didn't, he just had sex with younger women in OUR White House, cheated on his wife, and paid the Iraqis so he wouldn't have to deal with them....real big man, huh?

You could have had your answer immediately
just by clicking on the underlined (i.e. clickable) blue term MTSO in the OP's post. That's why it looked like that.
Not for me. I was up to speed almost immediately.
Their platform is very basic (mostly in a good way). Stop panicking. If you don't usually have a problem switching companies and getting up to speed you won't here either.
Yep. But also be prepared for them to immediately end your contract. nm
There is a job on the job board - start Immediately.
Check out Transform also, I think they want someone immediately.
no, but I'd email operations immediately
operations@mditrans.com in case you don't already know it. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on.
Yes, you are right, I'll stop immediately, thanks!..nm
Told same thing, immediately went to
almost 100% ASR, can't make any money on the garbage it spits out, many, many corrections most reports, no promises ever kept by them.  Not even any time at 50/50, from the start almost 100% ASR, can type it much faster than can make the constant corrections.
Turn them in immediately to the Department of Labor and
Industry, the BBB, the FTC, small claims court and anybody else that will listen. Contract or no contract, they CANNOT withhold pay due to giving no notice. ICs do not have to give notice. It was even on Judge Judy that you can't stiff somebody their pay for walking off the job.
OMG! Don't just change your mind immediately because of a few negative women!
Your first instincts were CORRECT - stay home with your baby! Your baby needs YOU - not some total stranger raising him for the majority of its life.  PLEASE don't listen to the negativity. This board is the worst place for that, really.  Go to any other MT board and you'll get tons of encouraging words.  It makes NO sense that your baby would be better off without you. Think about your words. You have to know in your heart that that's not true. I learned the business and taught myself (horrors on this board as well) when my first child was born, and was transcribing by the time she was 6 months old, again, many days holding her on my lap for a half hour or so. But they take NAPS all the time, especially that young.  You work out an easy schedule around the baby, and it DOES work, if you want it to work. Please feel free to email me and I'll answer any questions you may have, or just talk further about all this.  The MTs on this board are very hostile - even to anyone new who wants to be an MT.  It makes no sense at all - as I thought the purpose of this board was to be mentors for MTs entering the field.  But its not that at all.  The majority hate new MTs, hate newbie students - oh, they really freak about that - like this job is capable of only being done by THEM, and forget kids - NOT a favorite topic.  Very sad, and very shallow.  Since time began, the WHOLE BASIS of MTing at home was to be with the kids. Period. How on earth a mother could work home and then ship her kids off to daycare is so beyond me that I can't even begin to figure it out.  But, that's the sad majority of our screwed up society today - have kids, and then immediately ship them off at 6 weeks old, to be raised by daycare and then the public school system.  Parents and kids pass like ships in the night, but who cares, right?    At least Mom gets to stay comfy at home.
call credit card people immediately
and dispute charge (the back of your bill should give you the procedure on this) WRITE down everything you have done for the record. Yes, you absolutely must contact someone who knows something at hotel.com and be sure you contact the Atty General of your state and the state where hotel.com is headquartered, not to mention the BBB. Hotel.com has just got a load of bad publicity - don't forget to point that out to them. They also need to reimburse you for any charges incurred.

Be sure to keep a paper trail...emails will work. Good luck to you.
I regretted having stooped to this person's level immediately
Your husband should either take the job back or go to the EEOC immediately and b4 it's too late.

2 days, minimum. Call immediately or give it up.
I carry my mail in, sort it immediately, and put the junk in the trash.
Which way do you want it. You complain that he did nothing and you complain when he does something.
We can all sit here and complain.....sm

"OR" we can do something about it.  I voiced my opinion to the editor of Advance.  Web Address below.  They really need a wake-up call, and I think together, we have the power to do it.


$40,000+ any you complain? About what

If some of you want to complain
Why the hell don't you get out of the MT field? All of the new people are trying to get help and encouragement here. I am sure all they need to hear is all of this nonsense. Others like me come to head about MT news, MT companies, and stay up with the times, and maybe get some advise here and there, and then I have to skim through this crap. If you don't want to be put down, then stop putting the MT field down...okay? Pfft, and you think I am going to stay away just because you said too..HA! Get over yourself.

You need to voice your concerns and complaints to both the clinic and the Insurance company.  The clinic where I transcribed into EMR found that it was still easier to dictate than fill out all the information and some insurance companies did not like the "standardization" of reports.  But voice your opinion, it might not help but will make you feel better.  I basically told the doctor once, please look at me as you are not treating the computer screen nor is that paying the bill.   Once patients do this and they have to do the charts after seeing the patient, it could change things around.  Also write to your state boards or anyone that listens.   


Why we complain!

Let me explain why I and some others have complained in the past:

1.  I've been doing this for 25+ years and I am making much less now than I did before AAMT and I am still producing the same amount of lines!

2.  I've spent more time (learning in an ever changing field) and more money  purchasing new hardware, software, books and the "ever changing" BOS from our friends at the AAMT for which I will never be recompensed adequately.

3.  The industry has been stolen from IC's by large corporations who pay their CEO's etc. and squeeze the Transcriptionist for pennies (in order to pay those large salaries).

4.  I could go on and on, however, the last reason people complain here is not because we're "half-empty" types but because we do work at home and have no where else to speak with our peers and just "let our hair down".  This website is not only to be cheerleaders, it is to serve the needs of all transcriptionists, even when we need to complain.

I consider myself a "half-full" person.  I am grateful that I could work at home when my son was young.  I am grateful that I don't spend a lot on commuting, work clothes, etc.  However, I have had to pay for my own health insurance for years and I've taken quite a hit in the pocketbook.  If you were to work twenty-five years in a profession, have a great reputation, yet see your salary go down instead of up, you'd complain too! 

Lastly, not only rah-rah boosters are allowed to comment here.  Us "old-timers" KNOW how much we've lost due to our friends at AAMT and the corporate "Johns" that have taken over the industry.  So, yeah, we're allowed to b----!  If not here, where?


why I complain

I think it's an apples and oranges thing.  Liking your job for whatever reason and being paid a fair wage for said job are two different things.  Ideally, you want both. 

I complain because I feel we as MTs are being taken advantage of and are being toyed with by some companies who emphasize the perks of being able to work from home so we won't see the dirt under the rug of not being compensated equitably for said work. 

I complain because in all the other professions I can think of, those who invest time and/or money for higher education to do the job (be it in school or on the job) are rewarded for that effort monetarily and we are not, at least to a degree where we can make a living commensurate with the effort put forth to do the job well and on a par with others in similar circumstances--starting at the bottom and growing in the profession.  If it "takes years to learn to become proficient" then let's see that reflected in our paychecks.  Some of you have that but it doesn't seem to be the norm nor are there hopes for it to be for the rest of us as we move up the ranks.

I complain because the companies emphasize how very important the medical record is and then treat us as mere typists, comodities who aren't worth the effort of trying to retain in their employ and by such an attitude pretty much giving the impression they don't need us anymore.  Then they get into a fit when they get out of TAT and push us to work extra for mere pittance and either through intimidation or meaningless flattery try to get more blood from us.     

I complain because I see all the hoop-la (sp?) about the newest technology that will supposedly enhance patient care (such as the EMR which some physicians don't review for a month or more and faster TAT with offshoring to those for whom American English is not their primary language) at the expense of job loss of experienced MTs within their own field of medicine and at the cost of actual endangerment to patient care when it all comes down to money and TAT and meeting line requirements and quality comes last.  It's a weird feeling to be proud to be an MT and uncomfortable to be one at the same time.   

I complain because I am frustrated and angry at the current state of affairs and I don't know what I can do about it.  I would venture to say perhaps that is why there is so much "negativity" on this board and I think it is normal.  We're not idiots.

Why we complain!
Thank Dinosaur. You put this very eloquently and right on the money; or should I say lack of money?
You have nothing to complain about?!
Wow...for someone with nothing to complain about, you sure are doing a lot of it.
But then you don’t complain if you cannot pay this or that
my gosh, want your cake and eat it too?? I have extra taken out on me intentionally BUT I do not worry about getting it back a day later, my world does not depend on a large return. I have my house payment paid up several months in advance, no problems in buying groceries nor in paying my bills. For someone to fret about losing their home or dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, then they have the problem, not the IRS.
how could you complain?

Take it from a former inhouse MT who used to get paid big bucks plus overtime, you ARE VERY FORTUNATE to have the job you do!  You could be like me now that our hospital decided to outsource, and be working for what comes out to less than minimum wage!  Don't complain and just keep cashing those paychecks! 

I don't know what everybody has to complain about. sm
Look around you. Is anybody really getting paid what they are worth anymore. My husband went to school and makes around 30/hr. THat used to be a good wage but now people around here can make that doing road construction with no education. So it is not just us. Everybody should just start working and stop complaining.

I have been only doing this for a year part time and I only make 6 cpl but I really have nothing to complain about because when I average out my hrs to my pay I make on average $10-12 and I have hardly any work expenses so I figure where can I go and work pt and make that much money and be at home with my kids??? Think about it.
Why would you complain
about being ACLS certified? You never know what might happen in your own family. My father had a massive heart attack years ago, when CPR was just coming into the picture. Unfortunately neither my brother nor I knew how to perform CPR at the time and we watched him die before help could get there. Do you know how many times I have said "If I had only known how"? I think everyone who has access to a class should take it.
DANSKOS, but when any part of my legs starts hurting, I immediately do several leg stretches
fixes them right away. One thing though, you have to get a pair of really good shoes now - my daughter-in-law got me a pair of Danskos because she wears them (on her feet all day as an ICU nurse) - that was five years ago - they made a tremendous difference and now I wouldn't wear any others. There are other good shoes out there and you DO have to pay for them, but it's worth it.

My problem now is my back up between the shoulder blades - the only thing that helps there is to stop typing and apply heat. Right elbow is usually achy too, but that goes away when I rest it.

Wish I had a hot tub.

Good luck to you.
I will never complain about $2.12 again! Yikes!
Jeez. . .don't complain about the BO, before you know it

the "stinky people" will file discrimination suits!

"I can't help it if I smell. I have a thyroid problem."

Why does everyone complain about DQS and their line..sm
count being low versus another platform?  I will soon be leaving a company that uses DQS to a company that uses Word, can I expect to see an increase?  Before DQS on plain old word I averaged about 200, but I don't think I can only blame DQS because when I started on DQS I was doing unfamiliar work types.  TIA!
Call the 800# on the box and complain - sm
I am sure they will send you a coupon to get one for free. I did this once on some fruit roll-up type snack Pk/6 (was missing the release agent or something as they would not unroll and tasted terrible). They sent me a $5.00 coupon for them. So I was able to make good use of it by buying a bulk box of them at BJs.
Same reason you do, except I don't have anything to complain about!
Now pick up that remote and continue on with your wonderful fulfilling life!
As an employee, you have nothing to complain about.

They have the right to make this "business decision". Were you the one who asked to work from home? If so, again, you have no business complaining and should be grateful for the opportunity you were given to work from home. You complained about paying the cost for DSL, computer, etc. If you use these things for business and personal use, again, you have no business complaining that the employer didn't pay the cost of these since you're using them for more than business purposes. There are just too many employees out there who don't take the risks associated with being IC and then expect to tell their employer what they want to do. It doesn't work like that. If you don't like going to the office as your employer now wants you to, find another job and quit gripping about the one that you do have on this board. It's too full of people like you.

All you want to do is complain. You reap what
Been there-done that, but you can not complain to the facility
If you are working for a service, it is their responsibility.  I would not put a report note or anything of that nature with the report to the client as it could cause YOU a lot of trouble.  I have had so many bad dictators like that - one even fell asleep while dictating!!  I know you have to take the good with the bad but like I have said before, an account has to be profitable to me or I do not want it.  Bottom line, I am here for the paycheck just like they are.  When I worked in house years ago, the doctors were actually offended and insulted if you brought up discrepancies in their dictation.  Then the MT company did not care much when I complained.  They just said to make sure you typed accurately exactly what was dictated.  Again, accurate garbage is still accurate garbage.  It is the provider's responsibility to dictate a professional medical document before you can transcribe one.  If he/she cannot do that, there is not really much you can do to help them.