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Why is the MT's fault? Apparently he

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: This burns me up. - Working your schedule.

is being allowed to do that by his supervisor.

It isn't any MT's fault -- given opportunity, then those who really want the money will make it.

I know that for myself I work my schedule. I do work extra quite a bit of the time -- at the request of my supervisor. They ask me specifically to work more.

Surely, you are not suggestion that I say, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I just can't work any extra. You see, MT Mary Poppins will get huffy because she will think I'm stealing her lines and then I will be called a greedy MT so I should forfeit money to be made for myself because of how SHE feels." ???

If you TRULY think that is reasonable, you are going to be miserable as long as you are in this job.

If I am asked to do more, I will do it as long as I am working in this business. It's NOT unfair to anyone. It is my opportunity to make money. Nothing is unfair about that.

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Its not the animal lovers fault about abortion and abuse of innocent children, it's the fault...
of our government to allow such a law. The innocent dogs being killed over the so-called rabies roundup vs. shortage of "beef" have no government to help protect their rights to live so the humans have to step in and protect their rights and the humans should protect the human's rights as well to live, but when a government passes laws, etc., you can only fault the government; afterall, they have the final decision.
it IS the mayor's fault and it IS Kathleen Blanco's fault
to assess the potential damage and what help they have immediately available in their area. They are then responsible for contacting the feds for more aid BEFORE the fact if they truly know their geography, economics, and have a weather advisory board on hand for such purposes, which they DO.

The mayor and the governor did not do any of this and now as the general consensus of the liberal loonies always turns, if you drop the ball and don't take responsibility for what you're expected to know how to do in your elected office, BLAME BUSH.

Stupid is as stupid does.
It's our fault
I saw an article yesterday (can't remember which newspaper) that said that. It's America'a fault there's global warning, its (whichever gods) punishment to the US.
Not my fault!
Only because the bashings start immediately after I post and then I react - sorry for being human!
My fault
Next time honey, we will turn on the lights so everyone can see it. Also, I would appreciate all the music turned down so I can hear you say to me "Oh Frank, my goodness you are so......" I just love it when you talk to me like that. For that my dear, you will get a bonus in your check next pay.
Yes of course my FAULT
Yes I looked up words, Yes I did my research, YES I HAD A BAD ESL WHO DIDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH !!!!!!!!!   That is WHY
My fault sm
I also usually stay off the boards, but I totally forgot tonight. That's OK
It's not the dog's fault....
Right...and of course, it's someone else's fault you were
Still can't post, still don't get it and still haven't learned to just stay out of the conversation as obviously they're not looking for your opinion...rude and mean as ever. Of course...that's just an OPINION. blah blah
How was it my fault?????
I was sitting there minding my own business. He walks over and blurts out my test results. Exactly what should I have done? Put tape over his mouth? I had no idea what he was going to say before he said it. I am the injured party here who is out over $100.00. I have to type an entire day to make $100.00.
It's always our fault
I learned a long time ago that no matter what, any mistakes made will always be blamed on the MT. If something doesn't get dictated by the doc, the excuse is inevitably either "it was lost by the transcriptionist" or "that Transcriptionist isn't typing all my dictations."

I used to greatly respect doctors - and then I became an MT and started actually having to work with them. Boy did my opinion change - and fast!
Lu..........thank-you. If I have a fault it sm
is being blunt. But, I am not going to sit here and beat around the bush and sugar coat things. I have seen too many whiny, complaining MTs in my career to cater to that stuff any longer. If you have been in the business a long time you know what I mean as do all of the others who have done this for a long time.

Maybe the bluntness comes from working on production for years (which I like) or whatever, but I don't have time to baby and soothe. If people don't want to hear how the business is then don't listen (most don't listen anyway).

The Mts who are successful in this business, working on production, know that we don't have time for the nonsense! I especially don't have time for the folks who are complaining because they have TOO much work and have to do different accounts, when there are people out there begging for work! Kind of reminds me of people who complain of having no money, need money and the overtime is there, but they just don't want to work it today! GEESH!
I don't fault you for being pessimistic
because the both the companies and our own so-called professional organization have trodden on us for so long that most MTs really don't think there is any other way.

Fortunately, nothing I have planned requires the "companies" to listen to anything MTs have to say, "whining" or nicely.

And nothing I have planned requires cooperation from the beneficiaries of cherry picking with wonderful accounts and who are happy with their jobs.

The essence of the situation is that services are much more in danger of extinction in this age of technology and the global economy than are domestic MTs. The majority of them are on borrowed time.

The companies don't have the assets that are critical to the future of the profession. The offshore companies and their transcriptionists certainly don't.

The only ones who do are the MTs with the skills to do the work that can't be done by VR or offshore. Those are the only assets that aren't commodoties. Those skills can't be replaced by a software robot, a matchbook-school new graduate, or an offshore wannabe cherrypicking-transcriptionist to do the easy "Queen's English, theatrical elocution" dictation.

The MTs are the ones in possession of the assets that are critical. The skills are the asset, not the job. The job can be sent offshore. The company can fire you from a particular job. But the critical assets are still in the hands of the MTs, who have the power to shape their future by harnassing and directing those assets in a positive way.
Sheryl, I'm sure it's my fault. SM
I am terrible at explaining. I wish somebody else would look over my instructions and help you, because I promise, it works.
And this is AAMT's Fault????
Come on, get real! All AAMT did with that list is publish what JCAHO already said was not to be used because it is on their list of dangerous abbreviations. It's all about patient safety and if you haven't read up on that, it IS the hot topic in healthcare these days, so much that studies are done every year by the National Institute of Medicine. AAMT may have faults, but have your facts straight about who causes the changes and why before you spout off.
like its your fault he has to work in the day?.....
tell his sorry ______ to grow up and be a man. you wanna better yourself and make a better life for your family. you go girl!
Giving up? That's their fault then!
Sorry, but where survival is concerned, you don't "give up". There's always a way. I've scooped dog pens, I've delivered phone books, I've cleaned houses. That's a lame excuse and people like that don't get any pity from me.

I eventually went back to school and am out of debt, own my home and both my kids are college educated, with me being the next to graduate from a major university.

I've been kicked in the butt financially, health-wise (lost my job, got fired because I had cancer and chemo made me "throw up too much"), divorce due to domestic violence.

I never gave up. I will never give up.

Life is YOUR responsibility. If you give up, that's up to you but there's no one to blame but yourself.
this comes off that it is her fault this happened - sm
because of her fence. I disagree. The pitbulls would have gotten in the fence themselves regardless if they were intent on attacking, and any dog that wants to get out from a fenced area can if it is intent on doing so as well. I had an adult husky that bent up the wire enclosure on a split rail fence about 3 inches, and squeezed under the fence and got out. He saw deer. It took 45 minutes to catch him, so never say never about letting your dogs out, accidents/things happen every day.
MT and practice are both at fault sm
Have had this done to me more than once. The PT office should have said, no way, if she approached them. She should have said, no way, if they approached her. You have been hurt, and it's not only common courtesy but a stab in the back. Keep them as a client until you get really busy with others and then drop them. I would not keep her, not for one moment. I had to let go of both a friendship,, a client and an employee twice because I do not tolerate this type of sinister behavior. You should not either. Fool me once, shame on me; foll me twice, shame on me. You should be flaming mad, you have every right, you were scammed by both.
I would have to agree. If not your fault,
don't look back.
Aww, that sucks. It isn't your fault...sm
though. It is the dang machine.
It is also not the MTSO's fault if there
is no work from their clients. We are given the option of taking off for a while and checking back later. We are NEVER required to take PTO for not having work. However, I should add that I work FT by line production only, not required 40 hours a week, so it is not quite as bad on my end as it is for those required a set amount of hours per week.

However, one cannot blame the MTSO, like I said, if they are not sent any work.
Can You Believe these posts?? I know - ITS MEDQUIST'S FAULT!
The depravity of the human mind is so apparent on this board, I just can't take it anymore.
if you're getting jerked around that's your fault
quit. do something else. go somewhere else. you let 'em treat you that way. get your own accounts.

you need someone who can relate to your feelings of frustration? oh well, we can relate, dear. we can relate how your attitude stinks that we have other topics to talk about and you want to get onto everyone for it. lmao

put your topic out there and if no one answers your posts, no one's interested. if they are, they'll answer. if you get no answers and you still "need to talk to someone", hire a therapist or a dog or something.
It's not the foreign workers who are at fault sm

The fault lies with the big US corporations who are the greedy SOBs that have outsourced the jobs so they can save billions over what they would pay workers in the US. 

So, to be rude to and cuss out these working people is not going to get us anywhere.  What we should do is boycott the corporations who are sending the work overseas.  Maybe if they lose enough business they will get smart to themselves and bring the jobs back to the US workers. 

and how is that unfortunate situation anyone's fault but your own?
I'm sick of people passing blame for stupid choices they made for themselves. Sorry, but that's just too bad. I've been poor too, VERY poor, but I refused to accept that for myself. If your life sucks, that's your responsibility to fix it any way you can, and it CAN be done.

Interesting email I got this week, speaking of people who refuse to better themselves while they blame other people for their laziness, lack of initiative, and acceptance of hand-outs and then still complain because it'll never be enough:

"The black mayor of New Orleans, a perpetually corrupt, crime ridden and impoverished city 20 feet below sea level, surrounded by an ocean, a lake and the Mississippi River, tepidly suggests his citizens evacuate as a giant hurricane approaches. For those with no means to leave, he does nothing. The white President of the United States begs him to evacuate for four days. A hundred thousand mostly black residents choose to stay. The massive storm promptly becomes the deadliest catastrophe in American history, flooding the city, killing thousands.

Meanwhile, over 10,000 rescue workers, mostly white, leave comfortable homes, jobs and families; stream in from all across America four days in advance. But when the storm turns at the last minute, rescuers become victims. Over 9,000 square miles and 200 miles of coastline over 4 states become devastated. Communication is cut off. All utilities are ruined. Thousands of roadways are laid to waste. Nearly every vehicle is swept away, including trucks, planes and boats. New Orleans becomes virtually impassable.

Undaunted, the white rescue workers use whatever means available to help save the poor black residents.

They are greeted by gunfire.

Thousands of remarkably well-armed black people took over the city, wantonly raping, pillaging and murdering. They carjack rescue convoys, shoot at rescuers, levee repairmen, and even helicopters performing rescue missions. The operation is halted dead in its tracks.

And for this, white people are being labeled racist.

It didn't take long for the parade of race-whore vermin to rampage across the television screen, accusing white Americans of racial lollygagging. Rev. Calvin Butts declared, "I think a lot of it has to do with race and class." Jesse Jackson bluntly accused President Bush of racism. NBC's live telethon for the victims of Hurricane Katrina features rapper Kanye West declaring, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Mayor Ray Nagin, who could have prevented much of the tragedy by merely ordering an evacuation two days earlier and deploying his 1,000 school bus fleet, began publicly swearing at everyone else but himself, particularly for not providing instant security. Really! Can you imagine if George Bush had clairvoyantly placed 20,000 soldiers in New Orleans the day the storm hit? Every white person in America knows Nagin, the Congressional Black Caucus, Rev. Jackson, the NAACP, and every black race hustler (but I repeat myself) in America would have shrieked "Racism!!!" Not sure? Kanye West already screamed ".they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!"

Its been a century-long modus operandi for every black liberal politician: Blame Whitey.

And for years, white America surrendered the race card trump, placating racial rabble-rousers with over 10 trillion dollars of social programs. Not enough. They created racial preference laws. Not enough. They laid every guilt trip possible on white people. Not enough.

Well, not this time.

See, Whitey wised up. We know black people cause modern Black America's great plagues. Newt Gingrich doesn't run around knocking up 14-year-old black girls. Black men do. Ronald Reagan didn't gang bang and murder in the hood. Black men do. Rush Limbaugh doesn't coax black people into government servitude. Black liberals do. And certainly, William F. Buckley never advised black people to speak English like Jar Jar Binks. Black people do.

And in New Orleans, George W. Bush didn't ignore evacuation warnings, abandon poor black people trying to leave, loot the city and shoot rescuers. Black people did. Black people caused and could have prevented this entire tragedy, and when white people tried to help, black people literally tried to kill them.

That is a fact.

So, Black America, turn down the volume knob and listen carefully. Hear that? It's the sound of White America heaving a sigh of indifference.

To be certain, this isn't an indictment of all black people, though it's certainly a wake-up slap to a large black majority who listen to these cretins. It is, however, a direct accusation against liberal race prostitutes who dominate popular black leadership, create misery and mayhem in the black community for self-aggrandizing personal power, and then detestably blame White America, insisting we don't understand the plight of black people.

The only thing White America doesn't understand is why black leaders sell their fellow black brethren down the river, sometimes literally, and why black people keep buying the ticket. This week provided a disgusting example. After creating their own tragedy, black people across America had a magnificent opportunity to convert adversity into compassionate national unity. Instead, they chose Lord of the Flies anarchy.

I suppose, as they say, it's a black thing."

Sorry, but your life is your problem, not mine.
I agree that it isn't the techies fault. I just think a co. needs to have enough of them to do
This definitely wasn't the seller's fault ..sm
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you want to look at it.  I did just put in the frame and hung it up.  It's kind of in a darker corner of my office, so it doesn't show up that well.   I'm just disappointed.  It is a 1986 poster for the release of a Paul McCartney album and it is of he and his wife Linda.  It's an awesome poster and like I said from where I put it, you can't really tell.  Hopefully, it will smooth out some in time.
Partially is your husband's fault
I have been through this with a stepson.  After making a lot of excuses about it all being his mother's fault, his fault, etc, I did come to realize that the this kid had all of these problems just as much from  his Dad (my husband) had been shirking his responsibility and I really feel bad for these kids because it is most of the time due to the parents.  Yes sometimes bad kids come from good homes, but I will bet you that this Dad did not pay much attention to these children after the divorce and so these kids are alone and trying to find their way on their own.  When you marry a guy that has been married before you bring all of this into the marriage, you need to be aware of this before signing on.  Don't know if much can be done at this point but perhaps with some family counseling it can be, again I feel for the child as it is not all his/her fault and probably very little of it is.    Like I said, I have been there, my stepson stole our car, wrecked our house and so one but again I now realize it was not all his fault.   
Just more of "why its not my fault." You control
It is not the Dr fault he doesnt understand
Believing that a victim is at fault in anything...
scams, crimes, abuse...anything. That's just wrong. If your house was robbed, would you like it someone said you allowed it to happen, take responsibility. How about if your grandparents got scammed out of their life savings by a fast-talking con artist? Would you tell them it was their fault? I don't think so.
True, it's certainly no landscapers fault. Anyone who lives in AZ knows what the
But it's nobody's fault but the MTSO that the prices have dropped.
THEY were the ones who started the offshore outsourcing in an attempt to make a bigger profit and get more clients.  Figuring that they could pay Indian transcriptionists 3 or 4 cpl, they could offer the clients a cheaper rate. By doing this, the MTSO changed the field forever into the cut-throat market it is today. The MTSO virtually eliminated the independent transcriptionist from the market who was able to have a few accounts and making a lucrative living and the larger MTSOs are putting the smaller ones out of business.  The MTSOs brought it upon themselves and now everyone in the field is suffering because of it, including the patient.  I feel no pity for them whatsoever.
You can't fault someone for wanting to make a living.

Outsourcing simply means that big corporations show bigger profits and the CEOs get bigger bonuses.  They claim that it's good for the economy because the companies and CEOs have more money to spend, gag me with their trickle down economics theory, but they refuse to see what it does to the working class people.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens in this country down the road as more and more working class people lose their jobs to offshoring.  What, are we all going to sign up for unemployment and welfare?  Will crime go up as we all start stealing just to put food on the table?  I wonder what's going to happen.

Your right...my fault. I QA for 4 cents per line and I hate it.
If you type fast you can lose money doing QA. At 4 cents per line I can QA 700 lines per hour (roughly) which is still $28 per hour. Honestly I think the industry standard is 3 cents, but the company I work for will have me QA when they are bombarded and I will not QA for less than 4 cents per line.
Oh, don't you know that it's society's fault these people are criminals???
so tired of hearing it always "somebody else's fault"
You are right on the money. Agree with you 100%. I admire you for your hard work and not sitting back when you actually do have an excuse not to work. You are setting a fine example for your children and should be proud of yourself.
its the employer's fault.....you are wrong or delusional
This is not her fault. I have worked in the same type of hostile environment......its like you are in high school again with clicks. If you mind your own business......they say your unfriendly,......if you try to get along...somehow your words always get twisted and you are the bad guy..... been there done that.......I am sick to death of "the transcription business world" and am just counting down until I can finish school........
You asked, I answered truthfully. It's not my fault you don't believe it.
Their fault, not the post office, sending
somewhere I have never lived.
That "it's everyone's fault but mine" mentality.
Apparently not
I am personally becoming very sick of it. I think I am done with this company. I have had it to say the least.
the "brain" part is still working, if that is all  he can think about.  Men are a trip.
I apparently I still have my job.

I just came inside from doing chores, settled down to my machine here to do another day's work, and have 2 instant messages sitting here from my bosses saying they got my e-mail, know I'm tired, but put 'stats' in my cue that needs to be done up right away.

Either it's a cruel joke or the company really is testing me to see exactly what my breaking point is. 

I appreciate the advice and the ears.  Thank you for lending me them. 

Apparently not.
Apparently they are (sm)
Any teacher/counselor/whatever who would tell a student that work "used" to be done offshore and makes it sound as if outsourcing is a thing of the past is either deliberately lying to that student or is sadly misinformed.

The part about the quality being so poor that it has to be edited before being returned to the client is accurate, but that hasn't stopped anything.

There are, of course, some jobs that have been brought back to the U.S. but unfortunately, U.S. MTs are now being asked -- make that EXPECTED to work for the same low wages as offshore MTs.

Between outsourcing and VR, I couldn't in good conscience suggest that anybody embark on a career as an MT at this point in time. There was a time when this seemed like a solid career choice - but that time has passed.

Anyone who is considering signing up for an expensive course needs to decide who to believe - someone who's been there and has 0 to gain financially from them...or someone who wants their money.
an MT who may or may not be Indian...REALLY defensive if you read the entire thread when just a simple question was asked.

Yep, WAY too defensive and won't let it drop. I'd just laugh and say 'no' if someone asked me if I were in India. This one's practically frothing at the mouth which is kinda weird.
Apparently so!

Having been accused of being blunt, insensitive, racist, etc,  I thought I got where she was coming from.  And frankly, I don't remember seeing an LOL in her posts, though I admit to not having read all of them.   I just think it's silly to slam somebody, then add the LOL.  It's like taking a swing at someone, then saying "No hard feelings?"

Live and learn.  I've added to the list of posters whose posts I no longer open (it now numbers 2.)  Actually, it's kind of fun to read responses to someone's posts without having read the original, and having to guess at the content from the reactions. 

Many posts I've read stated its the parents fault, etc. but

The trip to Aruba was a graduation trip with the HS class.  The whole situation is sad.

People always seem to have to find fault in everything anytime there is a change. No, we are not

We have implemented links to various keywords and it will be growing over time.  At present, we have about a dozen keywords that you can link to when there is a reference made in a post by a poster.  We felt that visitors would WELCOME information that they may be seeking.

Regarding Medquist, it's no secret that the company outsources offshore.  That has been made public my MedQuist for some time now.