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Definately a management problem!!!

Posted By: Romey on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: This burns me up. - Working your schedule.

All a company has to do is have someone in charge of monitoring the system and asign the work or at least watch it and when it starts getting low, take people off the system until it builds back up. A hospital I worked for directly did this and it worked great. The company I now work for doles out the work evenly to all employees first and then IC next. Again it is the fairest practice and seems pretty simple to do, but as below posters stated, most companies don't care, they just want the work done!

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Should it be "life cycle management" or "lifecycle management"?
Having a debate at work.
It may have some draw backs like any job but I would definately take it!!
MAN!! You definately NAILED it - sm

Really, I searched for the right words - you nailed it!!!  Standing Ovation to YOU!!!  This woman is a "blame freak" - isn't that narcissistic (s/p?) behavior or something along those lines?  BRAVO!!!     

getting neutered will definately help!!

Getting him neutered will help with the hyper-activity, the anxiety and the urinating.

You should also consider taking him to dog obedience school so he is properly trained.

Keep this one as you look. But, YES, definately start looking.
I am definately not a liar and I can
honestly say that I've been doing VR on the eScription platform for over 4 years now, 2 years at my current employer, and at 0.04 a line I can easily do 500+ lines an hour. I have a great primary account that I have been on those 2 years and sometimes if I get the few dictators that have templates I can even do 700+ an hour. It most certainly can be done!
We definately aren't.....
sitting around much.  They don't care if it's behind is the thing.  So basically they want every single second of my time occupied.  There might be a 5 minute break between patients or while you are waiting for the doctor to come out and during that time we get charts together, take a breather, yes, but not sitting around.  They just want me to take that 5 minutes, run type for 5 minutes, then run back to see if the doctor needs anything and just run a shift like that.  I believe I am just going to say no.
Nobody here seems to definately know answer Thanks see mssg

Coughing and sneezing have no affect/effect on it, and bowel and bladder functions have been normal.

You will definately see great results
within a week or two.  It's a great workout, easy, and definately will give you results.  Stick with it and you will be very pleased.  I love pilates
105 pounds is definately not overweight
for someone who is 5'4". What was he smoking?
Definately ruins any fantasy I ever had about cowboys!
Definately affect/effect! Hate those!
It definately helped me. From the first dose I took I had no urge at all to smoke.
Unfortunately though I had a bad reaction to the medication and had to stop it after only a few days. I should say though that the reaction I had to the Wellbutrin had absolutely nothing to do with a side effect, but rather it exacerbated a prior medical problem I had. It's definately worth a try IMO.
Are you in MQ management?
Are you with MQ management? Although it doesn't matter, because I'm telling the truth. I see it every day.
MQ management
No - I am a new rehire. 
MQ management
I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable about giving my e-mail address, because I'm not certain about your position. I had a great job until MQ came into our hospital and managed to reduce my pay tremendously. I am one of the very few users who has access to DocQmanage and this process that they use to count lines just makes me sick.
MQ management - NOT
Whatever - I feel bad that you have lost money. I also have been "screwed" by plenty of companies myself. I was just trying to figure out if you could provide documented proof of "how they are robbing the MT". By the way, if you still work at a hospital, don't you still get benefits, i.e., health insurance, holiday pay or is all that based on lines produced like it is outside of a hospital? Have a great day.
MQ management
I must say - there is so much paranoia amongst some of you. Yeah - I've been hacked by the big companies also. Why not keep your mouth shut if you don't want to provide documented evidence.
MQ management - NOT
Did they bother to tell you that they also outsource MT transcription to other countries at MQ? I'm interested if they are trying to sell DQS and MQ without divulging that they outsource to India.
Are you new or management?
This WAS a GREAT company. IT is changing, we are not trying to change it. IT is changing OUR lives. I don't abandon ship without trying to help others first. UNBELIEVABLE CHANGES in less than two months where I am. I will be out of it very soon and if you want, you can go down with the ship with that attitude but I hope you and the others like you realize what you sound like and don't.

Whatever U say, Management! - nm

I have never had anyone be rude to me the entire time I have been there. The IT guy can be a bit gruff, but I almost never talk to him. Of course, I do my required lines plus, get excellent QA scores, and don't bother anyone. Maybe that is why they are so nice to me!
Whatever you say, Management. What are
Just curious.
Sorry Charlie, not management
just an old MT with 30 years experience. and No I don't smoke thanks anyway.
Does anyone know anything about pain management M.D.'s?
For someone with chronic pain, is prescribing pain pills a last resort or is this the norm? 
You sound like MQ management...
I just now read your ridiculous post (I'm not on boards very often, just check occasionally to see what is going on or blow off steam).

MQ adjusted my compensation without telling me. Had they told me I would be making less per line, I would have sought employment elsewhere. I was hired with the verbal and written agreement that I would be paid on the basis of a 65-character line, i.e. space bar, commas, bolding, underline, headers, footers, cc lines, headings, etc. etc. Through manipulation of their counting software, and various platforms, (Im'on my fifth platform)they have systematically underpaid us for our work. In fact, they just admitted that recently and I have a check and letter from them stating those facts. The amount I received is not near the actual amount that they underpaid me. I have no idea how they came up with this bogus figure. Yes, our business is an exchange for skills and service, but they must uphold their end of the agreement which was to base our compensation on a 65 character line. If that changed, nobody told us. In fact they repeatedly told me that nothing had changed and we were still getting paid the same way. They could not account for the decline in my production except to say that I just wasn't producing the same amount as I was before. Duh!

There is no heartache here, just anger. I'm angry that I've been ripped off by a bunch of greedy bums who have become quite wealthy off our blood, sweat and tears. Yes blood, I recently had to have surgery which was job-related, and am still recovering. So, why do you even care if you don't work for MQ and this doesn't even concern you. Do you just enjoy beating up on posters, does it make you feel better than everyone?

The recruiter said it was management, not MT.
It is my guess it paid well, but who knows.
A TL is for workload management ONLY SM

If you are going to her to ask questions about software, blanks, format, etc., you are going to the wrong person.  Software issues for the help desk and blanks, format issues for QA.

Team leaders SHOULD just be routing work, seeing that there is adequate staff to do the work, etc.

You obviously are Spheris management
It always amazes me, the BS from Spheris, astounding!
No, she's from OSI management, but that might as well be another galaxy
are backpedaling on here a thousand miles per hour trying to find employees that actually live in this country.

Too late. You treat people like that, this is what you get.
Your management is to blame, not the MT.
Your management allows it to happen.

Talk to them.

It is isn't up to you nor me nor anyone else not in management to regulate who gets what work and when and how much.

MT management: Who would you work for and why? sm
I was curious as to what companies MTs would consider being a manager for and would also like to see posts from people that are current managers.  
That's right. It probably wasn't YOU, and yet management of course (sm)
always has to make it seem like it's the MT's fault. "Blame-it-on-the-MT" -- for doctors and management alike, that seems to be their "EASY" button (like the TV commercial).
In business, management....
it is not unusual for a person to turn in a resignation and then be told to leave immediately.  Sometimes even escorted out of the building. 
I believe it is company management
handing out the praise. A good hint is to look at their "names" after they post. Some of those names are the same ones over and over again, and some of them are just downright laughable!! Another hint, look for the companies are always looking to hire MTs due to "growth." Id say the "Growth" is probably the growing number of MTs catching onto them and leaving!
Management again. SO annoying.....
anger management
I really think that humor is a good tool for anger management! Friends will send some really funny emails that will just crack me up even when I am in the worst mood ever, it always helps...or sometimes just going for a good run to burn off some steam? There are a lot of things, also I like to look up at the big guy and ask for some help there, that helps me quite abit!!
anger management
I love it!!! What a fun game!
Anger management
Just get away and go out for a brisk walk and possibly a swim in a pool if one is available. Go for a hike in the woods. I can sympathize with you. We do not have an easy job and it can really test our metal at times.
time management

that is the problem with working at home - there are so many interruptions.  However, you have to remember that this is a real job - you have to commit your time to it.  If you worked outside the home, would you take a day off to help with the kids, would they let you bring the kids to work with you, and would anybody even ask you to do that? 

I know that flexibility is supposed to be a big advantage of this job, but it is only an advantage if you are willing to give up the income.  You have to decide, do you really want to make the money or do you want the flexibility?  If you want the income, then you are going to have to set yourself some hours, just as if you were working outside the home, and use those hours as working time and once those hours are over, then it is time for your family and home life - just as if you were out in "the world" working.


Moving into management

Some places will promote their lead Transcriptionist into management, but that's often a mistake.  Having excellent transcription skills is not the same thing as having mentoring, motivating, planning, budgeting and interpersonal skills in a transcription environment. 

You've had a boss who thought you had potential in these areas.  Do you feel you would enjoy doing those things or would you feel the call of the keyboard?  Would you dislike delegating?  Would you dislike training because it's just faster and easier to do it yourself?  Do you like dealing with people, or do you prefer to deal with data and to be left alone to do your thing?  These are some of the questions to consider because the jobs really are different.

If you are truly tired of the rat race that is production typing and think you really might be interested in management, then check your local junior college or business school for classes on management/supervision.  They might be credit classes or they may be career/life enrichment classes.  They shouldn't be all that expensive, and they should give you a better idea about whether this is the path you want to take.  Employers sometimes look for the RHIT or CMT credential for management personnel.  If you aren't one of those, then proof of study in the management field may be of help to you.

I find that I generally like to read/discuss management techniques more than I like doing them, but it's getting harder and harder to do the production thing.  Maybe I'm ready to try management again.  I think I've learned not to make the same mistakes I made before.  It's thinking about making the new ones that's holding me back!  Best of luck in whichever path you take.

Complain to management?

Would you complain to management if you received a VERY snotty reprimand from a QA person who corrected your report with an absolutely incorrect "correction" or would you just ignore it?  I don't want to cause trouble, but I'm very irritated - I'm wondering if management would even care that they have snotty-ass QA people?

I have nothing but contempt for those mid-management
slackers who, while their subordinates work their tails off all day every day, close their office doors in mid-afternoon and:
a. Take a nap.
b. Buy/sell things on eBay.
c. Play video games.
d. Sneak out for the remainder of the day.

Yeah, they sure do EARN those 6-figure salries, don't they? So do the upper management & CEOs, too -- for either NOT KNOWING all that is going on, or who PRETEND not to know. Usually the latter is true.

Too bad you can't name names on these boards, 'cause if you could, boy would I ever NAME NAMES!
If those management dweebs don't know by now that -
you get more work out of a fairly-paid worker than a gypped & ripped-off worker, then they don't belong in management. But come to think of it, MOST management doesn't belong in management. Of course, that's how the whole Management Game is played. How does anyone become management in any profession, but especially MT, these days, and still sleep at night? No conscience I suppose. And how does anyone sit through the archaic garbage they're obviously still teaching in management school, and maintain any personal dignity about the career they're about to embark on, let alone a straight face?

Honest folks really do finish last in this country, don't they?
Time management

I have two IM's that work 4 days each and I average about 4,500 lines per week, 525 or so per day each doctor -- about a 30 minute tape, and when I am doing my monthly schedule I schedule 1.5 hours per day for each doc.  So that it 3 hours for that clinic.  My monthly total is about 20,000 lines and so yours is a little higher but if you have been doing them for a while you should have a lot of Expanders saved, physicals saved, etc to save you time.  I can average 350 to 450 lines per hour with them.  So I would guess that 6  hours per da, 3 hours per doctor is what I would shoot for.   Will the one returning from maternity only work part-time and that is why she is only 4100 lines per month?   But again, I look at my schedule each Saturday morning and schedule out what my averages are for the days coming and figure out my schedule.  ON M-Tu, Thu I work 4 hours morning, pick up and deliver, go to a clinic do EMR's for 2 hours, come home and work 2 hours --  my busy days, but then I have 2 IM's, 2 Surgical Oncologists, 2 GI's, 1 Hand surgeon, 1 plastic surgeon and 1 psychologist.   But total I don't put in more than 38 hours with pick up and delivery times.  My two IM's = 12 hours per week, SO = 6 hours, Plastic/hand = 1.5, Psychologist = 3; EMR = 10 and GI's = 4 or so.    Total monthly lines are probably 40,000 or so without the EMR's as I get paid by hour for that.  You just have to set time aside and stick to a schedule which is easier said than done sometimes but find out how your body works and when you are the most productive.  Work with that rather than trying to make your body productive when it doesn't want to be.   Also, again work with expanders, auto correct, etc.  When I do a physical I bring over the one from last year and add in the changes, saves me a lot as the diagnoses are almost the same.   Good luck.  It isn't easy. 

Where I once worked, Management was on
frelvis = SS management
How well do you trust management
I would be concerned that they are getting their ducks in a row to outsource.
That's what management is telling us. sm
It seems if someone can edit 1000 lines an hour you wouldn't need many people to cover an account and/or you would always be running out of work.
and then I dare say, the management

would conveniently lower the pay to maybe 3/10 of a cent per line - lol.  Can't allow those lowly MTs to make any money.

Why is it that management (no matter what company or situation) always decides what is possible and what is in the best interests of everyone, when the vast majority of them have no clue and have never performed the work?  No wonder the economy has tanked.

and then I dare say, the management

would conveniently lower the pay to maybe 3/10 of a cent per line - lol.  Can't allow those lowly MTs to make any money.

Why is it that management (no matter what company or situation) always decides what is possible and what is in the best interests of everyone, when the vast majority of them have no clue and have never performed the work?  They also never think to consult the person who actually performs the work and get some very valuable input.  No wonder the economy has finally tanked.