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not flaming you but want to ask you something

Posted By: diddles on 2005-11-29
In Reply to: This burns me up. - Working your schedule.

How is it you know for sure this "greedy" MT is "him"?  What I mean is, how do you know specifically who THE person is?  Does your system allow you to see who is on at the same time you do?  If not, has that information been given to you by someone in the company?

Again, I'm not flaming.  I'm just wondering how you know to place blame on a particular person.


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No way, not flaming.
The accounts are great, it's the communication that's so very bad. My bonus was the hiring bonus, not talking about the quarterly bonuses and such. I emailed Joel many many times and he just does NOT answer. Emailed team leader and told everybody else I could. One lady who is leaving but has been there 2 years said it took her a year to get her insurance cards. That's a tad ridiculous. I do not respond with personal email because I do not want my name on there getting back for obvious reasons. It's more than just me having this problem. It's like being out in Siberia when you try to get an answer, NOBODY responds to anything. They spend a lot of time patting themselves on the back about their company but they don't realize that without us, there is no company!
I am not flaming, but, please, how can you do this,
when 500-700 lines per hour means 15 to 16 pages per hour?!
A page has 40 lines. I cannot even read that fast, without correcting anything.

Please tell me how are you doing this?! Dayin and dayout?
I'm not flaming, I'm responding.
These are very basic lab tests that anyone with training would have recognized.  It really has absolutely nothing to do with me being born knowing everything.  I'm not expecting a newborn to know medical transcription, but as a person seeking medical treatment I expect that my medical records will be professional and accurate.  I worry that if people who cannot even recognize very basic medical terminology are doing VR, and VR is the future for medical transcription, there will be a high risk that medical records will be neither professional or accurate. If MTs are expected to speed through editing at reduced line rates and they can't even recognize basic terms, chances are great that they're not going to take the time to research or even ask about more complicated terms.  Do you realize what these errors can mean in terms of insurance coverage, preauthorization, or pre-existing condition status?  I fault the transcription companies more than the unskilled MTs for hiring them to begin with.  They're putting them in the position to allow errors when they KNOW they aren't qualified - just because it's easier to hire them than experienced MTs. I don't fault the MTs for not knowing, I fault those allowing them to think that they're qualified to do this job when obviously they're not.
I'm not flaming - I agree with you 100%
Why anyone would get into this business - especially after reading these message boards - is beyond me.

No job security, poverty level pay, loneliness, anger and frustration from losing your social skills and the only friends you have are on the internet, overweight from lack of physical activity. Plus, this job is going to cease to exist in the next decade and then what?

No way, I don't disagree with you at all.

By the way, I've moved on to another field too and am completing my 4-year college degree as we speak, like I should have done 30 years ago.
not flaming you, just stating facts. sm
no one can clean up enough themselves, but Christ can clean them up. Maybe you would want to discuss on the faith board? I assumed by the tone of your posts over there you were a Christian but I assume not now. Didn't flame, but will pray for you.

I too have been to h*ll and back by the Grace of Christ he brought me out of it.

Just reading your posts on this side of the boards you sound like a miserable sad person. Christ can change that if you let him.
I'm sure this will get me booted, but you are a flaming moron, my dear,
and you make no sense at all. "too bad sometimes people can learn if they push their ego and need to be right at any cost aside" What the hell are you talking about? That sounds like baby babble and makes no sense. And by the way, I'm smarter than you in that I can string a sentence together that is punctuated properly and makes sense. And if posting on a fun thread such as this one with the nasty, nflammatory remarks you made isn't trolling, then I don't know what is.
Main Board is for any topic. Don't start the flaming. NM
You start your message with a flaming face emoticon
how is what you're doing different from that which you complain of?

Inquiring minds would like to be enlightened. Sorry, I don't have time to read all the stuff here.
Oops put my email in the wrong spot..oh well. No flaming emails please LOL.
Oops put my email in the wrong spot..oh well. No flaming emails please LOL.
"mean lady, ice lady, flaming monsters"
watch others feel hurt? from my computer? locked away? huh? you have clearly let your imagination run away with any powers of logic you may have had. sad.