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No, work for a living, and have heard all the liberal rhetoric before.

Posted By: No need to read it again. on 2005-09-23
In Reply to: Short attention span? - no message


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Another liberal who loves every living thing...
as long as it is not a conservative and agrees with everything they say. Moderator says we can post on either board. I would hate to be so closed-minded I tried to run off anyone who disagreed with me. Good grief. Did this turn into Venezuela overnight?
rhetoric rhetoric - just tell people what they want to hear, it worked in 2000 and 2004 right?
Yet another selective liberal mind, hard at work...(sm)
You seriously don't remember all the hoopla about Obama quotes from his books that were played over and over, that surely stand alone...and yet, according to his ardent followers, were taken out of context.

You seriously don't remember his remarks about Pennsylvania gun owners and religion?

Oh wait, these don't count. They were....taken out of context. He didn't mean what they say he meant.

However....when it's done to a conservative (Rush), he's, well....all those things the previous poster said he was....god forbid you should listen to the rest of what he says, and why.....his comments stand alone......

True....but he is the first liberal I have actually heard...
say out loud that he/she believes life begins at conception. I do have to give him that. He will have to wrestle with the conflicts that causes, but that is a personal issue for him and not fodder for discussion, at least on my part. I am still in shock that he actually said it...lol.
Yeah, I even heard a liberal today say WH should
I heard work requirement mentioned a long time ago - nm
I don't know what posts you have been reading, friend Lurker, with the anything to do with hatred, loving terrorists, etc., are directed at the post containing just that thing. One poster who shall remain nameless stated emphatically that investigating Bush took precedence over terrorism. To me, that is a statement supporting terrorism, and while maybe not idiotic, does not seem to me to be a very smart thing to say, considering Amadinejad stated this morning he wanted the next group of Al Qaeda leaders to come from Iran and that he was sending the US a message soon. And then this afternoon, we find out that the nuclear watchdog group found plutonium in the nuclear waste at the Iranian nuclear plant. But your liberal friend who proudly calls herself so wants to investigate Bush rather than concentrate on terrorism. That would be laughable if it were not that a great number of liberals are in full agreement with her. Which is concerning to say the least. Several who post the liberal board and on the conservative board who clearly identify themselves as liberals do hate democracy (evident in their posts), make frequent statements in support of terrorism (taking attention off them is supporting them), spout socialist policies (why they are called socialists)...if you don't fall into any of those categories, should be no big deal to you. You are including yourself in the group saying we. Liberals come to the conservative board too. Conservatives are not the only ones who cross over boards.

Per Onelook:
noun:  study of the technique and rules for using language effectively (especially in public speaking)  (hmmm...yep)
noun:  using language effectively to please or persuade  (okay, I get it)
noun:  high flown style; excessive use of verbal ornamentation (ohh, for sure!)
noun:  loud and confused and empty talk  (that's the nuts and bolts of it)

As far as rhetoric is concerned, I would say O has it mastered. 

Palin was speaking the truth, plain and simple, and she has the record to prove it.  Get over it.  If you are so embarrased, go live somewhere else.


The so called liberal media is not so liberal anymore...sm
Case and point Fox News is the #1 media outlet via ratings and hardhitting conservative anchors, pundits, and journalists. Other than Hardball, I don't know of another mainstream show that puts the liberal point of view out there and checks this administration and their policies.
liberal hit piece by a liberal deep thinker....
Where is all of "O's" big bipartisan rhetoric now?
Obviously that is all it was....rhetoric.  Preached we had to work across the aisle...bipartisanship...to get things done.  And now, with the biggest crisis this country has faced in decades, and he has a chance to put his money where his mouth is...what does he do?  Decides what is best for Barack, and that is the tack he takes.  ANY credibility he had left with me is gone.
Admit what? Your rhetoric?
BTW, brush your teeth - your breathe stinks - I know where your head has been.
This pub party rhetoric is at least 50 years old.
applies to the 21st century please?
Guess not. 50-year-old rhetoric
Here's the deal. This kind of rhetoric is exactly
and does absolutely nothing to advance the cause of your broken down party and the dirth of leadership you are currently experiencing. This kind of disconnect between your party and the rest of us is exactly what you should be spending your time trying to come to terms with.

Being a democrat, it is fine with me if you persist along these lines, since it would serve to ensure similar election results next time around, but for your own sakes, you guys really do need to GET A GRIP.
Bitter self-serving rhetoric?

I have absolutely no personal ties whatsoever to the middle east, so exactly why would I be bitter, and what would I have to gain?  Your statement makes no sense.  The main benefit of actually recognizing the history of the region (as opposed to the Israeli version of the *truth*) would be for better political relations with the middle east.  Have you noticed that the rest of the world sees what's going on?  Why do you think there is so much resentment in the middle east for the US?  Israel (or rather our empowering of it and it's abuse of that power) is one of the main problems over there. 

Why would I care about your opinion?  I don't.  There are very few people's opinions that I actually value on this board.  Those would be the ones who can actually discuss a subject with reasonable viewpoints, and guess what?  Most of them disagree with me on most everything.  LOL 

I'm simply trying to get you to stay on the subject, which is obviously a lost cause.

Your rhetoric was meaningless months ago...
and it is just as meaningless today. I supported Obama then, and I support him now, as do all of the people who voted for him. It must be miserable to live with such hate in your heart. I would pity you, but it seems that you are doing a pretty good job of that on your own.
No difference. Fact is that primary rhetoric
whenever you try depict rhetoric reversals as LIES, the challenge of your own candidates reversals will be waiting for you. Lame game and pointless.

Yes Sam, Biden is running with O. JB is a 35-year veteran in the Senate and if he felt O was not prepared for office, why then is is willing to place himself on the same ticket? JB knows what he is doing. There is no stronger statement of support than that. No brownie points for you on that one.

Day by day, we will be seeing dems, pubs and indies surface from Alaska who have bones to pick with SP. Wonder why that is? You can try to discredit and dismiss them to your heart's content, but you cannot ignore the fact that the public is never that forgiving and these types of testimonials will have impact on voter confidence. Funny how the verifiable facts that are a matter of public record included in Kilkenny's comments seem to have completely escaped your notice. Those facts will stand for what they are...challenges to the claims that she and the party are making about her fiscal responsibility and evidence of her tendency to want to run the show, run over anybody who gets in her way and take revenge on those would would oppose her. Not such a breath of fresh air after all, and looking a bit on the hypocritical side...a trait that some people associate with dishonesty. So yeah, whose lies and whose truths are not for you or I to decide. We have no choice here except to do our homework, put our views out there and leave it up to the voters to decide.
Actually, nasty, tacky, low-class rhetoric is exactly that,
You seem mighty sure of yourself while you presume to speak for a complete stranger.
I would think with all your anti-semetic rhetoric that you would be a big fan of Hitler's!

Oh the hypocrasy!

Denounce Fox News Outrageous Rhetoric

Fox News Crosses the Line

Target: Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace
Sponsored by: Media Matters

For news coverage to be "fair and balanced," there has to be a line separating news from political activism a clear boundary between legitimate commentary and demagoguery.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace repeatedly characterizes his network as "fair and balanced" a source of news that should be taken seriously. However, several recent actions on Fox News illustrate that the network is contributing to a culture of conservative paranoia and anti-Obama political activism.

For example, since launching his Fox News show, Glenn Beck has engaged in increasingly outrageous rhetoric that promotes a culture of conservative paranoia from imitating President Obama pouring gasoline onto the "average American" to mocking Obama's aunt's "limp."

If Wallace wants to continue to portray his network and influential Sunday show as a credible source of news, he owes it to his viewers to speak out publicly against Fox News' recent behavior. So please join us in asking Chris Wallace to publicly denounce Fox News' recent actions and repair the damage done to his network's credibility.


Link below to sign petition. 

Bush just casually reverses 5 years of rhetoric. sm

How many more lies before everyone wakes up?

Editorial Toledo Blade:  Another lie on Iraq

WHEN President Bush declared last week that nobody has ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a large segment of the American public must have been very surprised.

They would be the die-hard supporters of the war in Iraq, the one-quarter to one-third of Americans who, according to opinion polls, believe to this day that Saddam was somehow involved in 9/11.

No one likes to think that their President is lying, but for Mr. Bush to casually reverse five years of rhetoric is like Bill Clinton claiming I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

No, there is no DNA evidence that we know of to indict Mr. Bush for perjury. But the public record includes repeated statements by the President, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and other administration officials that linked responsibility for the 9/11 attacks to Iraq, both directly and indirectly.

The alleged connection was the administration's strongest selling point for the war, slaking the American people's thirst for revenge for the 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

As Mr. Bush put it on Oct. 7, 2002, We know that Iraq and the al-Qaeda terrorist network share a common enemy - the United States of America. We know that Iraq and al-Qaeda have had high-level contacts that go back a decade. We've learned that Iraq has trained al-Qaeda members in bomb-making and poisons and deadly gases.

Here he is again, in his 2003 State of the Union address: And this Congress and the American people must recognize another threat. Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications, and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of al-Qaeda.

And in his Mission Accomplished photo op, May 1, 2003: In the war on terror, Iraq is now the central front.

Mr. Cheney was even more specific: In 2003, the vice president claimed that the government was learning more and more about links, before 9/11, between Iraq and al-Qaeda. This came even after the CIA had debunked any such claims. In 2004, the veep said flatly that Saddam had long-established ties with al-Qaeda.

Now, you can argue all day about whether faulty U.S. intelligence misled Mr. Bush, or about what the meaning of suggested is, but this much is clear: The administration relentlessly blurred what was a clear distinction between the militantly secular regime of Saddam and Islamic extremists like the 9/11 hijackers so as to create a laser-beam connection in the public mind that they were one and the same.

So for Mr. Bush to now claim that nobody has ever suggested that the Sept. 11 attacks were ordered by Iraq, as he did last week, is yet another lie in the chain of mendacity that shackles the Bush presidency.


Bush starts changing his tune/rhetoric.....
I understand the moral stance, but feel the rhetoric is over-the-top.....sm
This man is NOT pro-abortion, as many of us are not. He is preserving the right of choice for ALL women, and does not believe that a poor woman who has undergone a rape, incest, domestic violince/intimidation situation, or even has just accidentally gotten pregnant with a child she cannot carry for medical, emotional, or financial reasons....I hate abortion also, but if Americans are to be equal, then a poor woman needs to have resources available to her which would be available to others, or you are damning her to the back-alley abortionists. That is reality. I, Myself, married 18 years, vigilantly spacing my children and on birth control, came up with an unexpected, very difficult pregnancy. Yes, we made the choice to love and take this baby into the world, but we also had SOME resources and family, some girls do not.

There are not many folk who are PRO ABORTION, but preserving the individual choice, though abhorrent to many of us, is part of true liberty. And God Himself will judge as appropriate.

And I do feel that those few who use abortion as a means of birth control, well there should be restrictions and a definite "no."
You're a good little communist/socialist/marxist in your rhetoric..nm

Translation: I watch a lot of Fox News and stick strictly to party rhetoric.nm
where im currently living is okay... but
Nevada is hit HARD. South Carolina is doing fine as far as i can tell, but ive only been here two months.

my problem is my mortgage is in Nevada... so in turn, im not doing so great either.

hope everyone is doing as good as they can!
WOW! Then you are definitely living

in the wrong place and at the wrong time.  Because from here on, you'll be told exactly what to do and when, and probably how you're supposed to feel about it. 

Told what amount of money it is 'seemly' for you to earn, how much you MUST surrender to maintain the lifestyles of others, and how much you may be permitted to keep - if you promise to spend it properly.  Told how much energy it is politically correct for you to use (please drive an approved vehicle) and what modern conveniences it is more 'green' to do without.  Told not to think too much: 'The science is settled.  The debate is over.'  Told what medical tests and procedures it will be proper for you to receive and which (so very sorry) it would be better for society as a whole for you to forego, because there is only so much to go around.  Told for your own good what to eat and taxed extra on the improper items you choose.  (Unless, apparently, you receive food stamps, in which case limiting your choice would be unnecessarily judgmental.)

Perhaps some will see all this as gentle correction from a benevolent parent, but this micromanagement sneaking in incrementally cloaked in a smily face will not really make me feel better about being told what to do.

They ain't living unless they are being condescending

and down right vulgar (hence the expletives tonight).  You're right.. the only time they have anything going here is when we come over.  They have nothing constructive to talk about when they aren't looking down their noses at conservatives who question their statements or bashing Bush.  It's a big yawnfest

That's why I'm using the moniker leftist/lib basher.  The best way to rile them up is to call them by what they call themselves.  Oh, wait a minute.  They're progressives now.  They'll be progressives until we call them that then they'll say we're calling them names and change it again.  Yes, they have tender widdle feelings.

What I do for a living is immaterial...
although since I post on this forum it should be obvious I am in the transcription industry. What is to you if I reply to every post? Did I miss the meeting where that was outlawed or you were named moderator?

What makes you think I don't put my energy toward making a difference? Whether I do or not is also immaterial...and with all due respect...none of your business.

Do you not believe in freedom of speech? If you don't like my posts, don't read them.

Your living in your own little world
Anyone who doesn't believe this is happening are living in their own world. Am sure you probably believe what the government tells you also. We are living in end times, however, the religious fanatics need to cool it as a lot of people don't believe in the "left behind" garbage that is spewed. Another prime example of lies to keep the people preoccupied.
Some of us have to make a living.
Got kids. Need to cook and clean and transcribe, balance the checkbook, pay bills, clip coupons and grocery shop, feed the kitties, watch news and fact check to stay informed. Chat room cat fights are low priority for me, especially with posters like yourself and sam, unlike those who stay ready to pounch 24/7.
i saw that too. she is living proof
that a fetus is more than a glob of cells.
For those that feel that way, try living in another
A country that has been divided and divided again but still always one trying to overthrow the other. Remember Georgia? Russian leaders can't leave them alone. Georgia separated and became their own country but still their neighbors want to continually cause them trouble..... the U.S. can't go that way unless you don't mind that kind of war in your own back yard.

You need to do some history study of nations that have split and all they do is war, not because the majority of people don't want peace, but because they leaders of each individual country always seems to be greedy and want to rule EVERYONE, not just their own country.
What does living in the northeast have to do with anything...
it's expensive pretty much anywhere you live. Put your kids to work if they are old enough, especially if they go to school, to help pay for that expensive food bill.
And those of us who are conservative are living in fear that...
our courts will further erode our society to the point that everything goes.  Heck, one third of the country already has to live with the notion that their 12-year-old can consent to an abortion without our knowledge (thanks to the 6th circuit court in California, legalize gay marriage without letting "we the people" decide how we want our society (yes, 78% of Americans are against it), and I could go on and on.  Do you like the fact that another priviate citizen can now take your property just because HIS use of that property would generate more income for the government?  Sounds like socialism is rapidly becoming fascism to me.  You can thank the imminent domain decision to those wonderful progressives on the court.  Yes, let's hope we get another Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the court so our country can continue it's slide down the toilet.
Well, Mr. Clinton isn't living too shabbily himself
I think you better step back and rethink some of your claims before you say that Republicans are the only ones living in luxury etc. A funeral is a funeral not a political soapbox. Carter and Kennedy ought to be ashamed of themselves for making a memorial service into a political bash fest of the President who was sitting right there. How classless. You're absolute hatred of Bush is coming through to the fact that you can't see the mockery that was made of Mrs. King's funeral.

President Carter should be embarassed, but I don't think embarassment is a trait of liberals anymore.

Camera face time, and bashing Bush that's all that matters to them. They are blinded to decorum.
It must be nice living in ignorance. sm
You are certainly entitled to your opinion; however, you don't speak for any  majority anywhere.  None of us do.  You have obviousy not done any research at all into what adult or embryonic stem cell research can and cannot do, what they wish to do, and the dire consequence that have been predicted for stem cell research, including brain tumors. 
looks like a bunch of sheep to me living in USA..sm

hmmmmm....?  Just because everyone is voting for Barack doesn't make any of it right - they all are bad candidates to some of us......


JMO.........no flames required......

What with the rise in the cost of living....(sm)
its hard to make it on just $169,300 a year.....ROFL...they should try working with my budget.
He's just warming up for living life out
Then how are you making a comfortable living
Husband with better job & income? Otherwise how else would you be for some of the things you believe in, unless you were an MT that actually OWNS a large company?
This coment is living proof - nm
What would it be like living in a socialist country
Because we know Obama is a far left/socialist and if elected will change the country into a socialist country, can someone please tell us all what exactly that means for us.  Seems too many people are dummed down by the TV reality shows that they don't pay enough attention to what is going on.  So...because it's a fact about Obama, what will that mean for our country and what difficulties will be be facing.
i pay off my cards EVERY month, living
You are living in a parallel universe where
and vanising middle-class citizens get the shaft.
Can you imagine living in a red state, and
having to walk down your street every day, knowing most, if not all, of your neighbors thought that way? Where trying to have an actual conversation with anyone would be like talking to a brick wall? Where you figure all the moms & dads sitting in bleachers at your kid's little league came probably wear white sheets at night? Brrrrrrrr.......
Gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Sorry to hear you are living in a world where
people who embrace it are deemed as suspicious, subversive liars. Good luck on getting people to believe in THAT gloomy forecast.

I've not been taken in. I am old but can still remember when I took great pride in being an American. I sat by in silent dismay as I watched W and his cronies divide us and dismantle the America I come from with his "for us or against us" mentality, post-911 visions that would usher in a new American colonial era, the slaughter of our civil liberties with the Patriot Act, and the erosion of our unity and common sense of purpose.

I watched the candidates present thier visions, and made a clear and educated choice as to who I trust to return us to where we were and restore the America I want for my son.

Once more...no amount of negativity you throw in my direction is going to change my resolve to continue this fight to take our country back from those who I believe came very close to destroying it.
As opposed to a living human being
raped, murdered, beaten,and tortured. I'm sorry, I find that much more atrocious.
Living in the land of Camelot
I have a hard time believing anyone alive during JFK's administration could still believe that fairytale. He most definitely was not one of the greatest leaders of all time.

But you're right about Obama inspiring millions in much the same way, and I certainly agree that he will be transformational.
I guess you don't like living - see message
Living in a safer country than what it was when Clinton was in.

I guess you don't like lower taxes than when the last democratic president/congress was in.

I guess you don't like the freedoms America gives us.

I guess you don't mind paying higher taxes while the rich corporate greedy you know whats keep their $90million and more bonus (from the help of the democrats) while the rest of us gets taxed higher so they can keep theirs.

I guess you don't mind living in socialism.