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Like a pack of piranha's

Posted By: GOOD GRIEF on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: It's Arrogant, NOT - ERROGANT...ignorant? nm

How dare anyone make a typing error!! That is totally unexceptable. Tear them up girls!!!

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Middle of the pack - per se! sm
Not the worst, but certainly not one of the better companies. Good luck.
Service Pack 3
I tried to download it on my computer and it messed up my computer, I had to call Dell and try to fix things. I ended up doing a systems restore and thank goodness everything was fine after that. I am not trying to downloaded it again!
Service Pack 3
My gosh i installed this and my network went down and couldnt even get online on my main computer. Had to uninstall and then everything worked fine.
Has anyone downloaded Service Pack 3 and if so.... sm msg

did you have any problems or are you having any problems?  Thanks.

Beth, you need to grab an extra six-pack and suck um down.