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I forgot one thing.

Posted By: Shirley on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: I am just passing through - Shirley

I'm a dwarf and I need all the sugar I can get. Wal-Mart does not discriminate. The only thing they won't let me do is be a greeter. When I tried this, I was saying "Come on in here, honey lamb, and get you a buggy," and people were lookin' everywhere for me. It wouldn't work. That's all.

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forgot to add one thing

What I said about MQ sounds like a whine.  I know.

But here's the dig.

SE people are basically individual contractors.  In a man's world that means I would be setting the price I WOULD CHARGE for something work I do.

This junk where they tell me what they will pay is ludicrous.  I should be telling THEM, my prices have gone up to so and so.  And if they don't want to pay it, then I go offer my services to another company.  I am not their employee.

At the same time, however, when you are an independent contractor, the first rule of thumb is you CHARGE ENOUGH TO COVER YOUR OVERHEAD.  Well, what MQ pays SEs is nowhere near enough to cover any kind of overhead.

That is the crazy aspect of this whole thing. 

They want to treat us as employees and we are having to act like we are employees......well, if we are an employee.......the employer is held up to some RESPONSIBILITY for the employee.

Here MQ has sidestepped their RESPONSIBILITY by calling us SEs, and at the same time gotten out from under the pressure of paying top dollar to a CONTRACTOR!.

We should be billing them like we are the CONTRACTORS that we are - that would be at least doubling any line rate they are now paying. 

They know exactly what they are doing and the lack of ethics and the amount of greed is overwhelming.

I forgot to add...sm

It is for radiology, not acute care.  Sorry about forgetting to mention that!  Thanks for any info about this.

I forgot
I am also mom to a 6-year-old boy and live with my boyfriend and his 13-year-old daughter so yes sometimes it is tough because of everyone demanding my time all at once.
I forgot to add, is that really their
incentive plan, sounds to good to be true.  I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, cause that is one of the best I have seen.
Thank you very much. I forgot to ask.

Never know if it is sour grapes what you read here or not. I'm sure there are a lot of legitimate complaints, but hope this is not one of them!  Again, thanks!

Forgot to say...sm
They hire IC.  I believe part-time would be 50 minutes of dictation a day and full-time 100.
I forgot about that!
I forgot to add that to my lengthy reply.   I also would get emails from two QA people on how to do something and then get dinged and would have to send copies of both emails to both editors and ask which way is it?   I generally did not get replies to those. 
oh i forgot,
they also try to pair you up with work types you want to do. I love op's, and have all i want of them.
Forgot to add...
You will see work that is so incredibly horrible...you won't believe it. You may also hear some of the worst and most inconsiderate slurring dictators. You will also be expected to provide feedback via email to the supervisor so the supervisor can forward it to the MT. You are not paid for sitting there typing all of this detailed feedback.

Again, the above is a truthful account of my experience.
forgot to add..sm
When I had doctors repetitively omit spellings, addresses, etc. I started leaving blanks, and the office manager or doc's secretary had to look up the information and fill the blanks in. These docs became very diligent about spelling names and providing addresses. I always said, we are not paid for secretarial duties. If I wanted to do that, I would have applied for that position.
Forgot to add...
I don't know what Becky's title is...but she needs to be second in line to the owner. She went above and beyond trying to help...but she can't make everything happen without the cooperation of others there at KS. I'm sure that whatever her salary is...it's not enough to compensate her for all that she does and all that she tries to do. She is definitely the saving grace for that company.
I forgot to add:

Like someone else said, if you are so miserable at DSG why dont you just quit? I hear Medquist is hiring!


Here's another one we forgot sm

We will hire you as an IC rather than pay benefits to you as an employee, yet will still require those things of you that the IRS determines MAKES you an employee because we know that you'd rather have a job than turn us in.   True or False?

I forgot
Having to lookup and fill in ALL the demographics for some accounts. I did not make minimum wage at Amphion.
forgot to add...
she is not my supervisor, but an ex-coworker who is a friend. We work for different companies now.
oh, and I forgot this
At Inscribe, you are supposed to be on a training pay scale when you start. It's only supposed to be for a certain amount of time, per the contract. I was on it while I was in training and then when I moved out of the training and into regular sections, they tried to keep paying me the training pay wages. I had to remind them numerous times before they put an increase into effect.
I forgot to ask...
if you are able to copy/paste from the H/P--sometimes docs will repeat things already dicated from the H/P (usually from the HPI or Reason for Admission) as if they have the H/P right next to them.

Some docs will dictate admitting labs on their DSs in a certain order. For example, upon admission, the patient had sodium ***, potassium ***, etc. Some will dictate discharge labs in a certain order. For example, the patient's labs upon discharge were sodium ***, potassium ***, etc. If this is common with a doc, you can add this to your normal/format and just edit.

I may be fortunate to have these kinds of docs who actually stick to their own formats--it's like they have an outline for themselves.
Again, you just started so watch for things like this.

Also, once you're off QA/training, and if you dare (I did), eventually set up an overall normal/format for each doc including the (sub)headings. For example, if doc says CONDITION ON DISCHARGE on one report and then says DISCHARGE CONDITION on another report, he's gonna get CONDITION ON DISCHARGE all the way. I don't have time to play around with them and I could use the lines (hehe). Screw the verbatim if you can get away with some things like what I mentioned above with the (sub)headings. As long as it's not outrageous, make it easier for yourself also.

As I started to get my own rhythm, I would just copy a DS from the same doc and edit from there. Of course, the hospital course will be different(usually what makes the report long), but once you get your overall normal/format together for each doc, you will be fine. Remember, watch for each doc's style--you will see it soon enough.

I can't speak for all docs, but all the ones I type for pretty much have their own format with editing in certain areas.

It didn't take me long to like DSs, and I hope it works out for you. Again, if you still find it discouraging, I'm sure KS would be able to help.

I hope this helped a little bit. :)

I forgot to add...
They also use other platforms, but I think most openings are on the Dictaphone platform.
Forgot to add (sm)
I have done all of the work types, ESL, no VR and do straight transcription.
Forgot to add...
I have over 18 years experience on all report types, i.e. basic four, ops, ERs. My clinic specialties are ortho & cardiology.

After reading some of responses, I'm definitely gonna be hitting the boss up for a raise!
Forgot - also these
Phoenix Medcom, Transcend, Webmedx, Transtech and Landmark.

I've been out of the MT business for a while and want to give a try of working at home.

Thanks for your help you guys.
I almost forgot!!!

a HUGE factor..... I completely forgot about this! 

I never made it to the point of having quarterly QA done on me, but they penalized for mistakes!  I had never worked for a company that did this, but initially I was not concerned, because I have ALWAYS scored high on QA.  I used to do QA. 

Then I started getting my probation corrections back from QA.  It blew my mind!  They marked stuff like this:

Incorrect:  The patient was admitted......

Correct:  Patient was admitted....

I couldn't believe it!!   The is a mistake!!  Give me a break.  That told me that they would use whatever they could to make financial gain on their end against the MT.   C-ya, bye!!


Forgot to say that
If you switch to Proscribe you also will be busier.
Forgot something...
The very first report I did in VR was a doctor I do all the time. He is one of those who hesitates, ums, uhs, and corrects himself every other sentence. He definitely does not belong on VR. That report took awhile, but his always do anyway.
Forgot to say
If you take early SS retirement you are still allowed to work and make a certain amount, I think it is around $13,000 annually now before the penalty kicks in. The amount goes up every year to adjust for cost of living.  The SS benefit also is adjusted annually for cost of living.
Sorry, forgot to say I am at TT!
I forgot that
The testing is a pain in the rump.  One of the main reasons I decided to retire and stay retired is that I didn't want to be bothered with testing.  It makes sense for newbies but if someone has a resume that shows many years experience, I would think a probationary period (which most businesses have anyway) would be more appropriate.  If I were hiring, give me a few emails and a 10 minute interview and I'd have a pretty good idea what the prospective employee did or did not know.
Forgot to say
I am constantly getting emails from QA that say she does not know if I do speech rec. or not (don't know why she wouldn't know that) but if I type speech rec. do it this way. If I don't type speech rec. go by the account specifics. This is hogwash and confusing.
Debate is one thing, and posting is one thing,
but this is getting absurd. I think it must be the same person, otherwise multiples who cannot stay on topic?? Why can't you STICK with the subject? The subject of my post was NOT what your cent per line rate was or is - I could care less- and not how much money you made last year, this year, or in your life, but how silly the comment was that your cents per line rate means NOTHING, that its up to you - some fluff like that. That is just so silly. Again, working for the same company, same account, is one going to make more money being paid more per line? OF course! This is so frustrating and really makes me so tired of reading this garbage let alone posting. Its like a nightmare. And also makes me completely believe that the original company must pay peanuts.
good thing it is a temporary thing sm
because people with your attitude don't stay in anything very long anyway. Nobody has to listen to that crap to keep their job.

You don't know me either. you can say old fart all you want (when did 53 get to be old fart....too funny) but at least I am a valuable employee who can get a decent job!
Forgot to mention
I have worked where I am for almost 10 years for a small MTSO out of California but have only gotten 2 raises in that time because she claims her lines rates are low in order for her to compete.
Forgot to say that was with a national. NM
oh yeah, forgot about..
how long it took for the test to get to me (she said she was gonna send it out that day, but was postmarked a few days later then took a while to get to me). that started the doubt in my mind too.

yeah, i saw a few typos in there too lol
Also Psych and ER....forgot about those!
You forgot one GR-8 company
I love my job with them and this platform!
Forgot to mention...sm

You don't have to look up addresses or spelling of doctors' names (for one of the docs she gave me an Excel spreadsheet, but other than that you just transcribe it as it sounds).  She doesn't want you to have to spend your time researching things like that that are easy for her to fill in.


Forgot to mention
They go on and on about their quick TAT..... it doesn't really matter how fast they do the work if it's not done right.  In my experience of editing it, almost none of it can go straight through to the facility they way it is.  I've corrected things like LASIX surgery and Foot-in-Mouth disease.  What they don't know, they make up as to not leave a blank, and then claim 98% accuracy. 
oops-and I forgot
Precyse: is it true that the pay rate is dependent upon your first 2 weeks of QA evaluation? I tested with them and find it almost accidental that I passed, as I have very little acute care experience. Thus, I'm afraid that I'll be real slow/not so good for the first couple weeks--or even get terminated, as one MT wrote on the board here after getting a questionable amount of errors. This may be too risky, right? Do they offer a way to learn acute care/op notes?

What's their scheduling situation like in general? Are they doing voice recognition stuff?

Thanks for the one response I've gotten--I'm looking forward to more.
You forgot "should of" nm
Forgot to put See Message.
PS I forgot to say on the bonus
It reverts back to the first line, so you get the extra starting with the first line, not just the lines typed in that level like a tier.
I forgot to add I work there also...
forgot to mention..
while working as an employee for our hospitals, she worked under the vendor for the SAME hospitals but strictly doing ER work. Really interesting.

I forgot to add that the pay scale

I am making much, much more now.

I forgot to ask, too, doggone it.
Forgot to mention that also
I was NOT complaining about my company. I have a great company with good people. They use ExText which is very slow. So my complaint is about the server only.

Don't be so quick to judge people. The only time I will air my complaints about a company (haven't had to so far) is if I feel it will save others in the future.
Oh ya forgot to mention...sm
They told me because I was not meeting my production that I would have to pay for my health insurance on my own until I met my production.  Well, how can I meet production when I never have work?! Doesn't seem fair at all.
forgot to mention

Oh I forgot to add they are suppose to be adding a new system and I do not think you will have to look all that stuff up.............I know it was delayed because of some MTs quitting on them.....me being one of them because I could not handle working my full-time job and that.

So it might be a nice fit for you. Good luck!

Forgot to add, they are hiring right now n/m

I forgot to ask recruiter...
What platform do they use? I am assuming its word-based.

oops, I forgot #9 !! (s/m)
9. Q: What benefits do you believe should be extended to employee MTs?
A: The same bennies that people with 'real' jobs have: PAID vacation, PAID sick days, REAL insurance that isn't the bare-bones, bottom-of-the-barrel kind that doesn't pay for much of anything, and across-the-board cost-of-living raises to all employees (or ICs working for that company). Merit raises for those who deserve them would be nice, too.