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MQ raise

Posted By: Jane on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: They are NOT what they represent - Just be careful

Dittos,have been with MQ 9 years and no raise. After DQS, line count fell dramatically, so no more quarterly bonuses. They are a bunch of scoundrels that are taking advantage of their employees.

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That is MTSO PR b.s. A raise is a raise in line rate. A bonus or incentive is just that. NOT sm

a raise.

Asking for a raise isn't going to do it. There is a policy for raise increases.
How do you get a raise with MQ?
So, how do you get raises without asking?  Yearly?  I did not get a raise since 1998 and asked two years ago.  I got less than a fourth of a penny more per line.  I dont like DQS.  We dont get paid for the demographics screen, yet most of my doctors do not fill the screen in or they put in the wrong MR#.  So I can spend up to three minutes each report trying to decipher what name the doctor is stating or spelling and then search for the name.  If you figure three minutes per report, 40 or so reports a day.  That is money I deserve but am not getting.  For pete sake, we dont get paid for downtime researching words, lab results, medications, the least they can do is pay for the demographics screen.
RE: How do you get a raise with MQ?
Everything your complain about in your post is a part of your job. You are supposed to verify, transcribe a report accurately. That should include the patient's name, medications, laboratory values, etc. Have you ever read the job description of a transcriptionist?
You must be one of those that got a raise or
got a decent account with a team leader that is available.  This company offers no way of advancing into any kind of management, no way to change accounts, nasty teamleaders, no raises, no communication, and just gives a lot of hot air promises that never happen.  The biggest change since Transcend took over is that there are no more bonuses which was the best part of the company. 
What should I do about a raise?

I have been working for Spheris for a year and started at 5.5 cpl and after 6 months went to Level-1 only making 6.5 cpl.  I am still having to work crazy hours to make decent pay.  Has anyone from Spheris ever asked for a raise and actually received one without jumping through hoops and switching accounts.  The only way to get an extra cent raise is to be trained on 2 different accounts until they are learned and then get an extra cent.  Has anyone ever just asked for a raise??  I would like to make 8 cpl preferably, but would be happy with the 1 cnt raise.  I have a feeling they won't do that.

I tested for Transcend Services and passed their testing and was only offered 7 cpl to start which is only a 0.5 difference.  So, of course I turned that down.  Anyone have any advice? 

When, if ever, should a MT ask for a raise?
Been with the company for almost a year.  I have acquired three private accounts through them. When should I ask, if ever, for a raise? Wait until the one year mark?  If so, what is the best way of going about it?  Has anyone ever gotten a raise from their company? I am an MT with over 14+ years experience, get paid decent, but absolutely NO BENEFITS...tia
I haven't had one either and its been 8 years and a large company.  I'm sure they have perks

ha ha.  The way it goes in this industry is  --great news!  We have new software!  You have to double your output for a cut in pay.  Doesn't go that way in upper management does it.  If a CEO doubles the output he gets a raise -- we are lucky to get new software that requires we double our output, working just as hard, for less money. Wake up. The middle class is disappearing.  It's time to get involved in democracy again, people.



Raise to what? 5-1/2 cpl?
RE: Raise to what?
It does start at 5 cpl because we've been burned by MTs that said they were highly experienced and then their work did not show that and/or they were extremely unreliable. This is just a 'probationary' phase while the MT gets to show us what she can do, we can show what a great company we are and then it does go up. That can be negotiable and it is dependent on how well the MT does. If she is unreliable and does not get out of QA after working on the account or accounts after several months, why should we pay more? We're a small company,not a national and we do not rake in the big bucks. We have MTs that have been with us for years because they are treated fairly and we do remember that things come up and do not threaten you with being let go because a family member got sick. Thanks for all of those that responded and we will be notifying those that we have chosen soon.
I have NEVER gotten a raise in my 10 years of transcribing. So your 0.25% sounds nice.
I got 3 with the first company I worked at home with. I worked 5 years for them and didn't get a raise the last 2. I also got a raise with the 2nd company I worked with. I was only there a little over a year. The 3rd and current company I have not been with long enough to ask for a raise. Good luck!
How long have you been there? I was thinking of asking for a raise but was told they do not give raises! Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
I agree - start with your liason - send an email outlining why you should get a raise and ask her to forward it as appropriate.
Basically, I was just wasting too much time and fooling myself about how many hours I was actually working. I had convinced myself that it was a good thing to take mental breaks, while I was working, going to message boards like this one or other web sites. I also discovered I wasn't really working full time, and I thought I was. I started tracking my hours more closely, and when I actually worked 8 hours a day, of course my production went up significantly. I THOUGHT I was working close to 8 hours a day, but now I think it must have been more like 6-1/2 or 7 (I have a flexible schedule). My new rule now is to really work during work time and work a full shift. It's made a big difference. I honestly didn't realize how off track I had gotten and how it was hurting my line count.
You really don't think no one is getting a raise??
or paid what they should now?? I completely disagree and don't think you can validate that statement. Just sure ain't MTs. You don't think the MTSO management, for instance, are getting their raises or are paid well? Think part of the MT problem is related exactly to that perhaps.
pay raise
I posted a message last night on the main board and it got deleted, so I'm posting here.  I have been in transcription for 10 years.  I have been working the past 2 years with a certain company.  I asked for a raise and went from .085 to .0875.  I felt like I got slapped in the face.  I work my scheduled hours without taking a lot of time off, meet and exceed the minimum line requirements, had a 98% on QA, work extra when asked, and after 2 YEARS all I get is a .0025 raise???!!!!  I'm thankful that I got a raise at all, but this is ridiculous.  It's offensive actually.  It makes me feel like I'm not valued at all.  I was hoping to at least get .09.  Am I overreacting? Should I jump ship and try to find something better?  I'm afraid to gripe about it to the company as I'm a single mom of 2 and don't want to lose my job.  Any advice?
I have asked for a raise and my ROM even asked for a raise for me but was told I am at the top of the scale.  There are no raises.
Was there 2 years and asked, did not receive!!!  Worked LOTS of HOURS and holidays and weekends for them (still kicking myself).  I am glad Focus is working out for you.  You would have to be in the minority though.  Communication is TERRIBLE.  If you are F/T and a real producer, you are constantly emailed, IM'd and even called while you are out shopping after a long day to Please log back in even as an IC!!!  Their cpl is not good at all but couple that with the way they count their lines (very questionable), you cannot survive on their cpl pay. 
self-employed getting a raise
But with MT it's a little bit of a sticky wicket. We are self employed, BUT if we are working as an IC for a company we are really at their mercy, and I'm sure, as some above posters mentioned, the companies we work for are getting raises from their clients, so one would think that $$ would naturally be passed on down. Of course, we can ask for a raise, but they can say no, and then what? If we are happy with the company we are with do we just suck it up and hope for a raise tomorrow/next year? In my opinion, if we've got the experience under our belt, turn in consistently quality work, and our company is constantly praising us, seems to me they should do the offering of a raise. But unfortunately that just is not happening.
Those of you who fit the description previous mentioned of companies that remain in the USA and truly respect US hardworking MTs, please identify yourselves so we will ALL know who you are!
Is is ever appropriate for an MT to request a raise?

Would anyone who has requested a raise be willing to share their experience with me?  How long were you with the company before you asked for a raise?  Were you an IC or an employee?  What was your company's response in general?  If you were granted a raise, what was considered before it was given to you?  Time in?  Quality of work?  Production?  Attitude/flexibility?  Coming up on my 1 year anniversary an IC and would like to ask for 0.05 cent/line raise, but don't know if I should even consider doing so.  Would not want the company to lower their opinion of me/punish me for asking.  Your kind, and most importantly, nonsarcastic responses are greatly appreciated.  This is a sincere post.

Congrats on your raise

I am happy to see someone get a raise for a change even though it should have been more that what they gave.

I currently work for Spheris and it seems nobody ever gets a raise no matter what.  

They promised you a raise already? Or is that
not what you meant? I just find that surprising. Is the pay good? Do you have enough work on 1 account? Is it internet? Wondering if I should check them out.
They promised you a raise already? Or is that
not what you meant? I just find that surprising. Is the pay good? Do you have enough work on 1 account? Is it internet? Wondering if I should check them out.
i agree. raise ur own
OSi, only 0.002 per year raise. nm


I got a raise no problem...did you ask for one?
you looking for a raise or sumtin?
Or a promotion maybe? LOL.
They give you a raise after your

Also, is VR worked in with the typing?

RAISE. geezus.
Hey LK - I'm always looking for different strategies to increase my productivity. Would you care to share what techniques and strategies you used to give yourself that 13% bump in productivity? I could sure use some ideas once in awhile!

TIA :-)
If they gave the MLS a raise, they would not be able to
give themselves the big raises and bonuses they get. They want to keep us crawling.
Have you asked for a raise?
I was hired at a rate higher than 8 CPL, maybe you should ask for more.
Raise your hand... SM
...if you work for Acusis and your pay was cut during today's conference call.
Raise? No. There for 2 years. Never even
had a performance appraisal. I have had QA random reviews that let me know my quality is 98.9%.
I got one last year; not big, but it was a raise. nm
about a $50 a month raise sm
So just say you do 1000 lines a day at 8.5 that would be $85. a day. Not good. Eight hour day $10.62 hour for the skill expected

So say now 08.75 1000 lines/day would be $87.50 a day, still not good for the skill expected.

So got 12.50 a week or $50.00 a month raise.

If you can do it, look around for higher rate, work both jobs until feel secure. I would not just up and quit.
no raise, no surprise
I think I should have had one a year ago myself, but dared not ask because of the economic situation starting to cave and as bad as I want to ask now, I still feel the timing is not right. So many are struggling just to stay afloat and/or profitable.
3 cpl is like working for nothing! And getting your CMT should be worth more than a 1 cpl raise.
It was like getting a $600+ month a raise. No joke. nm
Personally, I would raise holy
bloody blue .. but I have to agree that with automation today there is no excuse for not having direct deposit.  Then, to have to pay for it to be late .. I would be a mental case!  UPS rides the men, apparently they are not the tightest ship in the business any longer.  The Christmas rush was never an excuse before, it was when they shone .. lousy service seems to have an intrusive and pervasive effect on everything these days.  As for him being offended .. after 35 years there is nothing you could say that he has not said himself .. often!  Merry Christmas .. I am so sorry they failed you.
not true - I do 1200 lpd and got a raise
The 90-day raise is for new hires because they are starting sm
everyone at a lower rate for the first 90 days as a trial/probationary period. I am a lead, so this is fact. We used to start MTs at 0.09 but now start them at 0.075 and 0.08 with a raise at 90 days based on QA and reliability.

Please write to HR to ask.

got a raise but didn't matter
Once got a 1.5 cpl raise from SPI at my request after a year but then they lost so many of my accounts, I had no work.
Another thought - who is going to raise your kids while you go sm
to school and study? I think nursing would be great to pursue when your kids are older, but they are pretty little to be having some babysitter raise them in your place.
I have had a raise every year at my employer
So, yes, there are people that do get raises.
is it true that the only way to get a raise in this industry is to get a new job?
I make that too, have not had a raise in 12 years though.